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  1. tberma

    Thread I Need Help in Investigating the Effect of Custom Kernel on VoLTE and Overcoming Internal Storage and Bootlooping Issues on an Honor 6X device

    After several months of attempting to resolve an issue with Voice over Long-Term Evolution (VoLTE) on my device, I have determined that the problem is caused by the use of a custom, non-device-specific kernel. I have found that only the stock kernel is able to successfully make and receive...
  2. tberma

    Thread [Kernel Request] SELinux Permissive(ed) kernel with drivers of Honor 6X (Hi6250)

    Original stock kernel cannot be permissive, therefore I have been trying different kernels of Hi6250 of different devices and could not find a stable one without issue. Next, I tried to build the kernel, but it threw many errors. As novice in development, I want some good guy to build a kernel...
  3. muhammadbahaa2001

    Thread [QUESTION] Can we port GSI rom to any android device?

    Can we port any GSI rom to any android device? for example I want tp port GSI rom to Honor 6 Plus, Honor 6x, Huawei P8 Lite or any old android device.
  4. Venkata Lochan Nune

    Thread [Fluid OS][Android 11] Guide to install Fluid OS on Huawei Honor 6X

    POST - v3 (This number will increase every time the post is updated.) What's new in v3? Added procedure in a new spoiler to install the base EMUI 8 for hi6250 devices as using the EMUI 8 we get with our device is causing some errors and bugs. Thanks to @Kentoto2021 and @VarianWrynn for testing...
  5. Kentoto2021

    Thread [HONOR 6x EMUI 8.X Oreo] Installing EMUI 8.X on Honor 6X EMUI 5.X and RAM extend via SD Card

    My problem is that I can't run correctly LineageOS on Honor 6x, and I didn't know how to run it properly, and I still don't know how to do it because I got bootloop, even if I factory reset... => For future people who still want to know how I switch Honor 6x on EMUI 5.X to EMUI 8.X, I write...
  6. S

    Thread Honor 6x Gaming Performance after Root

    Hi I have honor with locked bootloader and no root. I was wondering if there is any difference in Performance when playing PUBG after root. Please guide if it's worth it
  7. johnathanamber

    Thread BLN-L24, Can Only FASTBOOT, Won't Flash Via DLOAD, or Boot to Recovery

    Hey everyone, I have the BLN-L24. I am only able to access FASTBOOT to do anything. I cannot access eRecovery. VOLUP+PWR fails to load. I cannot access the DLOAD method to flash a ROM. VOLUP+VOLDWN+PWR fails. I cannot boot to the ROM. Bootloader is locked. From what I understand, this cannot...
  8. A

    Thread Need bln-l22 twrp backup

    I'm stuck on a custom rom in Honor 6x bln-l22 and with dload solution i can't get back and also i couldn't find any backup on The websites pls send me one:crying:
  9. A

    Thread TWRP Recovery For Honor 6x ( EMUI 8 )

    hi guys i'm on bln-l22 emui 8 and when i fast boot previous twrp versions i get this : FAILED (remote: partition length get error) i guess its cuz they are for emui 5 not 8, and i cant find any for emui 8 i tested twrp berlin from 3.1.1 until 3.3.0 versions one by one ... still the error :( pls...
  10. P

    Thread [GUIDE]Unbrick honor6X. (No boot. No fastboot. No Recovery. No bootloader code)

    NOTE: this method is only for Honor6X and GR5-2017 Devices. I am not responsable for any other damage: **losing serial number,imei, or any other problem.** this one will force to unlock bootloader code and FRP,and all your data will be erased. it will help you to debrand to other regions...
  11. A

    Thread how install oreo for Honor 6x BLN-L22

    my device is BLL-L21 debrand to BLN-L22 Then Phone Locked im try to Unlocked bootloader again >> PASSWORD WRONG << now want to update to oreo version how install it without unlocked bootloader and why my device don't unlocked from my OLD CODE !! ? Please Help.
  12. A

    Thread my honor 6x is stopped work

    im REBRAND_TO_BLN-L22 >> now i can't open fastboot to unbrick my phone just freeze to > your device has been unlocked and can't be trusted. To learn visit ..... Your Device is booting now.... only see this problem please help me :(
  13. K

    Thread What to avoid to stay rooted, keep custom recovery etc.?

