1. DmRafaule

    Thread [CLOSED]Test build for my game Life of Loader

    In this video I will represent my new game Life Of Loader. Just want to be heard and find out my audience. Please, if you did like my game, let me know. Just commented this video or hit like, or subscribe, or tweet about it. Till next time :) {Mod edit}
  2. E

    Thread [THEME][FONTS] All New Stylish Text and Fonts, Status, Emoji

    Stylish Text 2021 trending app to decorate your chats status and other texts with multiple type fonts, symbols and emojis. Tons of fonts to style your chats with one click, Download: https://bit.ly/3dmrJrl
  3. A

    Thread Deadroom 2: Rebirth

    Deadroom 2: Rebirth Description: And it's happened - Deadroom 2: Rebirth is alive! It's both bloody and hard, but interesting. Each level is a huge maze filled with angry robots and deadly traps. Your objective is simple - find the way out and stay alive. Explosions, robots, hardcore...
  4. C

    Thread [GAME][3.0+] Mechanical Box - extremely hard unlock the doors quest

    Mechanical Box 6.11.29 I am making one little game and I want to tell you about it. "Mechanical Box" is a hardcore puzzle, which I created while being impressed by "Please, Don't Touch Anything" (it is quite well-known). Imagine: you see a box, a mysterious mechanism. It's been made with only...
  5. A

    Thread [Game] Deadroom

    Deadroom Did you miss the hard and addictive game? "Deadroom" - that, what you need.You have to go thirteen unique and hardcore levels, a sea of blood, and extremely angry enemies, who are just waiting for the case to tear you apart. Each level of the game is a tangled maze,that is filled with...
  6. eyeballgames

    Thread [FREE][GAME][2.2+] Eboe - Minimalistic design. Simple mechanics

    Eboe - free timekiller with an unusual title. The game itself is simple - hold on as long as you can while dodging the balls. The game is already rated 4.7 out of 5.0 on Google Play. Please, give us your feedback! Google Play
  7. eyeballgames

    Thread [FREE][GAME][2.2+] Eboe - hardcore action game. Highscores

    Eboe - free timekiller with an unusual title. The game itself is simple - hold on as long as you can while dodging the balls. The game is already rated 4.7 out of 5.0 on Google Play. Please, give us your feedback! Google play
  8. M

    Thread [Free][Game][Hardcore] Crazy Crazy

    Good morning! I am 15. My name is Misha and I am from provincial city in Russia. Let me introduce our first mobile game by Point Team. We Russian do not love bears only. We love Hardcore games too. That is why we decided to make hard gameplay but easy to control game which is called Crazy...
  9. C

    Thread [GAME][4.0+] Epic Escape - Hardcore Jumping Game

    Hello Guys, I would like to present you my very first Android game. In Epic Escape you meet Ernie, an utterly lost robot who´s stuck in an unknown testing facility. Goal of the game is to finish each level in just 20 seconds, found and get battery and surprisingly not die. EPIC ESCAPE ON GOOGLE...
  10. zarych

    Thread [GAME][2.2+] Impossible Geometry, Hero Dash - super hard

    The MOST challenging game you ever seen. Bet you won't complete Impossible Geometry with less then 500 fails. Your hero dashes through aliens without rest. Every time when that weird geometry thing catch you you should try again. It's not impossible game, but it's really hard...
  11. B

    Thread Sketchbook Adventure

    Hi everyone! Our team launched first project on Google Play - Sketchbook Adventure, fast paced 2D runner that combines hand drawn visual style and intense gameplay to create unique experience. It's available for free at It features simple one touch controls and dymanic levels that require...
  12. A

    Thread ************ Extreme Defence ************

    Extreme Defence - Google Play Extreme Defence is another hot title you can play on your handset thanks to our Emulator. The main objective of the game is to defend your base from alien waves. To achieve your goal, fit your base with extra turrets, upgrade your defences, damage, range, and many...
  13. GrimReaper24

    Thread Kraken,Defender,Ballistic HC.

    The Kraken,Defender,Ballistic HC are the top of the line cases for protection. All of them have there pros and cons. I have a Defender and a Kraken. Which ones did you prefer to use? Ballistic are top of the line tanks. Pros: 1. Thick 2. Tough 3. Great holster 4. Some colors...
  14. A

    Thread [Q] Hardcore SpeedMod Kernel for SGS2

    SGS 2 I9100 CF root with insecure kernel XWKF3 can i use speedmod kernel of K2-1 or K1-t41 ?? can i flash this kernel with cwm manager or by usinf odin flash ?? please help
  15. P

    Thread Hardcore kernel breaks Privacy Guard (Not LBE)

    Cannot post in developer forum as not enough posts yet. Just installed Hardcore's kernel (t17 - see thread below) and since then Privacy Guard (Not the LBE one) doesn't work quite correctly. Before the upgrade I could protect any program so that to run said program Privacy Guard came up asking...
  16. denvro

    Thread Battery Life has come back to me...

    Hello all, As with many of you i have struggled some time with my battery life. I could not get more than 12-16 hours of battery life out of my SGS with only moderate use (some Gmail, some internet, some Tweetdeck, a couple of Foursquare checkins a day, a few sms messages and max 10 min. of...
  17. bernmc

    Thread [Q] Which bit have I fubared? Kernal? ROM?

    Bit of an odd situation here, and I appreciate I may not be able to give you enough info to be helpful. My Galaxy i9000 (vodafone uk) has suddenly started behaving oddly - multiple force closes with everything except stock apps. Happened after I tried to do a regular backup. Phone was fine, I...
  18. snapper.fishes

    Thread [Bug] *Resolved* Ext 4 conversion uses up /cache partition

    This is not a question, but I suppose it is a request. But please bear with me. All of the following are done on Doc's JS3 Rom with Hardcore Kernel and EXT 4 conversion, but the same issue happens on Darkky's JPY rom with voodoo lagfix applied, and I suspect it applies to all phones with lagfix...
  19. G

    Thread [Q] How to get rid of md5 check in CWM recovery ?

    [Solved] I found this topic : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=714114 Sorry ! Hi, I'm sorry to bother you guys, but I made some search about this and didn't find a satisfying answer. I'm under hardcore K12L kernel, and I need to restore a dbdata.img. I didn't change the...
  20. Phromik

    Thread Post your Phone Home Screen **BE APPROPRIATE**

    NOTE FROM THE MODERATOR: PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE ABOUT THE VARIETY OF AUDIENCES AND POST ONLY APPROPRIATE IMAGES Over three and a half years later, I have made a follow-up post lol: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=28005004&posted=1#post28005004 Let's keep this thread going! :)...