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  1. Lividmatter

    Thread Question Removed audio bloatware still processes audio

    EDIT*** I realise I probably posted this in the wrong spot. Sorry, I am new to XDA. If you would be so kind to move this post if possible, instead of removing it that would be much appreciated. So I got myself a ZenFone 8 the other week and noticed the heavy audio processing done by an Asus...
  2. L

    Thread My Samsung note 4 SM-n910F wont turn on :(

    Hi guys can you help me please i am facing a big problem with my Samsung note 4 SM-n910F stock Rom 6.0.1 android i slept last night and i left my phone charging normal then in the morning my phone never turns on and when I plug the usb cable on my laptop it shows a qualcomm hs-usb qdloader 9008...
  3. alesonrezende

    Thread BIG PROBLEM! Moto C without solution! Throw it away? Or is there a Bad#@ there to help me?

    I think I have an unsolved problem. I know it doesn't exist, but it's very hard to find it. I know it's not the Plus, but the Model is the Moto C XT1754 (NAMATH) Android 7.0 Nogaut - NRD90M.060 And there is no specific topic for it, but they are very similar and I thought I could post it here...
  4. hunterwatts90

    Thread Bricked Pixel 4?

    Hi guys, A few days into this fiasco now aha - my Pixel 4 seems to be (nearly entirely?) bricked.. won't turn on past the fastboot screen, pretty much stuck in a loop there. I fear that I may have wiped it entirely or otherwise severely corrupted it. Was originally trying to root it, but...
  5. dehasan45

    Thread [Help Post] I'm getting 'Error: board name too large' when repacking.

    Hi there. I'm following a youtube video to compile twrp image file for my device and using Carliv Image Kitchen v1.3 x86 for this. But whenever I'm trying to repack the images in final step, i'm getting this error 'board name too large' Is there any way I can rename the board name? I can't seem...
  6. r2d2_boss

    Thread Question Fold 3 i can't swich charging external device off

    I got the fold 3 conected to an external monitor ASUS ROG Strix XG17AHPE however i can't swich off usb charging external device and I end up draining my battery very quick...
  7. T

    Thread Install a rom on PAX A920

    Hey, everyone. This is my first time on this site. I don't have a lot of experience with android as I am more of an iphone guy. I'm the manager of a small doctor's office here in south Texas and, until recently, we've been using the PAX A920 to take payments on. Doc said he didn't want the...
  8. daleGfoo

    Thread Any way to unlock OEM without sim?

    I have a pixel 5 I acquired without a sim card. OEM unlocking is grayed out in dev options. I've been trying for a few days using various methods to attempt to unlock the OEM. The message under OEM unlocking is 'Connect to the internet or contact your carrier.' (when is connected to wifi) What...
  9. 2013Windows8.1

    Thread Is OxygenOS Cyberpunk Edition Rom available for Oneplus 7T?

    Hello, I am Using Oneplus 7T [8/128] and I am using OOS 11, so I am looking for an OOS cyberpunk edition Rom, But I searched everywhere, But I can't find it, is that available or no longer available? or should I go for GSI? If I do, please provide the GSI Image download link for it...thanks
  10. Unknownpng

    Thread Crashing Help SM T515

    So I have SM T515 . Which crashes if I use Google, chrome etc.Plus some games.i don't see the crash prompt.When crashes it looks like the display refreshed or something. Sometimes it crashes music players etc background apps .I tried reinstalling the rom.But no progress. Sry if there is any...
  11. _Unknown?

    Thread Getting files off of semi-bricked Note 9

    After installing a Magisk module my OS just died, or rather, everything is black but unrelated things such as the widget I have on my lockscreen and the power menu are still visible, I still see me taking screenshots too. But the rest of the OS is black and doesnt seem to respond to gestures. Im...
  12. C

    Thread Question Samsung Galaxy A12 SM-A127F / XSA odin problems PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    hi newbie here. i tried rooting my device and have problems i cant fix. i used odin to root my device and not sure what i have done. mobile: Samsung Galaxy A12 SM-A127F /XSA. current odin screen says: ODIN MODE DOWNLOAD SPEED: FAST CURRENT BINARY: Custom (0x115) KG STATE: Checking FRP LOCK...
  13. M

    Thread [Help] [Oppo F17(CPH2095)] Has anyone rooted this device?

