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  1. UntrustedInstaller

    Thread Need help with FRP bypassing Galaxy S10E (beyond0q) on Android 11

    So, A friend gave me a Galaxy S10e from his workplace's salvage, didn't care to check for FRP or anything so now I'm effectively with a paperweight unless anyone here knows how to pass a qualcomm based, FRP locked phone. Every corner of the web I have searched (including the second, third, and...
  2. S

    Thread Looking for someone in Bavaria to downgrade my P40 Pro

    Hello, everyone. I'm a total tech noob. In addition, my English is very rusty, so I'm having a hard time with the instructions for downgrading my Huawei P40 Pro. So I'm now looking for someone in the Bavaria area who can downgrade my P40 Pro. Version (C432E3R6P4) is currently...
  3. N

    Thread Bootloop [sm-t590] GSI AOSP 12.0 v400.h

    Hello there. Maybe you could get me out of my bootloop problem. I´ve got a sm-t590. I wanted to install GSI 12.0 AOSP. I startet with a clean stock rom (flashed via Odin). After that I tried to perform a factory reset. But I then got an error like "unable to mount storage". So I decided to...
  4. M

    Thread [App][Camera][Infinix Zero 8] [Need Help] Stock Camera App Port to Custom Rom

    I am new to xda and this is my first thread so if this thread is not in the right place sorry for that. Now i want to port the stock camera app from the stock firmware [my phone (Infinix Zero 8, Mediatek G90T MTK6785) running android 10-Q,] to custom rom/ GSI Pixel Blaster based on android 11...
  5. darkdeath-2

    Thread Samsung S4 mini rom

    My exposed application keep telling me I cant connect because "known problem with Samsung S4 mini rom"
  6. RockwellB1

    Thread Debloat after Pie, now apps get stuck on "installing"

    Debloated after getting the Pie update, and I'm having issues installing apps. Doesn't matter if it's the Play Store, Galaxy Store, or any other method, they just hang on "installing" forever. Problem goes away if I go into the settings>apps>reset app preferences, but this of course re-enables...
  7. S

    Thread Modded Samsung Internet (with the old UI) needed

    Hi guys! I'm using a custom Rom and dont have Knox files. The browser got updated automatically (forget to block it) and now when I try to enter Incognito mode it just hang. Tried older versions (from apk mirror) same result. Tried clearing data, cache,etc. same result. I think perhaps has...
  8. S

    Thread [Help] Broken screen, encrypted phone - Recover photos

    Hi, I had a oneplus 3, the screen of which broke. The phone was encrypted and it reboot after the screen broke. All I need are the photos. Is there a way to unlock the phone via adb and revover the photos? or any other way? Any suggestions are welcome Thanks
  9. H

    Thread I got a gear s3 from a pawn shop and it has a reactivation lock

    As i said in the title i got this from a pawn shop and it has a reactivation lock. I am wondering if there was a way i can remove or bypass this in anyway like maybe load a custom rom or something. But i would prefer it to be free if at all possible. please help.
  10. S

    Thread Help Needed

    After installing cyanogenmod 6.0 for n7100 and beanstalk 6.0 for n7100 I found out that my data plan does not work on either of these roms. Also, my phone says its a sgh-i317 but my settings say that its a n7100. Help pls.
  11. RiceydDr0id

    Thread Nvidia SHIELD TV Joy pad problem...

    Ali all, As the title says I have a prob with my joy pad on my nvidia shield. The issue is everytime I sync my nvidia joy pad to my shield there is no Sound coming from my TV or my TV, The volume at the top (the green bar) Has a little muscle icon and next too it is a headphone icon. No I...
  12. huyhuyvu01

    Thread [Completed] Need help finding an thread in convert full android os in chinese tv box in andoirdtv

    I know this is annoying for you cool assist guys :cool::cool::cool:, but i had recently visit an xda thread which said to convert a Android Tv box of chiness manufactor, which is usually ship with full android os but not Android TV inside. I still remenber the way of how to do that, to change...
  13. iamceph

    Thread GT-I9195 - gApps stopped responding, problems with custom ROM

    Hi guys, today, I need some help. Few days ago, my friend told me that his phone is dead. So, I looked on it. Firstly, Google Apps stopped responding on his phone, then he restarted it. After that, phone was bricked. So, I've reflashed stock ROM and then, CM 13 with GAPPS. Still, google apps...
  14. T

