1. Ulumia

    Thread [Q] How do I install Windows Mobile 6.5 instead of Android in NAND?

    I'm about to get an HD2 with Android OS in the NAND But I will be able to use Android on other devices I would like to install WM 6.5 Is it enough to just run HTC's RUU?
  2. P

    Thread HTC HD2 Stuck on HTC screen after trying to install MAGLDR

    Hello, I was just trying to install MAGLDR so I could put Android on my HTC HD2. For some reason, Windows Mobile stopped working on it, so it will stay on the white HTC screen forever. (The phone is not bricked, as when I hold down the volume down button, it will go to the RGB screen that shows...

    Thread Android Lollipop (5.0+) Daily Driver Help

    So far, I have tested 3 different Android 5.0 DirectSD ROM's from the Android NAND Thread. All "work" but the last one was really speedy, all was perfect until I wanted to connect to a Bluetooth headset or speaker. It only played music through the internal speaker. In 3 different kinds of...

    Thread Need help finding Android SD Card ROM

    I heard that some people have gotten Android 5.1 runnin' on their HTC HD2 via ROM reflash, I want it be able to boot from the SD Card from HaRET.exe, like most of the ROM's inside another forum. I don't want to mess with 'MAGLDR' or deleting WinMo. Any thoughts?
  5. W

    Thread Setting nativeSD problem.

    Hi, I've created FAT32&EXT4 partitions to flash NativeSD KitKat rom after flashing when I've entered option to set NativeSD folder launcher returned to home page. Tanks for any help.
  6. Monkeyb0yUK90

    Thread well its been about 13 years...

    Hey all, Years and years ago, i had an SPCm500 and flashed it with various roms....i used to visit here quite a bit :) Then android took off and that was that. I never really bothered with flashing android stuff.. I find myself back here today on XDA (under a new name) many years later with 2...

    Thread REMOVED

  8. M

    Thread Need some help with installing android on SD card.

    See attached photo. WM 6 is working great. I have the SD card correctly formatted to FAT32 and EXT4, but after launching HARET from 4EXTRecovery folder, it launches but there's few errors and it won't let me install Android because of those errors. Can you help me please? I've spent many hours...
  9. C

    Thread Just got another HD2 and both Magldr / Clk will not boot :(

    Just got another HD2 and for the love of me I cannot get Magldr or CLK to boot on it. I know this is reviving a very old phone but I always loved how hackable they are and they are cheap on ebay right now (£10 / $13). I tried many different roms and radios, I am thinking it's because it is only...
  10. T

    Thread [Tutorial] [NativeSD] HD2 - Android how to for newbs

    Hi, this is probably the last tutorial for the HD2 that is going to ever be made, because sadly, our beloved HD2 is dying. Why NativeSD ? It is the only usable option thats why. Stuff you need : An HTC HD2 A micro SD card (4GB or bigger, SDHC, NOT SDXC, preferably NOT UHS-1 as it might not...
  11. T

    Thread [REQUEST] Android Go ?

    Sooo Android Go is made for low-end devices with 1 gig or less of RAM right ? Could/Would someone please port it when possible ? It would be really cool if our beloved 2009 phone could run new software.
  12. T

    Thread (Q) Dualbooting Help

    Hi, I am quite new to the HD2, so I have a question that might sound dumb to the more experienced people reading this. Is it possible to Dualboot WP7 and Android ? But it is not that simple, I want my phone to boot into android unless I choose WP7 instead, I currently have Android ICS on my nand...
  13. T

    Thread [Q] Need the data from a HD2

    Hello, i have a HTC HD2. It dosn´t Boot. Make nothing. Some one have the Service Manual from the HD2? Its possibile to Boot the Photne from a SD Card to comes on the data from the Pohne. It´s possible do read the Data directly from the Phone?
  14. X

    Thread iOS on HD2 again, using xnu-arm kernel?

