speks for its self right? heres a :coffee: :sneaky:(y)
  2. fundoozzz

    Thread [APP] 7.0+ Wallpop - High Quality Premium Mobile Wallpapers

    Discover the ultimate wallpaper revolution with Wallpop - the premier Android app designed to transform your device into a captivating visual experience. Packed with an extensive collection of over 550 high-quality wallpapers at launch, this app is your one-stop destination for all things...
  3. S

    Thread [APP][Android 9.0+] adX Launcher - No Root Ad Blocking Launcher

    Introduction The goal of adX Launcher is to allow you to take advantage of our app enhancements, like ad and tracker blocking, directly from your device's home screen without requiring you to launch a separate app. How to install? Our beta is available for everyone on Google Play...
  4. mielnoir

    Thread Question Google Search bar got ugly!

    Can anybody please tell me what happened to the Google search bar (see screenshot)? Anyone else got this problem?
  5. DebojyotiChakraborty

    Thread StellarWalls - wallpapers [FREE WALLPAPER APP]

    Wallpapers that make your homescreen stellar !!🤩 StellarWalls provides you with loads of strikingly unique and beautiful wallpapers, all neatly organized and tucked into specific categories, so that you don't have to experience the clutter 😉. It comes with more than 190 wallpapers in it's...
  6. V

    Thread Android 11 issue: shrinking homescreen icons

    My smartphone (Oppo Reno4 Pro 5G) with Android 11 has an issue - while touching icons on homescreen they get shrinked and dark. Sometimes on next touch they return to normal, sometimes not – sometimes I have to long-touch them. Has anybody experienced that? I think it's OS-related, rather than...
  7. miravision

    Thread General Post your home screen setup

    Post your home screen setups and customization to the look and feel of your device
  8. miravision

    Thread General Themes, Styles, Home screen, Customization, Wallpaper Showcase

    Post your UX screenshots including setup, apps, home screen customization, wallpapers, themes, styles and general aesthetics
  9. B

    Thread Clock widget center alignment not functioning

    My home screen clock widget alignment is messed up recently. I'm not sure whether it was after an update. The clock doesn't center align anymore neither in dual clock mode nor as a single clock. It either switches to the far left or the right. Is there a fix for this? I have restarted the phone...
  10. Dg_WPX

    Thread [APP] WaifuPX (Wallpapers)

    WaifuPX Beautiful and modern Anime style Wallpapers app. Characteristics: • Whithout ads • Material Design • Sorted into categories • 4K Wallpapers • Free Download: Download WaifuPX
  11. E

    Thread [THEME][FONTS] All New Stylish Text and Fonts, Status, Emoji

    Stylish Text 2021 trending app to decorate your chats status and other texts with multiple type fonts, symbols and emojis. Tons of fonts to style your chats with one click, Download:
  12. williamshockley

    Thread LineageOS(without GApps) home screen setup

    I'm starting this thread for people who have amazing homescreen setups and customization. Note: You shouldn't not have gapps installed
  13. mzsquared

    Thread Post your Pixel 4a homescreen

    I copied pretty much my N10+ walls, kinda used to 'em:
  14. B

    Thread Adding more home screens

    In my previous Xperia phones, I was able to add or remove home screens by pressing and holding on a blank area of a home screen and scrolling to the end and pressing the "+". I don't seem to have this option in the Xperia 1ii - does anyone know how to add extra screens (if it's even possible)...
  15. F

    Thread Post your Oneplus 8 Pro Homescreens

    Title says it all, since there's a "post your homescreens" thread for nearly every device I decided to create one for our Oneplus 8 Pro too. This is mine:
  16. P

    Thread Custom Homescreen not selectable

    I recently got the Reno 3 Pro. Great phone so far. When I installed my favorite launcher, I found out, that there is no possibility to set/keep it as standard. In app management>default app the content for Homescreen is missing .... Got the latest ColorOS update.
  17. M

    Thread Post your Xiaomi redmi 7A Homescreen set up.

    Well since almost all other forums have a thread like this for a particular phone, I figured i'd kick start one for this one. Let's all share our homescreen screenshot setups below:
  18. A

    Thread Homescreen Swipe Problem

    Sometimes when I'm on the homepage the phone won't swipe properly. It'll either just move a tiny bit, and stay on that screen, or it'll send me all the way over to the News Feed page (the one at the end of the line all the way to the left). Anyone experience this before and figure out a fix? If...
  19. Dev Jaskirat

    Thread Showcase Your Oneplus 7T Home Screen Setups!

