1. D

    Thread [GUIDE] Huawei/Honor phone stops and starts charging every few seconds

    Hi, Firstly I want to mention that I am very new here on XDA and I dont know how to post a thread on two brands simultaneously if that's even possible. So, if you have a Huawei/Honor phone that stops charging for a split second but then starts again in a cycle with (for me ~36secs) inbetween...
  2. Z

    Thread 'Command not allowed' error occurs and bootloader locked despite "unlocking" it (Honor X6)

    I'm posting on here as no thread for Honor 6X exists. For context, I'm trying to root my Honor X6 (not 6X). My plan was to unlock its bootloader, flash a patched vbmeta image, fetch the boot partition to patch with Magisk, and flash the boot img to root it (no custom ROM or kernel as none exist...
  3. V

    Thread Question How to install Huawei apps

    Does anyone know how to install Huawei apps for any Honor device? I mean in particular Huawei Mobile Cloud where can I enable backup of my photos, files, documents, petal maps and so on? I was searching for an apk but there is none...
  4. tberma

    Thread SELinux cannot be permissive in the stock kernel of Honor 6X (Hi6250) and other kernels are unstable

    Stock kernel does not support Selinux Permissive └─$ adb shell :/ $ su :/ # setenforce 0 setenforce: Couldn't set enforcing status to '0': Invalid argument There is no /etc/selinux/config Tried to create the file /etc/selinux/config └─$ adb shell prague:/ # echo "SELINUX=permissive >...
  5. M

    Thread Question Honor Magic 4 pro not have appasistant or game mode :/

    --I changed my phone old huawei nova 5t to Honor magic 4 pro global version --Not found appasistant for global version in this new phone and some games especially golf clash so many lag, game turbo not used, after calling connection lost, notification not block when i play this game İ play this...
  6. D

    Thread [ROOT][LINEAGE OS 16] Openkirin rooting guide

    Hi, I've an FRD-L09 with Lineage OS 16 build 6, it all works correctly but I'm missing NFC. I've found this reddit post Quote: The only bug I encountered is NFC not working, but I fixed it by installing NFC4PRA Magisk module. Mind you, flashing Magisk on Oreo and higher requires you to modify...
  7. X

    Thread flash Honor 10 to Global rom for my China rom

    I want to convert my Honor 10 from China version to global version, will I use Hisuite proxy+hisuite to achieve the purpose? If not,how to do?
  8. muhammadbahaa2001

    Thread Where is bootloader unlock official method for recent Honor devices?

    After the Honor separated and sold by Huawei, isn't bootloader unlock official method for Honor devices still unavailable and won't it get back again? (For Honor devices which released after Honor separated and sold by Huawei)
  9. muhammadbahaa2001

    Thread How to keep or save dload firmware for Huawei after downloading from hisuite?

    I try to downgrade Huawei Y9 2019 JKM-LX1 from EMUI 9.1.0 to EMUI 9.0.1 so I can install custom GSI ROM, since EMUI 9.1.0 for Huawei Y9 2019 doesn't allow installing/booting custom ROMs. I know I can do that via Hisuite but unfortunatly there is dumbest thing by Huawei which instantly deletes...
  10. muhammadbahaa2001

    Thread Can I unpack Huawei firmware UPDATE.app, repack and flash it?

    Hi this might be the strangest request or question you will ever see but, can I unpack Huawei firmware UPDATE.app, repack it and flash it successfully (I know unpacking then repacking and flashing could cuse problems)? I want to unpack it becuase I want to change permission of system partitons...
  11. H

    Thread Huawei mediapad t1 8.0 hard brick

    Hello,I have a tablet Huawei t1-823l ,and all other similar device are fit. It has a msm8916 chip (qualcomm snapdragon 410) I have unlocked its bootloader I install lk2nd on it. it works well. It displays that secure boot is disabled,but i am not sure whether it means a unlocked bootloader or a...
  12. A

    Thread Honor 7x Phone Locked frp lock (Help Needed to restore phone)

    My phone got hanged on Honor blue screen if i go to rescue mode following message appears (screenshot attached): FASTBOOT & RESCUE MODE Please connect usb cable to your computer and open HiSuit Android reboot reaseon: Ap_S_ABNORMAL 64 no volumenkey_down_press_process_func PHONE Locked FRP Lock...
  13. muhammadbahaa2001

    Thread [QUESTION] Can we port GSI rom to any android device?

