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  1. N

    Thread [UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 18.1 for the HTC One M8

    One M8 - Your warranty is now void. - You have been warned. - Use at your own risk. Introduction: This is the unofficial Lineage OS 18.1 thread for the HTC One M8. Downloads: Please follow the install instructions in your device's Wiki page linked below exactly, and make sure your device's...
  2. B

    Thread [Solved] HTC One M8 stuck on HTC/HTC One logo.

    Today I bough an HTC One M8 (Model: 0P6B100) for cheap in really good condition but someone before me tried to install a newer android version or something else. Whatever they did bricked the phone really good. It's stuck on the HTC logo most of the time and sometimes gets to the HTC One logo...
  3. Stefanos53


    Hello!!! I have the theme of Htc One for CM10 & MiniCM10 REALY COOL THEME!!! SCREENSHOTS: DOWNLOAD APK:
  4. R

    Thread HTC one X9

    I rooted my device HTC one X9 dual sim by Supersu with custom recovery TWRP. I want to change it to magisk and i got an error code 1 in TWRP while flashing it. As i searched on XDA forums, i found that flashing with boot.img from stock ROM will fix the issue. But HTC is not providing Stock ROM...
  5. k24a1

    Thread anyone have the compiled stock rom for the htc one v (virgin mobile)?

    i know this phone is old as all get out but I recently acquired one of these and it seems to have twrp installed already but no actual firmware... i'd like to flash back to stock but i would also prefer that someone could fish out a rom from the deep sea of mostly dead links that would be...
  6. D

    Thread Unable to Unlock Bootloader - HTC dev

    IV been trying to unlock the bootloader on the X9 (dualsim version) and have the unlock token code, but the htc site throws an incorrect token length error. Below is the token. Has anyone else had this issue here..?? Iv tried the sunshine method too but it isn't supported. I'm only trying to...
  7. M

    Thread Need Stock ROM for HTC One M7 (802w)

    I have searched all of this site and I cannot find a single link that's for my particular phone. I f***ed up and flashed a boot image in the recovery and now phone doesn't boot. It only goes into fastboot mode. Can anybody link me to a stock kit kat/ lollipop fastboot flashable rom? My ModelID...
  8. S

    Thread My god pls help me (T^T) Ht22 WLJ

    For god sake i have tried to flash more than 15 roms for my htc one ht22 WLC. But none of them are working. Some of them are working but there are issues like baseband unknown or when i try to slide unlock the phone only HTC LOGO showed up and the phone is rebooting. I am using TWRP 2.8 I think...
  9. R1ghtC

    Thread [ROM][7.1.2_r36][14-12-2017] Resurrection Remix N [UNOFFICIAL]

    Main Features: ● Theme Engine ▼ - Full Substratum(OMS) theme support ● Navigation bar ▼ - Enable/Disable Navbar - Navbar color tint - Navbar Button Customization smartbar - Navbar Pulse - Navbar Fling - Double Tap to sleep navbar ● Statusbar ▼ -...
  10. W

    Thread Transcend SD Card, HTC One M8

    Hi I posted this on XDA assist yesterday and apparently it was either in the wrong category, or such a stupid question no one wanted to comment. I hope it was the former, so I'm trying again here. Can anyone help? I'm not sure I understand the transcend SD card and its capabilities. I've...
  11. danis1997

    Thread Unbrick HTC 10 on base 1.80.709.1 help

    hi friends i have a problem whit an HTC 10 (bootloader) kernel: lk (bootloader) product: htc_pmeuhl (bootloader) version: 1.0 (bootloader) imei: 354261XXXXXXXX (bootloader) version-main: 1.80.709.1 (bootloader) boot-mode: RUU (bootloader) version-baseband: [email protected] (bootloader)...
  12. E

