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  1. O

    Thread [I9001][7.1.2] LineageOS for Galaxy S Plus

    LineageOS 14.1 for Samsung Galaxy S Plus (AriesVE - msm7x30) #include <string.h> /* * Your warranty is... expired * * We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have...
  2. F

    Thread [Q] Lollipop Touchwiz ROM?

    Hi, i couln't find any Lollipop roms with touchwiz. Is there any or am i just blind. Could be as easy as putting touchwiz Launcher inside rom? EDIT: for i9001 of course :D Thanks!
  3. F

    Thread [Q] Can we have Android L

    I was thinking that can we port Android L from Nexus 5 to our loved I9001?? Would it be possible?
  4. N

    Thread (i9001) Softbricked, unbrickable?

    A friend of mine has this old fella and he asked me to try to revive it. He reported logo boot loop. Tried flashing stock firmware for adequate provider with Odin, but nothing helped. Later I found Brood's tutorial and complete RAR with Odin, Aries and ROM image, but that doesn't help either...
  5. M

    Thread [Q] [9001] Odin Checksum Crash after putting one package

    Hey i9001/i9000 xda forumers I can't flash using odin, using 4.43 Reproduction: Opened Odin Inserted AriesVE.ops Ticked OnePackage Inserted I9001 Firmware Solutions I have tried: Searching XDA Forums Searching the Internet Redownloading firmware from sammobile Restarted the Phone Restarted...
  6. B

    Thread [Q] [I9001] Weak WiFi signal

    Hi, I just got a second hand Galaxy S Plus (I9001) but the wifi is very poor. The router (Apple Airport Extreme) is about 10 meters away with no obstacles. Depending on the rom the signal strength is between -70 and -80 dBm. The strange thing is that with the original rom that was released in...
  7. P

    Thread [ROM][i9001][4.3.1] KFeel v1.0 by PhenNnom (Stable,fast,KitKat look)

    I want to present my new ROM based on CyanogenMod 10.2 (Android 4.3.1) This runs fast, is stable & customizable. Features: -Battery friendly. -Android 4.4 launcher ported to this ROM. -Google Search updated to 3.1.8 -Overclock by default. This rom contains K^Kernel (Thanks to developer) -More...
  8. blackbunny96

    Thread [ROM][4.3.1][I9001]Nexus 5 Experience

    Hy guys, I'm proud to launch a new ROM from BunnyTEAM Developers. We had a difficult period and that's why we didn't launch or update our existing ROMs. Since there is no android 4.4 for our device, i decided to port and to make a 4.3.1 android rom with android 4.4 apps and add-ons. This is...
  9. iCloud

    Thread [MOD][CM10.1]Sony Small Apps/Taskswitcher XperiaZ1(Release2)

    SONY Small Apps/Taskswitcher plugin Xperia Z1/Honami/Z for CM10.1 Release 2 Guide from lukakas Big thanks to him Features Small Apps support. Favourite list (Called taskswitcher plugin view) of small apps and "floatings" widgets on 'Recents Apps' (Taskswitcher). Widget floating window...
  10. Costinutz32

    Thread [i9001][ROM][GB][XXKQI][GPU+++]BlazR™ Zen Edition 1.0.9 <BETA> Stable || Public

    [i9001][ROM][GB][XXKQI][GPU+++]BlazR™ Zen Edition 1.0.9 <BETA> Stable || Public News & Notes: Future Plans: About the ROM: Installation Guide: Bugs: What's next? Credits to: Thanks to:
  11. P

    Thread [Q] Stock Original Samsung i9001 ROM [factory rom]

    How i go back to original,factory rom for i9001 ? I want to go to Samsung Service Center. Thank's SOLVED: 2.3.3 XXKF8 -DEFAULT/FACTORY ROM IN ROMANIA ( i think also europe ) FOR I9001 GALAXY S PLUS
  12. TomTheFrench

    Thread [HELP] Can't unbrick my i9001

    Hi everybody ! Yesterday, I swapped the sd cards of my gs+ but the phone didn't boot and stayed at the boot animation (CM10.1). So, I tried to restock it but Odin stayed at the AMSS download. I tried to install many other stock ROM but it was stuck at this thread. Today, I retry to flash CWM...
  13. A

    Thread [I9000][I9001][Q] Possible to port stock Rom?

