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htc explorer

  1. E

    Thread [ROM][SENSE 4.1][4.0.4][ALLONNAND] Super Sense 5 lite Build #1

    SUPER SENSE 5 lite Build #1 HTC Sense 4.1 is ported by cuteprince and Themed by Kirmaniarslan. Stripped Down by me. Its based on ICS 4.0.4 with HTC Sense 4.1 and Exderoid Sense 5. This is a complete daily usage rom...
  2. R

    Thread [ROM] (TESTERS NEEDED) [EDIT] MiniEdit for HTC Explorer (Pico)

    THIS IS VERSION-1! V2 RELEASED! TESTERS NEEDED! This rom is snapshot and not tested now (PLEASE TEST) !
  3. MSF Jarvis

    Thread [GUIDE][ROOT][EXT][MOUNTS2SD]Increasing Internal Memory of HTC Explorer

    In continuation of sabaatworld's Mounts2SD guide I now present the remaining part of it, The MOUNTS2SD app tutorial Prerequisites: A HTC Explorer...(of Course):laugh::laugh: Root Access Mounts2SD-3.4.8-unlocked.apk from here Patience Obedience Now Let's Begin... Install and Open the...
  4. A

    Thread [Q] htc explorer stuck at htc logo :'(

    hello. i have htc explorer. when i turned on phone it shows htc logo in white screen . then after 5 seconds it turned of by vibrating and then again turned on(loop continue). when i boot into bootloader ( volume down+ power) it shows fastboot and hboot . like normal . when i choose recovery . it...
  5. mrchezco1995

    Thread [MOD] Use HDPI/ XHDPI Themes on HTC Explorer [KK]

    It's basically ngoralph 's patch but I repack this one for KitKat/CM11... Do not flash this on JB/ICS roms... Credits to original dev of this mod... You can download it here: Themes_Patch_for_CM11_MDPI.zip And by the way, it's ART compatible :D . Here's some screenshot so you can see it...
  6. mrchezco1995

    Thread [Tutorial] How to Fix your Pico's Headphone Socket

    Getting audio cuts, left or right channel always disconnects, audio distortion, or headphones not working at all? Well your Pico's headphone socket is loose. Solders on the headphone socket are somehow, cracked or just got detached from the board. Here's how to fix it... DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT...
  7. S

    Thread [Q] How to Sign .IMG

    I created a custom splash screen for by HTC Explorer A310e Whenever I flash it I'm getting Signature Error [FAILED] status :crying: Please reply me fast I'm in need
  8. mrchezco1995

    Thread [#PROTIP][Tweaks] Get more free Available RAM and Improve your Pico's performance :D

    Want more free available ram on Pico and Improve it's performance? Here's some tips... - Use scripts that can enhance phone performance. I'm using Fly-On Mod, Pure performances, and crossbreeder - Use Pimp My Rom and apply the tweaks best for you according to your taste. - Give your Pico some...
  9. mrchezco1995

    Thread [MOD][SOUNDMOD] Dolby Digital Plus Audio for Pico

  10. kirmaniarslan

    Thread [DEV][ROM][ION][JB 4.1.2][JZO54K] - Visionary Sense 5 - | BETA 3 | 15/02/2014 |

    Hello Guys , This is my port of Sense 5 from Desire 600/300 to HTC Explorer This is a complete stock Rom ported from system dump of desire 600/500 . I will Specially Thanks To cute_prince for his ION kernel Sharing Policy :- -------------------- #include /* *...
  11. mrchezco1995

    Thread [MOD][SOUNDMOD] Huawei G510 SoundFX files for Pico

    Sound libs from Huawei G510, works on HTC Explorer. Since G510 has DTS, expect some big sound changes :))) . This is not a flashable zip... Just extract the file and put them on their right places.... Set all permissions to rw-r--r-- Delete all files at /system/lib/soundfx and replace them...
  12. v_superuser

    Thread [ROM][PORT][4.1.2] Speed Droid for HTC Explorer/Pico [BUILD#2][20.8.13]

    Speed Droid for Pico[Build#2 Uploaded] Hey, Today I am going to present you an awesome Jelly Bean CM10 based custom ROM. WHAT WORKS Everything till now. WHAT DOESN'T WORKS Everything works for daily use. Other bugs : YOU TELL :D :D What's new Added transparency in the status bar Added new...
  13. T

    Thread [Help] Top roms on HTC Explorer

    hey guys :D how are you all doing? I compiled a few roms in this article.. you can read it!! MOD EDIT: Link Removed Developers you can ask me to feature your rom in the article too :D
  14. A

    Thread [Q]unpartition sd ext on sd card

    how can i safely unpartition my sdcard? i just found this sd card . i dont know what class this sdcard is , i guess its around class 4 or 6 :confused:
  15. mrchezco1995

    Thread New OC Kernel for Pico, Working for you or getting bootloops?

