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  1. Ulumia

    Thread [Q]Any ways to roll back to Android 2.3 with S-ON and Unlocked?

    I really like CM 7, but to use it you need the Firmware that came with Android 2.3 Or there are ways to use CM 7 with Firmware 3.33?
  2. rexjarvis

    Thread [Q] Sensation Boot Help

    Hi, I have just dug up my Son's old HTC Sensation and thought I would try to get it going as I have in the past rooted a couple of Desires and a Legend. Upon boot the phone just sticks at the white screen with green HTC and won't load an OS. Details in HBOOT are: ***UNLOCKED*** PYRAMID PVT...
  3. RealSkier

    Thread [Q] Sensation 4G won't power up unless I remove and reset battery

    I have an odd problem and I don't want to re-flash my ROM until I figure out what it is. Whenever I power down the phone, I can't power it back up again unless I remove the battery for a few seconds and put it back in. When I press the Power button after powering down (and leaving the phone...
  4. R

    Thread [Q] need help with installing custom rom on htc sensation pyramid

    hi everyone i havebeen struggling with this for 2 years now. i have HTC sensation with hboot 1.18.xxxx that i bought in 2011. after the first year i have been keen to move to a newer rom. i have tried to look up inf in xda and elsewhere and got no where with this. i have been worried about...
  5. M

    Thread [TUT][DIY] Cheap External Antenna For HTC Sensation

    Hi folks, several days ago I bought an 18cm high GSM antenna (really cheap, about $5 if I convert it to USD), and also bought a cheaper (if I convert it to USD it will be $0.66) SMA connector for it, and realized that the antenna connectors of the Sensation are on it's back cover, so I could...
  6. D

    Thread [Q] Roll back to Android 2.3 from Android 4.1.2

    Hi All, Currently, my HTC Sensation has CynaogenMod 10-20121030-bruse2728-pyramid (Android version 4.1.2). I want to roll back to Android 2.3 (stock preferably). I was following this tutorial.. Here are more details: version-main...
  7. ichigo_kurosaki

    Thread [GUIDE] Unlocking Bootloader, Rooting, and Wiretrick-Free S-OFF for Beginners

    Hi all..I'm here with a noob/newbie friendly all-in-one (AIO) guide for HTC Sensation/SensationXE/Sensation 4G. These 3 brothers are identical in looks and in hardware so everything in this guide is a cross-device applicable procedure. When i was a noob i also used this method of rooting and now...
  8. orld

    Thread Defualt File manager for CM based ROM for HTC Sensation

    Hello, would it be reasonable to change CM file manager to Mixplorer CM file manager has very limited functionality compare to the Mixplorer in terms of network functions, apk handling and such.
  9. chmurak

    Thread [Q] Pictures/videos backup to the cloud.

    Hi lads, I've been using google+ to backup taken pictures and videos, have to say , it's quite reliable . (especially when set to upload only when connected to WiFi). We all have heard stories about stolen phones and users that got them back cause thefts were talking pictures of them self (or...
  10. F

    Thread [Q] Ubuntu Touch??

    Hey guys, Is there anyone porting the Ubuntu Touch for our beloved HTC Sensation? I would really like to give it a try...
  11. bilal_liberty

    Thread [ROM][KK] Team-SennyC2 | Cyanogenmod 11 | Kernel 3.4 | Full ION | Nightlies

    3.4 JB KERNEL RIL Bluetooth Torch Mobile Data Mic Audio GPS Vibration Auto Brightness SD Card Airplane Mode Daydream WiFi Auto Rotation System Monitor Tethering Screenshots Camcorder Still Images Camera quality Still Images HDMI Nightlies: CM UNOFFICIAL NIGHTLIES ROM Mirror: ROM...
  12. I

    Thread [Q] HTC Sensation 4G or Nexus 4?

