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  1. D

    Thread Samsung Galaxy XCover S5690 ICS & JB ICONS!

    NOTE! This mod MAY work for other Gingerbread devices, as long as they are medium dpi (160) so the icons work AND you wont be ending up with a phone that has 3/4 of the system apps unusable. Have you ever wanted your XCover to look more like the newer phones? Then, I have a solution for you! I...
  2. H

    Thread [Q] Compatibility of Android configuration files

    Is there any manual / tutorial / guide related to compatibility of Android configuration files (build.prop, for example) between different android versions (ICS and JB for example)? Is it possible to use optimized build.prop (or it's fragments) from JB inside ICS?
  3. joe200

    Thread [Q] Make App Always On / Auto Re-Run When It Closed

    I've search this for more than an hour with no luck. Does anyone know how to make an app auto open on android ICS? Android will just closed my app which I need to always ON/RUN. Maybe it's impossible to make an app always on, so is there a script or something that will make the particular app...
  4. puyz

    Thread All About CROSS A28

    A place to share information, tips and tricks about CROSS A28 Specification • OS ANDROID 4.0.4 ICS • Network Dual GSM + 3G + Wifi + GPS 3G / HSDPA Data Connection • Screen LCD 4-inch HVGA 480 x 800 Pixels Extra Clear. Capacitive Multi Touch • Features 1 Ghz Dual Core Processor...
  5. T

    Thread [ROM][STOCK]Phantom ICS [16/10/2013][Update V1]

    【PHANTOM ICS】 Intro: This rom is based on "IMAGINARY ICS" by "Ahmed Hamouda". This is my first Rom on Xda so i hope you enjoy. The purpose of this is Rom is to add some tweaks and features for good performance, battery life, visual appeal and ease of use. Disclaimer: I am not responsible for...
  6. K

    Thread [FIRMWARE]LAVA Iris 501 Official ICS 4.0.4 Firmware

    Few days back I had posted official Jellybean firmware of Lava Iris 501. After that many people requested me to post the old firmware version 4.0.4 Ice-cream Sandwich also. Here I am posting official firmware of Lava Iris 501 version 4.0.4 Ice-cream Sandwich. You can flash it with the help of...
  7. P

    Thread [Q] Backups between ICS and GB

    I have a little question. In case I am in ICS and I have a backup of a custom rom which is GB based. May I restore the backup or I have to flash GB firmware first with Flashtool? The second question is the same but backwards (GB to ICS) Is it possible? Thanks in advance
  8. gggirlgeek

    Thread [Q] ICS - Duplicate contacts in T9 search and other groups

    I am only syncing with my 1 Google account and using Ice Cream Sandwich (Hellfire Sandwich) for the moment: I am getting 100's of duplicate contacts in the T9 search. I was also getting them in contacts before but I managed to turn off "All Contacts" and tell it to only show "My Contacts"...
  9. P

    Thread [Q] Back to ICS Stock? (Frozen at CM9.1 Loading)

    Hey, guys. I woke up this morning, and I didn't have audio on my phone. I rebooted, and now my phone is sitting indefinitely at the CM9 loading screen and will not move past. I've let it sit for half an hour, and nothing. I've pulled the battery three times...nothing. I figure the best thing I...
  10. T

    Thread [Q] Android 4 ROMs for S5830i?

    Hi, I have been searching high and low for a custom ROM based on Android 4, which will run on my Galaxy Ace S5830i but can't find any. All the ROMs I've come accross so far are based on Gingerbread, and simply themed to look like Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean. For example, JellyBlast 3.0.5...
  11. S

    Thread [Q] Lux AutoBrightness Question

    Hi guys. Im using Lux to control the bright... obvious thing But I want it to add in the sleep list the ICS screenshot feature to avoid dark -almost-unreadable- pictures. And I cant find the app. file or whatever it needs to work. Someone can help me? Thanks in advance
  12. M

    Thread [Q] help for g2x rom ics flashing.

