1. GalaxyA325G

    Thread Question [Warning] Google screwed up on upgrading Android 11 to Android 12 on my Samsung Galaxy A32-5G

    Google screwed up with Android 12, and they probably don't even realize it. I don't yet know why most of my apps just stopped working. Has anyone else seen this happen on your Samsung Galaxy A32-5G? One UI version = 4.1 Android version = 12 Google Play Store = 30.3.21-21 <com.android.vending>...
  2. LokDAbdo

    Thread S6 HOME BUTTON Virtual Click

    So My Samsung Galaxy S6 Home Button clicks virtualy, most when i turn on mobile DATA and open Facebook Lite for example and many other apps like chrome, it calms down sometime but thats problem i can't stay with Any solution ???
  3. D


  4. D

    Thread [APP] [2.1+] Sony Ericsson Home (Stock)

    I have app "Sony Ericsson Home" for Android recuire: Android 2.1 (Eclair) and up **DOWNLOAD**
  5. Texnolog74

    Thread Google Home/Nest hub flash method exposed and TOOL REVEALED !!

    It's been a while since the initial release of the google home hub but no one knows how the firmware really get's flashed using the hidden micro usb port under the rubber bottom surface. Well, it's very simple, it uses the Amlogic S905D2G chip ( similar to what cheap tv boxes have ) which means...
  6. M

    Thread With Nova sometimes first touch doesn't register on home page

    I have installed Nova Launcher and set it to my default launcher. Of course OneUI is still there. Sometimes on the home page I press a short cut to an app but it doesn't register the first time The screen briefly flashes. This doesn't happen each time. Also I have double tap on empty area to...
  7. S

    Thread Question Google Home devices missing from "Devices" notification drop down

    Hi, Does anyone experience that the drop down shade > Devices > Google Home does not show all devices setup? I have several devices setup in Google Home such as Xbox, Google Nest Display, Lenovo Smart Clock, Nest Mini (despite 1 Nest mini showing up as "Kitchen Speaker") Not sure how I can fix...
  8. B

    Thread How to edge swipe to run a shortcut on home screen?

    For example, I have a shortcut on my home screen. What should I do to run this shortcut using edge swipe? Thx
  9. redsmith

    Thread Can't open app drawer immediately after swiping up to go home

    Hello, I've discovered this bug in the navigation gesture system. The app drawer won't open after a second or so after swiping up to go home from any application. The only way to open the app drawer in this case is to swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Please help starring this issue on...
  10. K3V1991

    Thread [APK][MOD] XPERIA Home (No Sony Device required)

    Xperia™ Home is a Personalization App or Launcher that allows you to customize Android Phone. Through this App, you can set new Themes and find your most frequent App quickly. You will also be able to see Promise Icon while installing an App NFO: Version: 12.0.A.0.13 Architecture: universal...
  11. M

    Thread Use voice/button to open a specific page on several Android/ChromeOS devices?

    Hey forum members, I have a question about the use of the Google Assistant to control multiple devices. For my job, I create content for social media. I would like to showcase how this content is displayed on devices with different screen sizes. I'm going to buy one android phone, one android...
  12. D

    Thread Home button doesn't always work (Mate 10)

    Hi! I got the Mate 10 (non-pro) I'm testing and it seems like pressing the on screen home button takes several presses to go back to home screen. I tried this with setting up the front fingerprint reader as the home button instead of the on-screen buttons and same thing, so it's not screen...
  13. Ticklefish

    Thread [MOD][TUT] Animated HOME Softkey In Nav Bar

    This thread made the Portal! Woo! https://www.xda-developers.com/animated-gif-home-button-android/ (Thanks To Tulsadiver for the above image) Want an animated HOME softkey in your navbar? Of course you do! This is a relatively simple mod, which should work on any rom and any version of...
  14. G

    Thread HTC U Ultra - Home button keeps failing

    Hi all, Long time no post here! I have an HTC U Ultra, about one year old, heavy usage. All of a sudden the Home button has started to fail. I have fingerprint scanning enabled, but it doesn't work when the screen is unlocked either, so I'm not sure it is related to the fingerprint scanner, I...
  15. J