    Since there is some interesting new development on running the XNU kernel on single-core Cortex-A8, is it now possible to start exploring into iOS on HD2 again? The resulting iOS-like platform would be built on this kernel port (with HD2 board support package, for sure) and userland binaries...
  15. ToddeSwe

    Thread [Q] Best clean Android for my HD2?

    Hi! Long time since i used my HD2 but my One M7 is at the repaircenter for cam problem for the seccond time. :( Just a quick question, witch is the best clean simple Android rom for my HD2? And easiest to flash, i have WP 8 flashed at the moment but it's to slow and terrible to write sms on...
  16. M

    Thread [Q] HD2 Rom for Spotify use only

    Hi! I use my HD2 for Spotify only. No phone, photo, etc.. I used SlimRom for a while, but it did not react smooth and fast. I did a search for which rom to use and found GeeWiz. But after 2 days, I'm unable to install this rom and would like to find out if there are any other good and very...
  17. E

    Thread [Q] Kernel Wifi Problem

    Hello I own a HD2 and im running a custom ROM and kernel , I recently flashed another kernel that has better gpu perfomance and is OC to higher clocks speed but the problem im facing is that i can't turn wifi on , it is not rom related since i made sure to try the kernel in other roms too and...
  18. D

    Thread HD2 buttons not work can't flash! Help me pls

    Hello everyone, I have a htc hd2 with the buttons not working .. (not the volume) Should I find a way to install the TWRP and enter to install the rom .. is there a way? I can not get into MAGLDR and select USbFlasher .. Is there a way to get into flash mode of MAGLDR or entare in recovery? Now...
  19. C

    Thread [Q] Possible port?

    Hello im posting today in to see if I can get help porting a rom. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2668282 to be exact. I pay for for your time. Please and thank you for reading.
  20. M

    Thread [Q] Virgin Network Latest Firmware Needed

    Hi, Does anyone have the latest firmware for the HTC HD2 on Virgin network. Ive suffered extremely slow and lots of other headachey behaviour from this phone for a number of years and im so fed up of it now. Please let me know or point me in the right direction. Thanks
  21. A

    Thread [Q] New apps being downloaded on phone memory despite doing 'ADB'

    I have a HTC HD 2 running Android 4.1.2 (Jellybean). I used this guide to set the 'micro sd' slot as the place for storing apps. After doing this, I was able to move all my existing apps to the SD card which was not possible before. Now, whenever I go to Google Play to download a new app, the...
  22. BMXJeff

    Thread [Q] Is there a GPS/Sat Nav barebones ROM for HD2?

    As title says... Does anybody know of a ROM specifically built to basically turn the HD2 into a sat nav? I'm thinking all unnecessary parts of the ROM stripped, WiFi and mobile radio disabled all to optimize battery life and sat nav performance, with only GPS enabled.

    Thread [Q] Triple Boot Problem - Can`t boot into Recovery

    Hey guys ;) Got my HD2 fixed (Broken Screen) and now i want to triple boot before i just used NAND Android and some Native SD Roms. But it`s time for some more LOL Okay enough of that. I done everything like in this tutorial http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1880905 But...
  24. Ahmed93

    Thread Is it okay to get tired of flashing roms?

    I give up man, this is frustrating *sigh* maybe I'm asking for too much, but ALL the (android)roms are ...slow ...n they lag ...and randomly reboot ...and :( maybe I install a lot of apps ...maybe I killed the battery ......but :( I don't want a new phone .......... can someone please make me...
  25. R

    Thread [Q] Using my beloved HTC HD2 European Version in North America

    Hi all, I am desperately looking for a solution to the above problem. Background: I moved about a year ago from Germany to Canada. My HD2 worked well with the sim card from Telefonica/O2 on the network over here. The phone itself is not locked but branded. Anyway when I tried to change to a...
  26. B

    Thread [Q] Bluetooth Passthru?? for HD2 Carputer

    Hi There, I put this here as I am not fussed about what operating system I use (although I would prefer WM6.5) Is there such a thing as a Bluetooth Passthru? I have a Bluetooth car stereo and I want to fix my HD2 into the car as a carputer so that I could store & remotely update my mp3s on the...
  27. mastawindu