    Ok so here is what happened i have a rooted g2x i have tried to install all the roms especially ice cream sandwich. when ever i try to flash a rom on this particular device everything works except receiving text messages. SO i have a second g2x (rooted) and i flashed the rom and everything works...
  13. NiveusLuna

    Thread [Q] 4.0 Talk apk - sort everyone by availability

    EDIT: ANSWERED. See Reply #2. I can't take this anymore. I've hated it since the day I upgraded to 4.0, but I can't take it anymore. Google decided that nobody wants to view all buddies and sort by availability at the same time. Apparently, they've never met anyone with a huge buddy list. How...
  14. SharpnShiny

    Thread (Sola) (Q) RAM Usage on Gingerbread?

    Yep, this is still a problem. I just noticed my that Sony may have been right in directing me to check available RAM on ICS. I have a tiny amount of RAM available and had to delete many apps, still the phone doesn't run smoothly. Anyone here still on Gingerbread? What's your available RAM...
  15. Rehab4Life

    Thread [Q] Jelly Bean Gallery not showing photos

    So I just updated from Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly Bean 4.1.2 (ParanoidAndroid) and now my gallery is not showing my pictures. How could I go about fixing this? I read on that the person also having this problem cleared the cache/data...
  16. T

    Thread [APP][FREE] Nexus 4 Analog Clock Widget

    I just updated my Nexus Clock Widget app on Google Play today to include the leaked analog clock from the LG Nexus 4. The original widget is from a leaked, unofficial build of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and this new widget is from today's LG Nexus 4 leak of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. You can...
  17. P

    Thread [Q] Any Successful HC Restores *after* ICS?

    Has anyone restored a nandroid of Honeycomb AFTER upgrading to Ice Cream Sandwich via OTA3? I'm posing this question because I have been unable to restore any nandroids of HC since the OTA3 upgrade to ICS was installed on my tablet. They restore fine inside CWM 6 but it is a Lenovo bootloop...
  18. C

    Thread [Q] Is there a TW-based ROM that looks like JB?

    I'm basically looking for an ICS ROM that has all the stupid/tacky TW widgets and icons stripped and replaced so the ROM looks like stock JB It needs to be TW-based though because I get no signal inside my home, so I need T-Mobile's wifi calling feature Does such a rom exist?
  19. J

    Thread How to upgrade to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)?

    Hello Guys, How are you? Long time no see. Recently, I have just upgraded to Android 4.0 and it runs smoothly. It's GREAT!. Below are the EASY STEPS to upgrade to Android 4.0 for your beloved LG Optimus 2x SU660. I am using Windows 7 in upgrading to ICS. 1. Download the latest ICS ROM -...
  20. jader13254

    Thread [ROM] Xperia ICS and JB Remix | Themed | Blazing Fast | Gaming

    We're proudly presenting you ICS & JB Remix.. Your warranty is now void. By Reading This You Accept that: We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research if you have any concerns about...
  21. timmytim

    Thread [ROM] (ICS) SwiftyTrix (new name!) v1.3 | 10/5/12

    For v1.3 - I changed the name of the ROM to SwifyTrix This ROM is based on the new AT&T ICS 67.21.125 Leak posted over in the General forum (thanks to alteredlikeness!). It is mostly stock but I also added in some goodies to speed & clean things up a bit. ROM Features - De-Bloated -...
  22. Andie00

    Thread Looking for a file manager/browser that is...

    ... extremely simple, with a small footprint, with only the necessary permissions and follows Google's design guidelines for ICS/JB. I don't need a fancy file manager with options I will never use. I don't need to set permissions, use FTP, sync, or any other feature. Just looking for copy...
  23. mr_torture

    Thread Benchmarks: GB vs ICS vs JB

    Just for the curiosity sake, I did Antutu benchmark this morning on last ICS update, (unrooted, untouched bootloader). So, completely clean ICS with few applications installed, but nothing spectacular or heavy on resources. It would be nice if someone could do the same benchmark on stock (and...
  24. bgiesing

    Thread [IDEA] Market for ICS/JB styled apps?