    Ok let's have a lil' conversation here. About the new OC method for newer kernels by cute_prince, most pico's got it working either you have a class 4 sdcard or even faster than class 10 like uhs-1. Some pico's like mine, the new OC kernel wont work and it keeps bootlooping even you have a...
  16. mrchezco1995

    Thread [ROM][CM7][PORT][EXPERIMENTAL] Lewa OS [JUNE 03, 2013]

    I would like to Introduce, Lewa OS for Pico :D What Works: -Boots -Sounds -Music -RIL -Messaging -SD Card Mounts -WiFi -Bluetooth -Night Mode Screen (Like CF3D) -LIQUID SMOOTH :D -SD-EXT Mount out from the box -Almost Everything What Doesn't Work: -CM7 Bugs like Camera and Video playback...
  17. 7alvi

    Thread [SlimBean] | [Unofficial] | [4.1.2] | [4.2 ] | [4.3] | [18/9] | Update!

    4.1.2 What's Working: Everything which isn't in 'Not Working' Section. What's Not Working: Navbar settings 4.1.2 bugs 4.2.2 What's Working: Everything which isn't in 'Not Working' Section. What's Not Working: Only 4.2.2 bugs Screenshots:: 4.3 What's Working: Everything which...
  18. Rishik999

    Thread [Request]HTC Explorer High Activity Device

    Hello mods & admin .. I have a request to make HTC Explorer a high activity device! We have almost every development ! ROM's to Recovery..Since GB to JB/4.2 ! So why is it still considered as a low activity device:confused: I have already PM'ed one of our thread mod ..named Jotha! Admins...
  19. <CyberAnarchy>

    Thread [BUILD#3][JB]Touchwiz 5 S4 nature ux for htc explorer

    TOUCHWIZ 5 NATURE UX So far this rom has only 2 minor bugs .The is cm10 based. Its completely very stable. Wallpapers are included, but the default one is nowhere to be found. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR PHONE.DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK.ALTHOUGH,I WILL HELP YOU TO FIX YOUR PHONE...
  20. BleedingIris

    Thread 🔥 READ ME FIRST [FAQ][HTC][PICO/EXPLORER][a310e]🔥

    "Those, who fail to read history are bound to repeat its mistakes" People here have and did and will fail to read the things here and many did and many probably will have to lose their devices. You don't have to lose a device to get knowledge inbetween your ears.You don't have to be stupid...
  21. IronFistYo

    Thread Vibration stopped on hTC explorer..

    Hi... My phone's vibration is not working at all... I am rooted and installed NExtGen v1.5 ROM with yannou's Kernel... It was running nicely for 5-6 days... What i did and my observations- 1.) I tried reflashing the rom but nothing happened... 2.) I can hear a very very low tik-tik sound on...
  22. bid4sumit

    Thread [boot animation] [ batman]

    BOOT ANIMATION CREATED BY EXTRACTING CLIP FROM "The Dark Knight Rises" Q-g3bEOPO5M Download Link Here-> http://www.mediafire.com/?c4g3fn14cuq7wkw only for cm9/cm10 based rom copy bootanimation .zip to system/media/"here

    Thread Battery Problem

    I have explorer from about 10 months and my use is Hardcore! and i really mean that so many times Ive put my phone on charge on for 5-6 hours many times and even after being fully charged for 2-3 hours.and I think it got overcharged, everything was fine from 9 months but now Ive started to have...

    Thread [Q] Battery % changes when I reboot

    I have explorer from about 10 months and my use is Hardcore! and i really mean that so many times Ive put my phone on charge on for 5-6 hours many times and even after being fully charged for 2-3 hours.and I think it got overcharged, everything was fine from 9 months but now Ive started to have...
  25. Neel.Aryan

    Thread [Q] Data cable worn out

    It's been just two months i bought myself a HTC Explorer device (great device, satisfies my needs pretty well :good:). But lately, i started noticing that the usb data cable (provided in the box) has started to lose it's black rubber cover material. The internal wires (red, black & green) have...
  26. Lennox Alexion

    Thread [APP] Google Now [ICS]

    Not my work! Just sharing the links and the instructions.. Google now for ICS based ROMs (tested on CyanogenMod 9.1 build#9) pPqliPzHYyc The Thread Requirements: You must be on Ice Cream Sandwich. Rooted Device A deodexed ROM You should be running a custom recovery like...
  27. niranjan94

    Thread [INFO] please don't create a whole new thread just for reporting any bugs !

