1. simowL

    Thread How to capture mobile screen via OBS

    Hello guy, I've been looking for an adapter which has WLAN+HDMI ports to connect to my capture card and record my gameplay in fullHD. The issue is that all the USB C adapters of this type gives me a black screen, even if the USB and WLAN work. I tried about 10 of them that I bought via Amazon...
  2. C

    Thread [Otg + charge]

    Hi all, our poco deserve to have a solution to simultaneously charge while USB-C port is also used for otg purpose like connecting an USB DAC. All hubs I tried so far do not do that job, so has any one got a solution please, thanks, Cheers.
  3. G

    Thread USB C Adapter / Hubs [HDMI/DP/VGA, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0, PD, SD/TF Card]

    Hey guys, I'm trying to set up a collection of knowledge about USB C Hubs for the Xperia 1. Has anyone tested those yet? I want to expand this thread as more information is gathered. Ethernet and USB Cameras don't seem to be supported at all. So far i tested these ones. Dell K17A001 original...
  4. A

    Thread [APP][5.0+][Sale] Twitter Trends Hub

    Find, collect and share what trends on Twitter Preview what trends on Twitter based on country. Features: 1- Select the country to preview its trends. 2- Recent list of selected countries. 3- Search countries list. 4- Collect trends in Trends Hub. 5- Click over a trend to copy into...
  5. P

    Thread Blackberry Hub and Titanium Backup

    Hi, I'm running BB Hub+ services and the Hub app for my emails on a rooted Galaxy Note 3 and it runs fine managing my various email accounts, sms etc. I'm also using Titanium backup and when I restore the above apps, although the restore works ok, and the emails work fine, when I go to the Hub...
  6. R

    Thread USB Charging Script for Charging Hubs

    Will it safely work on Moto? Copied from
  7. R

    Thread USB Charging Script for Charging Hubs

    Will it safely work on Moto? Copied from

    Thread Play music via USB-C and charge at the same time

    So here's what I want to do: remember when iPods (with clickwheels) were all the craze and everyone had a speaker dock for their iPod. You would stick your iPod on the dock and it would charge while it played music from speakers. I want to make a dock for my Pixel that sends out audio (3.5mm)...
  9. Alberto96

    Thread HooToo Shuttle Type C Hub with HDMI - Unboxing & Review

    HooToo Shuttle Type C Hub with HDMI Unboxing It comes in a dual-package with no accessories, it means that there is just the USB Type-C Hub and a nice sheet where everything is well-explained about each connection. As regards the Materials, it is entirely made of Metal (except...
  10. MSF Jarvis

    Thread Supercharging your Github workflow with hub

    Github being the world's biggest code hosting platform is also an OSS powerhouse. Their most under popularised creation is hub. According to the official website, "hub helps you win at git". I'll be covering the installation and use below, and we shall see if we win or not ;) Installation...
  11. C

    Thread Wireless Portable Media Hubs with 5GHz support

    Best article I can find: Niche and I love it! Except once again, where is the 5GHz option?
  12. mikalovtch

    Thread Viper10 6.0.0 ◦ Tweaks,HUB,OTA ◦ VoLTE,WiFi Calling,SafetyNet ✓

    Featured by Tomsgt aka RootJunky and zedomax aka Highonandroid FZtvdA0wRW0 qVzidaC3Lg0 A1MMa0oaU_g sKyzR0Xj9cI f4Y0-8YsJxc OUuAQX55V9o More videos j to the 4n | m0narx | ivicask | mikalovtch | shnizlon | topjohnwu Download the latest rom from our...
  13. R

    Thread [Q] Old version of Hub app

    I"m looking for the previous version of the hub app that DOESN'T have the multiple controller support. With the Shield Portable this recent update breaks console mode for most games (since it ALWAYS assumes the Shield itself is controller #1 and some games disallow controller #2). If anyone...
  14. McLongDong

    Thread Vipers 5.2.0 aosp colored icons

    I flashed the ROM and I noticed that my AOSP icons in Quick Setting are colorless. See picture below. However I can't seem to find the colored icons that was located in the AOSP quick setting preview in Venom Tweaks. See picture below. I want to use the colored icons but I can't seem to...
  15. S

    Thread [Q] Load different kernel module

    Hello all. Sorry for noob question, but I am just a beginner. I have a tablet (GoClever R105KB) with Rockchip RK3066 chipset. So far, I did not find any alternative ROM for it. I am quite happy with the stock firmware (I just rooted it), but I'd like to modify a single thing - the USB_OTG...
  16. Zeuscluts

