1. J

    Thread Magisk update now Issue with games (Ingress/Niantic)

    Hello I would appreciate some help fixing an issue. Please excuse my lack of knowlage, I will try to give adequate info. If more info is needed let me know. I have a Oneplus Nord N10 5G "unlocked" (I believe that means global) Build# BE86AA Model# BE2026 Android ver. 11 The phone has been...
  2. M

    Thread Magisk app not found after updating ROM

    Hello everyone, I have a weird issue that I never encountered before. I updated my custom ROM from fastboot, and as always I had to re-root my device after updating. Im under Android 12, so I didnt use TWRP but I used the patched boot image method to reinstall magisk and have my phone rooted...
  3. J

    Thread App detects Xposed, refuses to start. Even when cloaked

    I have the following annoying issue I want to solve: It is so annoying that everytime I wish to use the app "App Cloner", I have to disable Xposed, reboot, then the app starts. If Xposed is active, the app starts and then closes itself, giving the following message: Please deactivate Xposed...
  4. 9

    Thread Can we hide/deactivate Twitter fleet(story) panel with root?

    Hi everyone, Recently I upgraded twitter and it has fleet thing now. but it is really annoying. that fleet panel Continually seen on top of the screen and run back. and I don't use this feature at all. is there a method that can i disable that area? for instance i disabled some activities here...
  5. Barrel Titor

    Thread com.adobe.ims.accountaccess (Adobe Account Access) seems to detect Magisk, even while hidden.

    H! So I am actually unsure where to post this.. Here's hoping you can figure something out and not be mad at me if this is the wrong place to post this. Initially, i was going to post this as a Bug report on Github. However, I figured this was not correct. Technically speaking this also isn't...
  6. A

    Thread Wait until your device is fully rebooted before opening apps [REWARDED]

    Hello friends! I need a lot help. If I fail to repair the operating system and work as before, I am impetuously interested in recovering at least the data on the /sdcard (internal phone storage) because I HAVE NO BACKUP and I need that data lke the air. I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 (Ginkgo)...
  7. hallo dare

    Thread Did you have to unroot for work reasons?

    Hi all, As per title, did you have to unroot for work reasons or did you find a way around the issue? It's basically starting to become more of a hassle than a luxury to keep root on my 7 pro currently given the ever more ability for some apps to detect root. If I had a choice I would stay...
  8. alienator88

    Thread [Substratum] Lockr - Minimalist Lockscreen

    Lockr Via this substratum theme you can hide the shortcuts, lock icon, carrier label, statusbar icons and minimize the fingerprint icon to a small dot. Note: The left and right shortcuts still work if you swipe, they are just hidden. How to apply overlays: 1. Select both overlays 2. Build and...
  9. T

    Thread "Hiding" the notch in stock rom, guide [root/Magisk]

    I'm a big hater of the "Notch", so after a bit of search, finally found a way to hide the notch the same way it is possible in MIUI/EMUI systems (basically moving the notification bar down, and having a completely black line on top that hides the notch). You need to have Magisk installed...
  10. A

    Thread How to hide sensitive info from notifications on Realme 5?

    I can't, for the life of me, find an option to do something that's supposed to be simple and even my old LG G4 can do pretty easily. I want to hide all sensitive informations from the notifications on the lock screen. How can I achieve that? Any help is ppreciated P.S.: LineageOS cant come...
  11. D

    Thread Workaround for Magisk + Bank apps

    Hey guys. I would like to ask you, if it's possible to use bank apps + root on this device? I tried it yesterday several times and couldn't get it to work. On my previous phones if worked perfectly. What I did: - unlock OP7T - root with self-made Magisk patched boot - hide Magisk Manager...
  12. I

    Thread Hide status notification bar setting error

    When I use any app to hide the status bar on my rooted 7 Pro it will work until I lock the screen then it will stop working until I disable and re-enable. Nova launcher hide status bar on homescreen always works. And then when the statusbar is hidden, the keyboard when it slides out, will...
  13. D

    Thread Anyway to hide power menu and pull down menu on lockscreen?

