1. LivinOne

    Thread CWM Recovery image for 840FHD ?

    Can someone please post the recovery image? The links in the guide are all dead. thanks!
  2. kimikelku

    Thread [Q] Acer Iconia b1-710 stuck formatting

    Hello everyone, i have an acer iconia b1-710 that i didn't use for some time, today i charge it and when i was trying to turn it on, right after the acer logo it goes into recovery showing this: formatting /data What can i do?
  3. Shreps

    Thread [GUIDE] Firmwares, ROMs, CWM, Root - Acer Iconia (MTK) Tablets

    Acer Iconia (MTK) Tablets Development Main Contributors & Dev FireDiamond vache Shreps This thread is only for Acer Iconia Tablets with MTK (MediaTek CPU/SoC) If you have an Acer Iconia Tab with Intel CPU/SoC (like Iconia One 8), please look at this thread : [GUIDE] Root Acer Iconia Tab 8...
  4. R

    Thread [Q] Acer Iconia A210 not charging

    First of all I am posting this question here as I could not find a dedicated area for A210 tablet. So here is the issue I am facing with my Tablet My acer iconia 10" tablet worked great since yesterday, suddenly today it shows 3% charge despite continuously for many hours. I tried two...
  5. M

    Thread Acer Iconia A200

    I have a Acer Iconia A200 which touch screen is not working proper way.It has some ghost touch issue.It automatically touches several places at once thus it is impossible to work with. LCD looks fine so is it digitizer issue? Digitizers are cheap online so I am thinking to buy one but don't want...
  6. jodiac

    Thread Help! Stuck at my Acer A210 bootlooader screen

    It is hang on acer logo and in left top corner is: bootloader version ISC-MR1-b05547a (unlock mode) I can't communicates with tablet via USB (no device found) even I can't get to recover mode. P.S I was trying to root my device using this instructions...
  7. EndOfDays-Wildfire

    Thread [Q] A700 Battery drain

    Hey guys, I´ve been using the Acer Iconia Tab A700 for a few weeks now and I am quite happy with it. One thing that bugs me though is the battery drain: The battery, even with heavier use, lasts at least for 2 days or even 3, but that´s not the problem. It´s not the battery drain while using the...
  8. Kujila

    Thread [SOLVED] Existing A200 ROMS ok to use on newer 32GB revision?

    Hello all! I know this is the A500 forum, but since the A200 is practically an A500, I thought I would ask here! I should be receiving a 32GB A200 model soon. The handful of A200 ROMs on xda specifically talk about the 8GB and 16GB versions. This is a newer revision that includes 32GB...
  9. L

    Thread [Q] BT mouse

    Hello, is it possible to use with this tab BT mouse? Thx for answers.
  10. randomblame

    Thread ubuntu touch - WIP Download available - updated 03/23

    VERY work in progress. Wifi works flakily use an open network to play with the keyboard tends to freak out when typing in a network password. This is a PREVIEW of what this platform will become. It is not finished. Many apps are just placeholders. The good news the system image is built and you...
  11. U

    Thread Discontinued

    Discontinued! Please close thread!
  12. thejam15

    Thread [Q] Looking for a way to run Windows 8 somehow

    I've been using my A500 just to mess around, but I really want to get it to run on Windows 8 so I can use it for school a lot more effectively. I know there are some unsupported hardware, but are there any work arounds?
  13. Skellums

    Thread [DEV] Help requested! Acer Iconia A110 - Can't mount /system in recovery

    Hi all, We're slowing making progress with this tablet, but we're running into roadblocks. Some devices shipped with 4.1.1 and some shipped with 4.1.2. For some users with 4.1.1, the all-things-root toolkit worked, but for the majority of others, it's not. We've managed to extract the...
  14. Genjinaro

    Thread Is the Acer Iconia W510 the way to go?

    Price wise, it is really catching my eye, although I'm speaking the "Tablet" only. I feel as though the dock bundle is a bit pricey. $750. Anyone have this & want to share a mini review or an alternative peice of hardware in comparison, value wise?
  15. Ather

    Thread NFS Most Wanted

    Just bought the game last night, downloaded the data files (580MB) and started playing it..pretty amazing! and no lagging so far (unlike N7) see the images attached
  16. Ather

    Thread [HOWTO] Install Flipboard on Your Iconia

    If you look up Flipboard in your playstore, you wont find it because its not available for Tablets yet, sure you can go and change the build.prop file and then get it, but there is another way; Instructions: Download the Beta Version of Fliboard from here Then, Install it as any other normal...
  17. luisxd

    Thread A100 Bricked?