    Thread [Team GFX Bandits] ▆ ▇ ▉ Developer's Hub™ ▉ ▇ ▆

    Like and Share Our Official Facebook Page Provide Your Reviews Please, We need for our Improvements.. Survey Form ▆ ▇ ▉ Developer's Hub™ ▉ ▇ ▆ TEAM GFX Bandits This Is especially For Team GFX Members. GFX Members are currently developing Many icon packs And apps. So I have made a Google...
  17. M

    Thread Wolfson Audio Hub WM1811

    Hi, It seems we have the same audio hub as the Note II and the S3, so i found this thread for amazing sound on the Note II forum. :D This also applies to Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, to get amazing sound out of your device read this thread. I've applied this and i am truely amazed...
  18. mikrosmile

    Thread [FINISHED][APP-DEV][SOURCE][V2.3] myStore - Custom Store (HUB) for Sense base ROMs

    myStore FIRST OpenSource custom Store for all Sense base ROMs OPEN SOURCE Grab it on GitHub Now all Devs can use this app to create their own "Store" to provide for users banch of features from reading news to downloading apk files, zip files, ota updates and anything that dev willing to...
  19. U

    Thread Usb OTG with Usb hub

    I've bought an USB host wire and an USB hub as I've seen that these were necessary to plug usb devices to the motorola atrix but it doesn't works. Devices are powered but the phone doesn't recognise them (even for the usb drives...) Does someone know how to make it work, do I have to mod the...
  20. nitsuj17

    Thread (7.17.13) Team Venom Presents ViperDNA

    ...presents ViperDNA rom! The most customizable HTC Sense Rom for the Droid DNA (And the only one with real tweaks!) This ROM will only work on the HTC Droid DNA from Verizon Wireless, however you do not need to be on the Verizon network to use the rom. Works on GSM providers...
  21. U

    Thread External battery for OTG

    Is there any external battery hub thingie that would have USB ports onboard and won't require the additional Y cable? I mean, just one cable to Touchpad and that's it. I remember reading about some sort of square solar charger a year ago, but i can't find neither a model nor the confirmation...
  22. N

    Thread [MOD] HTC Hub for 7.8

    Remember how I complained about the HTC over-branding their weather app? So I had to remove each logo from every weather symbol inside the HTC hub to make it look neat, but things got blurry and suddenly looked old. And it looked like this: \ Now, I've re-designed the weather images and made...
  23. P

    Thread [Q] LG Optimus E510,need CM.

    Hello everyone.I need your help.Last time i bought smartphone in title.This phone is unfortunately unknown in my nation (I'm from Poland) so I can't find custom roms for it :(.Can you help me ? It's better to me when roms exist polish language.One more thing,is there Cyanogen Mod fully worked...
  24. Turge

    Thread [ROM][SEP 22] Team Venom ViperXL 4.2.0 | Sense 5 | Venom Tweaks | OTA Updates

    Q: How do I install the rom?! A: (Thanks to anarchychris for putting these together) ViperXL Install Instructions Download the the latest ViperXL full ROM zip from the download section Place the file somewhere on your phone storage Confirm the MD5 on the download page matches the MD5 of...
  25. A

    Thread Help Unlocking LG-E510 Optimus Hub

    Hi, and THANKS for reading me, :good: I have a LG-E510 Optimus Hub mobile rooted and with various versions of cyanogen instaled (I have try 3 versions of CM7 and the beta 9, with Android 4.0.4).:cyclops: Also, I have the unlock code.:p When I launch the mobile with a different company, there...
  26. pLUSpISTOL

    Thread [Q] What is the directory for photos in the Picture Hub?

    Hello, I would like to move a photo into the directory for the Picture Hub on my unlocked Omnia7 but I can't remember what the correct directory is. Please help! Thanks in advance :good:
  27. Ron G

    Thread [KERNEL][Rev 5] fusX Kernel For LG Optimus Hub E510 Univa

    This is my own personally compiled kernel based on the latest kernel from Cyanogen's Github repository. ※ this kernel made for cm7,cm9/10 ROMS . it may not work on stock ROM. after flashing this kernel, No support will be given by cyanogenmod team, use at your own risk, DON'T FLASH unless...
  28. kettir

    Thread [Q] Removing HTC Hub

    I've just run the No-sense script and got rid of Sense on my Inspire. So far so good. Now, I'm looking at remove HTC Hub, HTC Hub Sync Pro, and HTC Trends Widget. Can anyone tell me if removing these will cause any problems? Thanks for any help on this. I did a google but got inconclusive...
  29. S

    Thread Samsung App Remover

    Attached a flashable zip which will remove below Samsung apps from the phone: - Social Hub - Music Hub - Games Hub - Samsung IM - Samsung Apps If you are not using any of them, it is better to remove instead of allowing them to run in background etc. Also these apps are system apps, so any bugs...
  30. xxsanioutlawxx

