1. jawadsheyab

    Thread Need a new way to install TWRP for Huawei GR3 2017 (PRA-LA1 C185)

    Hey Guys, I have Huawei GR3 2017 with build number PRA-LA1 C185 I have already unlock the bootloader, Now I need to make root and install TWRP. Thus install a custom rom, I have tired google it all of searches leads to Huawei P8 lite. Because P8 lite and Gr3 have the same model number...
  2. Mustafa Sarıtemur

    Thread Step by Step Integration for Huawei FIDO BioAuthn-AndroidX

    What is FIDO BioAuthn FIDO provides your app with powerful local biometric authentication capabilities, including fingerprint authentication and 3D facial authentication. It allows your app to provide secure and easy-to-use password-free authentication for users while ensuring reliable...
  3. somokos

    Thread How to run huawei themes or music on emulators like memu ldplayer or bluestacks?

    Hi guys if any one knows how to run huawei themes or huawei music apps on emulators like memu ldplayer or bluestacks because i don't know why it crushes
  4. Meclipsegsx

    Thread Add screen recorder (hwscreenrecoeder.apk) on Huawei

    Hi my device is honor 7s and does not have hwscreenrecorder by default I want to add this feature to it How do I do that?
  5. Kentoto2021

    Thread [HONOR 6x EMUI 8.X Oreo] Installing EMUI 8.X on Honor 6X EMUI 5.X and RAM extend via SD Card

    My problem is that I can't run correctly LineageOS on Honor 6x, and I didn't know how to run it properly, and I still don't know how to do it because I got bootloop, even if I factory reset... => For future people who still want to know how I switch Honor 6x on EMUI 5.X to EMUI 8.X, I write...
  6. Freemind R

    Thread Implement High-Speed, Data-Free File Transmission Between Smart Devices Using HUAWEI Nearby Service

    Introduction 1. Easy integration: You only need two file transmission APIs to integrate Nearby Service, and it doesn't require any complex network protocols. 2. Ultra-fast transmission: It achieves file transmission rate of up to 60 MB/s, so transmitting a 1 GB file takes only 20 seconds. 3...
  7. abhi281

    Thread Queries for Huawei MatePad T8

    Hello, I have bought MatePad T8 few days ago mainly for study purpose and light web browsing. It seems an overall good product. However, I have some questions in mind regarding this Tablet: 1) My tablet variant is Wi-Fi only with 2/16 GB. I'm using a 64 GB SD card. How can I move installed...
  8. T

    Thread Huawei p30 lite bricked

    My Huawei p30 lite switched off during an update in progress. after that incident, it doesn't work. Just os boot loop only. How to fix this issue? I have firmaware as well - Huawei_P30_Lite_Marie-L01A_10.0.0.275_C431E8R2P7_EMUI10.0.0_05016RDP_Dload I don't know how to flash this. I tried with...
  9. Z

    Thread Honor band 6 custom watch faces

  10. HumboBumbo

    Thread Please help: Can a malicious app that had root acces do lasting damage after device is unrooted and the app is deleted?

    Many thanks for reading my post. I really apriciate your time :) . I think I recently installed an app that used a rootkit to temporarily give itself root acces. The bootloader of my device is still locked (Huawei Ale-L21, I know the phone is old 😅). After I found out, I deleted the app and...
  11. jericho246

    Thread GCam developer BSG is working on a GCam version that will support some Huawei (Kirin) devices!

    "have had some success for Huawei devices on the Kirin processor" Click here to view screenshots from BSG telegram group. I believe this is huge news, especially if the GCam devs could get it to work on devices like Huawei P40 series!! My P40 Pro is currently being repaired (bricked) so...
  12. MShah01

    Thread Huawei Y9s

    Has anyone downloaded GCam on Huawei Y9s? Please guide me.
  13. alexop2007

    Thread Huawei Nova 5T android 11 and EMUI 11

    Hello! Did anyone get official android 11 and EMUI 11 on Nova 5T?
  14. M

    Thread How to unlock Huawei Y6s bootloader and then root?

