1. Peregrint

    Thread Question Couldn´t connect Galaxy Watch4 SM-R870 with my Huawei Honor10 COL-L29 - Is there any Solution to get it synchronized or connected?

    As i wrote, i´m not able to Connect my new Galaxy Watch4 with my Huawei Honor 10. Phone Modell is called COL-L29 with the kirin970 Hardware/Platform and it has the Original Android10 OS. The Galaxy Watch 4 is the R870, SM-R870NZKADBT. I tried both methods from the "Watch4 pairing issues Galaxy...
  2. mrsooomro

    Thread [CLOSED] Can we install Honor Magic series Stock firmware in Non Google Huawei to make it Google Supported?

    Can we install Honor Magic series Stock firmware in Non Google Huawei to make it Google Supported? if Possible suggest me any rom which Is compatible for Mate 30 Pro, Mate 40 Pro?
  3. I

    Thread Downgrading and unbricking Huawei P Smart using dload method

    If you can't downgrade your phone using HiSuite because you installed a custom ROM that HiSuite is incompatible with or you bricked your phone so hard that it only boots into erecovery, then this guide might be useful for you. This method may work on other Huawei phones as shown in this video...
  4. W

    Thread Huawei nova 10 problem 3G

    Hello, for some time I have noticed that when I use 3g, the network is lost for a few seconds. My range disappears, a hiccup appears, and after a while it's fine. In this situation, my internet also stops. After I noticed this, I put in betterbatterystat and there it shows me that it loses...
  5. darksmokzz

    Thread Disabling the proximity sensor on Huawei P30 Lite, temporarily or permanently, idc

    (I can't find the P30 Lite subsection, only P30 Pro and P30, I hope posting here is ok) Old phone proxsens behavior (based, works as intended) (Samsung M30s): Start phonecall/whatsapp call Lock phone (lock/power button) Move phone to face Move phone away from face minimally Screen stays off...
  6. ArshamEbr

    Thread Huawei bootloader unlock after emui 9.1 (maybe a light in pure darkness?)

    hi there (first of all.. sorry for my bad english) i was researching about that how to unlock emui based devices bootloader after emui 9.1.. and i came across this: we know that Xiaomi and Huawei share a lots of things together so... i found out that Xiaomi will use an special tool to unlock the...
  7. R

    Thread Question Issue transferring Music from the iPhone to my GT3 watch!

    I have an issue with transferring music from my iPhone to my huawei watch GT3, their is no music option in the iOS app, i tried pairing it with an android phone and transfer all my music and it worked well, but when switching back to iPhone it’s not pairing, they say i need to reset it so i can...
  8. Architecty

    Thread I cant uninstall any app. Need HELP!

    I installed a stock firmware for my Huawei device. Everything went well until i wanted to uninstall an app. What happens when uninstalling app is rebooting from the boot video. But its not real restart i think. Theres no sound coming and theres no after restart situation on the phone. Everything...
  9. Taim7

    Thread Seeking Help: Recovering Precious Data from my Damaged Huawei Nova i3 "Updated"

    Hey fellow XDA members, My old Huawei Nova i3 is a mess, the screen is shattered, and only the lower half works. A confounding error message popped up, stating, "We've detected an issue with your phone and have switched you to emergency backup mode. This left me with two data backup options...
  10. D

    Thread Normal, that EMUI 12 is calling 102.0.0 and not 12.0.0 on Firm Finder

    My Huawei P20 Pro CLT-L09 doesn't boot anymore. I get ,,Your device has failed verification and may not work properly" error every time. Normal Recovery over eRecovery or just a Factory reset worked, but both didn't fixed the Problem. I will now recover over PC, but I'm wondering that EMUI 12...
  11. Fijxu

    Thread [HELP] Internal Files are no longer accessible. Folders and files under are ownership of `u0_a125`

    For some strange reason my Honor X8, after a system update, it can't access any files from the internal storage. So to investigate this problem I used some ADB debugging. I did cd into /sdcard and the output is... HNTFY-Q:/sdcard $ ls -la total 83 drwx------ 3 u0_a125 u0_a125 3452 2023-06-09...
  12. H

    Thread [CLOSED] Does anyone know a free way to unlock the Huawei AGS-L09 bootloader?