    Thread Media Hub APK

    Does anyone have the latest media hub apk for ATT GS2? I'm using a custom rom with an older apk, and now it tells me that I need to update to use media hub, but when I go to update, Market shows nothing. I think it has to do with compatability, media hub does work on my rom tho. I'd appreciate...
  31. srdjanLeo

    Thread Google+ in People hub

    Let's make Microsoft to make this little but handy thing! To make them to put Google+ in their People Hub for wp7, for all of us who migrated from FB to G+ and for all of you who using both of them. :) Just vote to this idea on this link...
  32. A

    Thread LG Optimus 2, also known as UNIVA E-510

    Yesterday, i got an LG-E510 UNIVA. It is a prototype, is running Android 2.3.4. About the specs, i can tell you that it has 800 mhz processor, 512 ram memory, a 5mpx camera with autofocus and HVGA screen,320X480, but far more better than P500 If you have any questions about this device just ask me
  33. J

    Thread [Q] Social hub premium account

    Hi.I started this thread because i have a problem with the social hub on my phone. It simply doesn't want to work/sync my e-mail accounts when the premium account is selected.It gives me an error: <<data error:an error occured while sending data.please try again(104)>>.This happens again and...
  34. bortak

    Thread [WALLPAPERS] ALL Wallpapers from HTC Hub

    Hi Guys! These are ALL the wallpapers avaiable from HTC Hub I've tried looking for these before, but found none! so I did it myself :) ← Don't forget to hit thanks! :P I'm uploading them to several different fileshare sites, but obviously I don't have accounts to all of them so they will only...
  35. K

    Thread [Q] cannot load social hub & samsung email (force closed)

    i cant load it after root it...but my gmail & yahoomail is ok.. why?need help!! :eek::confused:
  36. emaninthenation

    Thread [Q] Ginger-Sense Tazz 6/4/11 HTC Hub????

    So I full wiped my Eris and flashed update from the OP and right after that I flashed the HTC Hub fix. I booted up my phone but in the drawer there wasnt the Hub app? How do I get it??
  37. R

    Thread [Q] Social Hub widget

    Is there a widget for the social hub, I want to reed my Facebook and Twitter updates from my homescreen with an automatic update function. Is there a widget like Friend Stream? I can't find a widget voor Social Hub.
  38. Droid_ALM2ND

    Thread [Q] HTC Hub for Thunderbolt?

    Has anyboby been able to port HTC Hub to the Thunderbolt? Don't we need that app for HTCSense .com? I dont think its fair we got a new Sense device and can't use the website. I tried looking for the app in the system dump for the HTC Inspire but had no luck finding it. Maybe it's renamed...
  39. T

    Thread [Q] Mounting multiple usb drives via hub

    So, I have a USB hub and a couple flash drives. Everything "works" fine. I say it like that because the hub functions fine, and the first drive you plug in mounts to /usbdrive just fine. The issue is with the second. When you plug in the second drive, Android sees it in /dev/block as sdb1, and...
  40. P

    Thread Building your own powered usb hub.

    i made myself a nice powered hub for ubuntu on the HD2. while i was collecting the parts to do so the salesman was interested enough to try a keyboard on a random android tablet which was on sale. and like i expected it worked fine. so this hub should work to on the HD2 running android if the...
  41. P

    Thread Building your own powered usb hub.

    = DIY usb hub for HTC = == Warning == First of all, your using this manual at your own risk, I don't take any responsebilety for your actions. If you make a mistake you risk blowing up your phone usb port, or even burning out the phone completly. I have a background in electronics and was age...
  42. Heathcliff74

    Thread [RELEASE] HTC Hub for everyone!

    Hi, You can download the rar's. They contain the xap. You can use any dev-unlocked device (also non-HTC). This was quite a reversing-adventure. I learned a lot. A few remarks: - This is not the latest version of the HTC Hub. It does not have the live-tile. Maybe I'll update later. - I had to...
  43. SilverHedgehog

    Thread [q] How can I get goodies

    Hello. I'm new to the Android world, and I'm wondering about how may I get the stuff. Do I have to install a Desire HD ROM, or the HTC Hub app? Thanks.
  44. A

    Thread [Q] Wireless Hub? (Re-transmitting a WiFi signal)

    Hello, I have a Rooted Nexus One with CM6. I have a University WiFi network that uses WP2 Enterprise. My N1 connects to it fine, but I have a device with an old network adapter that doesn't support this type of encryption. Is there anyway that I can "rebroadcast" the Wifi network's signal from...
  45. A

    Thread HTC Hub App Trouble

    Got my HD7 yesterday morning and was really happy with it, even more so when I found out that the HTC Hub contained links to apps which retained some of the functionality I was used to on my HD2 such as Flashlight and a phone enhance functionality app which enabled the ringtone to get quieter...