    Can we port any GSI rom to any android device? for example I want tp port GSI rom to Honor 6 Plus, Honor 6x, Huawei P8 Lite or any old android device.
  14. N

    Thread Honor 20e custom recovery and ROM

    Hello, I have Honor 20e phone for some time now and I recently set my mind on rooting it. I managed to get my bootloader unlocked with HCU tool but now I'm stuck because I can not find firmware or custom recovery so I could root it. If anyone has any information to share with me (some...
  15. S

    Thread Adding new standby watchfaces on honor magic watch 2

    Is there any way to install additional standby watchfaces in honor magic watch 2 ?
  16. Romarin90

    Thread Is it possible to activate the flash while filming on some devices?

    Hello :) , I would like to know if it is possible to turn on the flash while filming on some devices?
  17. Leonard917

    Thread Any help rooting Honor Play?

    Hey, newbie here, got a new phone and now I want to root my old honor play. I cannot find anything new online. Is it even possible now? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  18. E

    Thread [Theme][EMUI] OS 14 Theme for Huawei

    All new and latest designer theme with skins and experience of ios 14 styles. Its a light theme and works on all lower emui versions as well as emui 9.0, 9.1, 10.0, you can change your stock theme with this beautiful theme and give your phone a very new look by using Huawei themes. Download...
  19. jericho246

    Thread Question Is it possible to install Google services on CHINESE variant?

    So the Magic3 series is already available on sites like giztop, however in the description it always says "No Google play services". What does this mean exactly? From my experience, Chinese models of phones like Oppo or Vivo DO have GMS pre-installed, you just have to install the Play Store...
  20. m.obeid

    Thread Honor 6x ERROR Mode problem

    Hello, so I tried to update my Honor 6x (unlocked bootloader) to EMUI 8 and after twrp finished i installed Magisk too cuz I thought it works but now im always getting an ERROR MODE screen. Here is the error: ERROR MODE Attention! Please update system again Error! Func NO : 11 (recovery...
  21. N

    Thread I upgraded my Honor 8X (JSN-L21) to EMUI 10 and now its bricked please help

    hello guys I used the dload method to upgrade my Honor 8X (JSN-L21) to EMUI 10 and now the screen says "your device has loaded a different operating system" when I try to use dload method again to downgrade it back to EMUI 9.1.0 with USB download mode it keeps being stuck at 5% with...
  22. Kizoma

    Thread Phone will no longer vibrate

    Hello everyone, My phone doesn't vibrate anymore. It was working a few hours ago and now nothing. I have no haptic feedback, no vibration in vibrate mode. I tried to restart the phone and change some settings with no result. If you have any leads, thank you in advance
  23. rxlemes

    Thread Honor 5C - WiFi does not work and does not update

    I performed a hard reset on my Honor 5C phone, managed to install the Play Store via USB cable, but I can't connect to any Wi-Fi network, shows the following message: "password incorrect connection failed". Even putting any other password or trying a static IP. Mobile data (4g) works normally...
  24. epicAndroid08

    Thread I can't update from EMUI 5.0 to EMUI 8.0

    Hey guys, I sometimes think that my Honor 8 (FRD-L09) is the only one on the planet that didn't receive an update to Android 8.0 (Oreo). It said on the updates that it's the latest version. 🙄 Is there a way to update it? I don't want to use something in official or that may void warranty. P.S...
  25. S

    Thread Issues with Honor 6 Band

    Hi everyone, I just receaved my new honor 6 band but I've noticed it doesen't have 10 training programs (as it should have) but only 8. On top of that the remote shutter icon is missing as well. My phone is a Poco x3 with android 10. It seems like I'm the only one with this issue.
  26. A

    Thread Oh oh...

