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help & troubleshooting

  1. ashraflvs

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S10 Bootloop, Accidental Wipe System With TWRP and CAN'T access recovery mode/download mode.

    Pretty sure I can't do anything at this point, but just wanted to give it one last try. My problem was after I flashed TWRP I went into TWRP recovery mode and did a factory reset. I booted into system and it was just loading with the phrase "starting android" so i decided to go into recovery...
  2. UnknownUwU

    Thread i bricked my note 9

    So I was flashing orange fox recovery on my note 9 (EXYNOS) without realizing that the image I downloaded was for snapdragon and now my phone keeps boot looping i can't even turn it off is there any way to fix this?
  3. M

    Thread Need urgent help, can't connect the T-mobile Network

    I can't connect the T-mobile network by Mi10 Ultra. This is the first time I brought thIs Phone to US. There's no signal at all when I put the SIM card into my Phone. Did anyone solve this issue before? I've actived the VoLTE and VoWIFI button in this ROM, which's the native Chinese MIUI ROM...
  4. S

    Thread Couple of very odd issues

    I've been running my PH-1 on a Android 10 HavocOS GSI I got from (I believe) this thread for a while now, and there are a couple very frustrating problems that I hoped I could get some insight into. Firstly, some apps (the only common thread between them that I've noticed is that they all seem...
  5. G

    Thread Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite - First Magisk Install gone seemingly wrong. Help!

    Hi! I followed the official guide for Samsung Devices. https://topjohnwu.github.io/Magisk/install.html#samsung-system-as-root Here is the collection of photos I have to provide context: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1EzruHWAtZEmosrrr6tt9CQKpy9F-Kick?usp=sharing Other context: I had...
  6. Pupa231

    Thread Lenovo Tab P11 TB-J606F Stuck at fastboot, can't do anything.

    I just bought my lenovo tab p11 and i decided to do a manual update through lenovo smart rescue assistant because my device has an old firmware and can't OTA update. The thing is, i forgot to do OEM unlock on my device although i did do USB debugging. I have successfully install the updated...
  7. V1369.

    Thread Galaxy Note 9 Bugs and Errors

    Hello there! This is my first time in this forum so I apologize if this is not the right place to post this. So, I need help with my Note 9 SM-N9600 One UI 2.5 Snapdragon I think For a year or so now I've been having trouble with: - Losing volume in my earbuds - Experiencing lag in downloaded...
  8. Mizinov12

    Thread Crash on Virtual Space

    Hello, im having a problem I decided to add CODM (Call of Duty Mobile) on Virtual Space but everytime I hop into tutorial it always crashes I also tried other Virtual Spaces but still have the same problem (I red that not all of the apps are not supported on Virtual Spaces) I just want make...
  9. R

    Thread How to uninstall a "hidden app"

    I tried installing a oneplus diagnostic app to troubleshoot an issue I was having, but after installing it was not visible in my app drawer. If I use a third party app called Activity Launcher, I can see that it is installed. However since I can't see it in the app drawer, I don't know how to...
  10. F

    Thread Trying to unlock the bootloader with PotatoNV on Mediapad T5 not working (video explanation)

    Hi there, So After seen many tutorials I wanted to proceed to unlock the bootloader of my Huawei Mediapad T5 , here are the specs ``` Model: AGS2-W09 Build No: AGS2-W09 CPU : Hisilicon Kirin 659 Android Version: 8.0 ``` I have...
  11. Scorpionkm469

    Thread [Help] Magisk error Error verifying vbmeta image: HASH_MISMATCH(3) on samsung galaxy a40 (SM-A405FN)

    i was trying to root my phone with magisk, but without twrp. i used odin to flash the patched AP file to my phone but i got an error Error verifying vbmeta image: HASH_MISMATCH(3) i was reading through other posts but found no help, i posted on reddit and read through it, same, no help there...
  12. S

    Thread [help/troubleshoot] my storage went to 8gb from 32gb somehow

    I tried to install twrp on my sm-g610f and when I installed twrp it went in a boot loop and I tried it again it had so many bugs and when I tried booting again it was still in a boot loop and then I flashed The stock firmware (India and from update of this information is needed) now the actual...
  13. hectormartinezub