    I want to root my Huawei Y6s but I don't know how to unlock the bootloader. I want to root it using Magisk. If anyone can help, please.
  15. D

    Thread Linux on Huawei P40 (Kirin 990 5G)

    According to many news sites Huawei is preparing Linux based laptop with Kirin 990 processor: Wondering what would that mean to us - owners of Huawei P40 - in terms of possibilities to...
  16. T

    Thread Huawei P smart+ bootloader

    i just found a metod to unlock the bootloader using the slock. i managed to get most of the info i need but when i run " fastboot oem hwdog certify begin " to get the fblock value, i get "FAILED (remote: Command not allowed)". please help...
  17. E

    Thread Green screen with red and blue squares, only able to access fastboot

    Hello guys, I've recently got my hands on a not-working P20 Lite, which was stuck on boot with the well-known "your device has failed verification and may not work properly" error message. Since I got stuck on a HUAWEI logo when trying to enter the recovery, ended up in a bootloop trying to...
  18. I

    Thread Need EMUI 10.0.0 Contacts App for Honor 8X

    Hi Folks, Last month I was playing around with my Honor 8X, removing Stock Bloatware apps. and I ended up removing Stock Dailer app (which is itself a Part of Stock Contacts app). Can anyone provide the Stock Contacts App file? I miss the default UI and built-in Call recording feature with my...
  19. KLoNe1

    Thread Google Backup - No Backups Found (BUT THERE IS!!!)

    Hi guys, Getting really frustrated here!! Have owned a Huawei Mate 20 for awhile now and recently wanted to do a backup & restore. Made sure I backed up via Google Backup and verified on Google Drive. Went to restore this morning and it says: NO BACKUPS FOUND. When I go into my Google Drive...
  20. E

    Thread Implementing SMS Verification with Huawei SMS Retriever

    Hi everyone! Today I will briefly walkthrough you about how to implement an SMS Retriever system using Huawei’s SMSRetriever service. First of all, let’s start with why do we need this service in our apps. Applications that involve user verification usually do this with an SMS code, and this...
  21. C

    Thread Question Moving from Huawei to Samsung Questions

    Hey everyone, After many years without a Samsung (my last one was s3) I had a few questions on the move. Is there an easy way to clone my Huawei phone (P30 Pro) to the newly coming Samsung (S21 Ultra)? - I know that there are clone applications for each company but its a move between them...
  22. Freemind R

    Thread HMS ADS Integration into Unity Game | Installation and Example

    Introduction In this article, we will learn how to add ADS into our Unity Game. Get paid to show relevant ads from over a million advertisers with HMS ADS in our Unity Games. Ads are an effective and easy way to earn revenue from your games. Ads Kit is a smart monetization platform for apps...
  23. John Wo

    Thread Development in React Native Platform with HMS Location kit, Map kit, Site Kit-2

    Introduction Hello, in this article, as in my previous article, we will look at the most needed topics in React Native Location, Map, Site Kit development. If you haven’t read my previous post => Click Since I first wrote the article, many topics have emerged, if you are ready, let’s start...
  24. John Wo

    Thread Calendar JS application for Lite Wearable in Harmony-OS

    Article Introduction In this article, I have explained how to develop a calendar application for Huawei Lite Wearable device using Huawei DevEco Studio and using JS language in Harmony OS. Calendar provides options to swipe to desired day, month and year. Huawei Lite Wearable Requirements...
  25. John Wo

    Thread Develop Calculator application for Lite-Wearable in Harmony OS

    Article Introduction In this article, I have explained to develop a calculator application for Huawei Lite Wearable device using Huawei DevEco Studio and using JS language in Harmony OS. Calculator here performs basic arithmetic operations which can be installed in wearable watch. Huawei...
  26. Freemind R

    Thread Pedometer implementation using Harmony OS Lite wearable

    Introduction HarmonyOS is a future-proof distributed operating system open to you as part of the initiatives for the all-scenario strategy, adaptable to mobile office, fitness and health, social communication, and media entertainment, to name a few. Unlike a legacy operating system that runs on...
  27. Freemind R