    Anyway to hide power menu and pull down menu on lock screen? I feel like these options add a bit of added security
  14. A

    Thread Hiding a Preset List of Apps

    Hello, I wonder if there is a Magisk Module to enable hiding root from a pre defined list of app ( based on package name for example ) ? I guess a system almost similar to Detach module but that would give a way to HideRoot for some apps ? My use case : At work, we have a Work Profile...
  15. B

    Thread Magisk 19 Galaxy S8 hide not remembering selections.

    Morning all, I have 19 installed but any apps I select to hide do not hold the selection when I leave the hide menu. I have looked in the log and it is showing that the app is added to the hide list but when I return to the hide menu the apps are unselected. Any ideas how to solve this?
  16. Didgeridoohan

    Thread [Discussion] Google Pay Magisk Discussion Thread

    This thread is inspired by the PoGo Magisk discussion thread. It's meant to keep the clutter of "Google Pay doesn't work" posts out of the main Magisk threads. Please use this to discuss issues with Google Pay and possible solutions. There's a working solution here...
  17. Anthony Finix

    Thread Root Hide Union Bank App

    Any way to open this app "Umobile", keeps saying 'rooted or jailbroker device' i have tried magisk hide, seftynet and ctsprofile is checked is there any mod or workaround i can go through to access this app. i am in India and lots of people do have union bank account and a solution will be...
  18. k3dar7

    Thread [SOLVED] with Magisk installed is missed some gestures

    I have TA-1046 with Pie and unlocked bootloader... After install (via TWRP) Magisk (official zip release (tested 17.1 and 17.2)), then is missed: From Settings/System/Gestures: - Swipe fingerprint for notification - Swipe up on Home button - Lift to check phone From Settings/Display: - Double...
  19. O

    Thread Can you use VPN or another tool to hide tethering from mobile company (StaightTalk)?

    Will using VPN hide your tethering traffic so the mobile company can't see that you are tethering? Or is there another tool that will do the trick? I'm thinking about using StraightTalk but they allow no tethering and while I don't go crazy with it, I'm on-call occasionally and am not near a...
  20. mugendon

    Thread Newest update of Sky Ticket app detects "modifications to your device"

    I am running Magisk 16.0 on a Nexus 6 with stock 7.1.1, and unlocked bootloader and the latest stable Magisk 16.0. Safety Net is passed. So apps like Mario Run work and also the former versions of Sky Ticket worked fine. But since the latest update of Sky Ticket, it detects modifications to my...
  21. Didgeridoohan

    Thread [MODULE] [DEPRECATED] MagiskHide Props Config - SafetyNet, prop edits, and more - v6.1.2

    MagiskHide Props Config v6.1.2 Note: This project is dead, and has been for some time. I have not been involved in the Android modding scene for some time and I no longer have the energy to take it up again. If anyone feels like taking over give me a holler. What's this? If you are wondering...
  22. V

    Thread Bluetooth always discoverable

    Since a MIUI update the phone cannot be hidden on bluetooth. This is a disaster. Cause a lot headache for me. Is there any tweak/mod/way to get this option back and hide the phone somehow?
  23. Didgeridoohan

    Thread [thread closed]

    This used to be the support thread for the MagiskHide Props Config module. It isn't any longer... Because of reasons, the support thread has moved here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/apps/magisk/module-magiskhide-props-config-t3789228 If you came here following a link, please ask the link...
  24. Goldenmeadow

    Thread What app do you use to hide navigation buttons?

    Hi everyone! I have a quick question from my daughter (she's the one using this phone): What app do you use to hide navigation buttons? She likes capacitive buttons under the screen but this phone doesn't have them :( Thanks!
  25. etecdailey

    Thread Ok, so is yet there any 100% working solution to remove NavBar (not hide!) with root?