    I know you know how to do it...
  13. A

    Thread Arch Linux on baremetal Android

    So I accidentally deleted my Huawei P smart (2018) OS and I'm just left with an unlocked bootloader and TWRP installed, so I tried installing Arch Arm on it. After downloading the tarball from arch (ARMv7 Multi-platform) I compressed it into .zip and TWRP spits out an error that the zip is...
  14. question-987

    Thread Huawei Mate 20 Pro Navigation Buttons

    Hello there! my question is, after de-installing some system app, the recents apps button in the three button navigation stopped reacting. Can you tell me what app to re-install to reinstate the quadratic button? Thank you
  15. W

    Thread Whatsapp for Wear OS is now released... 4 Huawei Watch too?

    Hi. Finally there is a final WhatsApp App 4 wear os... I tried 2 install the apk on my Huawei Watch 3 Pro... But the apk can't be installed... Can someone mod the apk to work on Huawei Watches? Is it possible to use Alexa and Twitter on the Huawei Watch too? Tried many apps... Nothing is...
  16. JWZ135

    Thread Huawei P20 Lite Root/Rom Help

    I have a old Huawei P20 Lite that I would like to root/replace the os. I have searched many prior guides etc and haven't found anything for my situation. I can't get my device connect to any of my avalable PC's. Device charges but nothing else, USB Debugging enabled, As well as tried different...
  17. AC6172

    Thread Looking for Huawei P20(EML-AL00) custom OSes

    Hello,guys. I'm looking for some OSes for my Huawei P20(EML-AL00). It was downgraded to EMUI to unlock the bootloader, and I rooted it using Magisk(Installed to Recovery because this phone does not have a boot ramdisk). After that, I used the system for some time, and I...
  18. S

    Thread Where can I download rom y625 328b108 u32 with android5.1?

    Hello I need upgrade my phone to Android 5.1 so Where can I download rom y625 328b108 u32 with android 5.1?
  19. A

    Thread Question Maps issue with Harmony 3.1

    Hello I use Huawei P60 pro and I already install native gms with Harmony 3.1 Just two big issues, 1. Android Auto doesn't work. 2. Any apps require location doesn't locate. Such as sharing whatsapp location or weather apps, delivery apps First one I can ignore since not a big fan of AA but...
  20. A

    Thread Help "Music_control" xml code (EMUI)

    Hello everyone. I have some time since I started creating and I understand a little about the creation of EMUI themes and the integration of xml code (manifest) through the ThemeStudio tool. I have searched multiple times for attributes, variants, etc. to place on the lock screen, a small simple...
  21. Luke221

    Thread Screen of huawei dark even at 100% brightness

    Hi, I’m having a problem with my Huawei Mate 20 that I bought in 2019. The screen brightness is too low even when set to 100%. This started happening two days ago after I spent the day outside in the sun (i don't know if hot temperatures influenced but has already been 2 days so is strange)...
  22. E

    Thread Tasker and Huawei ecosystem

    Hello all. I found that there is a Wear OS Tasker plugin called Auto Wear for making custom notifications and vibrations on smartwatches for any apps. Is there the same plugin or Tasker method for making a custom notifications on Huawei phones + Huawei watches WITHOUT Google services? Thanks for...
  23. Oberth

    Thread [CLOSED] CMR-W09 sudden death, any thoughts? (Don't use see other post)

    See Chrome had a funny moment and did not post, reposted in Firefox then both appeared 🤦‍♂️ Will try and get this one deleted.
  24. C

    Thread Huawei Wingle E8372h-320

    Hi all, I'm looking for the latest carrier unlocked firmware update for huawei wingle e8372h-320 in advance of using these devices in some upcoming travel. Where can I find these firmwares, complete with update tools and instructions? Many thanks for your consideration. Cheers,
  25. the scuffed

    Thread PotatoNV can't detect my Huawei P9 lite

    I have watched multiple tutorials on how to use PotatoNV, but can't seem to get it working for me. I followed the step by step instructions on the PotatoNV GitHub page and got to the part “you should see an unknown device named USB SER”. I completed this step and saw USB SER under other devices...
  26. muhammadbahaa2001

    Thread [QUESTION] How to upgrade kernel in Huawei P20 Lite?