    Thread Make Google Now Feed home page

    Hi everybody. I would like to give an idea here, in case someone with the coding skills I lack may went to give this a go. I find myself going into google now's feed by swiping to the left. The design of the latest version is in fact very pleasing, with rounded corners and transparencies that...
  16. TENN3R

    Thread [MODULE] Chrome Home Button

    Hi guys, I was looking for a way to bring back the home button in Chrome like in the old versions, and I found a method. Now I made this module for personal use but I'd like to share it with you because it might be useful for you too. Note: the apk file was not made by me, it was in old CM roms...
  17. Z

    Thread [Help]Anyone else have trouble with Google Home?

    So I got a Google Home and and apparently there are some issues. Whenever I try to add a device to it, after the add account screen saying accounts linked, it never shows up on my device list. I've managed to narrow it down to being an issue with my phone, because when I add it via a different...
  18. L

    Thread What EXACTLY is DEAD??? - No light on Home Button... at all !!!!!

    Hi Guys, I'm trying desperately to try and revive my HP Touchpad.... Purely because it won't turn on, and I can't find ANY other budget Tablet as a suitable replacement!!! Heck, even Touchpads now are selling 3x times the price I paid for mine new.... So basically I've seen and read MILLIONS...
  19. M

    Thread Is there any way to get a resizable home row with LineageOS?

    The home row/dock (not sure what the proper name is) had space for five or six apps (not including the app drawer icon) on Android KitKat and on Lollipop with JasmineROM. After upgrading to LineageOS (Nougat) I can't change the number of apps the home row will take, even if I resize the grid for...
  20. M

    Thread MIUI 9 Homebutton/Fingerprint not working

    Hello, I'm facing a problem with my mi6. I really want to use MIUI 9 but I have a problem with the home button. After some time it stops working, but only when it's laying flat on the table. Eventually the phone will detect the touch. When i use it in my hand everything is working fine. Here's a...
  21. N

    Thread Chromecast Help Forum

    I have a network at home which includes a standard router which is connected to other parts of the house via 3 Powerline Adapters which broadcast the Wi-Fi signal. I have 3 Chromecast devices and 1 Chromecast Audio. The Chromecast attached to the TV at the main router is very stable and rarely...
  22. sev7en

    Thread LG G6 Home Launcher (UX+) for any device?

    Dears, recently I purchased a old-fastion LG G Flex 2 32GB and I fallen in love again for the UI :P I don't want to buy a G6, I have already got the XZ Premium DS and most of all the Mi Mix 6GB the "device candidate for"... the installation of the LG Home. I looked around and the APK available...
  23. StereoSteo

    Thread Want to root s8 but home button problem has me wondering

    So I have an S8 on Vodafone bill pay on contract for 2 years and I want to root the phone mainly for sound mods and a few other things. However I'm having the same home button problem as a lot of others and I'm afraid in case it ends up being a hardware problem then they tell me I voided my...
  24. AndyCr15

    Thread Google Home in the UK

    I got mine yesterday... Mbx4PN0wHfA Really enjoying it so far. The only problem I have (as you can see in the video) it want's to take everything from my account. If I ask it to show me a picture of the milky way, it looks through my Google Photo's, not Google image search.
  25. Arun.Gunupudi

    Thread [MOD] Sense Home for Nougat 7.1.1 ROMS

    Sense Home for Nougat ROMS(Desire Eye). About: This will add Sense Home to our HTC Desire Eye running Nougat ROMS like crDroid, Lineage os, CypherOS, Resurrection Remix, Slim7 & etc Requirements : HTC Desire Eye running a 7.1.1 ROMs such as crDroid, Lineage os, CypherOS, Resurrection Remix...
  26. S

    Thread Need stock touchwiz home apk for note 3 neo n750

    Hi guys, Someone pls share the stock touchwiz home apk on lollipop 5.1 for note 3 neo n750. I downloaded a newer version of touchwiz home apk but it doesnt work and dodnt have a backup of the previous apk so I am totally screwed! Pls help guys! P.s- I have the indian version of lollipop 5.1 and...
  27. serajr