    Hello everybody. I solicit your help today to help me in Unbrick my Honor 7x (BND-L21). So, that's all I did (like a real monkey and I assume): - Open the phone and shorts testpoints to do Unlock the bootloader: Check ✅ - Installed a TWRP from hell that is not even specific to my phone, but...
  27. Z

    Thread Honor band 6 custom watch faces

    Mod edit: Closed as duplicate of https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/honor-band-6-custom-watch-faces.4235163/
  28. imsonu

    Thread Need EMUI 10.0.0 Contacts App for Honor 8X

    Hi Folks, Last month I was playing around with my Honor 8X, removing Stock Bloatware apps. and I ended up removing Stock Dailer app (which is itself a Part of Stock Contacts app). Can anyone provide the Stock Contacts App file? I miss the default UI and built-in Call recording feature with my...
  29. S

    Thread Honor View 10 - Downgrade to Android 9.0 ?

    Hello everyone. Planning on installing OpenKirin ROM on my BKL-L09, i have to downgrade to EMUI 9.0. Problem is HiSuite doesn't let me go lower than 9.1. I then wanna ask you guys if a downgrade on 9.0 was possible. Will the 2018 security patch make it impossible ? Is there a way even to do...
  30. S

    Thread Honor 6x Gaming Performance after Root

    Hi I have honor with locked bootloader and no root. I was wondering if there is any difference in Performance when playing PUBG after root. Please guide if it's worth it
  31. G

    Thread honor 9A MOA LX9N Google Play Service needed Magic UI

    honor 9A MOA LX9N Google Play Service needed Magic UI 3.1 please help me to solved this issue i tried lzplay and Googleflier not working in this device because this phone comes with Magic ui android 10
  32. P

    Thread Leak: Honor's new watch may called Honor Watch GS Pro - seems a sport/outdoor watch

    A leaker said in Weibo that a sport/outdoor watch will be released from Honor soon. From below leaked image, I guess the name should be Honor Watch GS Pro, and its function maybe very professional because you can see one guy is hiking, it may be not only designed as a smart watch, but also as...
  33. Tamil15

    Thread [HONOR 9A] FAQs - Get All Your Questions Answered!

    Hello HONOR Fans' I hope - All is Well with everyone ;) In this post - I'm going to share you all the FAQs of HONOR 9A! About HONOR 9A HONOR 9A is the latest affordable budget smartphone from Honor - powered by HMS (HUAWEI Mobile Services) & AppGallery | Petal Search Let's get going...
  34. P

    Thread [Wallpapers Share] HONOR 9A Wallpapers "Close to Nature", Download NOW!

    1. About this HONOR 9A Wallpapers Name: Close to Nature Wallpapers for HONOR 9A Size: 13.8 MB Format: .jpg Designer: Ayush from India Amount: 6 wallpapers from the download link Statement: Only for personal use, modification and commercial use is forbidden. 2. What does these HONOR 9A...
  35. Tamil15

    Thread [Theme Share] Dark High Tech Theme for HONOR 9A

    Hello HONOR Fans' In this post - I'm going to share you all a Dark High Tech for HONOR 9A/ Devices with EMUI 2.1 & 3.1 Features: + Themed System application + New Icons + New Wallpapers. + New layout to System UI Theme Screenshot Download Link...
  36. L

    Thread [Tips & Tricks] Phone Clone - The Fastest Way to Set Up Your New HONOR 9A!

    The transfer of data from your old device to your new Huawei phone is simple and incurs just a few steps. The use of Phone Clone can be achieved with both an iOS or Android phone and the instructions are exactly the same. Wi-Fi or a data connection is not needed. A simple QR code scan is all...
  37. C

    Thread [Discussion] The 9A Commandments: 9 reasons why the HONOR 9A offers incredible value!

    Often, things are too good to be true. However, in the case of the newly released HONOR 9A, this might just not be the case. At first glance, noticing that the HONOR 9A, with its incredibly battery-life, Ultra-wide Triple Camera and 6.3 inch Fullview Display, is available for only £129.99...
  38. C

    Thread [Unboxing] My First Impression of HONOR 9A - Midnight Black Color

    Received the Honor 9A yesterday in Midnight black and on first impressions very impressed. The box was nice with details of the phone on it. Inside the box there was a European plug and micro Usb charging cable, a set of earphones, the SIM tray removal pin and all the instruction manual and...
  39. Tamil15

    Thread [Theme Share] Dark Droplets Theme for HONOR 9A

    Hello HONOR Fans' In this post - I'm going to share you all a Dark Droplets Theme for HONOR 9A/ Devices with EMUI 2.1 & 3.1 Features: + Themed System application + New Icons + New Wallpapers. + New layout to System UI Theme Screenshot Download Link...
  40. C

    Thread [Review] Honor 9A, my thoughts on Tripple camera.

