1. fioan89

    Thread Change Honda HR-V android media console from HOST to DEVICE mode

    I've already asked this question on a different thread, but it seems to be dead - does anyone know how to change the USB from HOST to DEVICE mode, like in this video? I have a 2017 European HR-V model, and I managed to get to the Developer dialog screen by pressing "Menu + Brightness + Power"...
  2. U

    Thread Teamviewer Host Samsung Addon - Can't install

    Dears, I have Teamviewer Host, an app that, with no attendance, allows to remotely control a device. Well, on Samsung, it requires an Addon that is installed automatically on 1st run. Well, the addon fails to start from play store or apk. Here's the related log: 01-20 12:16:33.449 W/Finsky...
  3. R

    Thread USB host issues

    I have a bunch of USB drives as one does and most are formatted in fat32. I have the official Samsung otg adaptor that comes with note 9 and i plug in the NTFS USB and it says it needs to format. This is expected. I plug in a fat32 drive and it opens up nicely and i can view and edit content on...
  4. MrElectrifyer

    Thread How do I Import "ipfilter.dat" File Into AdAway?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for an IPFilter application for torrenting on Android, and so far, AdAway appears to be the solution. However, I can't seem to figure out how to import an IPFilter.dat file into it. I've tried changing the extension to .txt, but it still didn't get imported into AdAway...
  5. E

    Thread USB-C Dock with HDMI out and "normal" aka Slave USB in, NOT OTG ?

    Hi, i have an USB-C "Dock" cable that offers: -HDMI Out -USB-C in ONLY for charging -USB-A to plug in OTG devices like USB Stick That is quite normal if you use the Dock on an Apple Notebook. BUT i use it on my Huawei P20 Pro, i would like to have USB slave Interface, not OTG as i want to be...
  6. spotopolis

    Thread FYI DriveDroid working on Stock (rooted w/ Magisk) OOS 4.5.1

    I have DriveDroid working on my OP3T as of last night and I am able to boot Legacy/UEFI .ISOs and .IMG files in CD-Rom and USB host modes. I have the paid version and had to enable the beta program in the PlayStore to get the current DriveDroid release. I installed the latest Dorimanx PWR CORE...
  7. pi4a7a

    Thread Q: /RQ:

    Whats the best adblocking host file you've ever used for Mi5 (or any device) You can share a magisk module if that worked for you, tried a bunch but none worked thanks.
  8. saurabh2310

    Thread USB OTG not working anymore

    Hi, USB OTG functionality has stopped working on my 3T. I was on OOS 4.1.6 when it was working. Then i moved to Open Beta 10. After that it had stopped working, Here is what i have tried so far : Considering it a bug of open beta, i moved back to OOS 4.1.6. But to my shock, it was still not...
  9. B

    Thread How can I disable OTG Power?

    Question 1:I am looking on how to disable my rooted noted 4 from charging the slave device when connected via OTG. I have a USB Dac connected to the phone via OTG and want to programatically turn charging of said device on and off. The few google results have not been helpful as it seems to be...
  10. H

    Thread [ROOT] Useful filter lists for AdAway to protect against malware and ransomware

    Enjoy! Adware (from Adblock Plus) Anti-PopAds (from Adblock Plus) Youtube annoyances Malware...
  11. P

    Thread [HELP] Update host file from Github with script

    Hey Guys :) I want to make a script, that updates my host file directly from Github. But I have a problem with the download and the host file is blank.!/system/bin/sh echo "starting..." mount -o rw,remount /system cd /etc mv hosts.blocked hosts.blocked.bak curl -k...
  12. ThePeerlessFennecFox

    Thread No Internet connection possible (Wifi or mobile) after the deinstallation of AdAway

    Hello XDA Assist Team, A few days ago I installed AdAway (via F-Droid) to increase mobile surfing speed. Now I got the problem that while using Wifi, suddenly every app had a 10-15 seconds delay before actually starting to download/ starting to load the web page etc. Once "getting a firm grip"...
  13. D

    Thread [Q] USB OTG Support?