    Thread [XPOSED] [LP/MM/N] [XPERIA HOME ADVANCED FEATURES] Serajr Xperia Home X (N) - v1.2.1

    Features: Behavior: - Phisical Buttons Device (Expand Xperia Home contents for non OSB devices) Appearance: - Icon Size (Shortcuts icon size) - Label Size (Shortcuts label size) - Show Labels (Desktop | App Drawer | Folder) - Pagination Markers Style (Up to 3) Apps: - Permanently Hidden Apps...
  28. razorsbk

    Thread Tried to install G5 Home launcher on my G4 and now i'm stuck with EasyHome only

    Guys, i tried to install the G5 launcher from apk mirror (https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/lgelectronics/homeux-4-0/), there was an error or something and now i can only select Easy Home as launcher. The Home&App Drawer (stock G4 Launcher) is no longer compatible and can't select it. I dont even...
  29. frickinjerms

    Thread Kodi as home application (APK Linked in description)

    Hey guys! I took the Kodi 16.1 apk from the Kodi website, decompiled it with apktool, modded the android-manifest.xml, recompiled, then signed it with a generic testkey. Result: Android will think it's a home/launcher! Some FYI before you install: Make sure you have unknown sources enabled in...
  30. chinmoy32

    Thread [MOD][MM][STOCK][ROOT][Z5 Series] Home APK, SystemUI Latest version

    I want to share 2 edited APKs with you all as I am using them by myself for couple of days :) I just downloaded the Home APK from APK mirror and decompiled it, edit some values, edited some images and recompiled it, signed it, and zip-aligned it. Same goes for the SystemUI except I used the one...
  31. F

    Thread Android Nougat: No home selector in settings & settings search doesn't work

    I just upgraded from Marshmallow to Nougat by enrolling in the beta. I am unrooted but unlocked bootloader. I was on, then off the beta previously, was rooted to use apps but in the end used Nexus Root Toolkit to put it back to what ever the most current Marshmallow was probably 6 months ago and...
  32. serajr

    Thread [XPOSED] [6.0.1] [Stock Home Launcher Features] Serajr Xperia Home X (MM) - v1.1.7

    Features: Behavior: - Phisical Buttons Device (Expand Xperia Home contents for non OSB devices) Appearance: - Icon Size (Shortcuts icon size) - Label Size (Shortcuts label size) - Show Labels (Desktop | App Drawer | Folder) Applications: - Icon Packs (Raplace launcher icons with any known...
  33. S

    Thread Help Req with Kodi Changing back to icono

    Hi chaps.... Everything has been working perfectly for the last year or so, up until last night. As I finished watching a prime movie, I went back to the home screen and I watched the IconoTV return back to a pink color. I decided to simply run adbfire v 1.28 and redo the llama install, this...
  34. R

    Thread Need Empty Home Screen

    Good day, I like to have an empty home screen in 1+X. Could anyone help me with this. Thanks Ricky
  35. repherb

    Thread Menu + Back keys not working after Upgrade to Lollipop 5.0?? READ THIS!!

    This post is to help anyone that upgraded to Lollipop 5.0 from KitKat 4.4.2 with any newer 2012+ devices (Not just the Note 3, but also s4 etc.) exhibiting the symptoms in the title of this post. So i picked up a Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900W8 and got the OTA update from KitKat 4.4.2 to Lollipop 5.0...
  36. linuxct

    Thread Xperia Home 10.0.A.0.4 (from Xperia Z3 MM Concept)

    Good morning! Today I'm bringing you a new Xperia Z3 MM Concept launcher, extracted right from my bro's phone. It has some new additions that you'll find very interesting, such as Icons Theme Support and some other cool additions :) Pre-Requisites: Have flashed firmware 18.6.A.0.175...
  37. O

    Thread [APP][MOD][5.0+] Xperia launcher 10.0.A.0.3 card appdrawer mod [OSB + NON-OSB]

    Hi everyone. I want to share to you my mod of latest xperia launcher from marshmallow concept build. App drawer have white card like google launcher now in Android Lollipop. Screen and link below. Install as normal APK. No need root or mod. Work on CM 12+ and AOSP 5.0+. On stock rom you...
  38. B

    Thread Mobile Data Gone After Leaving the House

    I mostly work from home and use my Wi-Fi there, but, about 50% percent of the time, when I leave the house I’ll have a cell signal, but no LTE or whatnot—mobile data doesn’t work. The only way to fix this is to reboot the phone—enabling/disabling Airplane mode doesn’t resolve the issue. Anyone...
  39. Vizal

    Thread [Q] Water damaged home button - any solutions?