    One thing that bothers me a lot about the Play Store... is there is soooo many Gingerbread (or earlier) styled and/or based apps. Heck even some of the most popular ones like Dolphin and Facebook is Gingerbread based. So I have an idea... Why doesn't somebody make a database/marketplace with...
  25. P

    Thread Links, Email Addresses cannot be tapped (clicked) from messages ??

    Everyone is happy that HTC provided ICS update. Did anyone notice that email addresses, links are detected in a message but they cannot be tapped (clicked) ? I upgraded using EU WWE RUU. I wanted to know how widespread this issue is. In GB, we could tap on links and web browser used to open. Now...
  26. timmo15

    Thread Can i remove Xperia Home leaving Nova Launcher?

    I feel like an idiot for asking this question but can i uninstall Xperia Home and have Nova Launcher be my only launcher? :confused: Also are there any losses from doing this and any other bloatware used in this package? Thanks In Advance! :good: :fingers-crossed:
  27. M

    Thread Locked Bootloader Situation in LG's ICS

    As many have come to discover, with ICS, LG has gone over to the dark side and locked their bootloader. So what does this mean for us P93X users? This means that if we upgrade to ICS via the official LG tool or by using an LG ICS .kdz, our bootloader is now locked. This has caused problems for...
  28. phadly

    Thread [ROM] IceCreamScoop Rom (Planned to release it soon)

    Hello guys, I want to introduce all of you with my first rom called IceCreamScoop (personal used for now). This rom modded by me based on Blackhawk DXKT7 GB 2.3.6 rom by ketut.kumajaya. It have modded to Ice Cream Sandwich UI look a like. Only have three main language which are English (UK)...
  29. miguelmaldonado

    Thread Q) Image files ics u8800pro

    I'm really sorry to post in the wrong section.. but it's already a month, that my u8800pro got bricked, I installed official Ics, And my friend (seriously dumb friend) Erased the image files (Pink screen) And copied the ones from cm7 2.3.7 thinking that doing it would recover my data.. obviously...
  30. A

    Thread [APP] JellyBean StatusBar

    JellyBean StatusBar A statusbar replacement for any Android phone even without root! I know the app has been published for awhile but we have been busy... so... JellyBean StatusBar is a statusbar replacement app that covers the stock statusbar. JellyBean StatusBar is themed to clone the latest...
  31. narflynn619

    Thread [Q] MW600 for Xperia PLAY?

    Hey guys, quick question! Sony Ericsson MW600 Wireless Headset is on SALE here in the Philippines for 10 days. I just want to ask a few questions with you people who have tried it with the Xperia PLAY. 1. Does the MW600 work fine with the Xperia PLAY? 2. Does it have disconnection problems? I...
  32. L

    Thread [APP][4.x][BETA3] House Account Book

    The app is now published to Google Play Store. Have you ever wondered, what you spend you money for? With Budget Book you can simply track all your expenses and incomes. Furthermore you can label them with a payment type and a suitable category. This enables you to use wide filters, so you...
  33. narflynn619

    Thread [NEWS] Sony says Android 4.1 Jelly Bean plans for 2011 handsets were an “error”

    Sony says Android 4.1 Jelly Bean plans for 2011 handsets were an “error” From XperiaBlog post @ LINK Original post @ Sony Mobile Blog HERE So what do you think guys, Sony by saying "all" seems to lock them again into a promise they can't possibly break the third time and further piss all...
  34. Nasir javed

    Thread make CM7 exactly look like ICS ice cream sandwich

    Hy every one, some friends are looking for apps to make cm7 look like ics because ics look is very beautifull and cool so if you have cm7 rom and you want to make it look like ics then read this otherwise leave this thread....... Requirements:- a custom GB rom with theming option like cm7...
  35. acolwill

    Thread [GT-P6200] Official ICS 4.0.4 firmware (Nov 2012) [STOCK/UNROOTED]