    I am provided this device as courtesy of Honor UK. I am going to express my thoughts and impression on Honor 9A. This is my personal and honest opinion of the device. Before I jump to photography aspect of the Honor 9A I would like to discuses some other aspect of this device. some of features...
  41. Tamil15

    Thread [Theme Share] Ice Cube Theme for HONOR 9A

    Hello HONOR Fans' In this post - I'm going to share you all a Ice Cube Theme for HONOR 9A/ Devices with EMUI 2.1 & 3.1 Features: + Themed System application + New Icons + New Wallpapers. + New layout to System UI Theme Screenshot Download Link...
  42. Tamil15

    Thread How can I easily install the frequently used Apps on HONOR 9A?

    As the second smartphone pre-installed with Huawei AppGallery, rather than Google Play store, HONOR 9A was launched globally at the price of 149.9€ on June 23, 2020. Even though its price is just at the entry-level, this phone comes with a 6.3-inch FullView Display, a 5000mAh battery, 13MP...
  43. C

    Thread [News] Honor 9A - An entry level phone with everything you need

    HONOR has long been the go-to mobile brand for those who want a unique phone packed with flagship features, without paying more. The HONOR 9A is its latest masterpiece. Modern and stylish, it's the phone for those who want more, without paying more. Where a lot of entry level phones struggle to...
  44. P

    Thread [Geek Lab] What is NFC? Where can I find it on HONOR 9A?

    NFC has become a standard feature in mid-range and high-end smartphones, but it may sound more like a cool novelty than something you'd actually use. However, the more you learn about NFC, the more you'll be drawn to using it in daily life. That realization has inspired me to write a bit on...
  45. P

    Thread [Geek Lab] Why Do Entry Level Phones Possess Larger Battery than High-end Models?

    Battery life is a major factor when determining which phone to purchase. Most of us are glued to our phone screen for hours on end, and today's all-powerful apps are more power-hungry than ever – so a lengthy battery is simply a must. However, you may have noticed that many high-end expensive...
  46. P

    Thread [Unboxing] Honor 9A Unboxing and First Impressions - Big Battery Big Rewards

    I saw an excellent unboxing video of HONOR 9A from "Dave the Phone Guy" and share it here. If you're interested in this phone, you can check this video before you buy it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atAKRKLi7nk
  47. N

    Thread [Wallpaper] Download High Quality Art Wallpapers for HONOR 9A and Other HONOR Phones

    1. About the Wallpaper Name: High Quality Art Wallpapers Size: 39 MB Format: .jpg Designer: KAZED Amount: 9 wallpapers from the download link Statement: Only for personal use, modification and commercial use is forbidden. 2. What the wallpapers are like when applied on HONOR 9A? 3. Download...
  48. E

    Thread [ThemeShare][Custom Fonts] Latest and Trending Fonts for Huawei

    Get to style your phone with latest and trending fonts, new and trending fonts are awaiting to style your phone with this beautifully design Font Manager. If you are looking for more fonts collection, this font manger will definitely rock your phone Download Link: https://bit.ly/30e5VIl
  49. Tamil15

    Thread [EMUI Update] July Security Patch based on EMUI 10.1 is rolling out | Chinese Variant

    Hello everyone As title says - Yes! New update is rolling out to HONOR 9X Pro (Chinese Variant) based on EMUI 10.1 with the download size of 708 MB Prerequisites: + Update your HONOR 9X Pro to the latest version | EMUI 10.1 + Update the Support (HiCare) App to the...
  50. Tamil15

    Thread [Theme Share] Dark Forest Theme for HONOR 9A

    Hello HONOR Fans' In this post - I'm going to share you all a Dark Forest Theme for HONOR 9A/ Devices with EMUI 2.1 & 3.1 Features: + Themed System application + New Icons + New Wallpapers. + New layout to System UI Theme Screenshot Download Link...