    Is there anyone who rooted the Oppo F17 CPH2095? I am trying to root this device but anytime I give the command : fastboot oem unlock it just says : unable to open fastboot hal Please Help!
  14. KerbMario

    Thread All my Hard buttons dobt work so can anyone help me?

    My power, volume up/down and bottom row (home, windows, back) dont get recognized in android but with powr/vol down i can restart whih doesnt help. I get the back/home button with a BT Mouse, but is there like a app where i can view all apps and change to them? (Bec my window button is not working)
  15. xkobaltx

    Thread FIX for LIVE WALLPAPER "app isn't installed"

    Forgive me if this isn't the appropriate section. I've found a simple solution to the live wallpaper issue. Using a computer and ADB or LADB directly from your device, Simply enter (from computer): adb shell pm install-existing --user 0 Or from LADB: pm...
  16. Adoro1

    Thread Allwinner quad-core P3 T1 | Google play services

    Hey All, I don't know if here is the place for my issue, so if i going wrong, let me know. i facing a weird issue with my Android auto tablet, :( I've changing my google account password, and my tablet disconnected from my account, when i want to login, goolge play services crashing again and...
  17. V

    Thread [APP] DocumentsUIGoogle.apk Not launch-able as standalone app.

    Using a Moto G Play (2021) Android 10-11 here but this applies to many new phones who's company transitions their stock documents, gallery, etc apps into third party ones such as "Files by Google" or the like. Though, each time I want to choose a file when using another app, the stock Files...
  18. D

    Thread Question CTS profile match failed

    I recently removed Magisk and un rooted my phone because I needed to use a banking app. I checked safety net and it showed it passed everything except CTS. Is this normal? Is there a way to fix it without magisk?
  19. D

    Thread Recovering Data from TWRP Back Up

    Hello, I have a bit of a conundrum, yesterday I was tinkering around with my phone and when I went to restart it, it wouldn't boot. So I went into TWRP and made a backup of everything and started to try and get it to boot. I copied the back up data to my PC. After a few hours of trying to get...
  20. HorrorBest

    Thread Help Finding a Custom Rom

    Hey guys, I have a old tablet "Asus" and the only thing I know about it is the Model which is "k00F" also its a **LTE model** I searched Online and found a lot of roms but Im not sure if they are for my tablet cause I don't know the device id or smth like EXAMPLE: (ME102A) and I don't know where...
  21. W


    Hello guys and gals, well this is the deal, i have a tablet with some moderately good specs in my opinion atleast when i first got it, but...i think it comes with a really bad optimization because my good ol' sm-t113nu tablet is way faster with a lot more apps installed and a warning of low...
  22. Firex4466

    Thread TWRP Files

    Hello, sorry to ask silly questions, Do vivo y20 (v2027) have any similar twrp with other devices? I trying to root with bugjaeger but i cant find any twrp including on twrp official website
  23. IUSUPP

    Thread Need Help about custom rom

    Halo i am a newbie here in custom rom. I using twrp to install custom rom in my realme c1 device. But some problem occurred when i install custom rom. The status say custom room is installed but my device began to bootlop. when I checked the root folder my installed custom rom is missing. But I...
  24. C

    Thread Looking for a custom rom for my 8T (Tmobile) [guidance needed]

    Hey everyone, I haven't flashed ROMs since my Nexus 6P. I'm a bit rusty with it, so I just need some help. I have a onplus 8t (tmobile variant) and I am looking to flash a custom rom on it. Why? A few reasons... Tmobile's updates are a bit slow and I would just like a different experience. The...
  25. xprodwp5

    Thread I need custom roms for the oukitel wp5 pro

    Since I went into the world of devices oukitel I'm realizing that almost every time, oukitel devices are not included in custom roms and I am very sad about it, several cool roms that could increase the performance / battery of my device, more that unfortunately are not available for our devices...
  26. N

    Thread Honor 20e custom recovery and ROM

    Hello, I have Honor 20e phone for some time now and I recently set my mind on rooting it. I managed to get my bootloader unlocked with HCU tool but now I'm stuck because I can not find firmware or custom recovery so I could root it. If anyone has any information to share with me (some...
  27. W

    Thread Xiaomi Imilab KW66 smartwatch help

    Hey guys! The problem is that the "unlock with bluetooth device" request cannot be accepted on my Xiaomi Imilab KW66 smartphone. (Phone I'm trying: Xiaomi Poco M3) somebody solution? :(
  28. V1369.