    Thread [APPS][FY,GB,ICS,JB,KK] Navbar / Soft/ Virtual buttons Solutions for HD2 and others

    Navbar / Soft buttons / Virtual buttons Solutions for HD2 or any other device As our beloved device the HTC HD2 is getting older some of us might have or will encounter hard keys failure. The problem is, the back, home, search and option keys are almost indispensable for daily use. My hard...
  28. mastawindu

    Thread [Navbar] Soft buttons / Virtual buttons Solutions for HD2 or any other device

    Navbar / Soft buttons / Virtual buttons Solutions for HD2 or any other device As our beloved device the HTC HD2 is getting older some of us might have or will encounter hard keys failure. The problem is, the back, home, search and option keys are almost indispensable for daily use. My hard...
  29. gade12

    Thread [Q] HD2 LCD to HDMI, RCA...

    Hi guys Yes, 4 years with my HD2 and finally i had to change touchscreen because a nice break appear when my HD2 flew through the air :eek: I changed LCD+Touchscreen, so i have a pretty LCD working perfectly... My question, how can i use that LCD? it is possible? how can i add it some input of...
  30. milaq

    Thread [ROM] [NIGHTLY] [NativeSD] [JB] [4.3] CyanogenMod 10.2 nightlies

    Welcome to the unofficial CyanogenMod 10.2 nightlies The releases will co-inside and the build start time is at 03:01 UTC every night and should be uploaded soon after. If at anytime the builds are not there, then there was a problem building the ROM, and we will have a look at it ASAP. These...
  31. C

    Thread [Q] how to erase all data on hd2 android?

    so i got HD2 n i want to erase all data,i remember last time i did hard n soft reset including factory reset,all data was there including my gmail account and my contact list so i was thinking to re flash the rom but then i thought what if i start it by long pressing red button,enter into...
  32. M

    Thread [INFO]SD-Card for Native-SD

    Greetings Research I wanted to inform you guys about the problems in some SD-Cards while using EXT4 partition(DataOnEXT or NativeSD or A2SDx). I had used about 15 Class 4 8GB SD-Cards of different companies. Only two of them worked using an EXT4 partition which means that 15 out of 120 SDCards...
  33. A

    Thread [Q] Are there any stable and fast 4.x ROMs ?

    So far , I've tried out tytung's NexusHD2 ICS Rom (incredibly bad experience) and a few others , but I haven't seen any completely functional 4.x ROMs for the HD2.Most of them have a lot of bugs and I can't use Viber with them because the phone application crashes when I pick up the phone.So my...
  34. R

    Thread [Q] HD2 Android system and apps lags&crashes

    Hello all, I'm newbie to forums and Android world.. After reading lots of related stuff for months, I have to ask for help. Recently I've got an HTC HD2 with 512mb NAND, flashed it, updated radio, etc. Now, I am trying to use Android JellyBean. Because of 512mb internal memory, I have to use...
  35. L

    Thread HD2 Multiwindow

    hi guys, does a mod that allow multiwindowin hd2 exists? (as samsung galaxy note or sgs2 ecc..) preferably in cyanogenmod ICS
  36. C

    Thread [Q] few queries related to jellybean rom HD2

    i flashed NexusHD2-JellyBean-CM10.1_V2.4 rom on HD2 using native SD method,everything worked and when it rebooted the logo kept on the start screen for some time atleast 30minute before i pulled out the battery,is that rom not working?then flashed same rom but V2.2 and this time it booted up in...
  37. N

    Thread [Q] no storage left after WP7.7 installed

    I followed Jacey Ooi's instruction and successfully installed WP7.8 (pdaimatejam ROM). However I found many functions do not work, such as connecting to WIFI. Checking the Setting -> About page, I can see the following: Name: HTC HD2 Model: HTC HD7 T9292 Carrier: pdaimatejam Software: Windows...
  38. S

    Thread [Q] Ringing alarm: how to have an endless ringing ?

