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  1. V

    Thread Custom ROM for HTC One M9 Plus (M9+) - (1) Where to find it? (2) Can I use custom ROMs of HTC One M9 instead?

    I have an HTC One M9 Plus. It is a quite powerful phone and I don't want to replace it yet. So I wanted to upgrade its Android to some recent custom ROMs of say, Android 10 or 11. I searched the net and anything I found was about HTC One M9 but not for M9 Plus. Virtually, I couldn't find...
  2. T

    Thread Obsolete HTC Factory Images

    Does anyone know how to find old HTC factory images? The official HTC developer site hasn't had them for years and archive.org never archived most of them. I'm specifically looking for "signed-google_ion-img-14721.zip" if anyone happens to have that file unmodified from 12 years ago. Thanks!
  3. nickleby

    Thread Battery "simulator" to turn on the phone

    Hi there, I have had this device for 10 years but the battery is broken and cant find it anywhere where I live. HTC phones are not able to turn on unless the battery is present, but I've read somewhere that you can trick the phone to think the battery is plugged in by using some resistors or...
  4. Stefanos53


    Hello!!! I want to put on my phone the style of any htc mobile !!! Can somebody help me?
  5. R

    Thread HTC one X9

    I rooted my device HTC one X9 dual sim by Supersu with custom recovery TWRP. I want to change it to magisk and i got an error code 1 in TWRP while flashing it. As i searched on XDA forums, i found that flashing with boot.img from stock ROM will fix the issue. But HTC is not providing Stock ROM...
  6. B

    Thread Recovery boot loop and OS boot loop on HTC m8, lineageOS 18.0

    I tried to install Lineage 18.0 ( lineage-18.0-20201109-UNOFFICIAL-m8.zip ) on my old HTC m8. I had previously installed CyanogenMod on it 6(?) years ago, so it was rooted, unlocked, and already had an old TWRP. I updated TWRP to twrp-3.5.2_9-0-m8.img and got an unofficial lineage 18.0 zip TWRP...
  7. k24a1

    Thread anyone have the compiled stock rom for the htc one v (virgin mobile)?

    i know this phone is old as all get out but I recently acquired one of these and it seems to have twrp installed already but no actual firmware... i'd like to flash back to stock but i would also prefer that someone could fish out a rom from the deep sea of mostly dead links that would be...
  8. Stefanos53

    Thread [APP] HTC Clock Weather Widget [STOCK] [MOD]

    I have app "HTC Clock Weather Widget" for Android This Is Vesion Has: Clock Weather **DOWNLOAD**
  9. 0

    Thread HELP! Need help saving my phone, flashing by SD card not working...

    My HTC One M8s has been on the way out for some time now (dying battery), but still trying to save it... Main problem started with not being able to access my settings, so decided to factory reset the phone. That did not solve the problem and only made it worse. I could not set up the phone...
  10. PetrozPL

    Thread [HTC DESIRE 620G] problem with recovery

    i have a problem while flashing Android 7.12 ROMs for HTC Desire 620g (stock 4.4.2). My problem started with recovery flashing issues. Fastboot mode for this particular model doesn't support recovery flashing. I've dig up other way of flashing recovery - via MTK Droid Tools and MTK SP Flash...
  11. S

    Thread Help My HTC Desire 826 automatically boots into fastboot mode

    Hello There, I am a new guy and I have an HTC Desire 826. It is working but occasionally it boots into fastboot mode even though I didn't connect it to anything. This happens when the phone turns off and when I try to turn it back on this happens. I will attach a video of it. Please Help! The...
  12. D

    Thread HTC M9 Not charging, blinking red light

    Hello guys, So I have a problem with my HTC M9, when I plug it in all I get is a blinking red light (not solid red light as it should be when charging) and the screen wont turn on or indicate anything. The blinking light stops and goes off after about 5mn after I plugged in, and when I press...
  13. Mr. Fullop