    I want to upgrade kernel in Huawei P20 Lite from 4.9.111 ---> 4.9.148. I tried to flash kernel 4.9.148 but, after flashing the phone got stuck at bootloop untill I rolled back to kernel 4.9.111. You may say why I need to upgrade kernel to 4.9.148? Because I have Android 12.1 GSI installed with...

    Thread Huawei Y6 2018 ATU-L21 bootloop after reflashing

    so i got bricked ATU-l21 and the problem was that phone was displaying message "your device has failed verification..." and after pressing power button it was stuck at boot animation. So i reflashed the firmware using sdcard and it installed so it should work Right?? not in my case now the...
  28. E

    Thread Who have success experience for pairing android wear 2.0 smartwatches to a latest Huawei?

    Hello. Have an old Asus ZenWatch 2 smartwatch on Android Wear 2.0. Can't leave it because there are some apps that I use with this watch and with Android Wear OS. But also wants a new Huawei Phone Mate 50 Pro :( it has EMUI 13 and no Google Services. There are many Google emulators like Gbox...
  29. Matyas66055

    Thread [SOLVED] Huawei Y5P unlock huawei ID

    Hi, i hace little question about Huawei Y5P. Can i unlock this phone when is locked with Huawei ID ? Any free toolss etc ?
  30. yukinoshita

    Thread Question Installing EMUI or honon poco x3 pro?

    Can I install EMUI on my poco x3 pro, If yes, what is the process I need to follow to ensure a successful installation I appreciate any guidance or advice on how to install EMUI on my phone
  31. N

    Thread Huawei MediaPad T3 10 AGS-L09

    Hi everyone! How can I get the bootloader unlock code? I wrote to Huawei and they wrote: "..., Huawei has decided to terminate the unlock code application service, the unlock code application service was terminated. ..." Is it possible to unlock the bootloader without a code or get it somehow...
  32. R

    Thread EC6108V8 Android TV ROM?

    Does anyone have a custom or related ROM for EC6108V8? I would like to turn it into an Android TV or other OS. Dive into numerous of threads but it won't help....
  33. I

    Thread Problem android with my tablet Huawei Mediapad T3 8.0

    Hey everyone I have a problem with my tablet Model(Huawei Mediapad T3 8.0 LTE KOB-LO9). The problem is that when launching android it stands on huawei logo and after a while it resets and goes to Huawei eRecovery \/ photo While I clicked "download latest version and recovery" and...
  34. A

    Thread [Question] Huawei MediaPad T3 10" Bricked at a low level

    Hello i'm here to ask how i can fix a friends tablet that his daughter/daughter friends bricked, Things I tried Charging behavior: Powers ups, shows the lightning bolt, then restart; the battery charges normally but doesn't show percentage Power up behavior: Shows MediaPad + Android Logo...
  35. scriptsense

    Thread Nethunter on Huawei P9 Lite (VNS-L31C02B347)?

    Hello everyone! Can please someone help install nethunter on Huawei P9 Lite (VNS-L31C02B347) ?
  36. Jager2901


    Hi everyone, I'm desperately looking for a free way to generate the code I need to unlock the bootloader. I've searched everywhere on the internet and haven't found any valid solutions. I don't want to pay third party sites to have something that I think belongs to me rightfully so. The...
  37. M

    Thread Huawei mediapad t3 10 android problems

    I cant boot into android. when i try to enter erecovery with cable plugged in it says 5% done update but if i dont i just get software update failed and i can only restart tablet. i can get into fastboot also forgot to add i have bootloader locked
  38. Flemme02

    Thread Title: [Help] Need Assistance Rooting Huawei P Smart Z (STK LX1)

    Hello XDA Community, I'm seeking help in rooting my Huawei P Smart Z (Model STK LX1, Kirin710) running Android 9.0 and EMUI 9.1.0. I've already unlocked the bootloader, enabled ADB and Fastboot, and downgraded my device to this specific version to enable Software Testpoint to get the Bootloader...
  39. U

    Thread Downgrade from EMUI 12 to EMUI 10 on Huawei P Smart 2019?

