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  1. C

    Thread HD and WiFi Voice and Video Calling on XT2041-4 with Verizon

    Prerequisites: You must bootloader unlock your XT2041-4. https://motorola-global-portal.custhelp.com/app/standalone/bootloader/unlock-your-device-a As far as I'm aware, this only applies to XT2041-4 on Verizon Wireless. To be clear, the XT2041-4 is the "US Retail" or "Unlocked" (carrier...
  2. Protonus

    Thread [Q] Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro, help get Verizon Advanced Calling features working

    Hello, and thank you in advance for your assistance. I am not certain the correct place to ask this question as I did not see a Xcover Pro subforum. If there is a better place to ask this please let me know. I have a brand new Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro, I purchased it from Amazon as Verizon...
  3. S

    Thread How to get HD Calling using Sprint Moto E4 on Verizon?

    I had sprint carrier unlock my moto e4 (xt1766) before switching to Verizon. Calls and text work, and LTE data works. But I can't get HD/VoLTE working? It worked fine when I was on sprint. When I go into the Phone Info (4636) menu, there is an option for VoLTE Provisioned, and I can turn it...
  4. cubano2031

    Thread Galaxy S8 unlocked version in Cricket don't get HD voice or VOLTE?

    I bought an unlocked version S8 SM-G950UZKAXAA in Bestbuy. Tried to activate on In Cricket and everything works so far but i don't be able to Get HD voice or VOLTE,do i have any solution for that? I heard something about flash the Cricket firmware.... Thank you
  5. J

    Thread Note 8 Unlocked Missing HD VOICE and VIDEO CALLING

    I am uncertain which information is true or false, but thought I would ask here. I realized I may be missing a few features when I bought the unlocked Note 8. However, I was under the impression that I could somehow enable things like HD voice and Video Calling. If I am able to do this, can...
  6. nate0

    Thread [Guide] Enable AT&T US HD Voice/VoLTE on non-supported W10M phones

    This is how I enabled AT&T US HD Voice/VoLTE on the Lumia 950 XL Dual sim and the factory Unlocked Alcatel IDOL 4s. It should work on the Lumia 950 Dual sim too, but I have not tested this method on it yet. *Requires full file system access with MTP or SFTP using Interop tools *All the files...
  7. H

    Thread HD Voice for Verizon on unlocked G6, model us997?

    Going into settings, advanced calling, and the HD voice setting is greyed out. Does that mean the unlocked LG G6 does not work with HD voice on Verizon?
  8. W

    Thread Enabling Carrier Aggregation, VoLTE, HD Voice

    Kind of wanted to put here which carriers support these features. So far i've learned that: Fi = No on HD Voice, carrier agg AT&T = No on HD Voice, carrier agg. Now in my testing i'm not sure if my settings, apn, etc are set correctly. Thoughts?
  9. eirigance

    Thread Verizon VoLTE not working on pre-paid

    I can not get HD voice to work on Verizon with my Nexus 5X. I just want to be able to be on a call and still use data. This feature (HD Voice) is available for pre-paid customers now, but I can't seem to get it to work. I have "Enhanced 4G LTE Mode" turned on, I went to my Verizon to turn it on...
  10. A

    Thread S7 HD voice feature

    i am using a s7 930FD previously is saw HD voice (much better sound during phone call) in galaxy s5,but here this device doesn't give me satisfaction, is there any way like changing CSC or any app ?
  11. abhishek2386

    Thread 4G VOLTE Support

    Hi Guys, Can anyone guide how to enable 4G VoLTE support on Honor 5x ? I am using Indian version KIW-L22 Currently in India, Reliance Jio is the only operator with 4G VoLTE support. Though not commercially launched yet, but Reliance Jio services are available to it's employees. As I can see...
  12. D

    Thread HD Voice problem with 2G sim card

    I have bought a EU ver. of Honor 7. And from the beginning I have the problem with the voice quality on the sim 2 2G card. Sometimes (1 call of 5) when I call to somebody (mostly in the same mobile network) the voice quality is extremely poor (a don’t hear people I call to) . I have heard that...
  13. C

    Thread Verizon PrePaid - No Advanced Calling 1.0 (HD Voice)

    If you have Verizon's prepaid service then Advanced Calling 1.0 (HD Voice) will not be available. I just finished a chat session with Verizon. I was having trouble finding "Get Products ----> Free Products" in my online account. As the representative explained this service is not available to...
  14. K

    Thread LG G2 and HD Voice

    My wife an I both had Samsung SII phones. Then I bought myself new LG G2. We noticed, that sometimes voice we hear in not so 'clear' anymore. I thought to myself how is that possible since I have brand new phone with greath specs. I flashed and changed few ROMs an kernels, but coul'd not get a...
  15. K

    Thread [test][guide][i9500] enable hd voice by editing csc files

    WARNING!!! FACTORY RESET/CLEAN INSTALL IS A MUST! Absolute Conditions: 1. Provider support 2. Handheld support Files location: 1. customer.xml - /system/csc/customer.xml - /system/csc/XXX/system/csc/customer.xml 2. other.xml - /system/csc/other.xml -...
  16. H

    Thread [Q] Is htc one support HD voice?

