1. luckychukiye

    Thread Question Having issues after Converting OnePlus 9 5G LE2117 to Global

    Hi everyome, I have a OnePlus 9 5G LL2117. I have used the MSM Global tool about 3 weeks ago to convert it to GLobal (LE2115) Oxygen OS & ran Oxygen OS 12 fine w/ no issues. I did a soft reset last night and when my phone restarted I saw it said it had No Sim/network detected and...
  2. wendale1231

    Thread Question Poco f3 Mic Problem

    Hi i have this annoying issue where the output of the mic is like a radio that has no signal i dont know if this is a hardware issue or a software one. Tried PixelOS rom, Stock MIUI and Pixel Experience rom still having this issue. Please help i cant use the phone when i have calls i can only...
  3. N

    Thread [Fixed] [T580] Custom binary blocked by frp lock

    Update: For anyone who got the same problem as me: Flash the exact same stock rom with odin (bl, ap, csc not csc_home). --------------------------------------------------------- Hello, So i made a mistake to turn off the developer options and i think by that also oem unlock, and on a restart...
  4. Mkami

    Thread Toast notification

    Hello I was wondering if anyone would know how to disable the toast notification? Or to shorten the duration of the toast notification? I have a note 9 Exynos running a custom ROM, I am just looking for an app or even an xposed repo. Thank you really appreciate it.
  5. N


    Hello guys ! I have a Redmi Note 9S it’s in FRP mi account, I can’t unbrick it. I don’t have mi account and no usb debug activate so adb etc.. not working. Flashing not working bootloader locked.. help me please
  6. H

    Thread A lot of photos disappeared, nothing is working to recover it

    Hi, yesterday while looking at my gallery I noticed that a lot of photos are missing, for example, my Italy trip photos and videos are gone, not all of them though, there are some left, but videos are all gone. I didn't delete or move them, didn't touch them at all, it just disappeared. I've...
  7. D

    Thread Question Any Guide or Way to get custom rom on Galaxy A536U? (US model)

    I know this phone does not have OEM unlock, though I'm hearing about patching the recovery.img file to reach this goal. I saw a thread about someone managing to get TWRP working on the A53 & some name of custom OS from the XDA forums. Is it really possible to have a custom rom on this phone? If...
  8. B

    Thread Core board component identification

    I'm wondering if anyone knows what these are... I cant find any info anywhere on that particular SMD code. They're on the underside of a MTCD core board and there's a number of them. The burned one has something to do with the LCD backlight/dimming function, as this isn't working after a mishap...
  9. tony 54325

    Thread Help RMX2151 custom recovery losses Android 12

    Hey everyone out there , i am kind of new to all this , i need help. My realme 7 code name rmx2151, losses its custom recovery (twrp , orangefox) after i boot any Android 12 based custom rom . Phone works fine until i use advance reboot feature or power button combination to go into custom...
  10. S

    Thread GT-P5210 root owners wanted

    GT-P5210 root owners wanted Hello all, I have a GT-P5210 and I have followed the guides here and they dont work. Some links are dead and some authors do not reasonably explain the steps. I have followed some guides like the guides here...
  11. J

    Thread Are volume buttons tied to screen? Oneplus 6 . CTDI service is a disgrace

    So my volume buttons started doing "ghost" presses recently. I applied for repair (out of warranty) and my phone was sent to polish service called CTDI. When I got the estimate, it turned out they put screen replacement in it. I was surprised since my screen was perfectly fine and thought...
  12. zxcvbnmmm

    Thread help

    i think bricked my galaxy j330f i wiped the internal storage because i didnt know what to do and now the stock os is gone and i cannot find the stock os or firmware for download for my phone (its from finnish) and no custom osess work so what do i do? i can still access twrp recovery i have...
  13. Y

    Thread My phone is stuck in download mode

    Hello there, for some reason my phone is stuck on download mode. Before it happened I tried to wipe my phone through TWRP and after it rebooted it was stuck on "starting phone". and every time I restarted the phone it got back to "starting phone". then I lock the bootloader to see if it does...
  14. Demonicscarab

    Thread Question Rog Phone 5 Motherboard replacement

    Hi, I've had my Rog phone 5 for a good while but has since died on me without any way to turn it on, Took it to a tech friend of mine and it seems the Motherboard has failed and its a common issue from what I can read around here. The thing is that I just got off the phone with ASUS Support...
  15. nrhgeursjew

    Thread Question URGENT! I have seemed to bricked my Note 10 5G to a point where I can not unbrick it. Please help!