    Dear gang, hope all of you are doing well. I need your expert opinion on something. I love my HTC Sensation 4G. Got two batteries for it, a dock, and i am always blown away by its camera. It sometimes lags (especillay when on 4g and out in the real world), but nothing that I cannot accept. The...
  13. A

    Thread [Q] HTC Sensation XE boot problem

    hi i have the HTC sensation XE z715e with install it *** UNLOCKED *** PYRAMID PVT SHIP S-ON RL HBOOT-1.29.0000 eMMC-boot Mar 2 2012 i install from clockworkmod the and from then when i power it up it stop at screen with htc logo i make the part 2...
  14. B

    Thread [Q] No sim card - no service after unlocking

    Hi all, I think I looked everywhere for similar issue, including xda, but no luck. I got my "new" Sensation yesterday and, obviously, I wanted to have a custom rom as I do on my Desire. So I unlocked the bootloader and flashed both recovery and new rom (yes, the phone is still S-ON because I...
  15. F

    Thread [Q] Pinout of HTC sensation Handsfree

    hi I want to know if pinout of HTC sensation is different from others reason why i am asking this is because if i use any nokia or iphone handsfree 4 pin with mic there is echo and i cannot use mic either so what is the difference in pinout so i can change it in available hansdsfrees to make...
  16. S

    Thread [Q] HTC Sensation (HTC Sense 3) From Telus to Wind? Possible? Radio Update?

    So My GF found this phone and well It looks like a "throw away" as there are no saved info at all no contacts no log-ins nothing which is why I think it's a "throw away" because it's clearly not new it's beat up but it's still got the stock 2.3.5 Firmware not rooted nor even factory upgraded to...
  17. Mr Davo

    Thread [Q] Resetting the battery indicator

    Hi Everyone, I have flashed a number of ROMs over the last 12 months and I have come to believe that my battery display is no longer accurate. Even though the battery bar shows "green" (ok battery level) I believe that there are instances where it should show either "orange" (running low), or...
  18. M

    Thread [Q] return to stock rom

    Hello , This is a question from newbie , please be patient :D , I have a "htc sensation z10e " flashed with bulletproof -1.5 android 2.3.4 and sense 3 , and this is a picture of the bootloader I want to return to the Stock that can recevie "OTA update" (gingerbread or ICS). please help :(
  19. T

    Thread [Q] Can I get Jelly Bean People app apk for my HTC Sensation running ICS?

    Is there any port available? I want to have Jelly Bean people app on my HTC Sensation ICS v4.0.3. Thanks.
  20. twisted64d

    Thread [Q] HTC Sensation Unbricked Help?

    Here it goes, Yesterday I was cleaning up my Sensation's SD Card, and, being the idiot that I am, removed some files on there to do with Clockworkmod Recovery. Here is whats happening...
  21. billybag

    Thread [Q] Default "Preferred Network Type"

    Can't find the answer anywhere. I am looking for the default network type that my phone came with. It got changed along the way and messed up my signal/data network. I have an HTC Sensation 4G from TMOBILE USA Thanks in advance.
  22. Jonny

    Thread [ROM] [V1.3.7][20.06.13] | DarkSense ROM | DS Store | Sense 4.1 | OTA

    DarkSense OTA 1.3.6 to 1.3.7 Added normal, fine, finer and finest volume control mods to tweaks (finest has 100 steps). Added some experimental speed and responsiveness tweaks by Ser35. DarkSense OTA 1.3.5 to 1.3.6 Fixed last SystemUI GFX glitch. Updated SmartSync Disabler app to Jonny's...
  23. GladiatoRiley

    Thread [Q] Trusted HTC Sensation Z10a Digitizer?

    Hi, I have cracked my Australian Vodafone HTC Sensation Z10a and am looking to install a new digitizer myself. After some research, I have found this one one ebay...
  24. GladiatoRiley

    Thread [Q] Trusted HTC Sensation Z10a Digitizer?

    Hi, I have cracked my Australian Vodafone HTC Sensation Z10a and am looking to install a new digitizer myself. After some research, I have found this one one ebay...
  25. frankinstine

    Thread [ROM][RC]AOKP "Initiate Your Swagger"[4.1.2][Mar 3][OTA][Playstation][AC!D][OTG]

    [ROM][RC]AOKP "Initiate Your Swagger"[4.1.2][Mar 3][OTA][Playstation][AC!D][OTG] Sense 4 "Like" Recent's --> <-- Optimus Lock Screen This is my first AOKP Rom...Built with Bruce2728 device tree. I will try to keep updated but remember we all have lives to live and money to make...
  26. mamarda

    Thread Wifi fixed on 3.33 update, but not in custom roms

    My sensation (Non XE) was initially with ASIA ruu, after receiving ICS update, my WIFI was dead and after 3.33 recent update, it was fixed. Now I want to install custom rom with sense 4, but they are based on 3.32 ruu, and my wifi is not working on it. so what should I do? should I install 3.32...

