1. J

    Thread [ Xcover FieldPro ] Rom Request

    I'm searching the android 10 stock Rom for my Xcover Fieldpro for rooting. I was unable to find it on internet and with samfirm tool. The phone model is SM-g889YB. I try reach Samsung support but they don't want share the Rom. Thanks in advance.
  2. Q

    Thread Most features are broken after updating to 12.0.1 Stable Global update

    So I got a notification that there's a new update so I updated immediately. After the update, installing finished but got stucked at MIUI logo for more than 30 mins so I rebooted it using power button then it turns on but immediately noticed that it automatically switch from full screen mode to...
  3. olavar

    Thread Is there any free way of unlocking the bootloader on huawei p9 lite (VNS-L21)?

    like maybe im stupid but I couldn't find any way to unlock it and I can't install twrp cause this thing fkd up the whole process😡 My device info: Modell number: HUAWEI VNS-L21 Build number: VNS-L21C128B141 Android ver.: 6.0 EMUI: 4.1.3 Hope someone can help me🙂
  4. guillermo1996

    Thread Question [SOLVED] Deleted "locksettings.db" from data/system and now phone is encrypted

    Hi, I'm using a Poco F3 with latest stable With older phones, I could avoid having a pattern/password while still using the finger print sensor by deleting the file at "data/system/locksettings.db". Since it is something I have done many times with other Android phones, I...
  5. H

    Thread I can't flash recovery with Fastboot

    Before going any further, i reverted back to stock yesterday via LGUP to fix some issues i had with the phone on custom roms that caused system crashes. Bootloader is unlocked, i get the prompt that bootloader is unlocked and it isn't safe when the device is booting and OEM unlock is enabled in...
  6. olavar

    Thread HELP! I ruined my phone!

    When I boot up my samsung SM-A217F/DSN its just moving me to download giving this error: I really need help now if I can't fix it it will ruin my life😭
  7. I

    Thread [SOLVED] Poco X3 NFC (surya) Stuck in Bootloop After ArrowOS Update

    As the title reads, My Poco X3 has gotten stuck in a bootloop after an attempted ArrowOS update. I think it's the May update, and from other posts on this forum, it seems this is a not a one-off issue. I tried updating my phone by downloading the latest ArrowOS update and firmware for the PocoX3...
  8. olavar

    Thread Any working twrp for SAMSUNG GALAXY A21S? (SM-A217F/DSN)

    Android version: 11 One UI Core version: 3.1 Baseband version: A217FXXU5CUD1 I've been searching for like 4 hours now ☹ I'm trying to root my phone
  9. TheAverageUser

    Thread [Solved] WiFi not working after updating to LOS 18.1 and rooting it

    Preamble / Rambling Hello dear xda-community, I am a little desperate right now. After hours of searching for solutions I am sadly out of luck and afraid I might destroy the system if I try to solve this issue any further by my own. :/ By no means I am an expert in flashing / rooting mobile...
  10. R

    Thread How to get the firmware for the S7+ SM-T970 CSC: OXM?

    I've tried multiple different sites and programs and have been unable to figure out how to get the firmware to my system. Frija did not work for me and I cannot find the firmware on sammobile or updato either. Can someone point me in the right direction to help find it / download it so i can root?
  11. G

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G9350 Qualcomm Snapdragon (system.img.ext4) Odin FAIL! (ext4)

    hello guy's, i can't restore my s7 edge SM-G9350, here's my story, i unlocked the bootloader using CROM Service & flash TWRP file and install a custom ROM from Trada ROM Last Oreo v10 by Hilary Trump few days ago, last night i accidentally rebooted my phone to recovery mode and it detects my...
  12. Remnimaat

    Thread Device stuck in boot loop with no access to twrp or usb debugging

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone might be able to provide some assistance to help me solve my problem here. Basically I was attempting to flash havoc os to my oneplus 7 pro and I think I wiped both the a/b partitions by accident as now it’s stuck in boot loop. basically it will...
  13. trainingtoothpaste