    Ok, Hi :) I did unlock bootloader + root, it went ok, i'm om 7.1.1 But non of xposed apps (etc) that i have tested is not working well :( So is there any 100% working (maby some new one) solution to remove NavBar (not hide!) with root? Im my case even Ultimate Dynamic Navbar did not work...
  26. Ayh4n

    Thread [HOW-TO] Hide status bar icon without app

    Introduction Hi everyone, I wanted to share with you this useful tips with you. This tips remove selected status bar icons without using overlay apps or status bar app. Like here on the top : Battery icon is Battery Meter Overlay How to do that with root directly on my phone (easy way) -...
  27. jaboneros

    Thread How to hide icon labels on stock MIUI system launcher?

    Hi, Simple question for a simple feature, found in many other launchers. Any help appreciated - thanks!
  28. Arjs

    Thread Not possible to Run Bank Apps on my Rooted Phone ?

    I am running Resurrection Remix Noghut 7.1.1 OMS Rom. I am not able to use my banking application on my Rooted 1+3t. It says app wont run on rooted devices. This is not a new issue and I have been reading a lot about the options in Exposed/Magisk etc. But I am not sure if It is possible to...
  29. Didgeridoohan

    Thread [GUIDE] Magisk and MagiskHide installation and troubleshooting (Magisk v20.4)

    This thread no longer servers a purpose. Closed... Magisk and MagiskHide installation and troubleshooting tips and tricks Updated for Magisk v20.4(20400) and Manager v7.5.1(267)(7) What’s this? This is a collection of troubleshooting tips and tricks for installing Magisk and Magisk modules...
  30. G

    Thread [ADB, no root] How to hide the navigation bar AND status bar on all apps

    First of all, it's important that this mod isn't for everybody, because it hides the status bar as well, to fill the entire 18.5:9 screen with content. It looks very immersive, as if the entire front side of the phone is display, because the top bezel is about as thick as the status bar would...
  31. J

    Thread [GUIDE]Hide statusbar icons without root using ADB

    I got my P2 some days ago and after initial setup I looked at me statusbar and found it to be cluttered with a lot of icons I don't need. For example I had icons for portrait, bluetooth and worst of all the enormous NFC-icon. So I tried to find an option to disable them and found how to do this...
  32. J

    Thread How do I download videos from Netflix when rooted?

    I am able to download movies on my girlfriend's MXPE, but not on mine. The only difference is root. I've tried the Magisk hide feature and I'm still not seeing the option. Any help is appreciated.
  33. runswithascript

    Thread Duplicate profile OR single profile that can quickly hide apps?

    I would like to very easily, as easily as switching Android profile, hide specific apps from my phone and their notifications when at work. Setting up a new profile on Android seems to do this, but it seems I have to manually configure every single app again, and all of my settings. Whatsapp...
  34. MonsterMMORPG

    Thread Any emulator that is able to hide itself is an emulator from the APPs / games ?

    The games has become more intelligent recently They are able to detect emulators and prevent playing I have tried nox memu bluestacks koplayer and all fails to run the game called as endless frontier So i wonder are there any emulator that is truly disguise itself as a real phone or tablet?
  35. M

    Thread Anyone know this app locker app?

    So my fiance cheated on me. Yeah whatever. Well now she is locking down all her apps with this app locker. I can't figure out what app it is though to crack it or figure out her password. It gives a fake crash alert but has vibration points around the screen. When you touch the bottom corners...
  36. MonsterMMORPG

    Thread How can I hide my device is an emulator from the game/app?

    I am using nox app player It has root option as well So how can i hide it is an emulator? Thank you
  37. DroidXAce

    Thread Delete/Hide applicaton Contacts from Huawei ?