    So, I installed TWRP on to my Note 10 5G, and I rooted it with magisk successfully. But then magisk could update the app to v24 but it couldn't update the root itself. So I downloaded magisk v24, changed it to (not .apk) and tried to boot into TWRP but (to me) it didn't seem to be...
  16. jaffar02

    Thread Magisk stuck in downloading

    Hello, I flashed magisk v25 on Redmi note 9s. My android version is 10 and after flashing when I restarted my device and clicked the magisk for installation, its stuck here. Please someone help if anyone faced this before.
  17. aeternalized

    Thread Redmi 6 Pro not working at all even with attempts to revitalize it

    I'm looking for some help on a topic regarding my redmi 6 pro. My redmi 6 pro one day out of the blue just froze, then never booted. Recovery also bricked itself and didn't boot past the mi splashscreen. I wiped userdata using fastboot -w and then tried to flash a recovery again, but all my...
  18. S

    Thread Question [HELP] Bricked Poco F3. Doesn't Boot

    So I was updating to a newer update in the eu Rom but something went wrong, and the update was stuck. After a bit I got it to work again, and decided to install the stable version instead of the weekly. It was not in the cards. That update/installation also froze, and now my phone is off and...
  19. Samster255

    Thread wp8.1 apps dir

  20. A

    Thread H6 allwinner tv box stuck on android.

    Hi people! I have this headache with this tvbox since it got stuck at android logo (idk what my uncle did to this device). I can't enter recovery mode, despite I tried with all methods like hard reset button, usb flashing with phoenix suit, or microsd card flashing, it only stays at red light...
  21. H

    Thread Question Need Help To Downgrade My Device From MIUI 13 To MIUI 12

    Hello Guys, There are many problem in my device redmi note 10 Since the new update of MIUI 13. They are like Camera Issue , Lag , Wifi Issue and many more. So I was thinking is it possible to downgrade my device to MIUI 12 Official way Without Braking it...
  22. none24

    Thread Help with porting TWRP?

    Hello all, In the surface duo form we have an unofficial TWRP port in progress but were needing help with getting touch working and resolving an issue with decrypting the data partition. Is there anyone experienced with TWRP who wouldnt mind assisting so we can get a full build of twrp working...
  23. D

    Thread Help Building LineageOS 18.1

    Update 2: I'm an idiot and had a space I didn't notice in one of my files. Once that was gone the build worked flawlessly.
  24. NotAnOption

    Thread Question Booting problems

    I've rooted my phone a couple days ago, successfully. I decided to install TWRP on it today, and after Odin succeeded, I'm now stuck in a bootloop with only the first Samsug logo. Whatever I do, fresh restart, safe mode, download mode, etc, it always shows the first logo and powers off right...
  25. koarc lkas

    Thread RMX2030 C75 and C69 no wifi, am I missing something?

    I have recently unbricked my phone. I installed ColorOs 6 on it and it was laggy af so I thought maybe it's because it's too outdated so I tried updating to RMX2030EX C75, it installed but I cannot TURN ON WiFi nor can I turn on hotspot. I can turn on bluetooth, data and many more, just not...
  26. Yatsuko

    Thread Please Help Me😭

    I was trying to root my phone but i failed, doing so many wrong steps,now my samsung a7 is bricked, i cant charge it and i cant power it on, i also tried connecting it to a pc but the pc cant recognize it, any advice please to fix this? I really dont know what should i do now, thank you so much...
  27. jtkblue

    Thread Need build fingerprint for OOS

    Hi! I need a build fingerprint for OxygenOs. Either 11 or 12 on a OnePlus 8T will help. I need it so I can pass the CTS check on my custom rom. Here's how you can do it! (assuming you're running OOS on your phone.) Download Termux from the play store run this command: "getprop" paste...
  28. Wyo_

    Thread I need help with the battery. It's been acting up the whole time.