    Thread Custom ROM Bluetooth Issues

    Hi, All :) So, I'm trying to run custom ROMs as I want to set my HID_DEV_MTU_SIZE to 512 for amiibos, but every time I boot up the phone or manually turn Bluetooth on, it just says "turning on" and then turns itself off again, then back on, then off, then back on, then off... I can't get it to...
  14. R

    Thread Longshot but seeking help to install TWRP on asus zenfone max pro m1 x00td

    As the official TWRP does not have the max pro m1 x00TD on its official device list. Im trying to seek help here the alternatives on properly installing a twrp alternative for the max pro m1 x00td. I've read up previous threads about the matter here on xda but looking for other response (if...
  15. T

    Thread [HELP THREAD] Poco M3 Bricked (No Recovery, No Fastboot, ONLY EDL)

    Hey guys! I made a newbie mistake by not using mi flash tool and use manual flashing using sdk fastboot and i dont know what mistake i did but im pretty sure i did something wrong. Bootloader is already unlocked and i have root access already. Right after i flashed a magisk patched boot file to...
  16. kwertydev

    Thread Lenovo A2020A40 custom rom installation problem

    Hi, I installed this rom called "MIUI 8" on my Lenovo A2020A40, but when I tried to boot into it screen just went white for a second then phone turned off, it also happened when I tried installing other custom roms. The MIUI8 Booting logo was also on my phone for every other rom I tried to...
  17. jony285

    Thread Help ! Bootloop even after flashing stock rom.! zenfone

    I have an old zenfone 2 laser ( ZE550KL variant) which i was not using for 1 year. It was flashed with custom rom , groovy android [ Nougat 7.1.2] and i was using it without any problem. two days back i found it in my table, and i tried to switch it on., the phone vibrates, Asus logo...
  18. W

    Thread Question where can I find boot images for the 9R?

    I'd like to get root with magisk but I don't see a way to get the boot image to patch... any help?
  19. I

    Thread Extracting my whatsapp keyfile/recreating it

    Hello! I want to get my whatsapp keyfile, but I'm having a lot of trouble... and I don't want to root due to warranty. Things I've tried: Full backup: turns out at some point, google added the option for apps to control which files are backed up, and thus, I can't get a backup that includes the...
  20. I

    Thread Can't flash any ROM on A205F

    Hi. I can't flash any ROM on the A205F for some reason. I reach the download screen and any ROM I flash, including stock ROMs and every single one under the sun gives me the exact same error: <ID:0/006> Added!! <ID:0/006> Odin engine v(ID:3.1401).. <ID:0/006> File analysis.. <ID:0/006> Total...
  21. N

    Thread G981U Unlocked no service after update

    Hi all, new noob member here with hopefully a simple question. I bought an unlocked S20 with tmobile firmware about a month ago. I'm using a verizon SIM card and everything worked fine until yesterday when Tmobile sent out an update. At first I had no mobile data but could still send texts...
  22. U

    Thread Root Infinix hot 9

    I am looking for an easy way to root Infinix hot 9 X655C. I have tried Kingroot but it doesn't work (I didn't have high hopes though). I was going to try Magisk but I can't find a TWRP for this particular model. I am also a a big ole NOOB. Any assistance would be greatly...
  23. bodyajoy

    Thread Question Help : "-1:misconfigured IRQ 470 glink-native"

    Hello! My phone doent go deep sleep randomly BBS and kernel logs show: -1:misconfigured IRQ 43 smp2p -1:misconfigured IRQ 470 glink-native (!!!!!!!!! this is a main mistake) On any firmware / rom / kernel, stock or non-stock I tried fastboot official rom - but problem still It fixes only...
  24. jnko266

    Thread Android with support for Raspberry Pi 4B & original SPI display

    Hello, in my organisation we're looking for an Android project, which would have support for Raspberry Pi 4B with the original 7" Raspberry Pi SPI display. So far I've stumbled upon OmniROM, which doesn't support it out-of-the-box, but in this thread I've seen somebody comment that it could...
  25. PizzaHut_guy

    Thread Need help by installing TWRP...