    I've searched everywhere online and i'm getting conflicting results, so I was wondering if anyone who has one can confirm if the idol 3 5.5" has USB Host or On-The-Go (OTG) capabilities. Thank you very much.
  14. S

    Thread Android File Host. My Website to collect every file for every phone and tablet.

    Hello, Ive coded a website to get a file or more files for every phone. its hard on xda to get a overview for what is there and what can i do with this. or for dev's or customer who know how something work but dont want to search every thread for a file ( like cwm, twrp, tweaks, or smth like...
  15. N

    Thread [NSTG][Kernel] Multitouch/USB Host Kernel

    Just for future reference, here is the uImage and uRamdisk which will enable multitouch and USB host mode on the NSTG with firmware 1.2.1. Please note that I did not make these files, I have just posted them here together for easy access. Also, make sure to back up your current uImage and...
  16. freqfreq

    Thread [Q] Tablet for car use - smooth mkv, usb otg + hdmi out?

    Hi, I am looking for tablet to use in my car - I want it to be a multimedia device used for playing audio /or/+/ video (outputting it to rear-seat monitors as well), being ready for usb stick connection anytime and have dvb-t tuner connected 24/7. Now after a long search I cannot really find a...
  17. Rebelj12a

    Thread [WORKING][USBOTG][STOCK] - Atrix 2 USB OTG Host Mode and USB Accessory acquisition

    04/11/2014 - 01:41AM - Central Time USB OTG does work on the Motorola Atrix 2. I post this because there are no defining topics listing all the requirements and caveats of making this work currently as of the date. Just alot of help topics to sift through. I got a little obsessive in my...
  18. Rebelj12a

    Thread [Q] USB OTG Mount JNI errors

    Ok not your usual thread. Have the USB OTG Y cable, drive is getting power, tried using a usb hub as well for testing to see if that made a difference (a forum topic seemed to indicated it did) got the same results.. The drive is recognized by the device in dmesg logs, however on the android...
  19. F

    Thread To all ROM Developers

    Hi, I own a filehost called and I am also long time member of xda . Well I am here to offer all the ROM Dev with huge space on my file host and also they can use it for sharing in their threads. Whats the benefit ? 1) You get API to upload. 2) Your files will be ad free and...
  20. eduds

    Thread [Q] Can't use mobile data - IP addr not reachable android

    Hello, guys. After I flash the OmniROM (build of 03/12) my device can't connect to internet using mobile data. I think it's not an EFS problem because the device's IMEI is OK, I can make/receive calls and send/receive SMS. I restored a backup of EFS but the problem persists. Already flash...
  21. wilzard

    Thread [Q] More than 2 devices connected to hotspot.

    On my wife's and my own Galaxy s4 running FreeGS4 v2.0 ROM - the hotspot works via menu, I have a toggle widget for it that works too. I can connect up with multiple devices to either phone... But neither phone will allow more than 2 devices to connect at any one time. I went into the LAN...
  22. M

    Thread Shopkick hostname for whitelist?

    The latest host files for adaway & adfree both block the functionality of shopkick from working. I'm wondering if anyone here might know the proper URL/hostname that shopkick uses so I can add it to the whitelist? I did a manual search in all the host file and check xda & even adaway's google...
  23. Y

    Thread [Q] Usb Hosting

    i'm using V10i-VDF-RO-DEC-03-2012 and there is no usb hosting available. is there o way to change this ?, or can someone with a custom rom confirm that usb hosting is available ? i would like to use it as a remote with time laps on my Canon .
  24. K

    Thread Battery Powered USB Hub

    The usb OTG allows to connect devices to the Note 10.1 but some devices require higher power, that looks like they work if connected to a powered usb hub! Does anyone know os any battery powered usb hub so it is possible to connect to high power devices without a wall plug nearby! The only...
  25. U

