1. memorycorruption

    Thread Why is adb still showing "http" links in its terminal outputs?

    Upon getting an permission error when using ./adb shell .... I noticed that in the displayed output, http links are being used instead of google's own aggresive years-long push for sites to use https due to security concerns of the http protocol etc... The whole site...
  2. S

    Thread [Tutorial] Learn to use WebSockets on Android with OkHttp

    Hello, I create that post to present you a tutorial aiming to learn you to use WebSockets on Android with OkHttp. Like you should know, WebSocket is a computer communications protocol, providing full-duplex communication channels over a single TCP connection. It is supported in HTML 5. Since...
  3. halx

    Thread Serve http URI locally

    I have an idea to integrate the S-Note app with the rest of my Note 3 (Android 5.0 rooted) file system using its undocumented feature of auto-converting URL-like text into clickable links. In a nutshell, I want to click such a link (it recognizes http:// and ftp://) pointing to a local file on...
  4. H

    Thread [Completed] Looking for a program that would open Web Server Protocol Directory

    Hello XDA I have a software in my PC called WWW file share pro, it basically allow me to share my files and it creates a local IP address and a port (e.g. I think it does it using HTTP protocol(Web server directory Protocol) rather than FTP. I searched the store and i could...
  5. F

    Thread [APP][1.0] HTTP Tester

    I've created this small utility for developers. I hope it can be useful to many of us. It works for phones and tablets. HTTP Tester is a tool that allows the execution of HTTP requests (GET/POST). It's a very useful tool for all developers who want to test their web services or API. Main...
  6. pssecretajent

    Thread OpenVpn For Android With Custom HTTP HEADER Support.

    If U R Having Error in openvpn for android like this P:Initializing Google Breakpad! P:eek:ptions error: Bad http-proxy-option or missing parameter: 'EXT1' Then This app is for U. As we all know Open Vpn for android do not support Http headers like Host and X-Online- Host.....and that's why...
  7. Q


    Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500, firmware 4.3 I ran tcpdump. In the dump, I see many HTTP requests on port 80. One request per minute for a long time. request: GET /generate_204 HTTP/1.1\r\n User-Agent: Dalvik/1.6.0 (Linux; U; Android 4.3; GT-I9500 Build/JSS15J)\r\n Host:\r\n...
  8. T

    Thread [Q] JB 4.3.1 - edit RTSP / HTTP proxies

    Just a quick question. I just moved from an Evo 3D to a Sprint HTC One, and previously in GB and ICS, I had to nuke out the Sprint RTSP / HTTP proxies since they were godawful and I wanted better speed. I can't seem to find where in JB the RTSP / HTTP proxy settings are. I'm not talking about...
  9. SandroBSupp

    Thread [TOOL][HTTP/HTTPS analyzer]SandroProxy

    Proxy, http analyzer, mitm, transparent proxy NO NEED FOR ROOTED PHONE Why would you use it: - behind corporate firewall/proxy, needing to connect to squid, isa/forefront proxy with authentication - developer to examine http...
  10. jhonnyx1000

    Thread Access SD card from another device

    This thread shows how to channel your SD card through your wireless router, therefore making your SD card accessible from most devices (tested on PC, Android and iOS). Please note that your phone and the device must be connected to the same network. 1. Download and install File Expert (it's...
  11. M

    Thread Help with creating tcp/ip connection between Android and Win 7

    End Goal: Control music playing on my Win 7 netbook with my Android phone in the car (Ok that should probably have been my thread title, since there's probably other ways to achieve this without tcp/ip connection. Too late now) Description/Details: Netbook has Win 7 Thin PC (extra cut down...
  12. D

    Thread [Q] Dolphin HD browser -- How to setup http proxy?

    How can i set proxy in Dolphin HD? I only want a proxy setting specific to dolphin, not a proxy for my whole system. Thanks in advance
  13. K

    Thread (Q) Proxy or VPN Workaround for blocked outbound port 80 wanted

    Good afternoon. On (or possibly before) January 19th, 2011, Boost Mobile started blocking outbound port 80 for its "Pay as You Go" customers. This has proven to be an even larger inconvenience than I originally expected, as much of what I use my Diamond's EvDo networking for is port 80 (YouTube...
  14. P

    Thread [Resolved] Pandora-http error occurred code: 417 startupAsyncTask caused by proxy server

    After months and months of trying to resolve the Pandora "http error occurred code: 417 startupAsyncTask" issue on my Samsung Vibrant phone, I discovered the true cause of the problem in my case, and it wasn't the phone at all, so stop messing around with it. It was due to a transparent proxy...
  15. HD2_Froyo

    Thread Edit Internet Proxy Settings Like Iphone?

    I was wondering whether there is a program out there that allows me to edit the proxy settings for manual http with options such as no proxy for aswell?
  16. arch3rm

    Thread Http Proxy Details

    Not sure if I'm the first to see this The Galaxy S has the ability to edit the Browser proxy settings. This is the first time I have seen these settings available on an Android device and it is great to see it :D Currently they only effect the browser as far as I can tell but this is great news
  17. A

    Thread website fetched but if they update it???

    hi guys i have a small problem while im trying to develop an app for windows market just 15 years old and i dont have the knowledge or the resources to figure it out and i thought that i can ask you guys... the app can fetch a website parse it into xml and then use it from there and...
  18. D

    Thread HTTP Server on WM6

    Hi Guys! I'd like to create a webserver on wm6 so I can contact to Localhost ( to retrieve Phone info. Purpose is a Flash app which uses GPS and Camera (Those or not accessable with actionscript) I want the server to put GPS and Camera information on the localhost. I know Freestyl...
  19. jhw549

    Thread Moderators, Please Help

    Any Moderator: Do you know why we are getting such terrible lag and constant appearances of error 500?
  20. N

    Thread Changing Pocket Outlook's User Agent

    Hi, Is there a registry key / another setting somewhere / a little program/CAB that I can use to change Pocket Outlook's user agent to the same one as Pocket IE? As for the Why would you want to do that / You're dumb PO is not a browser: I have a contract with unlimited data for my phone. Of...