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huawei p8 lite

  1. TechnicGeek

    Thread Can I Use This Charger?

    Hello, I have Huawei P8 Lite and I want to use general mobile charger for it. I want to know if it is okay to use it with Huawei P8 Lite: Here what original charger looks like: Is voltage and amperage okay on general charger to use with my phone? Thanks.
  2. P

    Thread [ALE-L21] Android 6.0 Official Update?

    Good evening for you all. I'm an absolute newcomer to Huawei, as I had Motorola devices since 2014 :silly: I hope to adapt fast to this new device :o For now, I want to start slowly. I found the device I bought is currently on Android 5.0.1, and found there is a way to update it to Android 6.0...
  3. A

    Thread Help with Treble ROMs

    I have the PRA-LX1 with already unlocked bootloader and got it rooted with TWRP + Magisk before the last OTA. I'm not a beginner with rooting this phone but only got Problems with installing any Treble Rom (tried Lineage and Aosp) and every try ended with a bootloop I don't know what I'm doing...
  4. P

    Thread Huawei P8 Lite Bootloop (cant enter fastboot// can enter huawei recovery) (B188)

    Well. I recently hard resetted my phone and rooted it via KingRoot (unlocked bootloader) because i was too lazy to use twrp again. Then i downloaded SuperSu me and replaced kingroot with supersu. Everything working fine. Then i updated the binaries and as the popup said i restarted my phone, but...
  5. pilililo2

    Thread Boost Output Volume on 6.0

    If youre like me and you like listening to your music with good headphones and want to feel that bass rumble in your head, you might have noticed that with the update to 6.0 (In my case to B565) the output volume might have gone down considerably and that now the max volume isnt just enough to...
  6. K

    Thread rooting C432B564

    hello, today I updated my huawei p8 lite ALE-L21 (dual sim) to B564 ( I was on B550) so.... after the update I lost my root permission (as expected) but..I can't seem to root it again. to root B550, I did it like this... 1) rooted via kingroot 2) unrooted via kingroot 3) flashed superSU.zip via...
  7. T

    Thread Huawei p8 lite downgrade problem

    Hi, I have a Huawei p8 lite which is a version of chinese dual sim .I got an OTA update couple of weeks ago and now bluetooth and the wireless options are not working.All were working perfectly before i update the ROM.I wanted to downgrade the installed firmware to fix this problem but i...
  8. s7yler

    Thread Huawei P8 Lite - 5 Inch IPS HD, NFC, Gorilla Glass 3, Hisilicon Kirin 620 Octa Core

    UNBOXING jaogjWYRRa8 GAMING & ANTUTU TEST VVmRT_vuawo REVIEW JMV3j14bVQ0 Specifications: - Display: 5.0 Inch HD Screen - CPU: Hisilicon Kirin 620 1.2GHz Octa Core (64 bit) - 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM - Cameras: 13MP rear camera + 5MP front camera - OS: HUAWEI EMUI3.1 / Android 5 - 2200 mAh battery...
  9. C

    Thread Huawei p8 Lite version phone

    At aliexpress, Huawei P8 Lite only cost 224.99 the store address www.aliexpress.com/store/1019176 Huawei as the well-known and renowned Chinese brand committed to providing superior smartphones with best quality and exquisite design. Huawei has updated its product line so rapidly to keep pace...