    Thread Usb OTG with Usb hub

    I've bought an USB host wire and an USB hub as I've seen that these were necessary to plug usb devices to the motorola atrix but it doesn't works. Devices are powered but the phone doesn't recognise them (even for the usb drives...) Does someone know how to make it work, do I have to mod the...
  26. shardul_seth

    Thread [APP] USB OTG Helper v6 on Galaxy Note [root]

    I bought a SGN last week :) I just wanted to share my app with the Note community. USB OTG HELPER It enables mounting of USB drives via OTG cable - as easy as pressing a button. But why use this app, when SGN already has partial automatic mounting capability? Because you get much more...
  27. N

    Thread [Q] USB Host on WP?

    Any chance for getting USB Host Mode (atleast Flash drives) for Windows Phone 7 or 7.5 or even Tango based Phones? [I am actually using an LG quantum running on Mango 7720.(planning to shift to Lumia 710...)]
  28. Core Memory

    Thread [Q] Su660 ICS USB Host and/or Android Open Accessory capability?

    Has anyone determined if the SU660 ICS has On The Go/OTG USB Host mode and/or Android Open Accessory/AOA enabled? If you have tested that capability, please post your discoveries in this thread.
  29. neo31337x

    Thread USB OTG or USB HOST ?

    Hi guys, anyone knows if there is development running to make our One X's able to use OTG or HOST? If yes please specify how if no maybe there is a need for testers which i will get evolved happily. Thanx in advance guys
  30. webDeWo

    Thread USB host doesn't work

    Guys, I bought a USB OTG cable today. Nothing special, but my GNexus doesn't want to work with me. No matter what I connect - USB mouse, keyboard, flash drive [w/ StickMount by Chainfire] - Nexus doesn't recognize it. Tried wiping and reflashing my ROM (CM10, today's nightly) but it doesn't...
  31. redoano

    Thread [GUIDE]How to make otg cable with external power connector

    HOW TO MAKE USB OTG CABLE WITH AN EXTERNAL USB POWER SUPPLY for those who cannot find such a cable in their country(like me) You need a kernel with USB OTG support. SebastianFM's kernel, here The Micro Usb connector has 5 pins inside. In standard data cables that comes with the phone, only 4...
  32. T

    Thread Who can develop core with USB-HOST support for i8160 Ace 2

    Who can develop core with USB-HOST support for i8160 Ace 2 ??
  33. Knucklessg1

    Thread USB Host adapter

    Would this work with our Sensations? Its a pretty generic wire!
  34. tip2tail

    Thread [MIRROR] Free DHD Mirror/Website Hosting on my server

    Not a scam, not a con No ads, just a fast 1and1 PHP server with unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth. I'm a DHD user and want to do my bit to thank the developer community. The server is barely used so I would consider it a donation if any devs out there would like to use it. Please...
  35. M

    Thread [Q] WiFi hotspot as server?

    I want to be able to switch on my WiFi hotspot, connect a laptop to it, and move data to and from the phone's storage as if the phone was acting as a server. Is this at all possible? Essentially I want to use the phone as a portable server for computers that I service in the home for clients. I...
  36. Cyb0rgz

    Thread [Q] Does HTC Incredible S Supports USB Host after ICS 4.0 update?

    Does HTC Incredible S support USB Host mode to connect key board, Pendrive after the update of Android 4.0? Have read that Android 4.0 combines the feature of Android 3.0 - HoneyComb which has support for USB Host.
  37. S

    Thread How to use USB Host without an HD Dock (Updated 11/7/12)

    In light of the EOL status of the Bionic, this method may no longer be the most cost effective, as the HD dock is now $24 on Amazon, before shipping. Still, this is a cheap way to use usb devices away from a tv or monitor. Please keep all of this in mind before considering this option. Many...
  38. homeworlder

    Thread [DL HOST] Free filehosting /w ∞ Bandwidth & HDD space !