    Thread Galaxy Note 9 Bugs and Errors

    Hello there! This is my first time in this forum so I apologize if this is not the right place to post this. So, I need help with my Note 9 SM-N9600 One UI 2.5 Snapdragon I think For a year or so now I've been having trouble with: - Losing volume in my earbuds - Experiencing lag in downloaded...
  29. Zer0Life

    Thread Restoring data on broken screen with usb-debugging off.

    Is there a way to save something? My screen is broken and only small part is visible but not responsive. Phone seems to work fine from small parts i can tell. Is there a way to restore data or enable debugging from pc, or some kind of otg to hdmi and keyboard/mouse cabel combo. Or is it done for?
  30. MyNameArntUniqueEnough

    Thread HELP!! my Asus Max Pro M1 bootloop & orange fox recovery got stuck too

    so just like the title say, i can't enter android and my orange fox recovery got stuck at orange fox starting screen, i can go to fastboot but i didn't manage to enable usb debugger because my system got stuck just after i flash it, so adb didn't recognize my device. is there a way to fix my...
  31. Ed15121998

    Thread Help me to understand about I/O Scheduler / Cpu Boost & Stune Boost / NR Requests / Entropy and more

    First of all i will list which topic and which one that i really needs to know and what it does and how it's work. For CPU BOOST and STUNE BOOST also CPU GOVERNORS TUNEABLE 1. What is cpu boost input interval? And input boost frequency? 2. What is schedtune prefer idle and cgroup clone...
  32. Q

    Thread Are custom roms for Galaxy S9 worth it in 2021??

    I'm having a Galaxy S9 using Exynos chip. My phone's running kinda slow lately, ram optimization is really bad (I'm using Facebook, accidentally press the home button, and when I go back into the app, it's already closed, or the music app sometime quit itself while playing) So i'm wondering if...
  33. Scorpionkm469

    Thread [Help] Magisk error Error verifying vbmeta image: HASH_MISMATCH(3) on samsung galaxy a40 (SM-A405FN)

    i was trying to root my phone with magisk, but without twrp. i used odin to flash the patched AP file to my phone but i got an error Error verifying vbmeta image: HASH_MISMATCH(3) i was reading through other posts but found no help, i posted on reddit and read through it, same, no help there...
  34. G

    Thread Help Me Unlock Huawei Lua-L22 Bootloader

    Hi. I found a post on xda how to unlock huawei mya-l22 device . This is it After reading it I got this idea I can unlock Lua-L22 , if I could find someone who has a unlocked Lua-L22 device and willing to send me a backup of his/hers device's PROINFO partition and the KEY that was used to...
  35. K

    Thread How to update S20 Fe Rooted

    Hey guys, im from Brazil. Don't know too much about phones, recovery or root, but the basics. I recently bought a S20 FE (Exynos) from a importer, but the phone was a showcase version (does not have IMEI). The seller made a customisation (root) so it have a IMEI and can do Calls and other stuff...
  36. illusionminati16

    Thread I know little to nothing about androids, this is my old phone, how f**cked is it?

    Hello XDA folks, as the title states I know absolute jack about androids, other than the fact that I own 3 of them. I'm new here too so do I hope this is the right place for this thread. Anyway, This here is my old S8 G950F, in my eyes its been dead for a while, it doesn't boot past the Samsung...
  37. R

    Thread Google TV Launcher on Firestick 4k / Fire OS 6

    Hi guys, has anyone been able to install Google TV Launcher on his firestick ? I tried to find some alternatives the old (and still good looking ) leanback launcher. PS. I know the launcher itself needs an android 9+ device and firestick has (fireos 6) android 7.1
  38. tqw