    Thread No stats have been collected yet

    [NOT SOLVED] It started working after I submitted this hahah, maybe it is because I charged the mobile fully.. Then it failed after some time. Hi! New to this, installed a few days ago, and since then I did not see any stats EXCEPT for Alarms and CPU states, so the message "No stats have been...
  14. P

    Thread Deteled some system apps, now stuck in a bootloop

    It is just as the title states. I would like to somehow fix my phone instead of just recovering. I can still access twrp, and the app(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jumobile.manager.systemapp) is used to create it with has created some backup files that i can still access. Is...
  15. H

    Thread Flashing crash notification, can't read

    Hi guys, this morning i have a strange issue on my oneplus 7. The screen turned off, then it won't turn on again, the only thing on the screen was a little "pixel" flashing at the top center of the screen. I keept the power button pressed to turn off the phone, and after a bunch of seconds the...
  16. ShiroDaddyStabo

    Thread Unlocking bootloader ?

    How can I unlock the bootloader on the GT-I9060I, i dont have it in developer options, and i have searched all around but found no answers. Help...
  17. Luqman Fuad

    Thread [Mi A1 tissot bricked] need help unbricking Mi A1 accidentally wiped data

    so i was trying to install TWRP so i can install custom ROM, and accidentaly wiped the data, phone wont boot only would tell phone has destroyed, still got access to fastboot , no luck for recovery (even before it got bricked, power up + power btn wont get me into recovery, it just would boot me...
  18. S

    Thread Question Notification doesn't show for certain apps

    Recently purchased a mi 11 ultra, and I immediately noticed a few problems with it. Namely, the notifications seemed to be simply not working for some apps. Chinese apps like Wechat still work fine, but "western" apps such as discord and reddit simply do not show any notification at all. I tried...
  19. Blue1710

    Thread Hard Bricked (?) Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 [SM-J500FN], is it fixable?

    Good evening Ladys and Gentelmen, i recently found my old J5, that i bricked ca. 1 Year ago. Here is everything that i have so far: The Phone can boot into Odin-Mode when using a debrick.img that i found here, after getting into said mode, i naruraly flashed the phones stock rom (downloaded...
  20. v3nomEd

    Thread OTA Updates Huawei P40 Pro

    Hi everyone. I would like to get some help (i'll try to describe with my bad english xD) I bought it less than a year and i downgrade it because i installed the GMS, some apps didn't worked and i format my phone and use it without GMS (everything good at this time), i was waiting for the EMUI11...
  21. rs_myst

    Thread Battery life reduced by a huge amount after calibrating on Galaxy S9+

    I have a 3 year old galaxy s9+. In the most recent battery test I did on it, i got a solid 8-9 hour SOT on a video loop test. Sometime after that, my battery started dying quickly at 30%. I searched online and battery calibration seemed to be the way to correct it. I did it and now my phone...
  22. F

    Thread (Need Help ;( Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 wifi only sm-T210R: Custom Rom help needed)

    Hello! I'm 15 years old and since I'm tech savvy and wanted to expand my skills, I wanted to install a custom rom like lineage OS, etc. My tablet is 8 years old and was given to me on Christmas of 2013, It has since been not used after 2015 and has been sitting in my dad's closet for 6 years(I...
  23. pulses

    Thread XT1650-05 Touch won't work after LCD/battery replacement.

    Hi I made the terrible mistake to try to replace the battery by myself. I screwed up the LCD while trying to remove it to access the battery. After I replaced the battery and the LCD, the touchscreen won't work. I thought the LCD might have been a faulty one, so I returned it and tried another...
  24. H

    Thread Can't install LineageOS on Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite

    Hi XDA! I want to install this ROM: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/rom-unofficial-10-0-gauguin-lineageos-17-1.4224633/ I did all the necessary steps: Copy the ZIP onto my SD card Boot into TWRP (already installed) Wipe -> Advanced Wipe -> I wiped Dalvik/ART Cache, Cache, Data Install ->...
  25. Brisolo

    Thread Fix Bricked Xiaomi Redmi 6A

    Hello!. I have a Xiaomi phone that is bricked it just vibrates then bootloops until the battery goes to 0%. If someone could help me i would greatly apreciate Edit: i fixed it... somehow
  26. tqw