    Created in advance ;) Make sure to mention the wallpaper, icon pack etc details so that people who like your setup can give it a shot.:D
  20. usman farhat

    Thread [APP] Animated Icons - Make your home screen cooler!

    This is Home Screen redefined! Animated Icons make your app icons look fabulous by animating them with several unique and beautiful animations. You can animate your icons by long-pressing on an empty area on your home screen. When you will long-press, a menu will pop up from where you will...
  21. kgs1992

    Thread Post Your OP 7 Pro Home Screen(s) set up!

    Figured I'd start a thread for this since it's an interesting way to stumble on apps, wallpapers, etc. Share away! :D
  22. G

    Thread Hey, show your homescreen (be appropriate please)

    Show us your homescreen. Here's mine(I like it simple): *Pixel Launcher Q, *Stock oreo icons, *Wallpaper from "Wallpapers HD" app on playstore,
  23. Mik-el

    Thread [Q] Add link /symlink to Home Screen

    Hello there. I'm developing a custom rom and I want to add a link to my website on the Homescreen / Launcher (so users will be able to check infos and updates about the rom) 1st Method: chrome I searched on google "how to add an .html file on Android launcher /home screen" and every website I...
  24. D

    Thread preferred apps of the same kind while initial device setup/startup in a custom ROM

    Hi, we are building our own AOSP/ custom ROM with Lollipop. What we are trying to achieve is to build custom ROM with two home screens pre-installed on the device. One will be the standard Andoid "Launcher3" and the other is our own home screen app "myhome". Our current initial device...
  25. F

    Thread Post your Mi Mix 2s Homescreens

    Title says it all, since there's a "post your homescreens" thread for nearly every device I decided to create one for our Mi Mix 2s too.
  26. Mr.Ak

    Thread ★ Post your Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1 home screens ★

    Title says it all,this thread is going to be used to post and share our home screens. So,lemme start off by posting mine.My setup is very basic and minimal atm. Launcher: Ruthless by shubby Wallpaper: Stock Asus wallpaper Icon pack: Stock But I'm sure you guys have some interesting setup to...
  27. S

    Thread Can I get the default pixel date/weather widget in Nova launcher?

    I really like the Date and weather widget that comes stock in the Google Launcher on the phone. However, I've switched to using Nova Launcher because I like a couple of its features better. Is there any way I can get that widget on my homescreen? Thanks!
  28. Quinny899

    Thread [APP] Springboard Music - Better remote music controls for the Pace's homescreen

    Ever since I got the Pace, one of my main gripes about it was the music controls when I'm playing a song on my phone. I don't play music from the device, everything I listen to is streamed, so I have to use the clunky and cramped notification-based controls. What I really wanted was a full...
  29. Quinny899

    Thread [DEV] Create custom home screen pages for the Pace

    I've previously hinted that I was working on getting custom pages working for the launcher on the Pace - well here it is This allows for custom home screen pages with your own content, there's very little in terms of limits. Code is standard Android Java, you just need to include a library (see...
  30. Baldilocks

    Thread ** Post Your OnePlus 5t Home Screen(s) Set Up! **

    So, only the reviewers have the phone at this point, but I figured I'd put a placeholder here so that once these devices DO get into our hands, we can share our home screen setups. Enjoy!!
  31. L

    Thread Shortcut to particular action from SmartRemote on homescreen?

    Is it possible to add a shortcut on the homescreen to turn on a tv? I am using smart remote and would like handy shortcuts on the home screen instead of opening the app and choosing the remote first
  32. roaduardo

    Thread My Homescreen Process - ROADUARDO

    Hi, all! Just wanted to share my process for creating my home screen layouts. It's pretty simple and it's been relatively the same way I've been making my home screen designs for many years. There's been a clear pattern I favor (one home screen page only) and it's been serving me well for a...
  33. F

    Thread Remove Icon Text Without Nova Launcher

    Hi Everyone, Just wondering if there's a way by mod or setting on the Pixel XL where I can remove the text from underneath the icons on the home screen without a custom launcher. Right now I'm using custom icons, but I lose additional app info functionality with the long press using this...
  34. J