    Thread I-Life s500 spark 5 help unbrick my phone (backed-up) create a .pac file

    hello , i bricked my phone last week ,luckily me i have a backup of almost everything, but the problem is i don't know how to restore my backup i'm stuck on a boot-loop and my twrp is not working either (recovery partition got corrupted somehow) please read and guide me first backup method...
  39. themanwhospeaksinhands


    Days ago , i had an invalid boot image problem when i try to flash lineage os.Then i wiped internal storage and fix mount /data errors.But because of image file somehow my phone model and brand is changed.Then i discovered QFIL and use a solution from here for fix everything.It fixed everything...
  40. HelloG3_MotoNoMore

    Thread Fold2 Advice Needed, Post-Purchase. Please Help Me Out. [SOLVED]

    Okay, so here's where I'm at: Purchased Black/Silver F916U1 from Samsung with ALL of the extras, Watch, Buds, Kevlar, etc.: As most of you know, the U1 has no WiFi Calling or Visual Voicemail on AT&T. Neither Samsung nor AT&T will do ANYTHING to put the carrier specific features on the U1...
  41. G

    Thread upgrade to android 11 or stay on 10

    it is so frustrating that they release phones so often with no chance to really refines them. then there is google that puts out versions of android before developers get a chance to master or migrate fully to the latter. i heard the new storage security in android 11 can cause hiccups like...
  42. G

    Thread upgrade to android 11 or stay on 10

    it is so frustrating that they release phones so often with no chance to really refines them. then there is google that puts out versions of android before developers get a chance to master or migrate fully to the latter. i heard the new storage security in android 11 can cause hiccups like...
  43. G

    Thread app to force sleep and screen off at same time

    i heard that the note 20 ultra may not be sleeping cores when screen is off and idle also i have seen apps that can shut the screen off while forcing sleep at the same time do not know what to type to find it as i want to test it on my note 20 ultra. anyone know of such apps list them below...
  44. a_bug

    Thread Weird Digitizer Issue (Just me)?

    Fellow Pixel-ers, So, I broke my screen about 8 months ago. It had coverage and got it replaced by a Google authorized screen fixer place. I noticed early on that things didn't seem quite right. If I pushed down too hard on the screen, my touch wouldn't register. But, it didn't happen too...
  45. S

    Thread X2 Pro - Chinese version living in the EU (regrouped Questions and Answers)

    Hello Guys, So i'm new to Oppo, but an old wolf within these corridors. I have some questions for you crazy people who bought the Chinese DUAL sim version of the Oppo Find X2 Pro. I went through all the threads, read them and there are some inconsistent answers. So i will post my questions...
  46. R

    Thread Need Custom ROM Support For Realme X2 CN/EU

    Hello, I brought a Realme X2 CN about one month ago. Regularly I visit Realme X2 XDA forum but I didn't see any official or unofficial Custom Roms & Mods for this device. I bought the CN version at low cost and fast time because I know that XDA :good:Developer. will help us to make the CN Rom...
  47. pjcanales

    Thread want to up my SM-G965U from 8.0 to pie.

    Ive recently got this phone which is a ATT Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus as a handy down and notice it still on 8.0. When I tried through the settings/software update says its up to date. I'm on ATT , any help would be appreciated. its completely stock. my last phone that I used htc one x if that tells...
  48. diegocapassi

    Thread Have not money but I'm honest!!Loyalties,where are you?Angry birds 2

    Hi, then lost my job I must transfer with my parents that don't feel good, in sud Italy Note, I know talking about a simple game...nothing so serious But,fears, that game Angry Birds 2 now is my only opportunity to have time to not think anything!! The problem happens cause Rovio, don't have...
  49. C

    Thread H933 to H998 conversion, stuck in loop...

    I followed the threads on unlocking the bootloader, flashed my H933 to a H998 using the Frankenstein method got TWRP and root. No problem. I made a full backup in TWRP before doing anything else, which TWRP reported was successful...I found out later this was not at all the case, in fact, no...
  50. G

    Thread what happened with the dolphin browser adblock

    in dolphin browser 12.0.11 for android on Oreo 8.1 the ad blocking is missing and i tried to add it to the add ons and it told me dolphin had it built in which was not true