    My phone supports OEM unlocking and I've been wanting to root it and install a different OS on it. I updated to EMUI 12 nearly a year ago and after updating my phone became signficantly slower, battery life was around 3/4 of what it was before and it came with a lot more issues. I want to...
  40. ththugues89

    Thread Huawei loop restart for insufficient storage

    Good morning I have a Huawei P30 Lite New edition phone (Emui 12), my phone has restart problems and only stalls on the Huawei logo, after 5 to 8 loop starts it ends up restarting, I enter my password lock and it shows me the emergency backup mode where I only have 4 options, namely: - Backup -...
  41. M

    Thread Can I change region?

    Can I flash my Huawei P30 Pro HW-02L EMUI 9 to the global version EMUI 11 or Chinese version HarmonyOS?
  42. MohammedAws

    Thread [GUIDE] How To Downgrade From EMUI 12 To EMUI 10 (Supported GMS)

    Hiya XDA People, Today I will be showing you how to install GMS with full downgrade, this tutorial works flawlessly and you can give it a shot! Let's get started...
  43. yukinoshita

    Thread Question Can I Use Huawei Share MateBook Feature on Poco X3 Pro? Exploring Possibilities

    Hi, Is it possible to use Huawei Share feature, such as sharing screens or transferring files, on Poco X3 Pro, and are there any workarounds or methods to enable this feature, such using root or if there is a custom ROM like EMUI for poco x3 pro? I ask this question because I want to take...
  44. B

    Thread Huawei Mate 10 lite - Run phone without a battery / boot as fast as possible

    Hi, im trying to use phone - (huawei mate 10 lite) as a head unit for my car. I have 2 questions: 1. Is it possible to run phone without battery (because of the temperatures in car) if it will be connected to the charger (something like that ) and is it possible to run it automatically when...
  45. AltairFR

    Thread Official AOSP for Huawei (POT-LX1) - LeaOS-PHH (android 13 version)

    LeaOS is a project which based on AOSP with trebledroid patches. This build includes settings parameters for Huawei POT-LX1/POT-LX1A as well as several evolutions: Offline charging AGPS Supl20 SafetyNet GCam for kirin Erofs system partition Installation Download system file ...
  46. gsm foyez

    Thread [CLOSED] Need Tools tester Huawei kirin phone

    This Tools fully underdevelopment so need for test it Tools have inbuild board tool (image download tool) You can temperly bootloader unlock future after temperly BL unlock easily do write firmware/ROM and so many things. ⚠️Use at own your risk⚠️ Huawei Kirin Supported CPU Kirin 650 Kirin 655...
  47. muhammadbahaa2001

    Thread Go back to EMUI in Huawei devices

    I have Huawei Y9 2019 with unlocked bootloader running Pixel Experince Plus 12.1 and I want to go back to EMUI 9.1 because I saw in some threads that I need to have EMUI 9.1 Firmware installed and kernel 4.9.148 to run Android 13 GSIs but I am worried because I heard that flashing EMUI will lead...
  48. D

    Thread Dead phone(?)

    Hi, i have a bit of a problem with my own Huawei G7: it wants to stay dead. Just to give a quick "backstory" of the device in question: I've been owning it since 2015, so far so good, but after 3-4 ish years of usage it started to get issues without doing any particular stuff (ex. rooting...
  49. muhammadbahaa2001

    Thread Data decryption on EMUI 9?

    Is there a working method to decrypt data on EMUI 9? actually I have Android 12 GSI installed on EMUI 9.0 ROM Firmware The main reasons is the files and data are in random names in TWRP this means I can't backup data, move files from my phone to my pc or flash from internal storage, and this is...
  50. L

    Thread P8 lite (ALE-L21) stuck in rescue mode

    Hi all, I turned on my P8 lite (ALE-L21) after few years and it's stuck in rescue mode (with errors "security verify failed" and "hifi image" or "boot image"). Can't go into fastboot mode. I tried to put firmware on SD card and then press volume up, volume down and power button but instead of...