1. Sabuai

    Thread I've tried several methods, but I can't Rebrand Mate9 (MHA-L29 C635 to MHA-AL00)

    Hello everyone I have the Japanese version of the Huawei Mate 9 (MHA-L29,C635) It will receive official updates up to EMUI 9.1, but the Chinese version of the Mate 9 will receive the HarmonyOS 2.0 update. Then I decided to try to install HarmonyOS on my device. However, I don't have a lot of...
  2. F

    Thread Global Firmware to HarmonyOS

    Hi, I want to install harmonyOS on my MatepadPro MRX-W09, but it is global, and It didn't receive the update. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? Maybe I can change the location of the firmware and pass it to china firmware, but how? Thanks a lot
  3. LostEchoes

    Thread Is EMUI 12 for global devices actually HarmonyOS lite or Android 11?

    Here is someone who thinks he has proven that EMUI 12 is actually a lite version of HarmonyOS: So this guy has taken an app called "oh_info" (which I tried to find but never did), that is supposedly used to check the OpenHarmony version (this is the open source version of HarmonyOS). He says...
  4. ThatsYisy

    Thread How To Guide Install Google Mobile Services (GMS) on EMUI 11 or Harmony OS 2.0 W/O rolling back to EMUI (updated on May 15 2022)

    You can find the video instructions in the following: Video of successfully installed Google apps: *** IMPORTANT NOTE *** Do NOT give up if your first attempt fails. Factory reset is recommended if failure happens, try again and I am sure you can get it done by following this guide, however...
  5. T

    Thread Huawei Notepad Apk from EMUI 11 or HarmonyOS

    Can someone share Huawei Notepad apk from EMUI 11 or HarmonyOS. The app should be of any version higher than
  6. Martin Bieber

    Thread How good is harmony OS?HarmonyOS learning Path

    HarmonyOS is a future-proof distributed operating system open to you as part of the initiatives for the all-scenario strategy, adaptable to a mobile office, fitness and health, social communication, and media entertainment, to name a few. Unlike a legacy operating system that runs on a...
  7. jericho246

    Thread Huawei P40 series *POTENTIALLY* able to install HarmonyOS in the future?

  8. pja1985430

    Thread HarmonyOS(Huawei/Honor developed operating system)

    What do you think about Huawei developing a new operating system for contingency plan? Are we going to see Honor Play running it in the future?
  9. W

    Thread Is there any chances to get Harmony OS for the honor 6x?