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  1. W

    Thread HELP: Custom ROM Windows 10 for HTC Titan (x310e)

    Hi, was wondering if it is possible to get windows 10 mobile to run on an HTC Titan x310e? Is the phone hackable for this, or is the core yet another impossible kernel? Thanks.
  2. A

    Thread [Q] Titan not working correctly after forced update to WP7.8

    Hi, I was hoping someone could help me! I had a Titan which I successfully updated to WP7.8 earlier this year using the 78er tool. Unfortunately I dropped that phone and smashed the screen but my insurance company just sent me a new handset so, naturally, the first thing I did was attempt to...
  3. L

    Thread Unlocked ROM for ATT Titan

    Guys - I have a HTC Titan ATT locked phone. I am trying to use it with TMobil - have the unlock code from ebay, but every time it boots, it asks for code that is a great nuisance. I have HSPL but stuck on radio 16. So none of the custom roms work for me that require radio 17. Can anyone...
  4. Tabbii

    Thread Install OSPL(and original rom) after installing any custom rom with HSPL.

    Hi Guys. My big issue here is that my phone keeps crashing in this custom rom i installed(Dynamic's by ultrashot). I hard reset my HTC Titan at least 3 times a day. I think it is because the phone gets too near memory capacity limit. I'am all tired and exhausted. All I ***in want is a Htc Titan...
  5. efsane

    Thread [CLOSED Topic]

    Not disclosed, has been removed for the content. efsane
  6. U

    Thread [ROM][21/08] Dynamics v2.2 - internet sharing fix added

    ROM is based on Titan ROM v2.05/v4.06 OS version: 7.10.8862. Languages: 24 languages. Loader/File pool: 20MB/15 MB. Key differences: Each version brings many improvements used by the most of custom ROMs around the world. Always newest unlock. Always newest stuff. No software added just for...
  7. B

    Thread Light leaking underneath 3 front buttons of HTC Titan

    Just got my Titan a day ago and i notice light leaking between the edge of the screen and the frame, just below the back, windows and search buttons. This is obviously visible when using the phone at dark places. I find it annoying, does your phone have this problem? Should i have it replaced...
  8. K

    Thread [Q] Windows Phone unlock with developer account

    delete please delete please
  9. W

    Thread [Q] Lumia 800 Or HTC Titan

    Hello my fellow nerds. I'm sure a fair few of you also had/have this dilemma. Should i buy the Nokia Lumia 800 or the HTC Titan? I'll go through some spec comparisons and then my pro's and cons, then i'll ask you guys for you're opinions. Right. Price (Next day delivery from Handtec -...
  10. 5

    Thread [Q] HTC TITAN hardware acceleration not working properly

    Hi all, I have an HTC TITAN and have found the hardware acceleration / graphics acceleration (at least for IE9) is not working properly. On my old HD7 (which is doing the rounds of iPhone4 users to convert them :D ), I saw performance differences before and after Mango. The current...
  11. V

    Thread Help! | HTC Titan works well 0n 1.08 ROM but not in latest!!!

    Hi all. I have my HTC titan, and its on this rom: Eternity_HTC_Europe_1.08.401.02_Radio_16.23.02.09_ 2_16.24.00.23U_Signed_ETERNITY_RELEASE 1.08.402.02 wont update with Zune, it gives an error. The only problems i have in this ROM is the update, the screen is not as resposive as lets say HTC...
  12. M

    Thread SIM ID not displayed in HTC Titan

    What is the significance of "SIM ID" in a smartphone? I have two HTC Titan with Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango). Only difference between two is one purchased from BestBuy, and another from AT&T store. Both phones are on AT&T, both work, I am send receive emails, calls etc. Now one of them (from...
  13. M

    Thread [Q] Import contacts over Bluethooth in WP 7.5 Mango

    Is there any way to enable Contacts Import via Bluetooth in WP 7.5 Mango? I have a HTC Titan, and few old phones. All old phones (samsugn feature phones) have "Send Business card" option which basically pushes business cards via bluetooth. HTC titan pairs with those phones, but cannot accept...
  14. U

    Thread Bluetooth and Internet Sharing not working?

    Hi, I've found some kind of issue with Bluetooth and Internet Sharing. Bluetooth starts and finds other devices as well as other devices find my phone. But whenever try to connect my phone says: device not supported. I've tried connect with Htc cha cha, Samsung galaxy s2 and Sony Ericsson...
  15. B

    Thread [Q] HD7 to Titan - Backup / Restore

    I have a HD7 running Mango with all my contacts, content, emails, apps all synced nicely with Zune / Outlook. Decided to upgrade to the Titan (looks a bit bigger but I will get used to that and some of the apps look different as well) and was wondering if I could do a direct backup on the HD7...
  16. tessut

    Thread HTC Omega Wallpapers

    Can someone post the Wallpapers from the HTC Omega
  17. C

    Thread [Q] Mango / titan multilingual

    Hi, I intend to purchase an HTC Titan but it is not specified in which language it will be delivered. Is the HTC Titan or Mango multilingual? I would like to have it in English but chances are it will be delivered in German.
  18. Whosdaman

    Thread *OFFICIAL* RUU_TITAN_SPRINT_WWE_3.56.651.0_RS_3.42.02_SPCS2.0 4_PPST_0619_Ship.exe

    This is the latest official update for the HTC Titan (Sprint). Used for restoring to stock "Over the Wire." 3.56.651.0 Update
  19. S

    Thread Did I brick my phone?

    Hey All, I just started working on my phone last night. I installed some radio, and a new ROM that I cooked up. The problem is I did not unlock the phone before I did it, so now I start the phone and it is stuck in a pre-splash screen. Does anyone know where I can get the stock Windows...