    This issue has occurred to me a lot of times the battery keeps going down when I push the power button, I went to replace the battery and a week later it's still happening. does anyone know what's going on??
  29. Pinguudroid

    Thread Completely remove gui

    Hi, I have a oneplus with a unstable screen, and I wanted to mine crypto with it since it’s fully functional but just not suitable as a normal phone. So is there a way to completely nuke the gui on my phone, so when I boot up my phone it has a internet connection but just boots directly into a...
  30. Radeeek123

    Thread Question Help me un-brick my 7i

    So I was interested to root my 7i, installed in-depth test and got in to fast boot mode but it doesnt show on adb or fastboot commands! And i don't have interface installed!!! (this makes it un-quitable, if you wanna exit you have to wait till it dies, any other method i don't know) I installed...
  31. Glez_B_18

    Thread Tab 3 wi-fi brick on Odin Mode

    I was trying to install a custom recovery with Odin but suddenly the process fail and my tab got stuck on "downloading, don't turn off" after that I tried several times to reconnect to Odin but my PC didn't recognize the device at all, idk what to do. I've already tried with kies, re-install the...
  32. C

    Thread Question [Help] upper screen flickering and white lockscreen while charging after latest update.

    Has anyone encountered these issues? I just bought it and was working fine until the automatic update got downloaded and installed. after the update the upper right corner of my screen is now flickering and have this weird lockscreen while charging tried force restart / factory reset / clear...
  33. Schon Villamor

    Thread Question Can't boot into anything, only shows charging screen then turns itself off after. PLEASE HELP ME! How do I fix this???

    Yesterday I unlocked my phone with the official Xiaomi unlock tool, Then it wiped everything, after setting my phone up, I flashed TWRP (not for my device but for redmi k20, I thought 9T and K20 is the same) and now I'm stuck on fastboot, I tried power button + volume buttons but still stuck on...
  34. Schon Villamor

    Thread Redmi 9T can't boot, only shows battery charging screen. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

    So earlier, I unlocked my Redmi 9T phone using the Xiaomi Official Tool, then flashed TWRP using XiaoMiTool V2, I opened cmd and entered fastboot reboot recovery, it's still in fastboot mode, I tried Power button + volume buttons and still stuck on fastboot and before it boots into fastboot...
  35. PhotonIce

    Thread [HELP ME] Cannot connect to camera on macro

    Bought a Redmi 9 used (3/32) purple, the phone works well, but I'm seeing a couple of issues. The first and main one is, as the title states, an error with the macro camera. When I open the Camera app and select macro, it does not switch to the macro lens. When I select 0.6x zoom it also...
  36. Gagandaywal

    Thread Fast Charging Issue on BLACKSHARK 2 !! HELP !!!

    Recently i noticed an unfamiliar behavior on my BS 2. 1) FAST charging no longer works. ( i tried different usb cables & adapters ) 2) I cant transfer data into PC using Data cable. 3) OTG also not working. 4) I cant even turn on USB tethering. Please help me what can i do now.
  37. PhotonIce

    Thread Advice please

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but my question is simple: Should I buy the Redmi 9 (3/32) USED in late 2022? (Pros/Cons, please describe your experience with it also) If not, recommend me another phone I can buy in the same price which is better, thanks!
  38. russanandres

    Thread Upgrade from Android 1.0 to 2.3.7

    Hello. I recently stupidly flashed RC29 on my phone. That's how I got out of there. How to: 1. You realized that you are on RC29. Do not worry. Let's start the escape. 2. Start phone without sim card. Type on the keyboard <ENTER button>setprop persist.service.adb.enable 1<ENTER button>. Reboot...
  39. A7MD2000

    Thread orange state problem with Infinix device x612b

    ok hear me out, I'm a newbie, and I missed up, plz help I was trying to root my device following this tutorial, I flashed twrp and vbmeta and every thing went alright without errors, I booted the phone into recovery to continue as how the tutorial said, but it gave me the orange state error...
  40. zekrolmaster

    Thread how to go back on stock on POCO F3?