    Thread Huawei Map-Kit in Flutter

    Introduction Huawei Map Kit is a development kit and map service developed by Huawei. Easy to integrate map-based functions into your applications. The Huawei Map currently covers map data of more than 200 countries and regions, supports 40+ languages, provides UI elements such as markers...
  28. Freemind R

    Thread Integrating AR-Engine kit using Flutter (Cross Platform)

    Introduction Augmented Reality is increasing every day in different areas like shopping, Games, Education etc. AR Engine provides a mesh with more than 4,000 vertices and 7,000 triangles to precisely outline face contours, and enhance the overall user experience. Today I will develop a demo...
  29. Freemind R

    Thread HMS Core 5.1.0 Launch Announcement

    ML Kit: Added the face verification service, which compares captured faces with existing face records to generate a similarity value, and then determines whether the faces belong to the same person based on the value. This service helps safeguard your financial services and reduce security...
  30. John Wo

    Thread Creating Lock Screen Images with the Smart Layout Service

    After taking a stunning picture, the user may want to use it as their lock screen image, but even more so, to add text art to give the lock screen a flawless magazine cover effect. Fortunately, Image Kit makes this easy, by endowing your app with the smart layout service, which empowers...
  31. John Wo

    Thread Simple Route Planning Case

    Outline 1. Background 2. Integration Preparations 3. Main Code 4. Results I. Used Functions Map Kit provides an SDK for map development. The map data covers over 200 countries and regions and supports hundreds of languages, allowing you to easily integrate...
  32. John Wo

    Thread Integrating ML Kit's Product Visual Search Service

    1. Applicable Scenarios Product visual searches are mainly used for online shopping apps. When you integrate this service into your app, your users will be able to make image-based product searches. This means that when they see a product they like, they can simply take a picture of it...
  33. S

    Thread HiSuite - How to offline update rom?

    Huawei stopped giving bootloader code, my last option is to use the DC-Unlocker. The problem is it won't work with the latest security patch of EMUI 8. So I'm trying to rollback my Huawei Nova 2i to the possible old version of EMUI to make the DC-Unlocker work. I used HiSuite 10.00502, HiSuite...
  34. John Wo

    Thread HMS Push kit Integration into Unity Game | Installation and Example

    Introduction In this article, we will learn how to add Push kit into our Unity Game. Push notifications are those notifications that we receive on our cell phone, smartwatch or computer with a message informing us about an event or encouraging us to take a certain action. While we usually take...
  35. John Wo

    Thread How to develop a Heart rate reader application in Harmony Lite wearable

    Introduction In this article, will explain how to develop heart reading health application integration on Harmony lite wearable. Following are the APIs we are going to integrate with this application. 1) On Body status API: To detect the watch is tied with the user’s wrist. 2) Heart rate...
  36. Freemind R

    Thread Simplified & Efficient Integration of Huawei Scan Kit in Xamarin Android App

    Overview In this article, I will create a demo app along with the integration of Huawei Scan Kit which is based on Cross-platform Technology Xamarin. User can easily scan 1D and 2D barcodes using this application. This Xamarin based application easily detects, magnifies, and recognizes barcodes...
  37. Freemind R

    Thread Building a basic web browser Part1: Auto complete suggestions

    The Huawei Search Kit provide awesome capabilities to build your own search engine or even go beyond. With Search Kit you can add a mini web browser to your app app with web searching capabilities, by this way, the user will be able to surf into the Internet without knowing the complete URL of...
  38. Freemind R

    Thread Integrating In-App Purchases kit using Flutter (Cross Platform)

    4. Gradle 4.6 and later Steps to integrate service 1. We need to register as a developer account in AppGallery Connect 2. Create an app by referring to Creating a Project and Creating an App in the Project 3. Set the data storage location based on current location 4. Enabling Required...
  39. Cantg

    Thread Are there any custom recovery for device huawei y max,honor 8x max?