    Thread HTC U11+ stuckt in bootloop

    Hi! I rooted my phone and I installed a bad file. Then my phone stuckt in bootloop. I tried factory reset but it isn't works. I tried to install rom but i always get 12 RU_ZIP_ERROR. I think I need first turn S-OFF but I don't know how can I do that. (S-ON) kernel: lk product: htc_ocmdugl...
  14. itzbarry

    Thread my htc one m8 boot only into bootloader

    Hi guys! I need help I have an Htc one m8 harman kardon version I can boot to bootloader and recovery mode too, I flash a stock rom [ Android_Revolution_HD-One_M8_45.0_758ff1.zip ] but the phone keep booting only to bootloader it won't boot to system my bootloader is unlocked !and S-ON Getvar...
  15. C

    Thread Bootloader Re-unlock Method (VZW)

    This method allows you to be able to write the flash token on a Verizon HTC 10. This method should be able to work on rooted phones, if you're able to get a temp-root, you should be able to run this command. Here's a video tutorial, watch on 2.0x speed to cut to the chase. This overwrites a byte...
  16. signor.rayan

    Thread HTC U12+ Camera and Flashlight issue

    Hi, have a good time. since today, i have problem with the phone camera (both cameras) and flashlight. when i try to open that, the pop-up message says: Camera has stopped unexpectedly. and the flashlight icon had been disabled. i tried clearing cache, hard reset, wrap all caches, factory reset...
  17. D

    Thread How do I unbrick my unrooted HTC 626G?

    (I couldn't find this exact problem on the forums, forgive me if I overlooked it) I tried booting my mom's old phone, an HTC Desire 626G, but it is stuck in a bootloop. When I try to enter recovery mode (by pressing power + volume down), it just enters the loop again. I can however enter what...
  18. M

    Thread How can I unlock an HTC Wildfire S?

    This phone locked for T-Mobile Hungary. I talked with the customer support to unlock, I got an NCK code from them, but it says: "Incorrect password". The operator can't do anything. They have gotten the code from HTC.
  19. L

    Thread HTC U11 - install magisk 21.2 failed - black screen

    Hi, towday updates posible to install magisk manager to 8.0.5. (i had undated) and magisk 2x.x (i don't know correct number).+ 😭 (back screen after enter encrypt pin) so i wait to akku 0% bevore i can't do anything, than push 21.2.zip (from git) to /sdcard with adb and installed with TWRP...
  20. V

    Thread M9+ Marsmallow random restart problem

    Hi! First: Sorry for any miss spelling. I successfully installed Marsmallow on my device with a weird way, but I have a problem with it. It turns on well and I can use it (no bootloop or freeze on HTC logo). After a random amount time, it seemingly freezes and exactly 10 secs after, it...
  21. H

    Thread Unbrick Htc Desire 626G+ [Noob Friendly Guide]

    Hi this is an complete noob-friendly guide to un-brick a hard/soft bricked HTC Desire 626G+ [Things you need] 1. A Computer with Linux Distribution. 2. Stock firmware for HTC Desire 626G+ [https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bmmwKIzyjbk7Ii8UUI8_OAur72LSi8N8/view?usp=sharing] 3. Sp flash...
  22. wlkingprdx

    Thread downgrade HTC one a9 to marshmallow

    how can i downgrade the a9 to android 6 official one and without root? since i cant use warranty i am okay with rooting but i need the phone, thanks
  23. alekz1337

    Thread [help] mic problem

    Hello everybody! I recently got one problem with my htc u11. My mic just stopped working, im not sure what is the problem, but its seems like its some software mistake.. I have phone for like 1 yr (got it used), never had any problem, but recently my mic stopped working in cellular calls...
  24. Captain_Throwback

    Thread [RECOVERY][Hiae] TWRP touch recovery

    *** Disclaimer *** All flashing is done at your own risk! While nothing from this thread should break your device, don't come back here blaming anyone if it does! Introduction Images Installation instructions Device Changelog TWRP Official Change Log Downloads Known Issues Bug...
  25. lebigmac