    I unlocked the bootloader and rooted my honor 6x with magisk. Now I'm confused, what could cause relocking the bootloader, or non-functional twrp, or no root… I'm most interested, if there are any dead ends – no way back to unlocked bootloader etc. (security patch level by google?). My former...
  14. B

    Thread Data Partition has damaged - Honor 6x - Need solution

    I have a non-rooted Honor 6x (4,64 BLN-L22) with bootloader LOCKED & UNTOUCHED. I was using the camera app yesterday and the phone suddenly restarted by its own. Then It kept restarting from the lock screen, sometimes it restarted after few seconds of unlocking it. It never lagged or hanged for...
  15. Wajira93

    Thread Glory play 6X (Android 8.0+EMUI 8.0) adaptation progress announcement

    14:00 on July 25th: Membership service registration is open to all (supports B381 and 160 versions to upgrade to version July 24th: The official version has been released and pushed to users on version July 12th - July 15th: In order to meet the needs of...
  16. yunamunchy

    Thread Flashing GSI problem

    So i managed to upgrade via hwota7. Emui 5(elite rom) to emui 8. I ran into bit of problem like didnt flash oeminfo but managed to run emui 8. After it booted i flashed openkirin LOS 15. I dont know how it got twrp , maybe because i tried flashing oeminfo via hwota8. LOS booted but asks for...
  17. W

    Thread Does Honor 6x really support aptX , LDAC ?

    In stock rom I think it really have no these function but Now I using RROS Android 8.1. It has. but I don't know can it really use ?
  18. V

    Thread Bootloader Unlock Code Website Down?

    Hey guys. I was planning to root my phone. However, I need to unlock the bootloader first. I looked up some guides online but all of them lead to the same page and I am unable to get the unlock code anymore as that site is down. Does anyone know any alternatives?
  19. Alejndrox097

    Thread Honor 6x al-10c00 oreo beta

  20. V

    Thread App by the name 'imonitor' got installed and now my WiFi keeps crashing.

    Anyone else started to face problems when suddenly an app by the name 'imonitor' got installed on their Honor 6X and it keeps crashing preventing the WiFi from working. I did some research and turns out that it is a spyware and I can't delete it because I am unrooted and my it is a system app...
  21. S

    Thread Honor 6X can't connect (pair) with Timebox Mini since update (Bluetooth issue)

    Hello ! I really love my Honor 6X, but since the last update, I can't connect my bluetooth Speaker - a Divoom Timebox Mini - to my smartphone ! So... I tried a lot of things, including desactivate localisation, Wifi, nothing works ! It said "Can't pair to bluetooth devices because of incorrect...
  22. shah55555

    Thread [help] honor 6x bln-l21 stuck on boot logo (light blue screen honor logo)

    Hi. I purchased a new HONOR 6X and find online update. First, i update at and it should again viewed me another big update. After second update completed the phone restarted and longtime, i notice that the phone is stucked on boot screen. Now if i Vol- and plug usb cable to the computer then...
  23. D

    Thread Instagram Stories Camera Black Screen

    Hello everyone, I am on stock... and for about a week now (and i think after an instagram update) my camera in instagram stories is completely black!!! if i press to take a picture it does take the picture or the video and displays correctly... but this is very annoying! anyone else...
  24. Wajira93

    Thread New Update available! BLL-L22C636B386

    Android security patch level : January 1, 2018 Change log This update optimize compatibility with youtube Fixes Fixes an issue where calling relatives using short dialing codes via VoLTE would occasionally fail.
  25. X

    Thread unlocking bootloader effects

    if i unlock the bootloader on the 6x BLN L24, does that mean i cant buy things from the google play store, according to there bootloader unlocking policy which states: Some functions will no longer work after you unlock the bootloader. For example, you will no longer be able to use Digital...
  26. Z

    Thread Bricked 6x. Any help appreciated.