    Thread Needrom premuim i-Life S500

    please can anyone with Needrom.com premuim account pull this file for me https://www.needrom.com/download/i-life-s500/ thanks in advanced
  27. B

    Thread Unable to enter TWRP, boot to OS, or enter recovery

    Hello, i have seemed to have bricked my phone in a way I can't recover from. I can reach the Fastboot on my phone, but I can't do anything after that. Trying to boot to TWRP to the phone with fastboot will send it to a black screen with a solid white light. Attempting to enter the stock recovery...
  28. N

    Thread Fossil gen5 trying de-bloat

    Hi to everyone, i'm new with adb and all this things, but not new on modding my phone throw custom recovery. I have a fossil gen5, and I was trying to install ticwatch apps throw adb by pushing the apk in the storage of my watch and then install them. Some apps i installed them, like ticsleep...
  29. R

    Thread I changed my resolution, cant unlock phone

    I changed my resolution to 1920 x 1080. Why? Because I wanted to be able to cast my phone to with a 16x9 aspect ratio to my tv without black bars. Apparently this is a royal screw up because I wasn't able to press nope or whatever after it asked if I wanted to keep the changes. And now, the...
  30. dambar2

    Thread How can i try to remove the flashing from my samsung galaxy note 20 ultra

    Hello, very good morning, good afternoon or good night to everyone at XDA Developers, I have a problem ,recently bought a Samsung Galaxy note 20 ultra, everything worked normal until my sister watching YouTube to "Find out and apply an update" has used a program called UFTSU and flashed an...
  31. J

    Thread I need help with ROM - MTK6580 - Android 7.0 Root - 1Gb/16Gb

    Hello, I am new here and am absolutely not a developer. My company has bought a year ago 1K tablets from a vendor in SZ. The tablets have installed a developed application by a third party for elderly which requires that the tablet screen will be ON 24/7 and constantly on a charger. The...
  32. M

    Thread [Q] Help to compile the Mi A3 kernel?

    Hi, I'm wanting to compile the mi-a3 kernel to use with GrapheneOs(as it needs to be compiled before the rom compilation). I'm trying to compile it with this script: #!/bin/bash set -o errexit -o pipefail [[ $# -eq 1 ]] || exit 1 DEVICE=$1 if [[ $DEVICE != laurel_sprout && $DEVICE !=...
  33. NovaViper

    Thread Trying to install SM-G960U firmware onto a SM-G960U1

    Hey guys, I'm trying to flash SM-G960U1 (Unlocked Samsung S9) so I can get Wi-Fi calling enabled but with Odin I keep getting stuck at SetupConnection and after a while it says <OSM> All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1). However adb and everything else works; Samsung Smart switch can go...
  34. P

    Thread Echo during calls

    Hello everyone, I am using a Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite, running the latest xiaomi.eu MIUI 12 rom 20.4.30 beta. This is something that that has been bothering me but didn't have time to fix but it's gotten to a point where it's just freaking annoying now. Issue: During any calls, using any apps...
  35. G

    Thread Enabling or Adding Additional LTE Bands + Troubleshooting Re/Disconnecting Wifi/Data

    Okay, so I'm having a pretty bad issue on my Mi 9T... What happened I tried to add LTE bands on my Mi 9T using QXDM... twice. Long story short, it didn't work both times. Here's the full story: I followed this guide to add the LTE bands, and I was successfully able to edit the values specified...
  36. F

    Thread Help needed, phone does not pick up cellular signal phone data. SIM card works.

    Variant: XT1542 Thanks for stoping by, read this: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=81025203&postcount=9 Hello, I'll keep it simple to make your time useful, thanks for taking a look. I had this phone on my dad's hands for a year, I gave him an AOSPExtended ROM and it worked...
  37. D

    Thread Duplicate Files after installing new rom/kernel(LINEAGE 14.1) my phone is huawei gr5

    how to resolve this issue? if i delete one duplcate file the other file so will delete or become useless. https://imgur.com/gallery/YXWKqDs
  38. HQuser

    Thread My Android Device (Redmi Note 5) Backup in Google Drive is suddenly vanished?

