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  1. X

    Thread Portable Mobile Hotspot Error "Unable to find an activity to handle this action"

    Portable Mobile Hotspot Error "Unable to find an activity to handle this action" I was removing stock Verizon applications from my phone and I think I accidentally deleted some kind of service it uses. Is there any method to get it working back ? Even USB internet tethering also not seems to...
  2. Z

    Thread Notifications stop when connected to WiFi 10 minutes after screen is turned off

    While I saw this problem on several other devices (this thread, for example), I haven't seen a post about this problem on this device on XDA, hence starting a new thread. My problem is that I stop receiving notifications from apps that rely on Internet connection. Below are the details: After...
  3. williamtavares

    Thread M8_ul pvt ship s-off

    So, i have this M8 with the following information: M8_UL PVT SHIP S-OFF CID-11111 HBOOT- RADIO-1.22.21331147A1.29G OPENDSP-V46.2.2-00564-M8974_FO.0811 OS-3.32.708.4 It's running Kitkat, and has root. How do i put the official marshmallow ROM on it? Thanks in advance,.
  4. B

    Thread Boomsound Alternatives For Nougat ROM

    Is there any alternatives for boomsound on 7.1.2? Anything similar or better I can flash? Thanks in advance
  5. jazzzzzzz

    Thread [Solved] Reliance Jio VoLTE in M8

    As the title says, anybody got VoLTE enabled in M8 ? I have tried almost all RUU including Developer Edition RUU,Indian RUU etc .None of the ROM doest support VoLTE. Any suggestions to enable? :eek:
  6. T

    Thread Android Revolution HD (De-Bloated) ~ HTC One M8 ~ TheKookieGuy Edit

    Android Revolution HD (De-Bloated By TheKookieGuy) Requirements: HTC One M8 Unlocked Bootloader TWRP Custom Recovery If Using Computer You Also Need Things Below ADB/Fastboot Latest HTC Drivers Windows Computer Disclaimer Do This At Your Own Risk Don't Try This With Any Other Device Even Though...
  7. T

    Thread Android Revolution HD (Custom ROM) ~ HTC One M8 ~ T-Mobile

    I Am In The Works Of Editing The Android Revolution HD Custom ROM (The Latest Version Of It) It Will Only Be For HTC One M8's (Primarily T-Mobile Variants) I Will List What I Remove From The Custom ROM After I Have Tested It And I Know It's Stable. I Will Be Uploading It To Android File Host As...
  8. T

    Thread HTC One M8 (Running Android Revolution HD Custom ROM) Battery Performance

    Battery Inspection [HTC One M8 ~ T-Mobile] - [Android Revolution HD] - [Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)] - [CID: T-MOB010] [Bootloader: Unlocked] - [Root Status: Rooted] - [S-On/S-Off: S-On] - [Custom Recovery: TWRP] Date: 11/05/16 ~ November 5th, 2016 (Morning) Battery Level 100% 2:10 AM (WiFi ~ On)...
  9. T

    Thread How To Get Snapchat To Run On Your Rooted HTC One M8 ~ T-Mobile

    ~Disclaimer~ If You Brick Or Damage Your Device I Take No Fault Do This At Your Own Risk Read Steps Carefully ~Disclaimer~ This Process Will Take About 20 - 40 Minutes To Complete ~Device Specifications~ Phone Model: HTC One M8 (T-Mobile) Bootloader: Unlocked CID: T-MOB010 Android: 6.0...
  10. D

    Thread [APP] Google Assistant on HTC One M8!

    Ever wondered how to get the new Google Assistant on your HTC One M8? Here is the ultimate answer. What you need: - A rooted device - Custom ROM (Not compulsory but suggested) - Xposed Installed (Guides online or follow the official XDA thread) - Xposed App Instructions: - Go to Xposed app >...
  11. kalel77

    Thread [MOD]Remove E911 service location

    In some ROM the E911 service location is active and persistance. This little guide help you if you want remove it With ES File Manager with root permission go to: SYSTEM/CUSTOMIZE/CID Then open file default.xml and then search for the string: <Item name = tipo "enable_E911_for_US_only"...
  12. Familotel

    Thread Bootloop after flash 4.19.707.4 in stead of 1.54.707.7

    HTC One M8, won't boot after trying to make it back to stock. Was folowing this tutorial, but the link in thre for 1.54.707.7 backup doesn't work anymore so I flashed the latest one with same MID and CID, think it will be same just updated. But now HTC wont boot to system anymore. I have TWRP...
  13. D

    Thread Should I root my HTC One M8?

