1. A

    Thread [TWRP][3.0.2][Unofficial] for Huawei P8 [GRA-L09]

    TWRP 3.0.2 Huawei P8 GRA-L09 Fully working recovery, no encryption support. "No touch at boot" bug is solved. Battery percentage. Compiled with stock B370 kernel (encryption support is still a WIP) Since I hope to get it "Official" :angel:, I won't post the customized one here: have a look at...
  2. G

    Thread Root, will updates work after?

    I want to root my P8 GRA-UL10 the Chinese version, I currently am on marshmallow GRA-UL10C00B358, i want to stick with EMUI updates, but I also want root, will i loose the EMUI automatic updates if i root the device and install TWRP and Supersu?
  3. F

    Thread Huawei P8 [GRA-UL10 & GRA-UL00] How to upgrade to Marshmallow [China]

    If you are like me, a strange owner of the china version (I got it as a gift from china) you also probably saw that other regions got it but the china region (C00BXX) is not getting any love, in china, for some reason, it is only available if you signed for the beta test program, but not...
  4. F

    Thread Huawei P8 (GRA-UL10) How to upgrade to Marshmallow (China)

    If you are like me, a strange owner of the china version (I got it as a gift from china) you also probably saw that other regions got it but the china region (C00BXX) is not getting any love, in china, for some reason, it is only available if you signed for the beta test program, but not...
  5. maxomid

    Thread Change Model Number & Build Number After installing Android 6

    Hello.. My friends after installing the ROM: GRA-UL10C636B320 The problem I have is my phone from GRA-UL10 to GRACE change! How can I fix this?????? my phone model : GRA-UL10 Unlock Bootloader:good:
  6. maxomid

    Thread how to fix | Rescuse Mode Huawei P8 UL-10

    Hello friends Please help me.. I got through Kingoroot to root the phone, But after mobile Restart stuck in this mode!(Rescuse ) What to do .. ???? Android firmware on the phone was b320 . I downloaded the firmware and poured in memory but does not install .....( V+,V-,Power) It is not clear at...
  7. G

    Thread Apps return to internal memory when updated

    Hello guys i've got a problem. I have Huawei P8 with MM: i moved all the possible apps to sd but when i updated these, the apps return to internal memory and i must to repeat it. I selected sd as default memory but nothing change. Is there a solution??
  8. BarateaU

    Thread B360? Just got it.

    Huawei hicare poped up and asked for Internet access. And then it Said i had a new update gra-l09c432b360. The updated check if phone is rooted etc. New security patches. Some minor bugs. Tried to start update but it just complains about storage not sufficient. Have 4,5gb internal and 28gb on...
  9. G

    Thread Should I update from EMUI 3.1 to 4.5 ??

    Just got my second hand P8 from eBay. Someone told me the camera functions will not be working properly if I upgrade from 3.1 to 4.5 . Is this true ? Please kindly advise.
  10. G

    Thread How can I add pics to magazine for unlock screen

    Any idea how to do it ??
  11. N

    Thread Change your phone "Relocked" to "Locked" ?

    Hi! I want to return my phone to Huawei Service Center because I got some issues with it. But I dont want to do that when Huawei can clearly see that it is/was unlocked once. Does this method works for anyone? Because the site claims that it does for "most of HiSilicon/Huawei phone models"...
  12. potworny

    Thread How to completely disable Huawei P8 default lock screen?

    Hi there, I like Hi Locker app very much. I want to disable the ugly Huawei P8 default screen lock and have Hi Locker instead. I'm on B321, Android 6.0. Is there a way? :)
  13. one81

    Thread [Q] Huawei P8 Super Night Mode Not Working

    I don't know what happened but now I cannot use Super Night mode camera on my P8. Every time I use that mode, it will snap dark image and no countdown like usual (refer pic).. btw my phone is running on stock Android without any modification.. I've tried all this to solve the problem but still...
  14. M

    Thread Huawei P8 GRA-L09 Vodafone variant

    Hello, Where can i find stock Lollipop for my Europe GRA-L09 Vodafone? I'm trying to rollback from Marshmallow beta. Thanks
  15. S

    Thread Huawei P8 Browser

    Ive been using the Huawei P8 browser but it contantly force closes back to the Home screen. Anyone else finding this and any solution ? Im on B321 Marshmallow.
  16. K

    Thread Huawei P8 Smartcover not working [Rooted]

    Hi, In android lolipop i was able to change my clock of the smart cover. However now i'm rooted and on marshmallow. I'm not. just see one. its default. Some ideas? Thx in advance Kristof NOTE: Even if device isn't rooted users experience the same problem
  17. D

    Thread Can't access network settings

    Hi there. I have recently bought a P8 and I have a strange problem. I can't access the network menu. When I click it, returns to main menu. The phone is always on LTE with data connection ON and I can't turn it off because of that. Anyone as a solution?
  18. C