    Thread where to buy HTC U20

    Hi. Where can I purchase HTC U20 in Europe? Can I order directly from Taiwan? Thank you.
  26. J

    Thread Relocked htc one m8 bootloader stuck in bootloop no recovery

    So i relocked my htc one m8 bootloader now it boots right into bootloader if i try and select recovery it just reboots into bootloader same with factory reset option just boots right back to bootloader
  27. D

    Thread Looking for some help reviving an old HTC Desire

    Hi. I have hunted all over the forums but so many of the links are completely dead I am struggling. The device has no OS at all on it, it reboots straight in to the Bootloader. I have tried in OS X and Windows 10 using Terminal / CMD to try and get this working but to no avail, I can get...
  28. T

    Thread Help - HTC M8 - No audio / sound. S-OFF

    Hi. I bought a blue HTC One M8 off EBAY a couple of weeks ago. Its a strange case, everything else is working fine but I do not have audio/sound at all. All apps that have anything to do with sound, youtube, ringtones etc are just not working. While troubleshoothing, I realized that the phone...
  29. C

    Thread Just got another HD2 and both Magldr / Clk will not boot :(

    Just got another HD2 and for the love of me I cannot get Magldr or CLK to boot on it. I know this is reviving a very old phone but I always loved how hackable they are and they are cheap on ebay right now (£10 / $13). I tried many different roms and radios, I am thinking it's because it is only...
  30. lebigmac

    Thread HTC u11+ plus 3930 mah replacement battery ?

    Hello. Does anybody know where to buy a HTC u11+ plus 3930 mah replacement battery ? My original battery is draining very fast recently. Thanks.
  31. h8Aramex

    Thread HTC 10 repair centers - repair service

    Let's have a thread for HTC repair companies. Just post whatever info you have. Reason why I started this topic might be a bit selfish. I have a HTC 10 and tried to get the battery replaced. The official center quoted me 1000+ EUR repair fee, for a battery. Long story short, I realized that...
  32. X

    Thread HTC Desire 10 Pro - Android Update?

    Hi there, I have an HTC Desire 10 pro (htc_a56dj_pro_dtwl / CID-HTC__060) device and HTC has already forget us and let us with the Android 6.0 version :( I try for days to find a way to update my phone to Android 8.0 or 8.1 but unfortunately I haven't found anything. Is there anyone else here...
  33. O

    Thread Recovery?

    I hope someone can compile a recovery for the U19e. It's possibly HTC's last release ? I don't want to order it until I know it's rootable.
  34. Justin2003

    Thread HTC Blinkfeed Facebook integration on Android 9.0

    Has anyone already succeeded in linking Facebook to Blinkfeed on Android 9.0?
  35. Justin2003

    Thread Deleted

    Delete please
  36. V

    Thread HTC 10 cant open/sys/class/power_supply/battery/capacity issue

    Hi friends, I have htc 10 device and I am having battery problem in my device. my device shuts down at 40% and this is very annoying. When I entered recovery mode, I saw the following "can't open / sys / class / power_supply / battery / capacity" and I couldn't find a solution on the Internet...
  37. Twisted Prime

    Thread [ROM] ViperSV 1.6 (MIRROR)

    The download links on the original thread were dead, so I made mirrors on Google Drive along with this installation guide. Downloads: ViperSV_1.5.0 by xpirt, m0narx, ivicask OTA_1.5.0-1.6.0 by xpirt, m0narx, ivicask TWRP- by old.splatterhand Installation: (This method worked...
  38. JT1510365

    Thread [ROM][Flounder][UNOFFICIAL][7.1.2] Android Open Kang Project (AOKP) (7/17/2019)

    Device: HTC Nexus 9 (Flounder) » Installation is simple: If coming from another ROM or another major AOKP version, wipe data in recovery Make sure you're using the latest CWM or TWRP Flash ROM Flash Google Apps (GAPPS) Reboot http://gerrit.aokp.co/q/status:merged Latest 7/18 build...
  39. JT1510365

    Thread [ROM][Flounder][7.1.2][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 14.1 for Nexus 9 (5/28/2019)