    Thread Nexus 6P showing 24.1gb of usable storage when it shipped bigger

    My device used to show 128gb of internal storage - with 111gb usable. But after I flashed to Android N Preview 4 with a modified boot.IMG for a decrypted storage so I could have TWRP working. It showed I only had 24.1gb usable. I already tried a factory reset, and flashing back to 6.0.1...
  15. Live Evil

    Thread Screen remains black but calls, text messages and WhatsApp messages receivable

    I bought my beloved Huawei Mediapad M2 in January 2016. After a recent sabotage, I had to send the tab for repairs because the LCD wasn't functioning. But a few days ago, my Mediapad M2's screen flickered although I already retrieved the tab from our local Huawei authorised centre and then the...
  16. L

    Thread Questions about kernel

    Hey guys, So I've been searching around for a while now and I could not find any updated guide on porting/building custom kernels. I need a lot of help for this, as I am completely new and do not know anything to do with kernel stuff. I do my part by finding out whats a ramdisk and stuff, but...
  17. buu1152

    Thread SL101 v3.2.1 Won't Download Apps, i need help.

    Hi, i'm new to sliders and this eee pad slider SL101. My gf won it at work but it's butt ugly old version (v3.2.1 honeycomb) and there's no system update available. The main purpose of me coming here is because of this download issue im experiencing, where any app i try to download doesn't...
  18. H

    Thread got an idea for battery saving.

    Hi guys living with htc wildfire s 2012 stock rom with cool features. I came to learn a trick to save battery . i need a champ who can make a tiny APK . Role of apk to delet 2 tiny files as the phone starts and ready to use. Those 2 files are deleted by root rights and so save alot of...
  19. Mister Ypsilon

    Thread [Q] [HELP] Accidentally formatted data partition

    I wanted to do a factory reset (i.e. remove everything from /data except /data/media/0), but ended up formatting the partition, partly because the Materialised Theme rearranges the buttons, partly because I am a bit dumb seemingly... After I realized what I just did, I immediately piped the...
  20. Kris the wizz 15

    Thread [Q] [HELP NEEDED]Semi-Bricked Huawei Mediapad 7 Youth.

    Unfortunately, I've managed to brick (sort of) my Huawei Mediapad 7 Youth (s7-701u), and I need some help unbricking it. Complete log of events before and leading up to the brick: 1)Flashed an alpha release of a CWM port than I'm working on, using terminal emulator. It doesn't work...
  21. S

    Thread [Q] Android dual boot on lumia 930

    Hi all. I was wondering if anyone out there knew how to have both WP8.1 and android on a nokia lumia 930? I know it can be done with a fair few tablets but obviously with different chipsets etc it's not straight forward. I'm not an expert by any means but some of you guys are and if I've ever...
  22. J

    Thread [Q] Screen colors messed up (Ribbon?)

    Hello Desire Z community. I have met following issues with a Desire Z, and with a little bit of searching it appears that the ribbon might be broken inside the phone (The pictures are enormous): However, after opening the phone and taking a look at the ribbon, it *seems* to be fine. There is...
  23. M

    Thread BRICKED URGENT Help Needed.....!!!

    Dear friends, I am really stuck and need your help!!..plz help its really urgent..i serched many threads in XDA but no luck.. I was flashing ROM through FASTBOOT and in between the process my USB cable got disconnected. Then my tablet tf300t is not responding ..No Fastboot, No ADB, No...
  24. theevilpotato

    Thread Help regarding decompiling apk

    Hey guys, I wanted to ask that to edit Rosie.apk for HTC Sense, what apks do we have to install on the PC? Only framework-res or or any other? Also to port sense 2 dock, what changes would have to be made to sense 3.5 Rosie? EDIT: I tried decompiling Rosie.apk after installing...
  25. Nabs Zains

    Thread [SOLVED][Q] Stock music app does not auto-update!

    Hi guyz! I have a galaxy mini (stock) My music player app (stock) does not get auto-updated and as you may know there is no way of refreshing the list or updating it manually. Whenever I add or delete my songs in the device the music app does not show the added ones nor remove the deleted ones...
  26. mexusbg

    Thread [HELP] Port CM10 to Pipo M8 RK3066

    I need help and guidance to port CM10 to my tablet. I have setup everything needed (Ubuntu with the source code and so on). I built CM10 for my Phone (Xperia Mini Pro) without any problems (FreeXperia source), am using it right now. If someone can point me in the right direction to port CM10 for...
  27. immortalneo

    Thread [HELP THREAD] Ask ANY Question. Noob Friendly.