    Thread Htc one m8 doesn't turn on nor connects to the usb

  13. S

    Thread Sense 7 on KitKat

    Hello everyone. Stumbled across a thread here offering Sense 7 apk.'s for all devices, but when I try to install them on my HTC One Mini2 I get a "App not installed" message, and " An existing package by the same name with a conflicting signature is already installed". It would be nice to...
  14. E

    Thread HTC One problems

    Hi community! I've recently gotten my 2nd refurbished HTC One M7.. Here's a list of problems I am having using it: -Power button is broken, so infra-red isn't working and I can barely turn the phone off/on with that button -There is a custom rom installed, called soul rom/kernel, which is...
  15. thunderroid

    Thread International ROM on T-Mobile Variant

    Hi, I am very very new to HTC. This is my first HTC phone. I just bought the HTC One M7 (T-Mobile Unlocked) Variant, I have one simple question. How do I install "international stock ROM" (UK or something like that, not GPE ROM) on my t-mobile phone. I hate all the bloatwares from t-mobile...
  16. hamdir

    Thread HTC 10 / One M10 / Perfume 3D Renders - dual tone metallic colors

    Hey guys i am posting these here in case you've missed them from the HTC mega discussion thread, my 3D renders of the perfume, these are based on measuring the evleaks official render HTC 10 / One M10 / Perfume 3D Renders - dual tone metallic colors
  17. M

    Thread Stock, unrooted HTC One touchscreen completely unresponsive after restarting phone

    My phone died earlier, plugged it in with usual charger. Once I turned it on, the screen won't respond at all -- tried touching different areas of screen, pressing harder, restarting again, etc. Volume and power keys work fine, still get notifications, but the touchscreen is completely...
  18. Floyd_Flivercod

    Thread [ROM] - [UNOFFICIAL] CUSTOM AICP-11 [m7 ul]

    [CUSTOM UNOFFICIAL AICP] MARSHMALLOW 6.0.x BUILD FOR HTC M7 UL Flash the ROM at your own risk. I accept NO responsibility for what you do (or can't do) with your own device. I am not responsible for bootloops, fruitloops or frickazees. I DO accept responsibility for: Thermonuclear...
  19. X

    Thread M8 return to stock issues - no wifi, no data connection

    Good evening folks. I have an M8 which I am struggling to return to stock. It's a VODAP001 CID but I previously had a rom flashed and was fine for over 12 months, but obviously my OTA updates would fail due to the mismatch of CID and rom which would result in throwing up an error...
  20. hansi66627

    Thread One stucks in bootloop

    My girlfriends one just shutted down and stucks in bootloop now. Everything of the phone is stock, no rott, rom or anything. We didm´t do an update a long time. So I don´t know why it stucks there because nothing in the system got changed. I think probably the power-button probably stucks a...
  21. T

    Thread Can i use a One M8 vibration motor for my HTC One M9?

    My vibration motor of the HTC One M9 only works sporadicaly, I don't want to send it to HTC because that takes about 2-3 weeks. I want to replace the vibration motor by myself, but I can't find an online shop that sells a M9 vibration motor, only found one for M7 and M8. Now the question is...
  22. Insaniity

    Thread Recovery error, I can accesso only stock recovery.

    Hi all, I have a little problem with my HTC One M9. So: I can boot to the system normally and now I am unlocked with s-on. But there is a little problem. I can only access to recovery with the stock one where I see some error messages, like: E: missing bitmap oem_unlock_bg Code(-1) E...
  23. P

    Thread Power saver ON vs. Power saver OFF on HTC One M8

    Hi. Im using an HTC One M8 Internation Version clocked at 2.5ghz This thread is to know if current users of the M8 toggles the power saver ON by default or OFF and do not use it at all. This thread aims to discuss what are the difference between the two especially the options within the power...
  24. W

    Thread Can't add apps/widgets to Nova launcher homescreen

    Hi I've just done a factory reset on my htc One. Htc backup failed miserably so I'm trying to manually reinstate my apps on Nova Launcher Prime. Long press and hold results in a popup of my homescreens in the background with no option to add apps or widgets. I've uninstalled/reinstalled Nova...
  25. Matt.Murdock

