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  1. A

    Thread Looking for a ROM Dev for our Android phone

    Hi We are looking for a ROM dev with extensive skills and experience for developing and maintaining ROMS for our line of new Android phones. We are looking for someone who: 1. Loves Android and is excited by its possibilities. 2. Has experience with ROM development, customisation, app...
  2. T

    Thread [Completed] [Q] Root tutor? or Give up? Help! Brain is gonna pop!

    Hey all! In the past I've posted on XDA and have gotten amazing help and direction. I understand this isn't where you post "tech support" questions I'm just giving the backstory and asking for direction as to where I can go to get help. I just can't deal with trying to root my phone anymore...
  3. A

    Thread Looking to hire experienced person to root my sensation 4g safely

    I'm trying to find a person experienced with the careful rooting of sensation 4g phones. I would like to discuss the possibility of having my phone rooted using remote PC access (like goto my PC, I have these tools). I'd insist on compensation the right person for their time spent with a...
  4. M

    Thread [BOUNTY] Ice Cream Sandwich

    Hi, I'm one of the proud owners of a viewsonic G Tablet, and I want ICS. I want you 'points' to help to make a great and powerful tablet that only costs about $260, and MOST IMPORTANTLY I WANT IT TO HAVE ICE CREAM SANDWICH! To the point: I am offering $40, and I urge other users to put in a...
  5. E

    Thread [Q] Seeking Developer

    Seeking experienced developer for an Android app. Preferably California-based. I know I should ask for experience and portfolio...Where's the best place to start looking? (but search engines don't yield relevant answers...maybe I'm not using proper keywords.) Any leads and/or suggestions are...
  6. W

    Thread Experienced Developer Needed

    Unfortunately, I'm unable to post in the development forum due to the fact that I don't have 10 previous posts. I recently founded a company with the goal of creating a mobile game, at the very least an Android version and hopefully for iOS somewhere down the line. As I don't have any...
  7. D

    Thread [Q] Looking for Experienced and Efficient Developer for Hire

    Hi, I'm looking for an experienced and efficient developer (or team of) to design and help implement an android application. Key features will include: - Chat feature amongst users - Ability to read several different file types - Baked in copyright features - Editing options for those file...