    Should I root my HTC One M8? I am not sure, please help!
  14. D

    Thread How to hide GPS icon in Marshmallow Sprint htc One m8

    I can't hide GPS logo icon in my sprint htc one m8 (Marshmallow) My Software version is 6.20.654.3 My device is not Harman/Kardon but I flashed it into Harman/Kardon Also My device isn't Showing 3g (H/H+) icon rather showing G though it's getting 3G speed Thanx in advance
  15. N

    Thread Bluetooth pairings "forgotten" with car and Huwawei watch - stock Marshmallow

    Bluetooth pairings "forgotten" with car and Huwawei watch - stock Marshmallow I have an M8 that I recently returned to stock. It's locked but S-OFF, but is otherwise running T-Mobile stock - latest Marshmallow updates. No especially weird programs running either. I am having ongoing Bluetooth...
  16. R

    Thread RUU update problem

    Hi I have T mobile HTC one m8 which is running on firmware 4.20.531.5 . Firmware 6.20.531.5 is out for T-mob so I donloaded RUU and before that RELOCKED the bootloader. On fastboot screen it says RELOCKED. So I went ahead with RUU installation ( downloaded from htc support website) and ran it...
  17. Kyuubi10

    Thread [GUIDE] Tweaking Interacting Gov

    Hey guys, Kyuubi10 back once again with another Guide. I thought it might be useful to pop in a couple results of my trial and error for the HTC One M8. Note: This is not scientifically, calculated accurate, but it's close enough, based on estimates. After following these guides...
  18. JunkTardis

    Thread Selfie Mode has dissappeared (Front facing camera is GONE)

    Okay. For 2 weeks I have had this issue. I tried EVERY fix I could find. I clicked Selfie Camera in Snapchat one night and bam, the option was forever gone. I rolled back to Stock Android, tried various roms to no avail. The fix I found, was more simple than I thought. I had a wave of...
  19. D

    Thread Don't Getting OTA

    don't getting any OTA Updates Help me to update to Android Marshmallow 6 my bootloader shows ***LOCKED*** M8_WHL PVT SHIP S-OFF CID-11111111 HBOOT- RADIO- OpenDSP-v38.2.2-00542-M8974.0311 OS-3.30.651.2 eMMC-boot 2048MB Apr 1 2014,15:37:11.3 and the software...
  20. N

    Thread [POLL] HTC One M8 vs LG G3 vs Moto X Play

    Which one would you get, and why? Need an answer because my S6's power button is malfunctioning, the home button rattles, one part of the screen is lower than the other, and fast charging doesn't work. I'm choosing these phones because my carrier is offering me $0 for them (NOT VIRGIN MOBILE)...
  21. nunclud

    Thread Offical Android 6.0 for HTC One M8 Unlocked Version

    Lets welcome the all new officail Android 6.0 for HTC One M8. Download link: removed
  22. A

    Thread GPe - There’s an internal problem with your device,and it may be unstable

    My phone is running the GPe 6.0 ROM which is patched to the current monthly update It ran out of battery earlier and I charged and switched on and got this message android system : There’s an internal problem with your device, and it may be unstable until you factory data reset Everything is...
  23. D

    Thread Just rooted, froze apps, and now stuck on Verizon screen

    I just rooted last night and everything was good... This morning all I did was freeze some of the stock Verizon apps, and the system crashed. Now when it reboots, it's stuck at the Verizon screen. I can access Bootloader/Recovery, and have tried "fastboot erase cache" but that hasn't fixed it...
  24. K

    Thread [HTC ONE M8] No OS Installed! Problem after forced reboot

    Phone Details: HTC ONE M8x Stock Rom (Rooted) Kit Kat (can't remember the exact version) Unlocked BootLoader S-ON Ok so I'm having a bit of trouble with my phone which all started after a sudden reboot. Heres the full story so the pros might be able to understand what happened: While I was...
  25. K

    Thread [HTC ONE M8] No OS Installed! Problem after forced reboot

    Phone Details: HTC ONE M8x Stock Rom (Rooted) Kit Kat (can't remember the exact version) Unlocked BootLoader S-ON Ok so I'm having a bit of trouble with my phone which all started after a sudden reboot. Heres the full story so the pros might be able to understand what happened: While I was...
  26. GedBlake

    Thread Looking for general advice about CIDs, S-OFF, debranding and running RUUs?