    Thread Huawei P8 Lite- hotspot on and off

    Hi Apologies if this is the wrong place for my question. I cant see how to post in [Ask Any Question][Newbie Friendly]. I am using a Huawei P8 Lite as my internet connection. Whether its tethered or on wifi, it randomly connects and disconnects. From what I've seen here it appears to be an...
  19. B

    Thread Huawei p8 gyroscope

    Is there an way to turn on the gyroscope without rooting the phone? I bought a cardboard vr today and i cant use it[emoji45]
  20. M

    Thread [Huawei P8 Lite] Deinstalled SystemUI.apk with Titanium Backup

    So I deinstalled the SystemUI.I have no Notification Bar and this Bar where I can get back and Home with the TaskManager(sry dont know the name). What to do now? Tried Factory Reset still nothing.
  21. C

    Thread huawei P8 stock (b321) DEODEXED

    Base (B321) Deodexed Busybox Init.d support Call Recorder :good:
  22. enzo_cz

    Thread [Solved] Except the stock one other themes not working on rooted device

    HUAWEI P8 First off, my huge thanks going to somboons as he has apparently found the way to make it for Huawei Mate 8. So I am taking no credits for this. To me this is just fantastic as that has been a real pain for me to "live" without any other additional themes and I didn't want to change...
  23. lataldragon

    Thread Huawei P8 [ROM][6.0] Emui 4.0 B356 Xposed HRT Kangvip

    Have discovered what. A custom ROM for the Huawei P8. Very stable, fast, many ... very many settings possible via K-settings, Root, Xposed and Viper4Android. Restart Menu (Normal Boot, Hot Reboot, Recovery Mode, Bootloader Mode) No themes available for download for location .... China Rom. Own...
  24. S

    Thread Problems with group texts

    is anyone having trouble getting group texts working on their P8? on my GS3 i used the app Textra but on the P8 my groups texts dont even send. individual texts send and receive just fine. the main P8 messaging app doesnt seem to handle group texts well or maybe even at all. i cant imagine its...
  25. O

    Thread P8 Browser for Android 6

    Does someone know if there is a compatible Browser.apk Version for my P8 with the new update (B321)?? The old one doesnt work. And in the new Update there is no Huawei Browser. greets
  26. TheDevGuy9497

    Thread Should I swap my huawei p8?

    I have been offered a Xperia Z5 compact for the P8 (not lite) What would you guys say? What advantages/disadvantages are there on each device?
  27. G

    Thread Huawei P8 wont deep sleep?:?

    i was getting terrible battery life on the new rom so reverted back to the old B200 and now ive discovered that by running cpy spy the phone is not going into deep sleep mode?? ive reset to factory settings and tried it with no apps installed and still the same. ive tried installing some...
  28. B

    Thread Huawei P8 help request

    Hello everyone, I purchased the Huawei P8 while in France and the carrier was Orange I now live in the United States and my carrier is T-mobile I would like to upgrade this device to Marshmallow but I'm not sure if I can or how. Can someone please point me in the right direction? And I use a...
  29. TheDevGuy9497

    Thread [Huawei P8] you use DTS?

    Just wondering if you guys use DTS audio?
  30. 00471

    Thread [Gallery] Disable Photo enhancement?

    Hello people. Is there any known solution to how to disable automatic photo contrast corection in stock gallery app? Its really anyoing, especially when you edit your photos yourself and then gallery change it anyway. Maybe its just about to change some value in apk file? Could someone please...
  31. linus2014

    Thread Huawei P8 (GRA-L09) B321a Marshmallow full Firmware [Europe]

    Firmware Details Device: Huawei P8 Model: GRA-L09 Android: v6.0 Marshmallow EMUI: 4.0 Firmware: B321a Build Number: GRA-L09C432B321a Region: Europe Country: Bulgaria Release Date: 30.03.2016 Status: Official (stable) Type: Full firmware image File Name: Huawei_P8_Firmware_GRA-L09_Android...
  32. 00471

    Thread B321 volume problem

    Hey people, i noticed a bug in changing volume. When i want to shut volume down by pressing volume - button, and then one click to volume +, it will change back to high value, not just one step more. Do you have same problem guys? EDIT: see video: Is it possible...
  33. Schrotty35

    Thread Can not flash twrp on my Huawei P8

    Whene i flash twrp i get this error: sending 'recovery' (25880 KB)... OKAY [ 0.556s] writing 'recovery'... FAILED (remote: image verification error) finished. total time: 0.580s My Bootloader is open whene i check this
  34. Florp

    Thread Can't remove screen lock from Huawei P8

    Under Settings/Screen Lock & Passwords/Password, the "None" option is grayed out with "Disabled by administrator, encryption policy, or credential storage". I've disabled all Device Administrators and Trusted Agents, cleared credentials, but still can't remove the password. What am I missing...
  35. I