    Hello together ! :) I've been wondering while if it is to possible to port Samsung (or other) Stock Roms to the I9000/1, (of course just so far as the hardware allows...) I didn't found anything about it, so it would be amazing, if someone would try to port e.g. the S4 stock rom to our s/s+ or...
  14. Vamox

    Thread [CWM ZIP][APP] Original 'Samsung Apps' for CM9 / CM10 | Tested & working

    Hi, I've searched everywhere a possibility to install the original "Samsung Apps" on my Galaxyi9001. I'm using CM10.1 Slimbean (with CWM 5)..and tried to install the apk after visiting samsungapps.com Everytime I got a "app not installed" when I tried to run the apk downloaded from Samsung...
  15. Near710

    Thread [Q] I9001 flash stock rom broken home button

    Hello everyone, I wanted to flash a stock ROM with odin to bring the phone into a service center, the problem is that if I use the terminal emulator to send the phone in download mode odin hangs verify v0 p0 r0, I tried procedure on 3 different pc but the result does not change ... any idea? I...
  16. R

    Thread [Q] High battery drain in games

    Hi, i have Galaxy S+ (i9001) with CM10 from ivendor and 10.6 kernel by CastagnaIT. When i'm using my phone only for calling,texting and wifi everything works fine, CPUspy shows that deep sleep is working correctly. But in games even like angry birds or vector my battery from 90% drains to 0...
  17. sanderg

    Thread [Q] [i9001] Please recommend a ROM to flash

    Which ROM would you recommend for a i9001 considering the following criteria: Stable Reasonable performance As little 'not working' features as possible Can work without update/fix for months Excellent battery life Reason is I need to update the phone of a family member which is still on...
  18. artur93pl

    Thread [S3 BOOTANIMATION][I9000][I9001] Galaxy S & Galaxy S Plus bootanimations based on S3

    [S3 BOOTANIMATION][I9000][I9001] Galaxy S & Galaxy S Plus bootanimations based on S3 Hi Guys! I've made bootanimations for Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy S Plus which are based on this S3 bootanimation (credits to android_isda_**** :)) I've changed the resolution to 480x800, so now it matches to...
  19. Xistance

    Thread [ROM][4.2.1][UNOFFICIAL] Rootbox Alpha 1

    What's Working Phone Data WiFi Mass Storage What's NOT Working GPS(Need to test a new build) Camera Bluetooth Any Bugs/Annoyances? Stock Browser has some graphical glitches Let me know ALPHA 1 Download 08/02/2013 gapps Download 12/12/2012 Thanks To: Cyanogenmod Team AOKP Team...
  20. M


    Remember I am not a moderator. I am only here to help! Hi all, As you all know we have a very nice collection of ROMS here in this section of XDA. And I must say, I love it and I will continue testing ROMS and kernels. It is amazing how this section has grown. And more ROMS and developers are...
  21. tomsi191

    Thread [i9001]Recommended headset

    Hello there, i am looking for a wired headset that works with my Galaxy S Plus without any adapter (other than the originally obviously). Do you good people know any of those? Apparently the audio jack in Galaxy S Plus is different to that in Galaxy S, so headsets compatible to Galaxy S won't...
  22. Xistance

    Thread [ROM][4.2.2][UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMod 10.1 Beta 2

    Well, I finally decided to release my build. Many thanks to camcory which helped me throughout the problems. He is a great dev and a great guy. What's not working You tell me :) CM10.1 Download and Instuctions Note: CM for Galaxy S Plus is provided with no warranty. You are installing this...
  23. blackmambazzz

    Thread [ROM][JB][4.1.2] RemICS JB v4.2 || S4 Look and Feel || [OFFICIAL]

    RemICS JellyBean for Galaxy S Plus We are not responsible for your bricked device! FLASH AT YOUR OWN RISK! FEATURES Based on CM10 release 2.5 by ivendor CastagnaIT´s kernel v11 (non bigmem, normal UV) Samsung Touchwiz UI Themed statusbar Themed many apps (Dialer, Contacts, Gallery from...
  24. mihnead

    Thread [Q] Think I deleted the file system from my phone

    Before flashing a new rom, I tried formatting /data and /system manually, via recovery. I also tried (because I'm smart that way) to format the file system drive via a nice little tool called diskwipe, which succeeded. Ever since then, i think I don't have a hard drive anymore on my phone...
  25. alkhafaf

    Thread [Theme][GB][V0.9.3b]SGS3 Theme- The best Galaxy S3 experience

    Hello Guys As Many people were requesting for this, I made a SGS3 theme for the i9001, and specially for the BroodROM Business Edition v1.2 (I've been told it is a popular ROM). Please note that this is a test version, cuz I don't have i9001 and I can't test it. If you guys want it to be...
  26. jaggyjags