    I'm stuck in a tight spot. I had Elite Rom for awhile, and decided to update to the latest version. I found out there was an audio bug, no sound was playing so I decided to look around and I seen other people had similar experiences. I tried to do a fresh install, and even downgrade to the...
  27. RedSkull23

    Thread [GUIDE] List of bloatware on EMUI safe to remove

    Hi all, i was working on a guide on the vast amount of packages that we find already installed on EMUI by default and safe to remove because i'm sure that it would be useful for users like me, users that doesn't like to have space occupied on internal storage by bloat software, space that could...
  28. zempirian

    Thread Honor 6x - Bootloader Unlocked, now won't boot into ROM or fastboot

    Edit & Update: I tried all method's, unable to boot into bootloader, or access the recovery, eRecovery & the dload (to force update) I took it to the service centre and got the firmware flashed from them. If this happens to you, take it to a service centre.
  29. Wajira93

    Thread Honor 6X expected to receive Android 8.0 Oreo by the end of 2017

    However, it's great that Honor is thinking to update mid-range smartphones launched with Android 6.0 Marshmallow on board to the latest Oreo operating system. Honor 6X and Honor 8 Pro will receive the highly-anticipated Android 8.0 Oreo update by the end of the year. The former might get the...
  30. shashank1320

    Thread Discussion: Honor 6X- Android 8.0/ Oreo update

    Hi Guys, Just to share an update with you all, we had a meet up in Delhi last week with Honor/Huawei official team and when checked for official confirmation on Oreo update for Honor 6X, they confirmed that Honor 6X will receive Oreo update by end of this year or Jan 2018. Link to the post for...
  31. S

    Thread Honor 6X Official Update

    Hi, My Honor 6x, (BLN-L22C675B003) seems like running on a UK firmware - EMUI 4.1. The EMUI 5 update doesn't show up here. How can install the latest Indian official ROM?
  32. T

    Thread Model number variants - US and Berlin

    I have previously owned a 5x and now I just purchased a 6x. Looking through the forums, I am unsure of what is what with all the variants. I see recoveries that work with the "Berlin" variant. Is this the same as the US variant. Could somebody summarize the different types of Honor 6x and give...
  33. M

    Thread Build.Prop and Phone.Prop Files

    Guys can anyone please share me Build.Prop and Phone.Prop Files of Honor 6X If possible From all the EMUI versions
  34. iamROX

    Thread Heavy UI Lag after Update EMUI 5.0 Android 7.0

    Hello All, I recently bought Honor 6X India, it was perfectly smooth until I updated to EMUI 5.0 BLN - L22 C675 B320, It lags heavily like during scrolling, loading , Even I have to touch twice on screen for any kind of operation, most of the times it simply wont detect my first touch for any...
  35. cubano2031

    Thread Honor 6x - Gyroscope Constantly Shaking - VR is Messed Up!

    I just purchased new Honor 6x from BestBuy in US . I tried watching VR videos today with Aura VR headset. The video was constantly shaking. I tried to calibrate the gyroscope using a few apps I could find in the playstore but nothing helped. This is a great phone but gyroscope is really messed...
  36. S

    Thread Honor 6x Hangs in Nougat

    Honor 6x which i purchased a month back was absolutely working smooth in marshmallow. I did a update to Nougat Emui 5...mobile would work fine & very smooth for some hours after a reboot or clear ram frequently. If we dont clear ram/reboot & use it for more than a day....It just dont...hangs...
  37. R

    Thread Honor 6X B320 Nougat Update [India][BLN-L22]

