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  1. CurlyBlonde

    Thread HTC HD2 Leo - Windows 11 On Arm

    I recently saw how the guys are using Windows 11 on devices such as Nokia / Microsoft Lumia 950 & 950XL and remembered the HTC Leo and the legend that it is, would it be possible to run Windows 11 on this little guy ?

    Thread Android Lollipop (5.0+) Daily Driver Help

    So far, I have tested 3 different Android 5.0 DirectSD ROM's from the Android NAND Thread. All "work" but the last one was really speedy, all was perfect until I wanted to connect to a Bluetooth headset or speaker. It only played music through the internal speaker. In 3 different kinds of...
  3. multiwirth

    Thread [Archive] HTC HD2 Firmware and Tools Collection (nand toolkit, RUU, android etc.)

    Hello everyone! Since it gets harder and harder to find any resources and files to explore the legendary history of the HTC HD2, i started searching and downloading as much as i could before we miss the last chance of downloading them. Now here´s the (hopefully) growing up all in one archive...
  4. Lunarixus

    Thread HTC HD2 Finally Dead? (Developers needed)

    Posting here because the general forums are down currently. So for the past week or so, both me and J0SH1X have been working on an Android Oreo 8.1 port for the HD2, So far we have gotten to a point where the ROM will start booting and you can log it via ADB which was step 1 of things we had...
  5. Luggruff

    Thread HTC HD2 price?

    Hey! I just found my old HTC HD2 that I once put to rest due to a shattered glass front. I now see that the glass screens are like $10 on amazon (which I cannot buy from in Sweden) and was curious as to how such a legend would price itself if I decided to sell it today. As many of you know, its...
  6. C

    Thread [Completed] HTC HD 2 stuck in boot cycle

    Need help my friend managed to fudge up his HTC hd 2 (non at&t) India pc he attempted to change the stock windows to android, how ever he was not successful, the phone is now stuck on a perpetual boot cycle, it is showing a white screen with "HTC" in green on it, the problem is , he is unable...
  7. vedesh45

    Thread WP7 bluetooth pairing problem

    Hey guys, I just installed Dynamics HD2O HD2 rom on my HTC HD2.. Everything works perfectly, except for one problem.. Every time i connect to my car's audio system i have to enter the code to pair. However if i exit the vehicle and come back later, the phone needs to be re-authenticated with the...

    Thread [Q] Triple Boot Problem - Can`t boot into Recovery

    Hey guys ;) Got my HD2 fixed (Broken Screen) and now i want to triple boot before i just used NAND Android and some Native SD Roms. But it`s time for some more LOL Okay enough of that. I done everything like in this tutorial But...
  9. L

    Thread [DISSCUTION] What android rom do you use

    Hello guys. I have made this thread for those people who are searching for a good android rom, and wan't personal opinion of others, or have an unstable om, and looking for a good one, but don't know witch one to chose. I belive this thread is needed for those who those who are searching a tom...
  10. S

    Thread [Q] HTC HD2 need help

    Hi everyone, I think I have a major porblem with my HTC HD2. Last week I got a plane white screen all of a sudden. I reinstalled HSPL on the device. It worked again, but after a day it gave me a white screen again. When I tryed to reinstall HSPL again it gave me numeroues of errors. First time...
  11. B

    Thread Video Recording Functionality

    I am wondering if anyone knows of a way to turn off camera functionality of start/finish video recording by touching the screen. UPDATE: issue resolved by @[email protected], thank you
  12. squadzone

    Thread [DEV] [Build 2013-03-31]CyanMobile eXperience 2.3.8 [MAGLDR]

  13. Learning Never Ends team

    Thread [GUIDE] NativeSD for Windows Mobile (WM6.5) New Users

    NativeSD WM #1 Introduction Posts: #1 Introduction #2 Setup Partition #3 Install Recovery #4 Install Native SD #5 Applications (Run Backup Restore Delete) #6 Updating #7 FAQ #8 Links to Other OS #9 Reserved for Learning Never Ends teams The HTC HD2 was a Windows Mobile Phone. However...
  14. X

    Thread [Q] Can't install Android

    Hello guys... So I had one android rom on my phone and wanted to install other... So I downloaded 3.14.482.2(Greek Version), extracted the files, copied RUU_signed on my formatted sd card (fat32), renamed it to leoimg, insert sd card to my phone and did all the instuctions... After successfully...
  15. F

    Thread [Q] S2 NOW: is it still worth it?