    Ringing alarm: how to have an endless ringing ? I re use my HD2, but the ringind alarm is too short , repeat ring only 3 times and after stop. It's much too short to wake up in the morning !!!!! - how to have an endless ringing ? (like Android) without install another software, just using WM...
  39. A

    Thread [Q] HD2 not booting/dead?

    Hello fellow HD2-Users. :) Until about two days ago my HD2 (Vodafone-EU) was happily running tytungs NexusHD2 Android ROM from a NativeSD-Installation (HSPL 2.08 and MAGLDR), but suddenly it did not boot anymore. The white HTC Screen appears, MAGLDR starts, finds the Image and starts doing it's...
  40. M

    Thread [Q] HD2 vs. HD7 - which one to buy?

    Yesterday it happened, my beloved HD2 slipped out and hit the floor. The digitizer cracked badly. Phone was still fully functional though. LCD and touch worked fine. I bought a new digitizer on the spot ($6.50). But while removing the old digitizer I broke the LCD. It's enough, I rather buy a...
  41. Z

    Thread Cannot mount sdcard [twrp]

    Ahoy there. To make it quick: I went back from WP7 (again problems), and already have installed TWRP instead of CWM, becauase i want to install this cutie to my HD2. But the trouble is, when i mount my SD card and copy .zip file to SD, and when i unmount it, i cannot mount /sdcard inside my...
  42. gilbert32

    Thread Possible solution for Bad Blocks???? :)

    Hello xda users. I just got this over my mind and this might be a way to fix nand bad blocks? Here's everything: i used to have a chinese gps navigator running windows CE 5. i used my knowledge (didn't have internet that time) and removed gps software from it, and enabled windows explorer on...
  43. S

    Thread ??Solved?? Sound stops working after a few seconds HD2 SD/NativeDS

    Hi All I saw that someone else had a similar problem, but did not get any definite answer - So Im asking too. In the last few days I started playing with installing Android on my HD2. (European HD2 with latest Official WM6.5 ROM). My problem is as follows: I boot to Android system (clscad...
  44. N

    Thread [Jul 7, 2013][ROM][4.1.2] MIUI V5 |3.5.31| NAND/NativeSD Tytung Kernal

    This is June 28 2013 version of MIUI. Click here to see the full Changelog MIUI ROM 3.6.28 Full Changelog [Phone] Optimization - Attribution database update [Messaging] Fix - In some cases "pre-written" messages can not be displayed Fix - When adding dialog box of private contacts, the...
  45. J

    Thread [Q] Ingress on the HD2

    Hey there. Just replaced the display and button flex ribbon on my HD2 and I'm about to update it to Tytungs 4.2.2 ROM. Has anybody been playing Ingress on the HD2? I'm wondering if it will run the app. Cheers
  46. F

    Thread [Q] Blackberry secure work space on HD2

    Anyone out there who got blackberry secure work space working on a Android-HD2 (rooted device.)?
  47. gilbert32

    Thread Your WORST HD2 accident

    ok the thread says it all. so here's mine: we were at school partying for we finished it, we were all jumping around, hd2 in my pocket. it was like 5 turns we made. we were done. hd2 was no longer in my pocket. i looked everywhere but was almost sure someone broke it cz there was like 500 person...
  48. B

    Thread [Q] What happened with IMEI generator for HD7?

    What happened with IMEI generator for HD7 provided by BMXJeff ? Has someone could re-upload files? or send links via PM Original thread was removed :( (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2127186) I would be grateful best regards Behru
  49. danis1997

    Thread (Reference) Correct Radio for HTC HD2 HD2O and sim invalid error fix

    hi i am ah htc hd2 user running HD2O i am from central america if you have region duds when i install HD2o all was running really good exept the network because always stucks on "invalid sim" so i try different radios and the correct one was this one: Radio: 5.51T.09.29a_22.32.50.10U my sim...
  50. J

    Thread MIUI V5 | 3.5.31 | MULTILANG Tytun r2 kerne

    Project closed