    Hello, I'm new here so here it goes.. I have this very old Motorola Atrix with android 2 so i want to install TWRP on it but i've had no luck it just would not flash.. I've tried fast boot but it won't work. So also basically I've tried unlocking the OEM with RSD lite and flashing the file but...
  26. PizzaHut_guy

    Thread Need help by installing TWRP...

    Hello, I'm new here so here it goes.. I have this very old Motorola Atrix with android 2 so i want to install TWRP on it but i've had no luck it just would not flash.. I've tried fast boot but it won't work. So also basically I've tried unlocking the OEM with RSD lite and flashing the file but...
  27. E

    Thread [FIXED] Bricked phone. Black screen. Unresponsive. Need Urgent help.

    [ F I X E D ] Hello. As the title suggests, I might have bricked my Realme C3 (RMX2020) while trying to flash the wrong file. Current status: Black glowing screen. Unresponsive. How I managed to brick it: 1. I unlocked the bootloader and rooted the stock ROM using Magisk successfully. 2...
  28. B

    Thread mic-spk loopback Blackview Bv-9600pro

    Hello first things first I'm totally new to this forum and I'm posting my question cause I searched the internet for weeks now and I simply can't find a solution. The long story befor is.... I got a blackview bv9600pro for free and wanted to put lineage os (GSI) onto it (cause the blackview...
  29. C

    Thread My phone stuck flashing TWRP

    I have made an OTA update yesterday to my rooted phone by following the usual steps installing magisk to inactive slot etc.. The only difference from other updates I did before this one was from android 10 to android 11. The phone worked fine, until today I wanted to check if TWRP is working and...
  30. W

    Thread Bug Recover 3.0 Xiaomi Redmi 8T Help PLS

    Hey i'm WilEdge (from france) I got a problem, my phone is actually blocked on the recovery mode and reboot a lot without stopping . The three main buttons of the recovery mode don't work (reboot, Wipe data and connect with MIAssistant). And my PC don't recognize my phone. Furthermore i look a...
  31. SajkoX

    Thread MI 9 T Bought on auctions from chinese seller - OEM - Help.

    Hello! Just bought a new Mi 9T Pro [Redmi K20 Pro] on auction from chinese seller. From antutu bench i can see its a real K20 Pro, but still got problem with OEM. They changed it [i think, not sure for 100%] and here is my question.. How can i unlock OEM/fix that. It says that device is...
  32. S

    Thread I need help my phone thinks that my battery capacity is only 1000mah

    Hi I need help my phone thinks that my battery capacity is only 1000mah plz help I flashed a custom kernel, that did not help, battery calibration also did not hel, do i need to a file or what to do I have galaxy a10 runing avoc os3.9 rooted whit magisk
  33. Wachu666666

    Thread Best custom Rom?

    What is the best rom for mi 10t pro where everything works as it should?
  34. ArDRaFi

    Thread Help to root my oppo f17

    its been a few couple days I've been storming the internet as far as i could but couldn't find a decent way to root my oppo f17 .... tried twrp, magisk without twrp opt, king root[pc].... and cant find anything els.. is there anyone with this phone who have successfully rooted this device help...
  35. A

    Thread MBN files request for OP 7T Pro 5G McLaren from Tmo

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for someone that has a Tmo variant and a rooted device that can help me to get the MBN files from this device, I managed, in the past, to change the modem configuration with the PDC tool to get VoLTE (I live in Mexico), but since I updated my phone some days ago to...
  36. L

    Thread I need help

    Phone is sim locked (imei was barred in my country) So i cant make calls/4g within the country Is there any solution for this? ie modify the IMEI code?
  37. ihjheyboss

