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  1. ajrty33

    Thread [ROM][4.0.3] MIUI v4 [Beta1.1][13 Mar 2012]

    Ported from gannon5197's Optimus V build Thank you jaybob413 for everything... literally everything. I don't know who to give credit for this thing. Whoever wins the argument, thank you. gannon5197 lithium76 stelios97 This isn't a theme.... this is MIUI v4 ICS holy crap batman yummy goodness...
  2. G

    Thread [Q] Lost Data connection on rooted/CM7 Hero

    So this morning my phone (co-incidentally with my mom taking my upgrade and using it for her account) stopped sending/receiving texts and calls, but had proper 3G data connectivity. I called sprint, they had me reboot/batter pull/reprovision phone, and upon reboot I could make full use of my...
  3. P

    Thread [Q] CM7: no audio for the videos uploaded to youtube or picasaweb!

    Just flashed the CM7 stable build on my hero. While everything seems smooth (Great job and tons of THANKS to the CM developers..darchstar you rock!), there is one feature that seems broken still (I've tried with all the CM7 RCs). The audio for the videos taken with the phone get messed up when...
  4. Z

    Thread Flash 10.2 Leak

    Has anyone had any luck getting the leaked 10.2 Flash player on Hero CDMA? If so, could you share what you did to get it working and what setup you have? If you followed a specific forum post, could you link it? I have searched but none of the forum posts here I've tried have worked. I've tried...
  5. L

    Thread [Q] EspressoEnergyHeroC & Bluetooth

    Anyone else have issues getting Bluetooth audio to work on this ROM? My device will pair just fine, but audio is not transmitted. I love the ROM and hate to switch back to a non-Sense one, but I really need the audio. Lynne
  6. I

    Thread [Q] Can I “restore” Heroc 1 nandroid to Heroc 2?

    Hi All: Managed to ruin my poor little heroc and don’t have phone insurance, so just bought a new one. Same (Sprint) version, same baseband, etc. Now I would love to just root the new one, copy my most recent good nandroid from the old phone’s sd card to the new one, boot into recovery and...
  7. aosp

    Thread [ROM] aospCMod | AOSP 2.3.4 / CM7+ (Gingerbread)

    MD5: gapps-gb-20110325-signed.zip MD5: 4cbe712c0bde778fb7f2d32d32b57dd8 MD5: [GPL] Kernel Source HOWTO Logcat PC via ADB: adb logcat > /path/logcat.txt ctrl+c Phone via Terminal emulator: logcat > /sdcard/logcat.txt press the trackball (for ctrl) and c to end the output.]
  8. Decad3nce

    Thread [ROM] Mau5 CM6 [Dec 24]

    http://www.mau5.net/ SOURCE Source: https://github.com/Decad3nce/android_vendor_ctso Kernel: https://github.com/Decad3nce/htc-kernel-heroc Original Credits: ackprash for the theme ctso for the hdpi overlay wesgarner for the mdpi drawables jaybob413 for the compass(akmd) binary...
  9. Decad3nce

    Thread [DEV-KERNEL] 2.6.34 for HeroC

    THERE IS A WORKING 2.6.35 KERNEL HERE: https://github.com/Decad3nce/cm-kernel
  10. toastcfh

    Thread {KERNEL-SOURCE} GoDmOdE-2.6.29 {HTC/Sprint CAN KISS MY @$$}

    This is my source guy and gals!!! :D please read this entire post. thank you :D basically i built this from the Eris source, i only made *-board and gevice specific files that would enable it to compile and boot on the HTC Heroc. my goal from day one was to do this and now ive managed to pull...