    Thread Rooting the M7 but keeping the system

    Hello, I was searching the internet for an answer to this, but I found nothing. I would like to root my phone, but I love it as it is - I just want to be able to use apps like Jbed, which are functional only with a rooted phone. Is there a way to root the phone, but keep the original system...
  26. S

    Thread LG or HTC Dual SIm for UK (Voda & EE)

    Hi everyone Last year I bought the fabulous LG G3 Dual Sim from Hong Kong (H858HK), I was pissed when I got home as it does not work on 4G like it did in HK and it will not update over OTA :/ I have rooted it (Of course) and it's running 5.1 but updates and custom Roms are scarce or invisible...
  27. N

    Thread HTC USA Accessories Sale

    In case you hadn't heard HTC is having a sale on their accessories today only.!pid=htc-one-m9
  28. T

    Thread Building nexus like experience on htc one M9? [ looking for a dev]

    Hi all! As probably many of You I love stock android for its stellar performance, smoothness and neat simple design. With that being said I still like some HTC features and stock stability. Maybe we could find a developer to make a google play edition like rom for our M9? This is how I...
  29. May Arno

    Thread [Q] HTC One dialer fails to call on the first attempt

    When I click on a phone number hyper link which takes me to the dialer or just simply put in a phone number that I want to call, the first attempt fails (no exception). I need to redo the typing (meaning I have to ask for the phone number again) or get back to the website and click on the same...
  30. Sithhy™

    Thread [Q] Where can I get a stock ROM?

    Hello all! I want to send my HTC One to a warranty repair & I need a stock ROM for it because now I'm running ViperOne (tried to make it look as stock as possible) but I think, they gonna discover the reboot options in the Power Menu & not gonna repair it (and I have only 9 days of warranty left...
  31. A

    Thread [Q] Rooting Vodafone UK HTC One M9

    HI all, I have been trying to root my HTC One M9 mobile which is branded under Vodafone. I have been scouring the internet for anything that will help, but to no avail - I have run into a couple of problems: I don't have the Fastboot option when I go to Settings > Battery on this device When...
  32. C

    Thread [Q] Camera Drivers

    Can I use the m8 camera drivers in the m7 for improved performance.
  33. Youngtusk

    Thread No Cell Service - Baseband Version: Unknown

    I just flashed the firmware with this guide ( I had to modify the android info text file to use my MID and CID. Everything seemed to work -- the red warning was gone and i didnt get any error or...
  34. Smilex93

    Thread HTC One m8 Bootsplashes (2017)

    HTC One m8 Bootsplashes (2017) HTC Stock Version + HTC 10 Version + Google Pixel Version Give your old HTC One m8 from 2014 a refreshed Look with these new Bootsplashes ! HTC Stock + Rooted Version: DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD Google Pixel + G Logo Version...
  35. R

    Thread [Q] Boot issue

    My htc one gets randomly stuck on Splash Screen at times . this time i was calibrating the battery where i needed to press power button+ volume UP and Down simultaneously because i was fed up with slow charging of the phone. However after this , it got stuck at "HTC One powered by android"...
  36. ninten5

    Thread [Q] Any replacements to the HTC ONE M7 on sprint?

    So I have my 2 year contract up for renewal and wanted to get an upgrade (not really need it but you know when you get that itch) and I cannot find any phone that is the same size as an HTC ONE. I refuse to get a bigger phone then what my hands or pants can hold. So no S5, S6, M8, M9, G3. I...
  37. N

    Thread USB OTG --> Powered Hub --> SD Cards

    Hi, I have the HTC One and I am trying to get it to read several sd cards/thumb drives at the same time. I have the HTC One connected via USB OTG to a powered hub. The powered hub has a thumb drive and sd card reader plugged into it. Both the thumb drive and sd card reader light up... but I can...
  38. L

    Thread memory Full - SmLog

    Hi, I have a problem with my htc one m7, the memory fills in 3 or 4 days in a section or smlog file and I do not know how to solve this. Any ideas? Thank You
  39. M

    Thread My device isn't working, rebooting PLZ Help!!!

