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  1. Majid2000

    Thread [GUIDE] Downgrade from EMUI 9.1 to 8.0 for bootloader unlocking

    Hey guys. I was on EMUI which is the May 2020 security update and I wanted to unlock my bootloader which is only possible if you are on EMUI 8 with a security patch of June 2018 or below. There was no option in HiSuite to downgrade as well. I came across many users not able to...
  2. M

    Thread Updated to now dead slow

    Hello everyone, I installed the beta app to receive the beta Pie update but I didn't manage to enter in the first 200 places. Some days after, I received an update from the system menu: the Well, I updated it but it became dead slow. I don't understand if this update...
  3. xzyk

    Thread How do you update a Project Treble GSI image ?

    Hi friends, so there's a lot about installing gsi images on various phones that support project treble but i cannot find anything about how you update them. I installed OmniRom beta3, via fastboot, on my H9L and 3 days later they put out an update. The rom works fine and i set it up to my...
  4. rituraj_singh

    Thread Unlocking "Only LTE" mode in Honor 9 lite

    Hi friends, we all generally hate it when network automatically switches to the mode in which phone gets strong signal. I mean we really don't like when phone automatically switches to 3G or 2G mode from 4G when the signal of 4G is weak. Since there is no "Only LTE" mode in our device (Honor 9...
  5. rituraj_singh

    Thread Unlocking 0nly LTE Mode in Honor 9 lite

    Hi friends, check the development thread.
  6. VigneshS007

    Thread [Stock ROM][]Indian Firmware C675 [Unbrick][LLD-AL10]

    Here is the Full OTA of Indian Firmware for Honor 9 Lite. LLD-AL10 C675CUSTC675D1 Changelogs: Latest Download Link for [Check this Post] Latest Download Link for [Check this Post] Download Link for [Older...
  7. hamsam

    Thread Honor 9 Lite vs Nokia 6.1

    I been searching for a low-mid range phone and these are the two that i think could be worth buying in 180$ price tag but i couldn't decide between these two. Mainly i use phone for making calls,text messages and using other few internet apps (mainly messenger and whatsapp) and sometime for...
  8. VigneshS007

    Thread [Magisk Module][Port]Huawei P20 Pro Camera for Honor 9 Lite[Portrait & WA]

    Hello everyone, I am here to present you the Magisk Module of Huawei P20 Pro Camera ported for Honor 9 Lite(may support other Honor Devices too, test and tell). Go in this link for Main Thread Whats Working ? Portrait Mode Wide Aperture Mode Pro Mode Video Photo Whats Not Working...
  9. itsnotmeatall

    Thread [Q] Will Honor 9 lite bought in Germany work in India?

    Had to buy a phone in an emergency while on a trip in Germany when my previous phone got water damaged. Now the questions are: 1. Will this device work when I return to India? 2. What about service? Will warranty be valid? 3. Will I be able to get OTA updates? Can I change the firmware from...
  10. JamesBott

    Thread Honor 9 Lite TWRP 3.2.1-0 available

    Now (20180512) is TWRP for Honor 9 Lite WITH de-/en-cryption avalaible !!! :o https://forum.xda-developers.com/9-lite/development/recovery-twrp-3-2-1-0-t3789306/post76496923#post76496923 You can use with delivered encrypted "data"-partition My special thank's : Pretoriano80 for this good work ...
  11. xzyk

    Thread Information for UK customers

    I noticed that both Germany (upated to 127) and India (face unlock) have had updates but after talking on chat to the UK Honor rep there apparently is no information about any updates/features for UK customers. Additionally tried to register for club.hihonor.com and the 'Country/Region'...
  12. xzyk

    Thread Where is stock firmware for Honor 9 Lite ?

    I've searched everywhere but cannot locate where the stock firmware for our H9L is. I need a way of going back to stock including stock recovery. Firmware Finder doesn't have it. HiHonor site doesn't have it. Anyone know ?