    Hi, all... My M8 is bootloader unlocked, rooted (with Chainfire 2.46) and TWRP custom recovery installed, and just recently I spent $25 to acquire S-OFF. Currently, there are no problems or issues with it. A few days ago, I received the libStageFright (and Lollipop 5.0.2 update) OTA...
  27. elite001mm

    Thread CDMA radio problem. Please Help. I've used search

    Hello, I'm having a major problem with my phone and I'd be extremely grateful for any help or expertise. PROBLEM: I cannot get any kind of CDMA signal on TWO Verizon HTC M8 (I didn't post in that specific thread for a reason, I'll explain, please don't move it)...
  28. G

    Thread Wifi tethering option not available in hTC One M8

    Hello everyone, I received an hTC m8 (Harman Kardon edition) as a gift. When I received the device, it was factory locked through Sprint Mobile. After a lot of research on internet and on this forum, I have unlocked it to use GSM services in India, and its working fine now. But now the problem...
  29. A

    Thread [Q] Converted GPE 5.1 vs. Sense, is it worth the hassle??

    Gentlemen, I'm thinking of converting my 5.0.1 sense rom (currently using Revolution HD) to GPE so I could always get the latest versions of Android. So I was wondering how GPE is compared to Sense from ppl who tried both, better performance? Battery? Will I get OTAs, or would I need to...
  30. Jotamide

    Thread Trouble connecting Dualshock 3 via OTG (rooted phone, Android 5.0)

    For the past 3 days I've been struggling to set up my PS3 contoller to work on my HTC One M8. First, I tried USB/BT Joystick Center and got the D-Pad to work, but couldn't really figure out the proper button configs so that games could detect them. Most of the other controller apps require...
  31. williamtavares

    Thread "Gold" Method (S-OFF?)

    I just found this and it seems like an alternate way to "s-off" the HTC one M8, can someone confims if that's it? Also, if i do get s-off by doing this, like the description says, i could install any RUU without matching my CID, i'd be...
  32. williamtavares

    Thread Fastboot mode for the eternity

    here i'll try to explain what's happening to me. Bought a chinese HTC one M8 (M8t) from China Mobile. It comes without play store and full of chinese bloat. I went for unlocked bootloader + Root. Then, flashed Gapps. However i flashed the whole bundle, and it brought so much bloat, like...
  33. J

    Thread Question about Sprint HTC One (m8)

    From what I have read are all the HTC One M8 cell phones the exact same as far as capability goes, I mean hardware and frequency ranges? If that is true why is it that Sprint and Verizon phones are limited? I mean like a Google Play conversion? They have slots for SIM cardss and if the hardware...
  34. Jotamide

    Thread [Q] Rooted and then unrooted phone, yet app still detects phone as being rooted

    I rooted my M8 when I got it back in April of 2014. For the longest time, I didn't bother unrooting my phone to get updates until some apps stopped working. Around two months ago I decided to unroot, and now I'm running Android 5.0.1, software number 4.20.631.2. Today, this app was released that...
  35. rhodyvik

    Thread [Q] Quick Read and Answers, I Promise! Please answer.

    Quick question/opinions for folks: I am getting my phone back from HTC tomorrow. The USB charging port was worn down and I had a minor crack in the screen. They originally wanted $200 for the fix because "they had to remove the screen to get to the USB port" so "installing a new screen had to be...
  36. P

    Thread [Q] Bluetooth problem on one of two identical phones

    I have two M8s on 5.0.1, Sense 6.0, 4.16.401.10 One happily notifies me of a pairing request from my Sony car radio but the other one doesn't see the request at all. I have unpaired the first phone and reset the radio firmware but my second phone still acts dumb. The radio has connected to...
  37. V

    Thread [Q] HTC ONE M8 Sprint Harman Kardon. Remote sim unlock

    THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!! To all fellows who answer my requet for assistance. I already solve the problem with the assistance and support of a memeber of this community. T H A N K S........
  38. L

    Thread [Q] Need help converting GPE lollipop to stock AT&T rom

    Before I begin, I have already read through a lot of the guides but almost of all them are not updated enough for my case. If I am wrong please direct me to it. I would like to restore AT&T stock rom on my phone which was previously converted to GPE Lollipop 5.1 (with root, bootloader unlocked...
  39. B

    Thread [Q] "Rebooted shell" from power menu, ViperOneM8, now stuck at splash screen!