    Hello everyone, i have been using lineage os and now i have to go back to stock. I am using lineageos 18.1 with lineage recovery on my alioth device. Can i somehow go back to stock MIUI and a stock recovery? (if its possible also lock bootloader). Help needed
  41. Ulumia

    Thread [HELP]CWM Recovery cannot mount /sdcard

    I followed the instructions to install MiniCM7 but CWM cannot mount the memory card All other partitions it mounts
  42. Hazekaya

    Thread Can't get in to bootloader mode.

    Hello, I've recently dusted off my old S7 and wanted to install ROM on it. But when going into recovery mode and trying to boot bootloader it says the following. "E:Failed to clear BCB message: Failed to find /misc partition" "Rebooting to bootloader" "E:Failed to clear BCB message: Failed to...
  43. Andrealfy

    Thread I need a stock rom for honor 8

    Hello everyone, i'm here today to ask you probably the most impossible question in this world i guess... Can somebody tell me where can i get a stock rom for my honor 8 FRD-L09C432 with emui 8.0?? I think i visited like every site that could have it but it's disappeared from the whole web...
  44. AysllanHiro

    Thread How to hide my custom rom or simulate the stock rom for bank apps?

    Well, a month ago I installed ArrowOS12 in my A30, but something I don't knew about custom roms is bank apps blocking cuz'... "SECURITY" (funny AF), At first it just was blocked cuz' i have magisk root, but i activated many things to hide magisk and I realize that was not my root, but the custom...
  45. G

    Thread I attempted to enter recovery mode, stuck on black screen with an LED alternating between Deep Blue and Light Blue

    I tried to enter recovery mode on my S7 Edge, using the power and volume up buttons, but the phone would restart and crash, repeated a few times. Now my phone has a light blue indicator and a black screen, Google says that a light blue indicator means a failing motherboard. The phone is...
  46. Sial23

    Thread Question Oneplus Nord n200 unlocked sms not working.

    I installed cherish OS GSI and now sms messages dont work i dont know if this has something to do with my phone being unlocked but yeah, sms doesnt work.
  47. M

    Thread Question Black Screen on Mi 11

    Hi everyone, I really need some help with my Mi 11. I was on FB Messenger when the screen suddenly shut off on its own. I've tried a bunch of stuff already but the screen refuses to turn back on, though I think the phone might still be on: I have Whatsapp Web on my computer and I can still...
  48. YotaKota

    Thread Why does my Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) stucks a lot?

    Every time I am using my phone, the screen stucks I have to click on the power button once and then after it locks I need to open it again so it starts working. This goes on multiple times while using it. Please tell what the problem is. Don't say change the display it's not the problem. Also...
  49. B

    Thread Please help, New to bootloader unlocking, Rooting and Custom Roms

    Hey, I have a TMobile Moto One 5g Ace 128gb and I don't want to destroy this phone but it sucks being stuck in Android 10. I have rooted phones in the past including Samsung's, LGS and Zte but Motorola is a new beast and I'm afraid of bricking it. I also don't want to be stuck with a custom ROM...
  50. e8hffff

    Thread Teclast M40 Pro Discoveries

    Teclast M40 Pro Discoveries Various helpful points of knowledge to unlock your bootloader, to root, and use your tablet. Problem: Where can I obtain the official firmware? Solution: Teclast Website Usage: type M1A3 in search Problem How can I unpack "pac" files? Solution: Build C utility...