    Thread Lineage OS : homescreen and menu buttons not working + black screen after reboot

    Am I alone ?! Lineage OS works fine, for a couple of days, then, out of nowhere, the homescreen and menu buttons are not responsive. Then, upon reboot, homescreen turns black, showing nothing except the status bar. The status bar can be swiped down, but everything you click is not responsive...
  35. E

    Thread Share your Homescreens

    I am curious what style you guys use and how your homescreen looks like. If I am impressed of your style I could change mine. Attached is mine which I like..
  36. J

    Thread [APP][4.0+] Rapid Launcher 1.3

    Rapid Launcher Your new home screen replacement This launcher is a very simple launcher to use. With a very clean look and also themed to fit good with the newest version of Android. The launcher features components like a Theme Chooser for icon packs and many others. Rapid Launcher separates...
  37. A

    Thread Post Your Homescreens

    Hi, let start and post your beloved Huawei Mate S homescreen. For me: Nova, Zooper Widget and Minimal UI icon Mockup by thislooksgreat
  38. naresh babu

    Thread [launcher][4.0+][material design] styl launcher gratis - customizable home screen app

    STYL LAUNCHER GRATIS - CUSTOMIZABLE LAUNCHER Features: *New Design : Updated components to rich material design elements for pleasing interface.. *New Animations : Brand new transitions and animations are added. *Material Colors : Added material colors for the backgrounds and the font...
  39. gamesz2

    Thread 🌟post your huawei p8 lite homescreen 🌟

    Hello! Show Your homescreen!
  40. G

    Thread [Q] Autorotate homescreen (to landscape mode) in Lillipop

    Hi, is there any possibility to enable autorotation of home screen in Lollipop on LG G2 without root? At least is there any app to do force landscape mode?
  41. M

    Thread [Q] Is there any vertically scrollable 1x3 app tray widgets out there?

    I have a 1x3 space on my home screen that could be filled with app shortcuts that can be scrolled vertically so I can add more than 3 shortcuts in that space. Note that I'm not looking for a folder implementation where clicking it opens a drawer. Anyone know of any such widgets?
  42. S

    Thread [Q] Quickmemo in Lolipop ..Swipe from bottom ..upwards take Screenshot

    Hi guys .. Is there any way to get this option .. in Lolipop official update For Lg G2 D802 V30a ? The swipe up feature from bottom .. which enables quickmemo to easily take snapshot .... the rear key combination are a painful process .. Can anyone get this feature back or is it already...
  43. UnNaMeD__

    Thread ★ Post Your GALAXY S6 Home Screens! ★

    Title says it all.! Share your home screens once device is released.
  44. M

    Thread Wrong thread

    Wrong thread
  45. M

    Thread Wrong thread

    Wrong thread
  46. M

    Thread Wrong thread

    Wrong thread
  47. A

    Thread How to get more icons on that huge homescreen

    So the NOTE 4 has a massive screen but even on the advanced touchwiz interface, there is no option to have 5 or 6 rows of icons on the homescreens. I find this odd and unusual. IS there a way to do this? Am I being thick? Do I really have to go with another launcher? I need the S_pen...
  48. C

    Thread Share your inspirations of Homescreen Customizations and more!

    Hey all! This is kinda broad and vague form of asking for some serious Android Visual Mods, not digging upto the kernel tweaks and rom's. But the launcher tweaks and other addons. I know every bit of the users have their sort of inspirations and favorite modder/designers on board. I've been...
  49. naresh babu

    Thread [APP][4.0+][5/July/15][MATERIAL DESIGN]NLauncher 2 -Commando and Highly customizable

    [Free]NLauncher 2 Version 2.2 Features: *New Design : Updated components to rich material design elements for pleasing interface.. *Profile Manager : Create Profiles for greater flexibility. *New Animations : Brand new transitions and animations are added. *Material Colors : Added material...
  50. JoeBear1975

    Thread Custom Home Screen

    I know there are couple of threads out there about showing off homescreens and/or screenshots, but from what I've seen, they are for specific products. I created this so that people can show off their homescreens and/or screenshots from ANY product. All I ask is that you show a pic of your...