    [Q] "Rebooted shell" from power menu, ViperOneM8, now stuck at splash screen! I selected "Reboot shell" from power button menu, ViperOneM8, now stuck at splash screen! I have only had my M8 a few days. I dont recall the exact versions, but its up to date with newest ViperOne, Sense, Lollipop -...
  40. B

    Thread [Q] "Rebooted shell" from power menu, ViperOneM8, now stuck at splash screen!

    [Q] "Rebooted shell" from power menu, ViperOneM8, now stuck at splash screen! I selected "Reboot shell" from power button menu, ViperOneM8, now stuck at splash screen! I have only had my M8 a few days. I dont recall the exact versions, but its up to date with newest ViperOne, Sense, Lollipop -...
  41. H

    Thread [Q] Help required in upgrading from HTC One X. (M8?) or (M9?)

    Hi guys. I have been an ardent HTC supporter from the day I got my HTC One X way back in August 2012. Even though the phone still is swift and runs awesomely well for my needs, it's camera has taken a toll (front and back both). I have been waiting for the release of this year's M9 (Hima) and...
  42. venustraphobic

    Thread TWRP not booting M8

    Last night I started my Phone in recovery mode and strangely it was taking a long time to move from Fastboot window to TWRP recovery window. When it reached the recovery window it just hung up (below video) What did I do to get it working back again...
  43. A

    Thread [Q] One M8 Camera Problems

    I rooted my m8 and flashed the lollipop 5.0.1 Google play edition ROM and I also flashed a new firmware but my camera is a lot worse after I did these two things and I'm not sure why. I have some example photos below. If someone can help my with my problem I would really appreciate it.
  44. selim97

    Thread [Q] GPE to stock to unlock

    Hello guys, I purchased a second hand HTC One M8 which has been converted to GPE, unlocked bootloader and S-OFF. The phone is currently locked to the Vodafone network, so I assume it was previously a Vodafone branded device. Now I need to get this phone unlocked because Im with another...
  45. sheerJeenyus

    Thread [Q] Want to remove TWRP and unroot

    I apologize in advance if I should have posted this in a different area. Im not the best with that stuff. As the title says, I want to remove TWRP and unroot my device. And yes I know there are many threads on this topic already, however none of them seem to actually get the job done. I have...
  46. I

    Thread [Q] HTC Backup for GPE?

    So, I keep converting the HTC One M8 to GPE and back to Sense using the RUU. I'm wanting to go back to GPE for a bit, 5.0.1 but i use the HTC Backup to restore messages, contacts and so on without me having to do in manually (which is annoying). I want to know if the HTC Backup app will work on...
  47. JHS_NL

    Thread [Q] Stock Recovery needed for M8 CID T-MOB003

    Hi, I have been reading a lot of posts to find the stock recovery version for my HTC One M8. My CID is T-MOB003 and I have the stock ROM (Software nr. x.xx.114.x)still running but I can't find my stock recovery - must have misplaced it after the back-up - so I can do the update to Android 5.0...
  48. kalel77

    Thread [sense 6][Lollipop] Dark 4x2 clock+colored weather icons

    Dark 4x2 clock+colored weather icons sense 4+ This mod is created by me (Tuttoandroid project) and tested by sirioo(many thanks sirioo!!) which allow you to have the clock widget 4x2 dark and the weather icons in the old style sense 4+. Copy the zip file to your phone Reboot in to...
  49. venustraphobic

    Thread HTC One M8: How to Change the Options in Extreme Power Saver Mode (ViperOneM8 ROM)

    Hello Everyone, The Extreme Power Saver Mode on HTC One M8 provides access to Phone, Messages, Mail, Calendar and Calculator. These options can be changed in HTC One M8 if you are running Team Venom's ViperOneM8 ROM. Viper One M8: How to change Extreme Power Saver Options on HTC One M8? -...
  50. K

    Thread [Q] S-Off

    I'm trying to s-off my htc one m8. When pushing revone to my phone i get this in the terminal. 251|[email protected]_m8:/data/local/tmp $ ./revone -P revone v0.2.1 Gaining root access (thanks to Dan's motochopper)...[-] Failed to open framebuffer device. [-] Failed to open framebuffer device. [-]...