    Hi, This has happened already thrice, but this time it was too much. Each time I was using my phone in the rain the home button was more and more unresponsive, forcing me to press it harder in order for it to work, but it was fine until recently. To my dumbness, I insisted on using my phone...
  40. ogunja

    Thread [App] [5.0+] Xperia Home 8.1.A.0.8- 23/07/2015

    Please do not mirror of my files, respect my hard work. Latest New Home apk with the option to rotate the screen. You must have root and mod super su by serajr to circumvent signature Sony in apk. Back up the original file! You have been warned! Download and move to system / app Permissions...
  41. T

    Thread [Q] How to change navbar home shortcut?

    Set the home button shortcut to nothing on hold was wondering how I can change this
  42. yoniinfante

    Thread Access Camera From AnyWhere Like Galaxy S6

    Please follow the Link to the Original Thread, God Bless, Cheers:fingers-crossed: http://forum.xda-developers.com/note-4/general/double-tap-home-button-to-camera-t3099692
  43. yoniinfante

    Thread Double Tap Home Button To Open Camera

    When the Samsung Galaxy S6 came out I really liked this feature of quickly launching the Camera app by just double tapping on the physical Home button. Some people are lucky and still using KitKat ROMs in which Xposed is available and this can be done, but its not good implemented on Lollipop...
  44. D

    Thread [Q] Hack to remap "home" to buttons on the back?

    I really miss having a physical "home" key. Is there any way to map the keys on the back of the LG G3 to be a "home" key? Maybe a quick press of the power button and change "screen off" to a longer press and "power off" to a double-press, etc.? Or double-click the volume, etc.?
  45. serajr

    Thread [XPOSED] [5.1.1] [Stock / Z5 Home] Serajr Xperia™ Xposed (LP) v2.2.3 - 05/Nov/15

    I proudly present you my Xposed Framework module, it is titled: Xperia™ Xposed (LP) This is the natural continuation of my other xposed module (JB and KK) !! Features: System - Super User Mode (disable apps signature verification) - Optional System UI Appearance - Rounded Corners UI...
  46. J

    Thread [APP][4.1+] Launcher X

    Everything you need in a Launcher! Launcher X is an elegant replacement of your stock home screen. it mainly focuses on being an All in One Launcher so that all the customisation & features of your favourite launcher(s) come under one roof without compromising smoothness and memory! This is a...
  47. Zeyn Karim

    Thread [MOD][5.0.2.][690] Transparent Home Google Search Bar Lollipop Version

    Hey everyone! I'm proud to present you guys a transparent google search bar for lollipop home launcher. Originallly made for 4.4.x by user pepitoff on this thread http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=55659793&postcount=442 user juanpirulo has made a working version with my lollipop...
  48. I

    Thread [Q] How to disable home button unlock action

    Hi everyone, I looked so much for a way to do this, and rooted my tab and installed Prism™ Barebone V3.5 ROM just so I find a way to disable waking the tab with the home button. The way I found most used on the internet is to modify the key layout file "generic.kl" in "/system/usr/keylayout/". I...
  49. -XperiaMan-

    Thread Xperia Home Material Drawer !

    Hi folks :D Today I will share my new Themed launcher with you :) I have changed the side drawer so that it looks like material design :) Download it and find out if it works on your device and write in the comments below ;) Many thanks to dstrikersZ1 , Sahaab...
  50. Kostask11

    Thread [Q] S6 Double Tap to launch camera on S5

    Hello, i was wondering if it possible to somehow make the home button function the same way as it does on a Galaxy S6. By that I mean , if it is possible to launch the camera by double tapping on the home button EVEN when the screen is locked (like S6) I've managed to install Home2shortcut...