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  1. A

    Thread Theme Making based on wallpaper's color for [EMUI/Magic UI]

    introducing Palette themes based on wallpaper's color App. Palette Theme Maker is an app that creates beautiful themes based on the wallpaper only for Huawei and Honor devices. download Link : Google Play or AppGallery screenshots from themes were made by the app: Features: Generate...
  2. Ifecomind

    Thread upgrade Huawei Mediapad T1

    Can I upgrade huawei mediapad T1 from Android 4.3
  3. LesterDMolester

    Thread [ROM] OctaviOS [2.6] [OFFICIAL] [11.0] [GSI]

    OctaviOS is an AOSP based rom focusing on Unique and Smooth UI with handy features. OctaviOS is a reborn of pie based PearlOS. Code: * Your warranty is now void. * We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone by installing any custom ROMs and/or kernels. * You do it at your...
  4. samsoum636

    Thread Hisuite recovering Backup problem ! (The computer cannot display previous backup)

    after restoring my files with hisuite he encrypted my files , so i used an another huawei mobile to restore my files unfortunatly during the process the cable deconnected when i want to restart the backup again hisuite cant locate it im stuck can anyone help me please (my graduation photos) The...
  5. itsamiiirr

    Thread BootLoader Unlock Help.

    I want my bootloader unlock code but I’m unable to because Huawei Bootloader Unlock Code website doesn’t work anymore. I have a Honor 8 Lite. Can someone please help me out? I want to install twrp and install Viper4Android Sound Mod. I’m a music craze.
  6. voldemort_7342

    Thread My Huawei got stuck in Rescue mode

    I was rooting my old Huawei P8 lite (ALE-L21) and it failed after then it is showing only one secreen which says " RESCUE MODE ,,,,, ERROR ! FUNC NO 10 , boot image and FUNC no. 1 security verify failled ,, I have tried cleaning chachey Partition , and factory data reset but no reaction still...
  7. L

    Thread Problem with changing screen resolution in apps

    Hello everyone, im not 100% sure do i make it in right topic.. if not im so sorry than. So, about my problem. When i go to Instagram and open Instagram story than its happens that like screen resolution is changed and i dont get it that screen on whole screen resolution. I get smaller screen...
  8. VishalPandey0812

    Thread Honor play Android one

    Can i install stock android in my honour play 6/64 gb, how to do that please help
  9. R

    Thread Unlock bootloader and root honor 7x

    I want to unlock my honor 7x android 9.1 emui 9.1 Bootloader and root for customization is there any way to do it for free
  10. S

    Thread Huawei P30 Pro camera issue

    I am experiencing issues with the main camera on my P30 Pro. Whenever I try to take a picture, it never focuses on the object and even after tapping the screen to lock the focus, it doesn't work. Please refer to my video (link here) Other users are facing this issue on their P30 Pro units as...