    LineageOS 14.1 is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 7.1.2 (Nougat), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device. #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * Your warranty is now void. * * We are not responsible for...
  40. F

    Thread How can I change camera app only open in selfie mode (rear camera broken)

    My HTC U11 main(rear camera) was broken. Camera app stopped working and only open in black screen for a few seconds and self-closed. How can I change camera app configuration (via USB debugging coz it hasn't been rooted) that it open only in selfie mode.? Because other camera app with selfie...
  41. F

    Thread HTC 10 restarting itself after update and factory reset

    Hello! Ive just bought an HTC 10 phone from Ebay, everything worked fine until i tried to update the phone. The phone is now only restarting itself even after i performed factory reset/data wipe in the recovery mode. In the download mode the phone says *** LOCKED *** htc_pwewl PVT S-ON...
  42. F

    Thread Band 71 Activation?

    Yes, I read about the hardware stuff regarding Band 71, but regardless, I am still curious if anyone has tried to activate it in the U12+ and the U11. I have both and travel to the US, so if either is one of the models that can use it, it would be quite helpful, however, it would be nice to at...
  43. 5m4r7ph0n36uru

    Thread [EXO][NEWS/PSA]HTC Exodus 1 - S-ON | Unlock/Relocked | MODIFIED status breaks Zion OS

    [EXO|PSA] S-ON | Unlock/Relocked | MODIFIED status breaks Zion OS Hello everybody, here in a nutshell some points which have to be considered when unlocking a bootloader on an HTC Exodus 1. Apparently HTC has installed various additional security measures to make the “semi-cold” wallet, called...
  44. N

    Thread [01/21/2018 HTC U11+ OTA WWE_001]HTC_Europe_1.24.401.12-1.24.401.7

    Hi to all! Finally I received an update. I checked today and I found it. Not sure if auto notification works for me so I may be wrong with release date. The file is a .zip OTA update and I can't install right now because TWRP tells me error E1000 (system contents modified or similar). Hope...
  45. E

    Thread Any real solution for typical HTC battery problem, shutdown at 40%/30%/20%?

    Hi, I bought M8 because I liked good old M7 so much. So that phone and it's battery are quite new, about a two months old. But I'm bit pissed because there's that same damn battery problem that we have with M7. Phone shutdowns suddenly with random % while batt is below 40% or below 30%. After...
  46. JDog2pt0

    Thread Ugly Lockscreen

    I use a pin for my lockscreen. I'm coming from an M9 running Viper to the S9+. Is the lockscreen on this phone by Google or Samsung? It's ugly. I hate the letters under the numbers, and the numbers are too small. On my M9 the pin screen just had numbers, and the spacing and size of the numbers...
  47. sheaky

    Thread How to find HTC model/imei number?

    Hey guys I found one HTC phone on the road with half broken LCD, the owner called on that number I told him LCD is broken if you want i can meet up and give back the phone, he said he dont want the phone and then blocked the sim card. Now I just want to ask how do I find the model or imei number...
  48. L

    Thread Getting an OTA update after installing TWRP and rooting OR use RUU?

    I have an HTC One E8... I know, it's ancient... But... It's been a good phone until this past year when it really started dragging. Takes forever to do anything. A year ago, the main camera (is that the front or back camera) stopped working (phone doesn't even recognize that it's there --...
  49. H

    Thread How to go back to stock rom? (s-on, lock)

    I flashed 3.16.401.2 ruu.zip. But My status is still unlocked, s-on, software status : modified. I tried sunshine to s-off but not worked. I want to s-on,Lock, software status : official. Where is my problem? Can't I change to "software status :official and lock" with s-on?
  50. H

    Thread How to boot my htc 10?

    Unlocked at htc dev and downloaded magisk and patched patched_boot.img(by using magisk) and flashed twrp recovery, twrp.img. My htc 10 got infinite boot. How to solve this problem?? I want to go to stock rom. My status : Unlocked, s-on, twrp recovery, boot.img changed.