1. muhammadbahaa2001

    Thread How to keep or save dload firmware for Huawei after downloading from hisuite?

    I try to downgrade Huawei Y9 2019 JKM-LX1 from EMUI 9.1.0 to EMUI 9.0.1 so I can install custom GSI ROM, since EMUI 9.1.0 for Huawei Y9 2019 doesn't allow installing/booting custom ROMs. I know I can do that via Hisuite but unfortunatly there is dumbest thing by Huawei which instantly deletes...
  2. N

    Thread Hisuite failed to restore Whatsapp

    Hello, I have a Huawei P40 and I had Google Play Services installed on my phone but due to an error in Google Play Services, I was forced to downgrade my phone. Before that I made a backup of my phone with HiSuite. After many, many hours, I managed to reinstall google services and go back to...
  3. S

    Thread Huawei Phone is not connecting to PC with HiSuite

    I'm trying to link my Huawei phone to PC but it's not letting me connect to PC. Nothing is showing whether it is in progress or not. My phone device is Huawei Y7. I'm using official Huawei software HiSuite. Let me know what should I do to connect? Thanks
  4. A

    Thread Cant downgrade Matepad Pro (MRX-W09) to EMUI10 by using HiSuite

    I just buy a matepad pro. I then update all software update and factory reset as usual, however, I just notice that GMS(Googlefier) need to be installed during EMUI 10. (I already try to install GMS on EMUI11 but it not working.) So I find the roll back method and find that HiSuite provided...
  5. TiagoOnTheP40LiteE

    Thread Trying to downgrade my P40Lite E version art LGRP2-OVS european phone getting errors everytime

    Im trying to do it trough the hisute with the proxy and firmware finder but every thing i try gives the error.Your phone seems to be soft re-branded so normal authentication won´t work.Please if any of you can help me i would appreciate it so much. Base software version: art-lgrp2-OVS
  6. 9

    Thread Impossible to connect to PC after EMUI 11. Literally.

    Well, received EMUI 11 after all. However, since the update I'm unable to connect my phone to my computer (fastboot, mpt, HiSuite, etc). The phone thinks it's receiving charge from a normal charger (I don't even get the different USB options when plugged to the computer). Windows always says...
  7. S

    Thread HiSuite - How to offline update rom?

    Huawei stopped giving bootloader code, my last option is to use the DC-Unlocker. The problem is it won't work with the latest security patch of EMUI 8. So I'm trying to rollback my Huawei Nova 2i to the possible old version of EMUI to make the DC-Unlocker work. I used HiSuite 10.00502, HiSuite...
  8. E

    Thread hisuite No internet connection Check network settings

    Hi I downloaded hisuite latest version. I click on system update and then I get an error "No internet connection Check network settings" Is there a solution?
  9. I

    Thread HiSuite Installation issues on Win10

    Hey fellas, is anybody else having the problem of not being able to install HiSuite v. on their Windows PC? / does anybody know how to fix this. I downloaded the HiSuite setup directly from Huawei's corresponding page. Doesn't matter how many times I try to start the setup, nothing...
  10. droidarif

    Thread P20 PR0 Rollback EMUI with HiSuite

    Not sure if it's been posted before but thought i'd share the email i received today in regards to EMUI roll backs. You can roll back to earlier versions of EMUI software, but you have to roll back one version at a time. Here are the instructions for rolling back software: [Rollback...
  11. Deiota77

    Thread Connection Problem with Airdroid

    hello! I have an huawei p30 pro unrooted and i am trying to use airdroid for the first time. I can't seem to put it to work. if I connect with the USB cable that's all ok. When I try wirelessly , it says is unrooted and that I have to use USB debbugging (that I already put on) and it doesn't...
  12. IProfessor

    Thread HISuite Proxy ( Huawei Phones' Updater & Soft-Brick Fixer )

    Introduction Simply this application reverse engineers ( modifies ) HISuite, to be able to manipulate its Huawei servers' response data for installing official roms of Huawei, customarily. Features Support for OTA ROMs Support for FullOTA ROMs ( Consists of three packages, Base, CUST...
  13. XperiaAwesome2000

    Thread Huawei P20 won't boot and only enters Fastboot and Rescue Mode

    Hi! A friend of mine gave me his Huawei P20 which suddenly stopped working (this is my first time working on a huawei) So the issue with the phone is that it won't boot at all, it just flashes the huawei logo every so often. When plugged into a PC I can only enter FASTBOOT&RESCUE MODE which...
  14. L

    Thread Issue p20 pro & Hisuite,

    Its because windows 10 1903 release has USB issues, I tried on win 10 1809 and works good as always
  15. hexen88

    Thread Few important problems

    1st most annoying problem is that me and my wife have same p20 pro, same network, and most of the time when I call her it dosconnects after 15/30 sec. She pickup the phone, we are talking, and all this time she have window with Red and green icons to answer or not my call, but its already...
  16. R

    Thread Huawei EMUI 4.0 Phone interface with ADB and Huawei HiSuite

    I cannot get my Huawei Honor EMUI 4.0 Android phone to interface with either ADB or Huawei HiSuite Android phone management tool. I followed the instructions correctly, I think (I have used ADB to work with Asus Nexus 7 and Toshiba tablets). I would appreciate any help. Thanks.
  17. D

    Thread [Q] [PLEASE HELP] Guide on how to root P7 on lollipop B805 when HiSuite doesn't work?

    I want to root my device so I can flash a recovery BUT Hi Suite on my pc doesnt connect to my phone (latest v Have you tried to find the .apk of hi Suite in program files>HiSuite>.apk ?? YES, installed it, the problem persists Have you installed the drivers for your phone? YES, the...