    Hello, There is a way to remove / hide the Contacts application from Huawei (I do not like it) to replace it with that of Google? It is not possible to disable the Contacts application (such as the Phone application). Thanks.
  38. A

    Thread [ask]hide permanent softkey in lollipop

    I have problem in L 5.0 , when edit build.prop.....this " qemu.hw.mainkeys=1 " softkey / nav bar not hide , change to one or zero not effect Use module hideable nav bar in xposed...sometimes after restart show up again , when click down arrow hide again. any solution ??
  39. E

    Thread Build.Prop Question .hide

    so i found this code in build.prop in android M beta, B807: ro.build.hide.settings=8;1,89GHz;2.0GB;11.00GB;16. 00GB;1080x720;4.4;3.10.30;3.0 i guess this indicates a possibility to downscale down to 720p? how do i edit this to show these settings, i tried .show. unhide ?can i simply remove the...
  40. rcoliveirajr

    Thread [APP] AkaCalc - Hide Photos and Videos

    AkaCalc is the best way to hide your photos and videos, when you open the app you have a fully working calculator, but if you type your pin, then you can view your files in your device, and also in any other web-enabled device through embed webserver. Click here for more screenshots Fully...
  41. LanderN

    Thread [MOD][XPOSED] Bancontact Security Disabler (Hide Root)

    This app disables the check for root access in the belgian Bancontact-app. ATTENTION: It only disables root check, USB Debugging still needs to be switched off I tried to bypass the usb debugging check as well, but had no luck. Anyone willing to help, please do! Source: GitHub...
  42. N

    Thread [Q] How to hide # icon from CM 12.1?

    I got CM 12.1 and I do not like the # icon that appears in the notification bar when a process is running with root privileges. Is there a way to hide it? There doesn't seem to be an option. I've read that flashing SU fixes it but in the CM Nightly thread, they claimed it resulted in bootloop...
  43. SecretPlayer

    Thread [APP] Best Android App to Hide Pictures From Gallery

    Hi Everyone! After a long time I have finally published my app. I have been working really hard in developing this app. I have tried to make is as simple to use as I could. It has material design and its Simple Amazing. I will be adding new features in the coming updates. Please give this app...
  44. S

    Thread [APP][3.0+] Hush Gallery ★ Hide photos ★

    You have photo or video you want to hide? Use "Hush Gallery", it easy and smart The best way to hide your photos & videos! ★ Hide photos & videos directly from WhatsApp , Gallery and other apps ★ Protected Gallery to view the hidden files **************************************************...
  45. E

    Thread [Q] LG G2 Gallery no lock option! Need help

    Hi. Yesterday I installed new rom on my LG G2 D802. I have installed official lollipop 5.0.2 Spanish 32GB. Everything work fantastic but I miss one important option in gallery and that is option for locking images and videos. I have searched xda forum and didn't found any similar thread for that...
  46. Vidhanth

    Thread [GUIDE]Hide Empty Sim Icon in any rom!![NOOB-FRIENDLY]

    Hmm So you wanna use SlimLP, SOKP, etc but the Empty SIM Icon is irritating you? People advise using GravityBox but i couldnt find any option in there. That little icon just ruins the fun of RRO right? Well, so here's how you disable/hide that! NOTE- IF U ARE ON RESURRECTION REMIX THEN GO TO...
  47. vin2117

    Thread [Q] Edge Panel does not autohide.

    Hi Edgers, I have this problem with my edge panel. My edge panel is always displayed and it does not autohide/minimize unless I open an app :( It was not like this the first few days.. can anyone please offer a solution?
  48. daxgirl

    Thread [MOD][GUIDE][HOW-TO] Restore the ability to hide/show brightness adjustment slider

    Hello guys, Samsung kills me sometimes with their ideas... Like I started doing some mods on settings and all of a sudden by accident I find out the ability to hide/show the brightness slider in the notification panel is gone. On s5 lollipop is still there, on note 4 (5.0.1 oh the kinky one!)...
  49. B

    Thread [APP][4.0+] Hide Recorder

    This app can record video and sound on your device in background. Just tap icon! :D Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.brotherhood.hiderecorderfree You can read newspaper, play games, texting on your phone and do whatever you do - app will be record video or sound...
  50. W

    Thread [APP][4.0+] SafeCam - Hide Intimate Images & Videos - FREE!

    About SafeCam Ever wanted to keep your secret Images & intimate Videos off others praying eyes? Hide your private, secret images & personal videos in safe gallery Protect your intimate images & sensitive videos on your device with your safe password to gain a full privacy. SafeCam Features ★...