1. ThatsYisy

    Thread How To Guide Solutions of Fixing "This device isn't Play Protect Certified" for Huawei devices (Harmony OS 3.0/2.0/EMUI) (tested Nov, 2022)

    Working on the details, please check back later. Preparation: 1. Download the ZIP file (if the links are no longer working, please kindly leave comments and let me know) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NTy9l78gC-qRjbRg_j0ImDAGHacl2tbh/view?usp=sharing or...
  2. DonnieNarco

    Thread Logitech Harmony Hub will not control Fire TV

    I have had a Harmony Hub and Fire TV for years and it always worked, until I tried to adjust some custom settings for Delay on Input because sometimes it wouldn't change the input to my Fire TV....after that, Harmony will no longer control the Fire TV with the remote. I have tried deleting the...
  3. Wajira93

    Thread Is there any chances to get Harmony OS for the honor 6x?

  4. will.blaschko

    Thread Alexa Media Voice Control on Android Devices - Aberto Sonorus

    This is a new project and I would like to get feedback on it before sharing more widely. Any comments/suggestions would be great. Thanks! Overview Aberto Sonorus is an Android application/Alexa skill combination that allows you to perform basic launch and media control commands on your Android...
  5. G

    Thread [APP] Melody Engineer Lite - Android app for composing melodies

    Download from Google Play Melody Engineer helps you composing melodies. Choose the notes, listen and tweak the melody. Also there is possibility to auto generate specific notes. You can select: - note length - 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 - tempo (beats per minute) - scale (major/minor) The...
  6. B

    Thread [Q] [REQ] Logitech Harmony® for Revue Android App

    It appears that Google blocked some people from downloading/installing this. https://market.android.com/details?id=com.logitech.harmonyremote&feature=search_result If possible, I'd like both the old version 1 and the new version 2.0.0 Thanks!
  7. W

    Thread [Q] New G-Tablet owner in love! ROM advice needed.

    Hi everyone! I just picked up a "reconditioned" Viewsonic G-Tablet from Sears for $279. It looks brand new, but I can tell it's been removed from the box and then re-packed. The prior owner must have decided it wasn't right for him/her after just turning it on! Well, lucky for me. I'm not...
  8. gigadude

    Thread [Q] Building Harmony/GTablet CyanogenMod from source?

    I'm getting pretty far along building CyanogenMod for the GTablet on Mandriva Linux x86_64, I pulled the latest source and did the following from a bash shell: cd device/nvidia/harmony ./extract-files.sh cd ../../.. cp ./vendor/cyanogen/products/cyanogen_harmony.mk ./buildspec.mk ...