    There are a lot of people joining XDA on a daily basis, and there are a lot of repetitive questions being asked which clutter up the Development and 'Q & A' threads. Point them here. Feel free to ask or answer questions. The idea of this thread is to get users to help other users with their...
  28. V

    Thread [Q] kies firmware upgrade error

    what is the problem with kies update the following screen appears...please help
  29. B

    Thread Urgent Help needed (Note 2 is stuck withwhite screen and grey stripes)

    I am in urgent need of a help. I say step by step what happened. i was happy with note 2 (non- root) until new update of came jelly bean came. after new update my note 2 keep on restarting and freezes. so i decide to root. i rooted with the tool kit. everything went well. and i put the custom...
  30. nexus2515

    Thread [Q] buying a 2nd hand Galaxy R-- need help

    hi all, i was going to buy a 2nd hand galaxy R, i went to where people posted that they have issues with thier handsets like screen blackout after call or deep sleep problems -- please help me guys -- does anyone of you have experienced any such problems in R and which things should...
  31. T

    Thread [Q] Motorola Triumph Stuck on Boot Screen

    I do not know what i did. but i backed up my phone using CWM but it was after i messed it up some how without knowing what i did. So my triumph when it starts up goes to the boot logo screen and sits there...if i restore it does the same thing, and i tried wiping everything and formating...
  32. D

    Thread [Q] Desire S stuck on red triangle after OTA update

    Hi, I have a totally stock desire s from t-mobile Hungary. Today it gave me an option to install the new Sense 3.0 update. Everything went fine, until it came to the screen with the phone icon and the red triangle with the (!) When pulling the battery the phone starts rebooting after the HTC...
  33. R

    Thread [Q] Please Help Me!!! My Device is not Staring after ROM Backup

    Hello , Firstly I am new here , and even Beginner to Android. I purchased Samsung Galaxy Mini/ Pro and installed ROM Manager Premium and Flashed it first. After just pressing the "Backup Current ROM" option in the ROM Manager menu, I just got a black screen as if it is switched offf. And now, no...
  34. ArC AnGeL

    Thread [Q] HTC G2 Semi-Brick Help Please

    I've searched through the XDA Threads to fine someone with the same situation i have ... i found similar Threads but didnt find help or i missed it. Ok so i was fully rooted but decided i wanted to go stock with S-on so i used an S-On method i found...
  35. O

    Thread [Q] All stock apps gone.

    After haveing installed CM7 on my Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 all my stock apps went missing, including market and samsungs own social hub and so on. How do I restore these? Should I install a orginal samsung rom and thereafter reinstall CM7 to hope for a better result? Everything else is working...
  36. P

    Thread [Q] Yup, I blew it

    Hopefully there is hope for me. I've recently discovered the wonderful world of rooting and rooted my nook successfully. After root I loaded ROM Manager and started the process of backing up with the clockworkmod. (I'm very new to rooting so I'm not sure exactly where I went wrong)...
  37. C

    Thread [q] help. I fu*ked it.

    PLEASE HELP IM A NOOB SO I BLAME MYSELF AND IT REALLY WAS MY FAULT. I WANTED TO FACTORY RESET MY ROOTED NC. But some clockwork android thing would let me, they it didnt let me sign into my google account, i did the 8 time reset and some orange screen popped up, i cleared everything and now my NC...
  38. L

    Thread [Q] HTC Diamond wont recognise new battery

    Ive just bought a new battery for my Htc Diamond but the phone wont recognise it or charge it. Has anyone any tweaks or ideas on how to get the phone to recognise the new battery.. It will work on a old 1.37 rom but not on any new rom that Ive flashed the phone with. Its driving me crazy any...
  39. M

    Thread [Q] Stumped my captivate will not boot

    Well I thought I bricked my Captivate.... I have been told that you cannot do so. well here is my situation. I just purchased a Samsung Captivate, I unboxed it today and got everything up and running. While installing I had a problem, the first few apps I loaded on went smooth. I added...
  40. K

    Thread Wi fi turns off when device sreen turns off!!help!

    helloo... Does enybody know any apps that kan change the settings in wifi or make it possilble that wi fi does not turn off when the sreen turns off in htc diamond??? thanks kitha
  41. F

    Thread help need for ipaq 6515c

    i have ipaq 6515c sms not sending and not receiving.,... and it has windows 2003 plzz any link to update it.,.,... or new windows thank u
  42. P

    Thread Phone Dialer like HTC Touch Diamond2

    Hi Can you include the dialer which has people centric communication. if called one of the person in my contect list i get all of the communication type in one screen like messages, call history, emails for that contact. IS IT POSSIBLE TO ADD THIS ? waiting for your reply