    Hey galaxy s2'ers!! I am the owner of a HTC HD2 that has been my pride and joy for a long time. However recently its mini-USB port and GPS broke/failed on me and I decided to move on. I'm looking for a phone I can keep for a couple of years and it must have decent camera, battery life and good...
  16. A

    Thread problem with USB MODEM

    I have a wired bug with my HD2, when I try to connect it to the computer in order to share the phone's mobile internet to my laptop, it doesn't work, while connecting my phone to a router it does share the router's internet to my laptop. Another poit out there is that I have a full working...
  17. H

    Thread [Q] Tethering to a phone - which phone?

    I have my wonderful Nexus 7. I have my wonderful HTC HD2, which has a Wi-Fi Router capability. I use the router for my laptop from time to time. I'm not happy with current phone offerings due to pathetic battery and storage options, and unwilling to carry around even more spare batteries...
  18. A

    Thread [Q] Unlock HTC HD2 with ICS ROM

    I have got HTC HD2 T-Mobile, USA. I have already installed ICS ROM 4.0.3 on it and it's running fine, but I am not sure if that means it's unlocked. Do I need to do anything else in order to run this phone with any GSM network?
  19. sahlie1985

    Thread [Q] [help] I need help for my HTC HD2

    hi every body , i'm from tunisia and i'm not very good in english so firstly sorry for my english. many time when i install new system(android or wp7) it crashes on startup, it remains blocked on the first screen and when I remove the battery and I restart the phone again it vibrates at several...
  20. sbryan12144

    Thread [May 17 2012] Blackout ICS Primo v1.0 [First Sense 4.0a for HD2][WIP Preview][Tytung]

    - Android Version: 4.0.3 (IceCream Sandwich) - Based On: 1.56.401.2 HTC One V (Primo) - Sense Version: 4.0a Not Working: Camera SD Mount USB Storage Data (Starts but doesn't connect) Sound Wifi - Initial Preview (Not Release Yet) NOTE: T-Mobile (US and TMOUS) ONLY...
  21. A

    Thread [Q] Can you roll back the .NET compact framework if it is hardcoded into the ROM?

    Hi All, I'm a new member and was referred here by Vodafone in relation to a query I have with a HTC HD2 and wonder if you may be able to help? I'm trying to install our Field Service management software to a new handset received from Vodafone last Friday. The problem I have is that I am unable...
  22. NiNJA_ONE

    Thread HTC HD2 on SImple Mobile Internet/MMS Settings Apparently Changed.

    Hi Guys, So 4 days ago my Data stopped working over 3g on Simple Mobile, I troubleshot the hell out of it but it overshot the obvious. It seems the proxy typically used ( via port 8080) is no longer working. I tried to fix it myself but then i realized that yo can no longer ping...
  23. G

    Thread [Q] MAGLDR or FLASH without volume keys

    Has anyone an idea for flash an HTC HD2 without volume keys? My HD2 is defekt! Volume keys do not work. I have an aMAGLDR which can boot some initrd or zImage from SD. But i can not make a connection from USB. WP7 is not installed. Need an INITRD or a simple program to connect the phone and...
  24. F

    Thread [Q] WM 6.5 on Mytouch 4G Slide?