    Last time I used my mobile (Redmi note 5) was on 29th August. At that time, my device backup was in Google drive. But then I factory reset my device and sent it to the Xiaomi service center for repair. After I got it back on 13th September, when I tried to restore my data, the redmi note 5...
  39. lilphoenix

    Thread Android auto issue

    Hello, with Android auto 4.5 on android 9 (Mi 9), I have issue with Spotify 8.5 : Spotify seem not working for now (sale for all music payer) With Waze 4.54 on android, GPS not working but with Waze only, GPS works and navigation too. Maps works well on android auto. Thanks for your help.
  40. mammothjojo88

    Thread Help with converting an ATT Razer 2 to Unlocked Model

    Hello all, I am trying to convert an att Razer 2 to the global unlocked model. All the drivers are correct and I can see it in Fastboot mode. But when I right click and run the flash all.bat in administrator it get stuck at <waiting for device>. The phone is in download mode also (adb reboot...
  41. A

    Thread Think i bricked my Huawei flashing an update via Hisuite. Wont boot or charge. HELP!?

    I think i wanted a pie update so badly i bricked my Huawei Y9 2019( runs kirin 710). please read this, ill try to be as detailed as possible about my problem So this what happened, i installed and made patch changes to a Hisuite version i found online which was meant to force an emui 9 update...
  42. P

    Thread Galaxy Note 5 Stuck in Recovery Mode

    Last night I switched off my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and left it on charge and a few hours later when I went to switch it back on, the phone went into a boot loop which did result in it sometimes displaying the Samsung animation screen and very rarely even going as far as booting up completely and...
  43. devicemodder

    Thread Alcatel OneTouch Pixi 3 (4) stuck in bootloop - How can i fix?

    I have a pixi 3 (4) 4013D. was working fine the other day, now is stuck in a boot loop. The phone is rooted, i tried to De-bloat it by uninstalling system apps. Maybe i removed something i shouldn't have? I tried power and vol up and factory reset it, but it's still bootlooping. how can i fix...
  44. D

    Thread Internal Storage Not Mounting

    Hi Folks! I'm a long time lurker and have used a number of XDA projects to improve old phones. I just got a new V521 for my mom and have been going through the guides to get Resurrection Remix on it. After successfully unlocking, rooting and installing TWRP I proceeded to install...
  45. G

    Thread Phoenix OS will not go in full screen on second monitor over hdmi

    hi all running the latest phoenix os on a hp stream 14 and i got the resolution resolution set right at 1080p for the second monitor. odd i can not get full screen on my external monitor. could it be that the resolution on the laptop is smaller causing the one on the external monitor to be...
  46. rana103

    Thread Google Pixel 2XL Non-Verizon Bootloader Unlock Issue (OEM UNLOCKING GREYED)

    HELP POST I've purchased a 2nd hand Pixel 2 XL 128GB, Checked with IMEI and found it is a GOOGLE varient and useing it. But my "OEM UNLOCKING" option is greyed out i'm currently on jun 5 patch. Tried several methods to unlock but OEM unlock toggle is not enabling. 1. Tried basic method, 2...
  47. T

    Thread My iwork 10 is bricked.

    My tablet model is iwork10 (i15-T). At first, it can be turned on, but there is only windows install. I want dual os (Android & Windows) inside this table, so I try to install the dual os. I started by flashing the bios, but unfortunately after I flashed the bios, it become bricked and wont turn...
  48. C

    Thread Disable offline charging / boot on charge

    Hello! I wanted to make of use for this awesome but old phone i still have. I would like to use it as a sort of custom infotainment system in my car. The size and specs are just perfect for what i intend to to with it. The only issue is that i need it to boot on charge but i just cannot seem to...
  49. Thread Blood and glory not working on lenovo a6010

    Device lenovo a6010 Android 7.1.2 / RR5.8.3 Ram 2gb Processor snapdragon 420 Actually i had tried to install all three game of blood and glory from play store all get install but non of them work the stop at start-up any help my device is rooted root manager app super su
  50. N

    Thread How to stop the front camera from taking mirror pictures?

    Hello guys, I hope someone can help me I recently got a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Global (MIDO) phone and today I noticed after taking a selfie that the image is mirrored. I went into the camera app (stock) and tried to find a setting to disable mirrored images but have so far had no luck. Does...