    Thread [Kernel][JB][3.0.62] JaggyKernel_1.1.1

    Hello guys, I bring you a kernel I made using arco68's 3.0.61 base kernel. JaggyKernel_1.1.1 (JB) Changelog 0.2: - Overclocked up to 1804Mhz - Undervoltage CPU - Disabled allocated ram for camera, user available ram is now 388MB - H/W and HD youtube videos working fine. Changelog_0.4...
  27. M

    Thread [Q] I9000 mainboard replacement from I9001

    Hi I've got Samsung Galaxy S I9000 with broken mainboard. Is it possible to replace its mainboard using the one from I9001 model ? Are they compatible ? Regards
  28. erpurohit

    Thread [I9000/1][KK 4.4.2][SIII Addon] RichSiya v3.2 (13 Feb 2014)

    This adddon will transform your normal looking rom in awesome S3 look. Download and changelog in second post Screenshots follows in third post Special thanks (helping me in testing) rodman01 Thanks:- smalldookie - who allowed me to use his work and re-post as a new thread. Do visit his...
  29. H

    Thread [Q][i9001]Recovery Problem(md5 mismatch)

    Umm i dont know where else to post this since arco's recovery doesn't have a thread :( Over the last few months whenever I make a backup and then try to restore I get a md5 mismatch! I have formated my memory twice reflashed it 3-4 times to no avail anyone else have this problem? Any idea how to...
  30. mizuki_kai

    Thread [Q] nandroid backup and titanium backup

    I have a few question regarding nandroid backup and titanium backup. 1. If I do nandroid backup of original ROM and then I flash to another ROM, what happens if I directly do restore from the backup from another ROM? 2. What is the difference between nandroid backup and titanium backup? As far...
  31. V

    Thread [Q] Looking for a usable i9001 stock ROM for Belgium providers?

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could tell me if I can install the latest stock ROM and wil be functional in the Belgium networks: Germany (T-Mobile) 2012 September 2.3.6 I9001BOKQ4 I9001DTMKQ3 or Netherlands (T-Mobile) 2012 September 2.3.6 I9001BOKQ4 I9001TNLKQ2 At the moment I have...
  32. S

    Thread [ROM][PORT]Flyme OS 1.0.5 ICS i9001 ALPHA

    Hey guys! I finally have something worth sharing I think. After reading A LOT about android development I ported MIUI, Lewa OS and some other roms to my beloved i9001 :) And I learned so many things that I thought it would be the time for a port that is actually usefull ;) So I took the i9100...
  33. D

    Thread [ROM][AOSP][69MB] FoxhoundPlus *MAJOR UPDATE IS COMING!*

    I tested almost every rom with every kernel and mods. Each rom got advantages which I prefered but none of the could please me to 100 percent. So, one day I thought about making my own first one... It should definetely Gingerbread based because of the battery drain and the beta state of ICS. I...
  34. E

    Thread [Q] Galaxy S plus (GT-i9001) suddenly reboots

    Hi, My SGS+ suddenly shuts down (edit: its not actually rebooting as the title proclaims, I'm sorry). This happens at random moments. I'm thinking this is to blame about the battery, let me explain why: I pull my SGS+ off the charger and just use it. After a while, with the battery at 97% for...
  35. hiej

    Thread [ROM][GB][KQI]Ginger Revenge v 1.3.0 [dev-paused] - 18/Jan/13 -

    INTRODUCTION Because the poor little Gingerbread man is completely snubbed due to the fever for ICS and JB... ... I decided to "create" my first custom rom .. I want to clarify: I'm not a DEV and the kitchen is definitely not my world, what I'm proposing is nothing new, the thing that I've...
  36. M

    Thread [TUTORIAL] How to flash back to a Stock ROM! (@mod: Sticky idea?)