    Thread Marshmallow 6 Huawei P8 bad camera quality

    In every update after 5.1.1 to 6.0 camera getting worse and worse, After B313, B317 now B321 the same **** ! Lollipop 5.1.1 is best software on Huawei P8, the battery and the camera has a very good life / quality. After Marshmallow 6.0 yes there are some little animations.. bla bla bla but...
  36. linus2014

    Thread Huawei P8 (UL00/UL10) B320 Marshmallow Firmware [Asia]

    Firmware Details Device: Huawei P8 Models: GRA-UL00/UL10 Android: v6.0 Marshmallow EMUI: 4.0 Firmware: B320 Build: GRA-UL00C636B320/GRA-UL10C636B320 Region: Asia Pacific Country: Thailand Release Date: 1.04.2016 Status: Official (stable) Type: Full firmware image GRA-UL00 GRA-UL10...
  37. 00471

    Thread Marshmallow B321 root?

    hey people, i was trying root method that worked for B313 / B317, but i cant get TWRP work. Has anyone there tryied it with successful? thanks
  38. T

    Thread huawei p8 bended !!

    my huawei p8 bended i cant put any glass protector on it , is there any way to fix that :confused:
  39. S

    Thread P8 headphones compatibility issues

    Hi there! Has anyone experienced any headphones compatibility issues? I have dropped the idea of using stock headphones as I find them way behind any different pair that I own. The problems start when I plug the jack into my P8 and put it inside a pocket. It seems that when the jack moves just...
  40. linus2014

    Thread Huawei P8 B321 Marshmallow FULL OTA Zip [Europe]

    OTA Details Device: Huawei P8 Model: GRA-L09 Android: v6.0 Marshmallow Firmware: B321 Build: GRA-L09C432B321 EMUI: 4.0 Status: Official (stable) Type: Full firmware image Release Date: 28.03.2016 Region: Europe File Name: full firmware OTA 1.01 giga B200 lollipop firmware Warning...
  41. I

    Thread *P8 L09* B321 Download

    B321 just came to my device, here's the download:!zokUSCqT!uusaPxWBgbRmMItwlUkryT9XHI1oFwF81I85fPW0UZs I think you need B317 to update to this version since it is a small update. Paste into dload folder and manual update it, or force update via recovery.
  42. M

    Thread What's system files responsable of VPN ? ( i want make some modification )

    Hello i'm new developper , and i want to make some modification on vpn function system files i know that i must take : -vpndialog any one can tell which files from system are responsable of vpn and where i can find it , thank's
  43. S

    Thread P8 Lite Supports OTG ?

    Hello i Want to ask you if the P8 lite supports otg i want to connect dualshock 3 controller in otg
  44. G

    Thread Huawei P8 Marshmallow Client Mail bug

    On marshmallow I have configured my exchange mail on the native Mail app... but i notice that some attachments aren't showed. instead if use old Firmware version 5.1 in the same mail client I can see the missed attachments sorry for the bad English
  45. potworny

    Thread Huawei P8 - GRACE?

    Hi people, Suddenly my phone thinks it's not GRA-L09 anymore but "GRACE". Is this normal? I have a Huawei P8 phone :) I have the following ROM installed: GRA-C900B317
  46. Trafalgar Square

    Thread [GUIDE] How to root Huawei Ascend P8

    How-To Root Guide For Beginners Huawei Ascend P8 Intro This thread will help you rooting your Huawei Ascend P8! Prerequisites: You'll need a working adb/fastboot environment on your PC to get through some of these guides. Download: Minimal ADB and Fastboot twrp-
  47. I

    Thread Where can I find this Theme ?

    Hello to everyone, I search everywhere for a theme for Huawei P8, but I can't find it anywhere, if somebody has this theme please give a link or something, Thank You !
  48. T

    Thread problem with rooting p8 l09

    hi all i have a problem rooting my p8 gra l09 i ends with bootloop everytime i used other methods like kingoroot .... and the method in p8 forum every time it ends with boot loop and i have to reflash the the firmware nd sol. ?
  49. I

    Thread Downgrade Huawei P8 GRA-L09 Android 6.0 B317 to B170 Android 5.0 stock

    Hello to all, firstly sorry for my english if there is something wrong.. sorry :) I'am one of the user who update my Huawei P8 GRA-L09 to the latest firmware of Marshmallow B317 from B200, after 1 day of usage i'v have a conclusion about Marshmallow B317 : -. Camera quality is bad now after...
  50. G

    Thread Latest firmware, low volume and very bad battery life.

    build number gra l09c432b317 im getting about half of the battery life i got before even with data and gps off. also ear phone volume for music is very low.