    Thread 20 3D HD Games on HTC Sensation ICS

    I have searched so many times for an ideal point of view about the games on HTC Sensation especially after the ICS update. Because the fact that there are so many cool games which are not compatible. SO I thought, I may share my findings here so that the gamers could benefit from this info if it...
  28. S

    Thread Q: LCD+Digitizer replacement

    Hello, sorry for next thread with this content. I want only ask if somebody has bought LCD screen and digitizer from ebay, especially from who? I'm looking for cheap solution. I can repair it easily. Ehm here are some items from ebay. This LCD with this digitizer or This set LCD+glass I want...
  29. alex.bat98

    Thread [ROM][MIUIv4][AOSP][24th June 2012]iPyramid v1.3.2

    About ROM A better ROM for your device faux123's kernel init.d scripts support Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 tweaked (ZRAM enabled, disabled journalizm, better mount options, better io speed, cache clean on boot) Imroved Adreno drivers Based on MIUIandroid 2.6.1 Ved0pQXPrv0 Useful links...
  30. strauss0829

    Thread HTC T-Mobile Sensation ICS RUU Dropboxed

    To everyone who has stock sensation and wants ICS a day early here is the link to the dropbox RUU
  31. blahbl4hblah

    Thread [ROM][Official] CyanogenMod 9 Nightly for Sensation

    I AM TAKING NO OWNERSHIP FOR ANY OF THE CURRENT CONTENT OF THIS THREAD, NOR AM I CLAIMING IT TO BE OF MY CREATION What are nightly builds? Auto compile builds from the CyanogenMod github, each time there are new corrections on it. This version change each night, and aren't support...
  32. T

    Thread Instagram hangs on processing

    Hi Forum I bought HTC Sensation two days back. Instagram giving me problem. It stuck on processing, and my phone goes unresponsive. I have to put my battery out. -a thing that I dont want to do every time-. :( How to get rid of this issue? Any one having issue with Instagram? Thanks for your...
  33. shark147

    Thread [ROM][27-JUL] SharkDrOiD S3 v3.1 | ICS | Sense3.6 + 4.0 Skin | 3.33.401.106 | AROMA

    The Stability of SENSE 3.6 with the Look of SENSE 4.0 For HTC Sensation, Sensation XE, Sensation T-Mobile 4G Skin HTC Sense 4.0 After ROM BootUp go to in "Personalize" ==> "Display" ==> "Skin" and choose "Sade by SZP Sense4 Clock" (Click to Image for zoom)
  34. L

    Thread [Q] Hide the application labels?

    Hello, I've been searching for some time now a way to hide the label of the applications on the homescreens. Do you know is there is a mod; an application (I haven't found it in Leedroid Tweaks) or standard option that could allow this feature? Thanks for your answers! :)
  35. fluke73

    Thread [Q] Help needed stuck in bootloop and faulty volume control

    I have a HTC Sensation and i have flashed my phone several times with no problems. I have used other HTC too and flashed them as well. When i wanted to flash my phone from Virtuous Inquisition (ICS) to Android Revolution HD (ICS) and i bumped into a problem as many other has as well. I would...
  36. BiteBlaze

    Thread Beta Testing is Now Open to EVERYONE

    If you go to my website (in signature) you can now access beta testing! I have opened it as my weebly pro account expired and it was expensive :/. So you can head over there and get v1.2 BETA for your kindle! Under members, no testers exist as everyone can be a tester and report bugs and/or...
  37. Jamison904

    Thread [ROM] Sense 3.6 [ICS] [AromaV.2] [] May 12, 2012 - INFAMOUS ROM 2.0

    Welcome to Infamous ROM Discontinued as of May 30th! What Infamous ROM is: - Based off of baadnewz's Insertcoin Thanks baadnewz! - Base: 3.32.401.105 Final RUU - IceCreamSandwich 4.0.3 - Deodexed - Init.d support - Rooted - Improved SQLIte - Improved GPU configuration - GPU Acceleration ON -...
  38. alper.s

    Thread [SENSE 3.6 SKIN] EarlGreen Skin v1.0.5 [06-05-2012]

    how to install: 1. download and install the apk-file 2. go to the skin picker and choose the skin 3. reboot & enjoy 4. share your screenshots!!! 18-04-2012 - EarlGreenSkin v 1.0.5 EarlGreenSkin v 1.0.5 ● new buttons ● minor corrections 18-04-2012 - EarlGreenSkin v 1.0.4 ● changed...
  39. O

    Thread [Q] Data on the SD card erased, after the encryption !!!

