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  1. P

    Thread Soft locked my Android TV?

    So... I was dumb enough to play with the developer options hoping to find an option to deactivate adaptive screen resolution. instead i clicked on something and now my tv is kinda soft locked. at first it was stuck in a boot loop, eventually went into recovery mode here and there (see...
  2. JigZaw17

    Thread My Screen Flickers by Magisk Manager

    I was installing magisk modules and install busybox from magisk after rebooting to apply the modules and busybox everything started fine there was no bootloop or anything but being already on the lock screen of the device the screen flickered and wouldn't let me do anything just turn off the...
  3. T

    Thread I'm stuck in bootloop, fastboot doesn't open, and neither does recovery

    Well, I was doing some things there, when I needed to erase my recovery using fastboot erase recovery, I tried to enter fastbootD and it just fell into this bootloop. Nothing works, please help
  4. Coollincolnboi

    Thread Question Putting the sim card pin in the mic whole (need help)

    Hello! So I got a s21 fe phone and when I was putting the sim card In it was right next to the mic hole so I put the sim card pin in the mic hole is the mic broken damaged or anything. Thanks BTW no wrong whole that's what she said memes!!!
  5. dallentech

    Thread Help Brick !

    I was downgrading my cell phone via msm, however the download of the img failed and my 8t remained on a black screen, the pc recognizes it as an unknown device but nothing else :C
  6. G

    Thread Question HELP!!!!

    I relocked bootloader and now phone won't boot past bootloader. It's only giving options to "start/ recovery/ restart bootloader/ power off" Phone is getting recognised in fastboot, but since I relocked bootloader I can't flash anything at all. Kindly help me what I can do for this mess. I tried...
  7. Sanket9

    Thread Bricked redmi 5a

    Hello! I was using my redmi 5a and it suddenly switched off and got stuck at MI logo. TWRP was already installed as a recovery. And then I tried flashing the latest ROM from xiaomi's website. It was showing error again and again. I tried wiping my device through TWRP and still the boot loop...