    I have an HTC HD2 with WM6.5 and I love it. Would it be possible to scrap Android and have WM 6.5 on the mytouch 4g slide? Thanks. Newb
  25. ojar

    Thread [COMPILATION][DAILY]YOUR HTC HD2 Android NAND ROMs Organized

    Hello there xda bros and gals, First I want to say thanks and congratulate all you guys for making the HTC HD2 the most “developed” phone on earth, period. ONE phone that can go across FIVE different operating platforms!? That’s crazy! And do you know how many customized ROMs are there just for...
  26. E

    Thread [Q] How to upgrade htc hd2 running android 2.2

    A while back ago i followed this guys steps to hack my htc hd2 well now i want to upgrade to the besr firmware possible and later on cyanogen mod. But my first priority is to upgrade. I have android 2.2 and i flash it with mgldr DTF. Sorry if thats not correct im a noobie. Thanks for your help guys
  27. D

    Thread [Q] Message delivery report

    Hiya, I'm using Android FroyoSuperRam 1.5 on SD and i have a weird problem! The problem happens occur with only with 1 person let's call her "A". So i've thick on the option to receive a delivery reports when i send my text messages to people. It works very well with everyone except with "A"...
  28. I

    Thread [Q] htc hd2 ROM code error

    hi i tried to restore original OS into my mobile through sd card and it went faild i got an error "upgrade ROM code erre please try again" and i can't fix it now i have tried almost everything but all in vain ! and few months ago i lost its original charger and data cable so my pc can't detect...
  29. N

    Thread [Q] Major Problem (N00B)

    Okay, so I have been putting ROMs on my HTC HD2 problem is now i have is it says. PB81120 HX-B3 SPL-2.08.HSPL 8G XE 0X05 COTULLAHSPL 0X40 Now what exactly do I do from here? I try to start normally but it just stays on "Stick Together" Screen. Help?
  30. G

    Thread [Q] No 3G

    Hello, I've bought an unlocked T-mobile HTC HD2 in the USA and I use it in Europe. I've installed this ROM: NexusHD2-Gingerbread V3.2a (GWK74)(Android 2.3.7) and everything works fine except that it looks like my phone can't find/connect to 3G networks. I searched already on the forum but I...
  31. L

    Thread [Q] No ROM can be instaled...?!

    Hello, I just got a HTC HD2 3 days ago and it had Android 2.3.7 HyperDroid on it. I tried to get it back to factory default to erase the accounts that were installed on it and I revived "Invalid path:null" so I tried to get it back to WM 6.5. After that all went wrong. I tried to flash the...
  32. L

    Thread Bricked htc hd2

    So I definitely bricked my phone. Has to be. I try to use Task29 to start from scratch, but when "htc" pops up and has the bar of percentage, it just stays on 0%. No matter what I do. I do have Maglar (i think thats it) but when I boot up into Maglar it says PB81120 HX-B3 SPL-2.08.0000 8G...
  33. unicorndust98

    Thread [Q] How to speed up downloads?

    I am downloading a file from xda for my HTC HD2, but im wondering if there is anyway to speed up the procces? has it anything to do with my internet? THanks :eek:
  34. sbryan12144

    Thread [Kernel] RCMix3D LEO v6 [][Desire Based]

    Presenting RCMix3D LEO Kernel by the RCMix Team (sbryan12144+klquicksall)
  35. Z

    Thread Restart loop while charging, Cant boot with Boot Loader.

    Hi, I have old T Mobile HTC HD2 with Android, (Used one, I received as gift from my friend) This rom from It have slow charging, but today, i found it with restart loop if in charging and not boot at all without charging, just boot with...
  36. O

    Thread [Q] - CM7 rom diagnostics for QPST

    Hi everyone, I have a HTC HD2 with CM7 rom. I need listen 3g and diagnostics message from QPST using HTC HD2 modem. I completed this step: and HTC DIAG installed as HTC USB MODEM but when I test modem using Query Modem button in HTC USB...
  37. N

    Thread Search for kernel version: need help

    Hello, can you tell me where can I find the Android version 2.2? Baseband version: root @ ubuntu # 2 Build number: 2.29.405.5 Cl293415 release-keys Software-number: 2.29.405.5 Browser version: WebKit 3.1 I think it is unfortunately not here...
  38. ccgbiz

    Thread [Q] Best NAND Android for HTC HD2

    In your opinion what is the best NAND Android OS for a HTC HD2 that is light on the battery? If you can provide the reason why and what the build lacks. Thanks
  39. M