    Just saw the heat on the GT-P6210 UK firmware release and checked on Samfirmware. Flashed this using Mobile ODIN directly OVER the KL3 deodexed firmware, no major issues so far (unable to set voicemail number). All settings/prefs/apps preserved Download link from Hotfile, feel free to mirror...
  36. P

    Thread [Q] "Disappearing" sensors with every new ROM? :)

    I noticed that with every new Android version for the defy+, we "lose" some of the sensors. Or do they just get not detected by the apps or even are software implementations that take information from the hardware sensors? Look at the file at the URL below...
  37. I

    Thread Roms with working webtop

    Hello was wondering if people could post all the roms that work with webtop on this thread to make it easier for people to find roms with use of the main point in our phones. Also i was specifically looking for a rom which runs ice cream sandwich has webtop functional and is overclockable to...
  38. R

    Thread [Q] Get ICS animations back on Jelly Bean?

    Please, I hate the new animations in Jelly Bean, can someone make a flashable file to install ICS animations in it? And another one to revert it in case of any problems? And is there a way to get the ring back on JB's lockscreen? I'm really not diggin' those sparks.
  39. A

    Thread Ice Cream Sandwich & Internal Storage.

    I have just installed ICS on my Desire, I have 30MB of free internal space, loads of space on my SD card but I can't download a 6MB app because of low internal space! Don't get that. Is there something I should have done before installing ICS?
  40. garwynn

    Thread [Discussion] Official ICS OTA Thread (Now FI27)

    So here it is folks - after about 30 different ICS leaks Sprint has officially released it for the Epic 4G Touch! History of Official OTA Announcements: 7/11/12 approx. 11:00 am CDT: Source Released on Samsung's Site. OTA will be FF18 based on revision note. The recommended thread for source...
  41. nitsua98

    Thread [ROM] (INFO) BlackICE Kangorade 40.5 (7/08/12)

  42. IdeosDev

    Thread [Source Code] Xperia S Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich firmware (6.1.A.0.45) Release

    All new Xperia S Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) (6.1.A.0.45) Source are now available for all developer to use and build for their devices now Hope this help :) Thanks to colossus for moving
  43. S

    Thread [DEV] How to enable device encryption in your ICS ROMs

    If you are visiting this thread looking for a ROM you can flash on your Incredible that will allow you to encrypt your phone, this is not your thread. Sorry. This thread is for ROM developers interested in enabling the device-encryption feature in their Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs. So far, I have...
  44. Vzqsmooth56

    Thread ICS is rolling out to Galaxy tab 10.1! apparently the ics update is rolling out for the line of tabs samsung has:)
  45. b3ltazar

    Thread official ics gtab 7.7 out now

    Its official the galaxy tab 7.7 is receiving ics as I write this.... 7 plus be prepared. Says Australia is the first country to receive the update.
  46. philster16

    Thread [Q] ROOT POSSIBLE? (tablet)

    Hey guys just wondering, i just bought a new tablet from amazon , the TABTRONICS 8GB M009S 7" Capacitive Android tablet PC (link ) here is the spec- CPU : A10 1.2 GHz Graphics Processor ...
  47. SMillerNL

    Thread [WIP][ROM][AOSP]ICSAce[1/7/2012][kernel:'s)]

    This rom is not working/booting yet. Hey guys, Me and CallMeVentus want to make an ICS AOSP ROM. (We know there is JB now but let's start basic shall we?) Though it may not be any different than CM9 it does have some differences , like the GNexus firmware . Anyone else interested ...
  48. G

    Thread [APP] Ice Cream Sandwich Go Theme

    Another cool Go Launcher EX Theme, that beautifully replicates ICS. DOWNLOAD:
  49. J.Jon

    Thread Faulty Hardware Battery drain?

    Hey everyone, I recently upgraded to android ICS 4.0.4 from 4.0.3 with the hope of the battery issue no longer an issue with my nexus s... Though my battery drains around 1% every 2-4minutes with normal use, as in just scrolling and going through settings (not using apps), very very light use...
  50. homeworlder

    Thread Too much ICS

    There's just....too much of the same.