    Dear Tech Support Team, After the installation of the new version of Android (4.0.3) everything worked fine. On the Storage Device Information I found that the system does not use the SD card for write purposes but only for read. The system demands the SD card to be encrypted. When I tried to...
  40. I AM M07S

    Thread [Q] Port HTC Sensation Camera To AOSP

    Is it possible to port the HTC Sensation camera to aosp and miui roms with the latest firmware
  41. shamshir

    Thread [Q] OTA ICS 4.0 Failed HTC Sensation:: Status 7 (Maps.apk)

    I've been trying to install ICS OTA for last couple of day... I did Factory Reset Data,, formatted the SD Card and downloaded all the updates from 1.35.707.1 to 1.50.707.1 I downloaded the update around 10 times but every time i encountered the same problem. I would highly appreciate if...
  42. W

    Thread [FS/FT] HTC Sensation UK

    Mod edit: Not the place to sell a device...
  43. alper.s

    Thread [SENSE 3.6 SKIN] More Beats Skin v1.3 [29-04-2012]

    more beats for your sensation... how to install: 1. download and install the apk-file 2. go to the skin picker and choose the skin 3. reboot & enjoy 4. share your screenshot's :) 29-04-2012 More Beats Skin v 1.3.3 ● new flip-clock (dedicated to AndroidPW94 :) ) ● small additions and...
  44. shamshir

    Thread [Q] HTC Sensation ICS Update Failed

    Dear xda, I have HTC Sensation unbranded, unrooted with software Android 2.3.4 having software version 1.50.707.2.(Pakistan/Asia) I just downloaded the ICS 4.0 update with HTC Sense 3.6 having System upgrade version 3.32.707.10(304.85 MB). Right after downloading I selected to install the...
  45. alper.s

    Thread [SENSE 3.6 SKIN] Sade Skin v2.0 + ICS Icons-Set [24-08-2012]

    how to install: 1. Download and install the apk-file 2. Go to the skin picker and choose the skin 3. Reboot & enjoy 4. Share your screenshots!!! For rooted users added flashable icon-pack (Browser, Calculator, Calendar, Camera, Dialer, Mail, MMS, Phone, Settings and Clock included)...
  46. shnizlon

    Thread [ROM][Sense 4.0][FINISHED] OrDroid 9.0.0 | EQS | APM | Tweaks | Fast & Stable

    Features: - Based on HTC Ville C2 latest RUU (1.11.401.110). - Multi-language. - Deodexed. - Zipaligned. - SuperSU, Busybox. - Bricked Kernel. - Option to remove HTC apps (AROMA installer). - Option to install additional mods (AROMA installer). - Fast, clean and stable. Bugs and Errors...
  47. alper.s

    Thread [SENSE 3.6 SKIN] Ice Green Sandwich v.1.4 BETA with ICS Stock Icons [18-03-2012]

    at first a big thank to cypis the person who provided themes for Sense 3.0 a and a lot of thanks to Diamondback and Flemmard for their great m10tool. All the credit goes to this guys! how to install: 1. download and install the apk-file 2. go to the skin picker and choose Music Skin 3. reboot &...
  48. B

    Thread [Q] Can’t sync with Microsoft exchange server after official ICS 4.0.3 update

    On 2.3.4 my Exchange sync worked perfect, but after I got the 4.0.3 OTA installed I keep getting a message saying something about certain policies needs to be activated. The first time I OK’ed that, I got my SD card encrypted put the following times nothing happens, just a new sync error with...
  49. rogerlemmon

    Thread HTC Sensation Wii Remote control AND MHL OUT! (VIDEO PROOF!)

    So, like most of everyone with an HTC Sense based phone that does MHL out I have been trying since day one to play games on my big screen with my wii remotes as controllers. I have tried every combination up to date, and I can tell you that none of them worked. That is until last night! I...
  50. S

    Thread [Q] HTC Stock Kernel

    So after months of using Faux and Bricked kernels, I want to go back to the stock HTC kernel because I honestly feel like it gives the best battery. I'm using ARHD 3.6.13 (Gingerbread) and I don't really like the Gingerbread Insert Coin ROMs too much. Does anybody know how I can flash the stock...