    Thread Sad Storry about my HD2

    I recently had my htc hd2 fall in water, i tried the rice tricks to dry it, though this helped a lot i am stuck with a phone with no backlight. I can see everything if i look at the phone at an angle, everything else works, camera, flash led, charging led, calling etc. i have no money to buy an...
  40. F

    Thread [Q] Difference between TMobile and European Housing

    Hey guys! I bought a TMobile version (T8585?) off ebay recently and I want to buy it a new housing. I the battery cover the same on both versions? Is there is any difference in the chassis colour between them? I am asking this because I've seen pics of black HD2s with the back cover in the...
  41. T

    Thread [Q] Cell Standby Battery Drain

    I am experiencing extremely bad battery drain while my hd2 is off. I have a brand new factory battery, and am running a gingerbread edition of Nandroid. Cell standby seams to be the culprit. My drains about 15 percent an hour when left in normal mode, a. k. a. not air plain or data disabled...
  42. M

    Thread [Q] Partitioning MAIN NAND internal memory to fit build and give more data space?

    Hello everyone, is it possible to partition the MAIN memory (I mean the phone memory, not sd card) to fit the build I'm using perfectly? Like setting best size for boot partition, for system partition etc..., in order to have more space available for data internal partition? I've found...
  43. M

    Thread [Q] HTC HD2 Android Battery Drains... :-(

    Hi All, My HTC HD2 battery drains in 5 - 6 hrs while using normally (Music, Only Gmail Sync, Watsapp , Mails , and few Calls . Note : I have only edge connection and also my mobile was not connected to Wifi ) I have tried installing NexusHD2 gingerbread 2.3.6 and Froyo 2.3.4...
  44. A

    Thread stuck at go go go

    Hi Guyz, few weeks back my htc hd2 T-Mobile US lcd borke. I replaced the lcd but froyo stopped working. I was using boot from sd card version. I tried installing gingerbread NAND version but after flashing from USB phone reboot and stuck at go go go screen. I used following steps: task 29...
  45. H

    Thread [Q] Have the current problems in cLK/MAGLDR ROMS been fixed?

    So I've been reading about wanted to flash Android 2.3.X to my HTC HD2 and this is basically what i come up with... ***Applies to HTC HD2, not sure about other cellular devices!*** cLK - Uses PPP and you get fast connecton speed with low to no packet loss, but unstable connection and freezes...
  46. J

    Thread [Q] Broken/Corrupted SD Card

    Hello everyone Im a lonely Developer from Denmark, and im quite fond of my HTC LEO. Im changing ROM's quite often, and had Mango running on it until i decided to go back to Android for a better everyday experience. It seems that my SD Card is getting ''Formattet'' into a different partition...
  47. T

    Thread [Q] HTC HD2 black text on white background Home Screen?

    I recently I got a T-Mobile HTC HD2. Instead of the HTC Sense or the Windows Default today screen I just chose Date, Wireless, Tasks, and Calendar items and a Classic Blue background. This works fine for me but I would still like to improve screen visibility under sunlight. I think that the best...
  48. srdjanLeo

    Thread Marketplace in ZUNE software

    Well, I didn't find any thread on this issue, so I started a new one. In my ZUNE software on PC there isn't a Marketplace. When I tried to download Music + Videos extension, there was written THIS IS NOT AVAILABLE IN YOUR COUNTRY OR REGION. So, is there something to unlock this option? Something...
  49. T

    Thread [Q] HTC HD 2 Boot hangs at HTC Logo after installing MAGLDR

    Hello, I followed this guide : With extreme caution, and after I installed HSPL I went installing MAGLDR it all installed fine. And it booted again, but ik kept hanging at the HTC Logo. Please help me. I seriously do not know...
  50. Matt.Murdock

    Thread Plants vs. Zombies (PvZ) problem

    Does anybody have the same problem as me? When I play PvZ, I can't see the flowers, it's just somehow moved to left, so I click the right spot, but can't see the icons. If I click on the flower and try to plant it, the marker is also somehow moved. It's a full version. Demo was alright. Any...