    :cowboy:I need a recovery for that device plz. If you have then plz help me.
  40. Freemind R

    Thread Predict Users with High Return Potential in Advance, to Grow Your Paid User Bases

    Whether it's online or offline operations, a lack of a steady customer stream can cause you to rethink your marketing strategies. A number of solutions have been proposed, including more ads, better products, and improved user services, but sometimes, even the most diligent efforts aren't...
  41. Freemind R

    Thread How to Integrate UserDetect of Safety Detect to Protect Your App from Fake Users

    Overview Recently, I was asked to develop a pet store app that can filter out fake users during user registration and sign-in, so as to minimize the negative impact of fake users on the app operations. At first I was stumped but I quickly recalled the UserDetect function of HUAWEI Safety Detect...
  42. John Wo

    Thread 【Safety Detect】Calling the API for Querying the UserDetect Result

    Part 1 - Obtaining an Access Token a) Obtain an access token. You can use the app ID and secret key of your app to request an access token from the Huawei authentication server. The sample code is as follows: <p style="line-height: 1.5em;">private static String applyAccessToken(String...
  43. John Wo

    Thread Huawei Quick App Center International Edition Unveiled

    The International Edition of Huawei Quick App Center was officially released on November 20, 2020, offering users tap-to-use access to a wide range of apps, while also providing developers with abundant opportunities to grow their traffic. 5000 quick apps and games aggregated The...
  44. J

    Thread [Non-Root] Huawei Nova 5T - change build.prop HAL3 value

    Hi, Is there anyway to edit build.prop and enable the HAL3 flag from 0 to 1 without unlocking bootloader and installing TWRP? I want to get GCam for this device. 🙏please help🥺
  45. alimakhmali

    Thread Galaxy Watch with Other Branch Phone

    Hi, I have a Galaxy Watch paired with a Samsung Galaxy A50. The phone is broken recently and I want to buy a new one, but what functionality/performance would I really miss if I use a phone from another brand? I am mainly looking into Huawei and Oppo. Thanks.
  46. xerios777

    Thread P10 lite AOSP 10 bug camera / Lineageos 17.1 bug headphone

    Hello everybody ! I flash my P10 lite Was-Lx1a it is full unlock (paid € 4 with DC-unlock) French-europe ok ! Dowgraded TWRP to 3.3.1 ARMv8-A / HI6250 / Kernel 4.4.23+ Mali-T830 I tested two rom: - AOSP 10 (sd card problem with camera) I did not find a solution = inconclusive format - unable...
  47. D

    Thread How to change the firmware of the 4g modem model: E5172S-22?

    Tenho um modem Huawei 4G E5172S-22 e está em inglês. Eu gostaria de mudar para o português; existe uma versão em português da variante do modelo E5172S-515. Você pode fazer essa mudança? A mudança continuará a funcionar?
  48. faceliler

    Thread [GUIDE] EMUI 11 Complete Debloating Guide & Bloatware List

    This de-bloating guide will help you start using EMUI 11 as clean as possible. Please list packages in the comments section that you know is a bloatware and I didn't include in the spreadsheet. This guide assumes that you're using Windows 10 as your PC OS. BLOATWARE SPREADSHEET To bring back...
  49. John Wo

    Thread Send Notifiacation & Deep Link on Android App - Huawei Push Kit (Android & Server sides)

    Hi Folks :) I will introduce you to how to implement Push Kit both Android side and server side. Also I will show you how to send push notification from backend, catch Android side and open specific page on Android app. Backend Development ... SEND_PUSH_REQUEST_URL =...
  50. Freemind R

    Thread Video Kit Basic Integration: SurfaceView, TextureView & List of Videos

    I am creating the article in 3 parts like basic, medium and advanced. Now in this article, I will cover the basic integration about video kit. Follow 5 steps to watch the video in HMS devices. Introduction HUAWEI Video kit is used to provide the smoother HD video playback, bolstered by...