    Thread black shark 3 (not PRO) shark space auto toggling error

    hi guys good am/pm, unit:256 gb storage 12 gb ram black shark 3 global version issue/s: 1. random toggling of sharkspace 2. toggle on button is working 3. toggle 0ff button is not working so i have no way of getting out of the shark space other than doing a reboot...
  38. T


    Hi Guys, I have a Oneplus 6 and want to record all my outgoing Google Voice calls. I can't seem to figure out a solution. I do have J OnePlus Tools on my phone to record all GSM calls and that works perfectly fine but ONLY for GSM calls. Please help!! Thanks!
  39. X

    Thread Is their anyone willing to try to port Ubuntu Touch over to Samsung Galaxy A20e

    The Main Reason of asking is because recently twrp has been made available to this device making flashing roms easier, and i don't have a good enough computer and technical knowledge on porting myself
  40. I

    Thread Mi 9SE cant install twrp

    Hi, I wanted to install TWRP to install miui eu, since my battery life is very bad (60 to 90 minutes). Im following instructions, but I get this error message FAILED (Write to device failed in SendBuffer() (Too many links)) Ive also tried using XiaomiToolV2 but it also didnt work: What...
  41. T

    Thread Huawei Y6P Boot Image

    Hi there, I need a Huawei Y6P boot image, but I can't find it anywhere. At this rate, I never root my device Here is my phone information Thank you in advance
  42. Francisco_Torres

    Thread System image corrupted and locked on fastboot mode

    Hey, I'm new to all the android stuff so I don't really know if I'm doing things correctly. I have a broken Moto G3 xt1543, and sadly it doesn't have either usb debugging or OEM unlocking active, so adb doesn't work and I can't use fastboot to flash it with a new rom. The thing is that, as the...
  43. teh404guy

    Thread Is there any porting guide for linux distros (like pm or mobian) for exynos based phone

    so basically i found my self in a dilemma since i wanted to learn how to port linux oses to a samsung exynos devices, my dad has these tablets he used to use for work (samsung tab active 2) and he told me if i wanted he could give me one, i thought about porting a linux distro to since it would...
  44. S

    Thread How to unbrick my OP7?

    Hello I really need help! Not quite sure I got myself into this mess but I can't boot into the system as there is no OS and there also isn't any recovery. Whenever I turn my phone on it goes into the bootloader (fastboot). I have tried to flash TWRP.img with flashboot but I am getting that the...
  45. bdani28

    Thread What am i looking at?!?! H E L P ! ! !

    I continously find weird and new folders on my phone whose content seem fishy to say the least. I feel like my husband has hacked my phone just from looking at some of the files content. Please help me decode. Thank you. the attached file is from a bug report.
  46. jwest9451

    Thread Just rooted my phone but root apps don't work

    I successfully rooted my Moto G Power 2020 but when I try apps like emoji switcher or startup animation changer they don't work. It seems like any apps that changes thing's don't work even though they have superuser access. Iv checked with root checker and I do in fact have root and I have...
  47. S

    Thread [Plz Help] Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930W8 Rooting Problem

    What I have: I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930W8 device. It has been rooted and unrooted previously, as well as flashed with official samsung stock ROM. I also have just performed a factory reset from recovery mode recently. What I am trying to do: I am trying to root it properly and flash...
  48. D

    Thread Help!

    Building in ubuntu 18.04, lineage 16 how do i fix this?
  49. jacopo01

    Thread Could anyone build a Pixel Experience custom ROM for Moto G Stylus?

    Hi, would anyone be able to build a PixelExperience custom ROM for the Moto G Stylus? You would be of great help to me.
  50. D

    Thread [Help] Decrypt storage, locked out from device

    Hi everyone, so in my immense stupidity, I actually managed to set my phone password wrongly, and now I can't get in. Spent a day trying passwords to find the typo but that was unsuccessful. I have crDroid Android 11, bootloader unlocked, rooted with magisk, and TWRP 3.5.0. How can get my...