    This is beta version & some bugs can be there Download first 2 files given below. 1. update.zip http://update.hicloud.com:8180/TDS/data/files/p3/s15/G1190/g79/v87044/f1/full/update.zip 2. update_data_full_BLN-L22_channel_in.zip...
  38. Wajira93

    Thread Huawei GR5 / Honor 6X stable Nougat update released

    A two-month delay for an expected updated is par for the course when it comes to receiving major updates from Google. Keeping true to fashion, the Android 7.0 Nougat update for Huawei’s Honor 6X was supposed to happen last March, but is now only rolling out this month to those in the US. Along...
  39. PaulR11

    Thread Official Android 7 EMUI 5.0 update started in Germany

    Today i got the notification for the ota update.:laugh: Honor also posted that on their official German Twitter page. The Version number is: BLN-L21C432B360 https://twitter.com/HonorGermany/status/858005156734140418
  40. Wajira93

    Thread New Update Available (BLL-L22C636B360)

    This update increases HiVoice's voice recognition speed and integrates Google security patches.
  41. I

    Thread Honor USA is accepting Beta testers

    Media link: http://www.androidcentral.com/honor-wants-few-brave-americans-beta-test-its-buggiest-software Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/notes/1000420460091526/Join%20Honor%20Beta/1003634449770127/ Online application form: http://eepurl.com/cIELCb Good luck and Enjoy!
  42. O

    Thread Guide: Huawei Rollback and firmware version change guide; Back TO BLN-L21C185

    To get to Andorid 7, I used Firmware finder method as send to updated and flashed "BLN-L21C432B342" Firmware finder send to update method. Most of the updated using from: http://hwmt.ru/oth/HWFF/info/view.php?find_model=bln but it does not have second update package which is needed to flash to...
  43. D

    Thread BLL-L22 OEMINFO AND CUSTOM.BIN needed

    Where can i get this bll l22 files for debrand my honor bln al10 China version?
  44. D

    Thread Do I get trouble buying the UK version of the phone while I'm not on the UK?

    So, the UK version of the Honor 6X has NFC while the others doesn't... I'm in Portugal, so would buying that version give me trouble? EG: Not shipping, ROM trouble, etc...
  45. XDARoni

    Thread Floating Video Player

    Floating Video Player I stumbled on a pretty nice feature in the default gallery app on my Honor 6X. When watching a video, tap the icon in the top right corner of your screen that looks like this. Your video will play as you are able to navigate your system or use other apps without being...
  46. XDARoni

    Thread Using Wide Aperature on the Honor 6X

    Using Wide Aperature on the Honor 6X Taking wide aperture photos can produce images with a shallow depth of field. Recommended for taking photos of people or objects within 2 meters. To use the wide aperture mode on the Honor 6X, select the shutter icon at the top of your screen in your camera...
  47. O

    Thread Need- Call recording on Honor 6x EMUI 4.1

    I have BLN-L21 and tried almost all apps for call recording but for some reason they wont work. 1. After searching I believe that Huawei has blocked call recording in some countries. (I purchased in Pakistan). > can I flash another region official stock rom to have this feature on my phone as...
  48. XDARoni

    Thread All Magazine Unlock Wallpapers

    Magazine Unlock Download every Magazine Unlock photo used for the lockscreen. http://imgur.com/a/PsyKd Recommended Photos Download every recommended photo that comes preloaded on the Honor 6X. http://imgur.com/a/As8A2
  49. XDARoni

    Thread All Camera Features on the Honor 6X

    All Camera Features on the Honor 6X Photo This is your basic photo mode where all of your settings are set to automatic. Pro Photo Pro Photos gives you manual control over W/B, AF, EV, S and ISO. Beauty Beauty mode will smooth out your imperfections by taking photos of every angle and...
  50. XDARoni

    Thread Close up photos of the Honor 6X

    Close up photos of the Honor 6X