    Dear all, My friend's phone is always rebooting and isn't working, even, I have tried to enter recovery no use, even, I have tried to install custom recovery no use. I have downloaded many firmwares and it's not working, even the Original HTC ROMs can't update the phone with Signature Error, I...
  40. S

    Thread Sense 7 Apps,Libs,Framework !

    These are most of the sense 7 apps (most require lollipop to run).(blinkfeed requires htc services to run). <ive uploaded them on MediaFire, kindly follow this link to get to there :- > (PS: some of the apps are yet being uploaded ) These...
  41. H

    Thread [Q] HTC One camera

    Hey Guys, I have an HTC One M7 running on CM12 nightly with an Elite L kernel and i noticed the camera image quality looks much worse than it did on the stock HTC sense ROM. Is there a way to make the camera quality look better? Is there a .Zip that I could flash from recovery? Thanks
  42. H

    Thread [Q] HTC One audio

    Hey Guys, I have an HTC One M7 running on CM12 nightly with an Elite L kernel and I was wondering if there was a way to get Beats Audio on it with an AOSP based ROM. I have tried Viper4android and it is pretty good, but i was wondering if there was like a Beats Audio .Zip that I could flash in...
  43. JGoldz75

    Thread ParanoidAndroid 4.4.4 Issues - Any help?

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone had any experience running the latest Paranoid Android ROM on their Verizon HTC One M7? Here is the link to the ROM: The installation is fine, the phone boots up normally, and (at least when I set it up) wifi worked fine to...
  44. zyxer_raffy

    Thread Read-only M7?

    Hello there! Last night, my phone is perfectly fine until this morning. I woke up and my phone stucked in HTC Logo. I can still access the Recovery (TWRP). I tried reflashing, updating the TWRP, but it still stucked in the HTC Logo and after 2-3 mins, it will reboot to recovery. I tried to...
  45. seaskyways

    Thread [Q] getting back proper stock recovery for OTA

    Hi there XDA, I have an M7 which I have bootloader unlocked (Still S-ON) , I installed TWRP and root , however now I want OTA to work again and I need to get my stock recovery back , please guys enlighten me . Thanks everyone :)
  46. Titan XDA

    Thread HTC One M8 No OS

    Hello XDA. I have an HTC One M8 converted to a GPE. I installed CyanogenMod 12, but I didn't like it so I did a wipe, but now TWRP says "No OS." I have access to the bootloader and recovery but I'm trying to reinstall the Android Lollipop RUU File, but I can't because ADB doesnt detect my...
  47. S

    Thread [Q] at&t M7 on metro pcs. ota updates

    i have an at&t M7 on metro pcs. i cannot get OTA updates and i'm falling behind. i'm runing android 4.1.2 and sense 5.0 how do i update this thing? :confused::confused:
  48. cyberpyr8

    Thread [Q] Can't update HBoot or roms

    I have a T-Mobile HTC One and I am trying to get it updated to something other than stock. Right now I have CM 10.0.0 running but none of the gapps will work (all crashing and play store won't load - just says retry). I can't get any other roms to work. I think my main problem is that HBOOT is...
  49. Gixermouse

    Thread [Q] WTF with Xposed? :(

    My M7 is rooted, s-off'd, superCID and I still can't install Xposed. everything I've read says it's a pain unless you're S-off but I tried before and after and nothing. Gets as far as 'Android is upgrading', counts through my apps and then crashes. Please help before I go even madder than i am...
  50. H

    Thread [Q] HTC One (M8) update to Lollipop Android 5.0

    that a good news for all europen HTC one M8 users. but i want to know, do anyone have save firmware? or have download link of Frimware? if anyone have please share it so that other region's user can also enjoy it News Source...