    PLEASE DON'T CREATE A WHOLE NEW THREAD JUST FOR REPORTING ANY BUGS ! :eek: It's Kind of annoying .... to see new threads created just for reporting/complaining about minor bugs in various ROM's ... :mad: :rolleyes: Just a Reply in the Respective User Discussion Threads is enough ! ... :good...
  28. deepaktom

    Thread [Discontinued][MOD][CM9]Multitasking mod / app switcher for cm9 Pico mdpi

    Thanks to evilisto, I was able to mod and compile a multitasking/app switcher mod for cm9 HTC Explorer/pico (mdpi) that looks a lot more pretty. (see attachment) v1 Features: Dark grey backgroud. Horizontal navigation between apps. Swipe up or down to kill app. Large, beautiful...
  29. satiz

    Thread Silicon Cover

    I Bought this. http://www.ebay.in/itm/BEST-QUALITY-TPU-soft-SILICON-COVER-HTC-explorer-explor-A310e-pico-Grey-/261090043731?pt=IN_Mobile_Accessories&hash=item3cca2de753#ht_941wt_1139 Its Good ! Low price. Helpful for who searching for low priced cover.
  30. patrik.KT

    Thread [DISCUSSION]CM10 for HTC Explorer (Pico)

    This is discussion thread to prevent SPAM in the DEV thread :) DEV thread link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1847002
  31. rohanchrome

    Thread MIUI V4 for HTC Explorer/Pico! Build#5 ( Oct 6th 2012 ) [Everything fixed!]

    MIUI4 for HTC Explorer/Pico! BUILD #5 Seems to be smoother than CM9 and Evervolv! Install "Keyboard Backlight Controller" and "WiFi tether" from play store.. WIPE Everything before flashing Build#5! Don't install Gapps... You will end up having two galleries [ Play store is already...
  32. <JohnCarter>


    [21ST NOV] MIUI v4 for HTC EXPLORER/PICO REVISED EDITION [FASTEST & SMOOTHEST ROM] MIUI v4 for HTC EXPLORER/PICO REVISED EDITION #include /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the...
  33. <JohnCarter>

    Thread [mod] CM 9 The Dark Knight Edition for HTC Explorer

    CM 9 The Dark Knight Edition A cm 9 mod of the epic conclusion to the batman series for the htc explorer What's in : cyanogen mod 9 by derefas The dark knight rises bootanimation by chinmay_7d Bravia Engine what to be added : adrenaline engine...
  34. ateeq72

    Thread [ROM]&[KERNEL][22/04/13]AteeqRom V5 OCed + Ateeq Kernel v4 for HTC Explorer[Pico]

    [ROM]&[KERNEL][22/04/13]AteeqRom V5 OCed + Ateeq Kernel v4 for HTC Explorer[Pico] Welcome to AteeqRom and Ateeq Kernel :)...
  35. akya22

    Thread [Boot Animation] Custom boot animation for JaggyRom v3 [HTC Explorer]

    Here is my first attempt at creating boot animation... Hope you guys like it :) TQKt31rXNTQ Sorry for the camera quality :p and here is the animated GIF.. This doesn't show last 20 frames though This is a flashable zip for JaggyRom... Install through recovery >> Install from a zip. That's it...
  36. StefDrums

    Thread [Q] Test ROM on a VM

    Hi, I've a rooted HTC explorer and i use Jaggyrom. I need to try other roms, just to verify its work. I need my phone calls, sens sms, etc, so I can't update everytime or try to solve bugs (I'm not a good java developer). I'm looking for a VM when I can try new ROMs relases. can you help me?
  37. mrchezco1995


    This is Bravia and XLoud engine for HTC Explorer. Modified by sa3d12 (Thanks dude :D). It's modified to make it flashable. He basically changed the META-INF binaries from the old one to Jaggy's rom. Ok, here are the features: ___________________________________________________________________...
  38. pchandra

    Thread [GUIDE] A N00Bs GUIDE for Using UOT kitchen to theme your Android Device

    This guide is written keeping in mind the HTC explorer users but can be used to customize any android device with a little changes in between. 1.Firstly open the UOT Kitchen site.You'll see the welcome screen as below Now click on kitchen and you will get the below screen with all the mods u...
  39. gargashish0901

    Thread [BOOT ANIM] New Boot Animation for hTC Explorer aka hTC Pico

    Hi, I am Proud to present a new boot animation Specially for HTC Explorer for both stock (rooted) as well as Custom Rom's :) Many of us wonder how much time our phone takes to boot, right?? Don't Worry Now this boot animation of mine, will be able to provide you exact time your phone takes to...
  40. jaggyjags

    Thread [ROM] Htc Explorer (pico) "JaggyRom" [3.2.1] (5-7-12)

    JaggyRom for HTC explorer An optimized, european, stock-based custom rom. 1. Features Rooted Kernel by yannou90. Ext-2,3,4 partition support. task killer tweak for speed Apps2sd enabled (no need of link2sd anymore, don't use it). BusyBox installed Booting HTC Sound dissabled Bash shell...
  41. A

    Thread [Q] HTC Explorer Compass

    Hello, I have been years here, but i do not write nothing because mi english is very bad (sorry for that and sorry if this is no the place where write this) The problem is that i do not know if there is compass in my Htc Explorer, The compass do not move and i don't know if this phone has not...