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  1. B

    Thread Help root generic android head unit

    I would like to root my head unit but all the attempts have not worked when i run the adb root it says the device is already running root but ive tried pushing su but no dice when i check wirh root checker it says root not properly installed. i know im doing something wrong but idk what it is...
  2. K

    Thread Is there a way to root Mi Note 10?

    Hi, I can not find a guide on how to root the phone. Am I missing something or is there no way to root it? There is a thread about Magisk but ...
  3. BadCluster

    Thread How to Root - Lenovo Z5 PRO

    --------------------------------> DISCLAIMER <------------------------------------ Premise: The root is a relatively risky operation. Premise 2: It will not be possible to apply the updates O(n)T(he)A(ir) that the phone manufacturer could release in the future Premise 3: You MUST have...
  4. Laelson

    Thread [RECOVERY] TWRP to Blu Grand M

    In attempting to get root on this device, no method I tried had worked. So my idea was to do a custom recovery twrp to try to install SuperSU update through it. If anyone can install twrp or root, be sure to tell them here for everyone to get. I created the Grand M group on the telegram for...
  5. shah55555

    Thread {HELP} How i ROOT my ZTE (Small Fresh 4) BV0701 & How i install google play services

    {HELP} How i ROOT my ZTE (Small Fresh 4) BV0701 & How i install google play services 1. How i ROOT my ZTE (Small Fresh 4) BV0701. 2. i have new zte bv0701 also called ZTE Small Fresh 4 and i dont have google play services (google play store and others) please help me how to install these in it.
  6. Gautam Maini

    Thread [ROOT][WATER 7][HOW TO] Lyf Water 7 LS-5504

    This Method Is For Rooting Lyf Water 7 i.e LS-5504 #Big Thanks To XDA and ME Proceed At Your Own Risk I m Not Responsible For Any Damage To your Phone To Begin Root Process First : Enable USB Debugging In Developer Options In Settings *If U Dont see Developer Options Then Goto About Device In...
  7. Sajeevkaif

    Thread [Completed] How to root micromax canvas blaze q400

    help, how to root micromax canvas blaze q400 mobile :confused:
  8. deej_roamer

    Thread [Root][Moto E][Guide HowTo]How to root Moto E [Condor][Noob Friendly]

    I will update the method as and when newer methods are available! So confirmed Root is here presented by cybojenix I am making the thread only for making it Noob friendly, and making the instructions bit more detailed! All credit goes to cybojenix DISCLAIMER: #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* *...
  9. arnookie

    Thread Full guide :- How to root CX 919 II Tv Stick

    How to root the CX 919 II Tv stick link for software here should work on any "CX-919" device / TVstick 1. plugin cx-919 II with usb-cable on "usb" to usb-slot on computer and wait for detection as "cx-919". 2. a new device detected, called "cx-919"...
  10. R

    Thread Root Samsung Galaxy S5 ALL VERSIONS STEP BY STEP GUIDE !!

    Root Samsung Galaxy S5 ALL VERSIONS STEP BY STEP GUIDE !! 1.Root Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900H (International Exynos) 2.Root Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900M (Middle and South America)...
  11. su_haris

    Thread [GUIDE]How to root&unroot(almost) ANY Android Devices[Using one-click Root Softwares]

    [GUIDE]How to root&unroot(almost) ANY Android Devices[Using one-click Root Softwares] Hey there, This thread contains some common methods and tools which can be used to root your Andoid Device! I do not take any credits for this and I didn't make them either, but I am posting this so that you...
  12. xxXismakillXxx

    Thread This is how to root any denver tablet! 3 Easy steps!

    Yesterday i just found out on how to root any denver tablet easy in 3 steps 1. Download superuser 2. Update your su binary 3. ??? Profit Link:
  13. kamiar1

    Thread [Q] how to root Xperia t v9.1.A.0.492

    I have Xperia t and my build number is 9.1.A.0.492 I flashed doomlord's kernel v5. now I have recovery and superuser. but it's not rooted and I don't have root permission!!!(how is it possible!!!) how can I root my precious?( that's how I call my Xperia:) )
  14. TheSmokingAndroid

    Thread [Video Guide] My Super User Friendly Nexus 4 Root Guide

    Hey everyone. Some of you may know me from my YouTube channel ;) Well, i noticed that there a lot of video guides on YouTube that still seem a bit overwhelming for the beginner rooter / first timer. So, using mskips Nexus 4 Toolkit v1.3 i decided to put together a video that is a bit longer...
  15. Sachintha chaminda

    Thread How to root vodafone 858( u8160 ) /huawei u8180

    Just visit this blog you can find the answer
  16. V

    Thread How To Root,Running ICS

    I have question,How to root tablet who has Official ICS on it,i tried setting up cwm and then instaling zip,superuser icon showed up in app list,but when it comes to allowing accsess for other apps they say theres no root¡!
  17. BigBearEvo

    Thread [TUT] HTC Unlock/Recovery/Rooting *Noobs*

    The Ultimate guide on how to do everything for noobs Anyone taking these steps please be aware, you do this as your own choice/Risk....If you have anything important on your phone, back it up right now before you everything will be wiped by the bootloader unlock! Bootloader...
  18. samcaplat

    Thread How to Root the HTC Desire HD

    This thread is dedicated to helping you root your HTC Desire HD. Video zY8TFZ2Owk0 Resources Advanced Ace Hack Kit: It is extremely important you read the AAHK thread and documentation in full. Any support questions on this thread will...
  19. samcaplat

    Thread How to Root the ASUS Transformer

    This thread is dedicated to helping you root your ASUS Transformer. Either method may not work if you are using a device with serial number 'B70' or above. If you have updated your Transformer to using the latest OTA, please install the downgrade-fix below,, to successfully...
  20. R

    Thread [Q] Hey! :)

    Hey, first post, but not totaly new to XDA :p .. iv been searching around alot on the internett, hoping to find a nice guide about how to ROOT my HTC desire HD. no luck finding any ( found superoneclick but didnt work). So was wondering, anyone here that could give me a guide how to root my...
  21. Nickel3ack

    Thread [GUIDE] Root & Unlock the Bootloader of Your Atrix (AT&T)

    I decided to put together a nice, straightforward tutorial on how to root and unlock your device. I have recently joined the Android scene myself, and the XDA forums have been invaluable to my learning process. I did hit a few brick walls in the process (and nearly bricked my phone as well)...
  22. T

    Thread [Q] How do i root my i9000 with 2.2.1

    Hey everyone, i recently purchased a sgs i9000 and i really want to root it, i have read a lot about rooting (including reading threads on this site) and i am still a bit unsure. Here are some details about my phone: Model number: GT-I9000 Firmware version: 2.2.1 Baseband version: I9000BVJP4...
  23. S

    Thread [Q] Starting from Stock ED1

    Hi all, new to posting but a long time lurker. I have read nearly every post and am left with some basic questions regarding the Charge. I have successfully rooted/rom'ed/kernel'ed a G1 and a G Tab in the past, and I feel like I had some idea of what was going on with those devices and...
  24. J

    Thread [Q] help on how i can root my gtab (i have never rooted before)

    hello guys i really want to root my gtab but i need some serious help lol am a newbee. so can someone please explain me step by step on how to do it(in the most simply way). i really want to have the android market on my tab, and live wallpaper, and all of that good stuff. thank you for your time :)