    HI~ I'm using htc one 801s. My carrier support hd voice. My phone checked "only for internet calls". Q1. What's the internet calls? Is that mean WiFi or data(3g,4g)?? Q2. If I want to use hd voice, what do I check one of 3 options in attached picture. Q3. What's the difference between...
  17. P

    Thread HD Voice / Microphone

    Anyone get to use HD voice yet? Me and my dad both got the G3 and when I talked to him I'm not too happy, he sounded louder and closer (for lack of a better description) to the phone but it made for an unpleasant experience. Also, when I'm talking to my gf (she has an iPhone on a different...
  18. D

    Thread [Q] How to enable HD voice with custom KitKat ROM?

    Does anyone know how to enable HD voice (amr wb codec) on an S3 with a custom ROM (ArchiDroid 2.3.9 in this case) and also how to check the status, i.e. enabled vs. disabled? I am on drei.at (ex orange SIM) network and the speech quality simply is atrocious.
  19. S

    Thread [Q] How to enable HD Voice (AMR-WB) on CM ROMs?

    How to enable HD Voice (AMR-WB) on CM ROMs?
  20. jntdroid

    Thread T-Mobile GS4 and HD Voice?

    When I talk with my wife on my HTC One or iPhone 5 (she uses an i5 as well), we're connected via HD Voice, and it is awesome. However, with the S4, it never seems to be in HD Voice. I've read in a few places it supports HD Voice, and I can't figure out if I'm missing something, or if it's...
  21. MrFhenix

    Thread [CSC] Telcel CSC with/without hd voice working

    Good Day me lads / buenos dias compadres (modders again i will translate the complete post spanish will be on RED ) Today i bring you the EXTRACTED, MODDED AND TWEAKED CSC with HD voice and without HD VOICE your choice!! hoy les traigo el CSC modificado truqueado y con y sin VOZ HD funcionando...
  22. T

    Thread [Q] T-Mobile USA HD Voice Calling supported on Nexus 4?

    Just read this on Engadget a minute ago: http://www.engadget.com/2013/01/08/t-mobile-claims-to-be-first-us-carrier-with-hd-voice-calling-nat/ I was wondering if anybody knows if our Nexus 4's support this or not?
  23. pinguy1982

    Thread [ROM] [XXEMR2] 4.1.2 JB With AMR-WB (HD Voice) Support on 3Three [9Feb]

    Recently a few vendors in the UK have been doing some really good deals on the Galaxy S3 on the 3 network. Because of this I have just recently picked up one. The issue with this is, because I didn't get the phone from Three it didn't come with their branded firmware. Normally this is a good...
  24. EmDzei

    Thread HD Voice - depend on software or hardware?

    Here in Finland ISP called DNA started support HD voice on its 3G network. [article] Does my Samsung Galaxy S I support HD voice or not? My current Android OS is v4.1.2. In the finnish article by puhelinvertoilu.com wrote that the HD voice support is in Samsung Galaxy S III, iPhone 5, newest...
  25. Falk

    Thread [Q] Bluetooth HFP v1.6 Wide Band Speech Support?

    I've read on one on one of the official Google pages that the GN only supports the HFP v1.0 profile and find that a bit hard to believe for a device as recent as this one. Still, it seems impossible to activate wide band speech support and a headset that works just fine under iOS (Bria - SIlK...
  26. J

    Thread MSM8960, HD Voice, and the S3

    Every reference to HD Voice and Sprint talks about the EVO 4G LTE. The Galaxy S3 has the same SoC from Qualcomm that the EVO 4G LTE has. Both phones state that they support 1x Advanced which is required for HD Voice to work. So far I haven't found anything that states that the S3 actually has...
  27. winwiz

    Thread Anyone on Orange UK got HD Voice working?

    Use *#197328640# in the dialer and check option 8 for WB-AMR status I am seeing: WB-AMR SETTING: OFF GSM WB : OFF UMTS WB : OFF Anyone on stock firmware able to change this? I am using a rooted SGS3 with XLITE ROM and am wondering if the reason I am unable to change this is due to the...
  28. G

    Thread [Q] HD Voice AMR-WB - Service Menu

    Telstra in Australia has implemented HD Voice for supported devices. The Galaxy Nexus supports AMR-WB as a codec, but I can't find if it is activated by default. Is anyone aware of the Galaxy Nexus code to get to the Service Menu so I can see if AMR-WB is activated or not?
  29. winwiz

    Thread Orange UK HD Voice

    Now live in the UK! I called my brother who has a Galaxy S2 and the voice quality is amazing!
  30. Y

    Thread [Q] HD Voice (aka AMR-WB) support on Omnia 7?

    Hello all. As you may be aware, the Samsung Omnia 7 handset has HD Voice capability, also known as AMR-WB (see YouTube for some more information on it). Three UK and Orange UK support this protocol, and yet I don't think it's enabled. Can someone inform me if it is enabled, or is anyone else...