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  1. S

    Thread [q]How to get android on htc touch2? PLS HELP :-<

    (Can you get android os on HTC Touch2 running winmo6.5?) Dear fellow xda-developers and HTC Mega users. I am Saavin from the UK. I recently purchased a used, refurbished HTC Touch2 from Ebay. Running the OS: WinMo 6.5 (windowsmoblie 6.5) I noticed that the OS is very limited, hard to use and...
  2. neon7

    Thread Mega Touch alignment problem

    I have screen alignment problem with my HTC Mega. When i tried to align my screen and it get stuck in the alignment screen. Hard reset also does not work. Please help me
  3. E

    Thread [Q] Remove shortcuts on software menu

    Hi! I have installed wrong software on my HTC Touch 2. So, when i remove it, all the software files are removed but in my application menu (where there are all the application) there are two folders that i can't remove :( How to fix this problem? Thank you :) (sorry for my simple english)
  4. D

    Thread [Q] Fm Transmitter??

    Does anyone know where i can get an fm transmitter for this phone? =/ i have tried the fm talk and it's either not compatable with the mega or i can't get it to work :( Any response is welcomed Thankyou!
  5. sakajati

    Thread Windows Phone 6.5: MegaDragon ROM For HTC Touch2 T3320

    [Click the image for details] This is a standard rom based on official HTC Mega ROM, designed for HTC Touch2 Special Version T3320 (No 3G & GPS). I’d like to thank my friend Wang Gang for giving me 2 brand new HTC devices (Touch2 and Diamond2), may GOD reward his kindness. This one is...
  6. ShittyMF

    Thread How to install the Windows Mobile 6.5 on my Orange HTC Touch2?

    Hi, I recently bought myself a HTC Touch2 (Mega) form an Orange Shop and its Windows Mobile 6.5 OS is modified by Orange, also changing some of its features, which is very annoying.:mad: Oh, by the way, the most annoying thing is that my Touch2 automatically uses Orange Data Connection, though...
  7. whitealien

    Thread [APP][QVGA][23Sep09]Manila 2D v2.0 build 19191432 from HTC Mega + Other Cabs

    MANILA v2.0 QVGA for WM6.5 ------------------------------------------------- ANNOUNCEMENT I'm not able to provide any support anymore to this thread since I don't have any Windows mobile device left. My old HTC Polaris is running on Android now. So if you have any questions just post it here...