    Hi all, This is an basic how to for reflashing a Stock-ROM. I made this so the newbies can reflash their phone to stock after trying out any other awesome ROM.. And to prevent these questions in the threads! REQUIREMENTS Original Samsung Cable Odin V4.43 (Click me!) AriesVE.OPS (click me!)...
  37. C

    Thread [Q] Samsung plus 9001 sim unlock

    Is it possible to sim unlock this phone, because it's locked for another operator? When I start the phone with sim inside, it asks for unlocking code for operator. thank you :)
  38. Xistance

    Thread [Tutorial] Build CM10.1 / CM10 for i9001

    I thought that this would get the development of JB for our device a bit faster. I am going to be explaining for Ubuntu 12.04 and up. If you get any errors use pastebin and link it here. Good luck :) Requirements 64bit Ubuntu You will need 25GB (or more) free to complete a single build...
  39. Y

    Thread [i9001] Unable to connect to WiFi 802.11n

    I'm using the latest Arco CM9 ROM but I'm totally unable to connect to my 802.11n router. The phone actually identifies & saves the network but it is unable to gain access to internet. Using the 'connect to network' achieves nothing but the phone reports that it the network is 'Saved, secured...
  40. broodplank1337

    Thread [APP]Root Tweaker v1.1 (Now on Google Play)

    I might expand this app a lot! Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.broodplank.roottweaker
  41. Dutch.ly

    Thread [ROM][CM9][ICS] * Simplistic ICS * [BETA 2][29/08/2012]

    SIMPLISTIC - ICS for optimal speed, stability and useability! This ROM is based on CM9 from Arco, but heavily improved and optimized! This ROM contains no fancy mods or themes and is purely made for a clean, fast and smooth experience! Improved Functions Bugs Installation Downloads
  42. S

    Thread [DEV]porting b2g

    small update again: I could write down my steps so a real developer could take over :P Here my errors so far: Symlinks for x/opengl-libs not right (ubuntu 12 error, had to do this manually) Wifi-driver not found (Taken out of BoardConfig.mk) Camera cpp-files contain some errors (No time to solve...
  43. crybert

    Thread [MOD/PATCH] PDroid and V6SuperCharger for CM9

    Hey guys, I created a patch for CM9_alpha5, which allows you to use PDroid by svyat and the V6 Supercharger Script by zeppelinrox with CM9 Please read the instructions carefully! And as always: DO A BACKUP For more informations read the necessary threads: PDroid...
  44. demon434

    Thread [DEV][DISCUSSION][JELLY BEAN][i9001] Android 4.1 for our device! VERY ALPHA

    JELLY BEAN DEV THREAD UPDATE 14/10: Doomsday94 released a new version of Jelly Bean and is built from Cyanogenmod sources! Thread link here: here UPDATE 11/9: First of all, sorry folks for the late updates but it was kinda busy at my work. Thankfully I have some time to keep this thread up...
  45. sosodemi

    Thread HOW TO Repair small scratches on screen

    If you noticed ''small - fine'' scratches on your screen, or your phone screen is not as fine as a baby's ass anymore :) than i have a solution ! BUT it work's '' good '' on a Gorilla Glass screen and it depends on how serious the scratch is! More HERE:good:
  46. Alex93917

    Thread [ROM][ICS][IMM76L] MIUI 2.8.10 Final [30.06.2013]

    I'm not responsable for any damage by using this software ! MIUI 5 (JB) Thread MIUI 4 (JB) 3.2.22 Final Thread Informations about ROM : Name : MIUI Latest version : 2.8.10 Base : CM9 by Arco68 Kernel : Languages included : See below What's working : Audio Receiving and making...
  47. W

    Thread [ROM]i9001[VALUE PACK][BVKPC]

    New GT-I9001 - Poland (Orange) PDA: I9001BVKPC CSC: I9001IDEKPC Version: 2.3.6 Date: 2012-06-18 Available on samfirmware.com Download link 1 Download link 2
  48. R

    Thread [CM7][i9001][PORT][LEWA][MULTI-LANG]

    I have ported LeWa based on CM7 fixed 2.1 and ported from LG GT540 Optimus, which results in a stable working rom. My first public release was version 0.4, which was published in the other (AOSP) LeWa thread. Now I have created my own thread to release version 0.6, which is also based on CM7...
  49. jiffer1991

    Thread I9001 Galaxy S Plus Value Pack

    Hey everybody I read many discussions about the new value pack for the sgs+. The main question was, if the value pack is it worth to be used. I flashed the I9001XXKQB_I9001OXXKP8_I9001XXKPL_HOME.tar a few weeks ago for testing. I just wanted to post a little review for everybody who doesn´t know...
  50. jackq

    Thread [AOKP][DEV][i9001] Eclipse v5 AROMA tabletUI, Xloud, SRSpanel, Beats, DSP Manager...

    I want to present first i9001 AOKP ROM with Aroma installer :D AOKP Eclipse v4 What's working and what doesn't - the same like AOKP i9001 ROM by Oisis. Download ICS Recovery - if you have Feamod recovery install this first via CWM -> www.moonrom.pl/download/CM9_Recovery.zip You can use Touch...