    So, i've found out that due to the closing of multiple file hosting, i've decided to use my website for free file hosting for you guys (developers) by FTP. All you need to do is PM me with a desired name and password. Also, donations are gladly accepted, as websites aren't free :D (Note that...
  39. sztupy

    Thread [KERNEL][ICS-CM9] USB Host mode (OTG) driver for Captivate [BUILD 5]

    USB Host mode driver for Samsung Captivate Also available on the Samsung Galaxy S and Nexus S (main post and more info at the SGS dev site) Disclaimer: This kernel will enable some very early, and rough usb OTG support for your phone. Currently the phone DOES NOT give out power, so you NEED...
  40. sztupy

    Thread [KERNEL][ICS-CM9 or JVU] USB Host mode (OTG) driver for SGS i9000 [BUILD 5]

    USB Host mode driver for Samsung Galaxy S (i9000) Also available on the Samsung Captivate and Nexus S Vibrant and i9000B builds are avialable in some onecosmic kernels Disclaimer: This kernel will enable some very early, and rough usb OTG support for your phone. Currently the phone DOES NOT...
  41. J

    Thread [Q] USB Host Mode on Gingerbread 407?

    Does anyone know if USB host mode is enabled under the official Dell release of Gingerbread 407 ROM? Thanks! Jamie
  42. V

    Thread [Q] Honeycomb: USB Host On View Now Supported?

    Since many of us plan to upgrade to a Honeycomb release, we may be interested in the USB host feature. This brings up the question of the HTC 12pin micro USB port. Question: If we can use a standard micro USB for typical data transfer purposes, can we also use the standard 5pin micro USB...
  43. M

    Thread USB API (host mode)

    Hi, During the last two weeks I've been trying to do some simple USB communication using my Xoom (MZ601) as USB host. This have proven to be harder than I expected and my latest theory is that the USB API not activated on my tablet. My simplest test app just tries to enumerate USB devices and...
  44. danuzor

    Thread [Q] USB Device?

    Has anyone with 2.3.4 installed on tried using usb mouse or keyboard? Even usb flash drives? The 2.3.4 haves USB Host and Accessory Modes that theoretically allows that kind of things. You also need a microUSB to USB adaptor but you can make it if you have two spare cables. I am developing apps...
  45. lucidcoin20

    Thread [Q] Use TF as host for ipod transfer?

    I jus picked up my transformer yeterday (with the keboard dock) because I thought it could be used as a USB host and it DOES work well for removable storage,however the only thing I think I would like istto be able to sync music FROM the TF to my ipod. I know that's probably asking too much but...
  46. D

    Thread [Q] USB Host mode

    Does anyone know what ROMs for G2x support USB host mode and how to enable it? I'm running a pretty recent CM7 nightly but it doesn't seem to work.
  47. nexus2515

    Thread [Q] OTG possible without the live dock ???

    hi everyone, i was about to buy XPeria Neo, but while surfing the net, i got to know that with 2.3.4 update, one can get USB-OTG feature via live dock.. Now the question is that CAN we USE the OTG feature with the normal host cable and without any external power supply ?? the users who are on...
  48. Flossn

    Thread [Q] Usb Host mode doesn't work

    Hey Guys I'm using my i9100 for a while now so when i bought it the usb host mode worked perfectly without any issues but lately after I flashed cyanogen rom, back to stock 2.3.4 (kh3) and nimphetamine 2.1.3 it's not workin anymore. I tried 3 different cables, one of them should flash a light...
  49. A

    Thread [Q] Live DOCK USB Accessory Development

    Hello, I want to use the Live DOCK to connect to my USB Accessory which cannot act as a host. What I am thinking is there are two female USB Ports on the back of LIVE DOCK. So if I connect power on one port and my USB Accessory on the other port will the device start charging without...
  50. P

    Thread [Q] Usb Host?

    How would I go about obtaining a cable that is a male micro usb on one end, and a female full size usb on the other? I wanna connect a usb keyboard to my HP Touchpad, and I read an article saying that the TP has usb host support, I just need the cable.