    Yesterday my A100 stop working, it's stuck on Acer logo when i turn it on. Most weird is that it just stopped working from nothing, i was having a little of lag (as usual, because I use to oped a lot of apps), rebooted it and stopped at Acer logo. It was only rooted and had a custom build.prop...
  18. jnktechstuff

    Thread [Port] Galaxy Note 10.1

    Ok so i have attempted a port of the galaxy note 10.1 jellybean rom, using CM10 as a base i have run into a bootloop you can download this link and try it out also will be my logcat also if you can tell me how to fix this i would be happy to do it too Drop Box Port: Galaxy Note 10.1 Port...
  19. U

    Thread no sync calendar possible?

    Hi Folks, i am comming from various HTC mobiles and now wanted to try an tablet. After a few days of research I came to the Acer A700 and orderd me one. First everything was fine - the I synced the tablet with Outlook 2010 using myPhoneExplorer. I do not want to use google for syncing. There...
  20. L

    Thread [DEV] [KERNEL] UNOFFICIAL - Jelly Bean optimized Kernel for A100

    Current release: Version 2.0 (stable) [09/06/2012] SOURCE CODE: Available at GitHub Features CPU Overclocking up to 1500mHz (default is set at stock 1000mhz) Stable GPU Overclock @ 450mhz (scales from 300 - 450) Userspace CPU undervolting support Brick prevention/precaution - disabled...
  21. blackthund3r

    Thread Acer Stock Firmware Files List (Full, Update and EUUs)

    The Unofficially Official Acer Firmware Thread Wow it's been a long time! I thought I'd rewrite the OP considering so much has changed in the firmware department recently.... This thread serves to solve two large problems: 1) Acer do not offer via their servers (which changed names and caused...
  22. V

    Thread [Q] Problem with HDMI

    Yesterday I bought a micro HDMI to HDMI cable to connect my iconia to my TV. I plugged it in and it worked. I tried doing the same today, but nothing happened, no picture on the TV and no notification on the tablet. Anyone got any ideas about how to fix this issue? Edit: It looks like you can't...
  23. L

    Thread [MOD] A100 Peformance Enhancing build.prop for CM9 / ICS 4.0.4

    **Latest Working Revision is Rev-0.4 ** 07/28/12 **Now optional A500 build.prop for extra games/apps from Play Store** **Thanks das_webos_transformer for testing 4.0.3 and submitting working tweaked 4.0.3 build.prop!! ** **UPDATE** Rev-0.4 For 4.1.1 Jelly Bean << NEW>> This build.prop is...
  24. L

    Thread [MOD] A100 Peformance Enhancing build.prop for CM9 / ICS 4.0.x

    This thread was accidentally created in the "General" section and will NOT be updated, please Go to: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1554259 instead. I will not be posting updates or replying to this thread from now on. Moderator: Please close this thread, thank you.
  25. azoller1

    Thread Anyone Upgrading? To A510,A700,Nexus 7

    anyone going to switch to the newer acer devices? or the nexus 7? because tegra 3 is out and it seems very good, also might get the nexus although it would be missing external sd slot but that can be fixed if you root it, and the newer acer's seem to get hot but are getting fixed with software...
  26. azoller1

    Thread REMOVE

    i have an iconia i want to sell and where do i post it to spread the news? its off from a website, ebay. do i just post a link or what?
  27. azoller1

    Thread Which one, Asus or Acer?

    these two brands right now i think has some of the best android tablets out there right now, if i were to go with asus i would probably get the tf300 or the tf700 infinity, maybe the tf201 prime but the inifnity is the one i want most but is kind of pricey, and if i went with acer it would be...
  28. C

    Thread [Q] A500 & 5ghz wireless ssid?

    Just figured out that the A500 does not see my new wifi router on the 5Ghz SSID spectrum - ASUS RT-N66u. (I am broadcasting both 2.4ghz and 5ghz and have no problem connecting to 2.4) My E4GT sees it fine as well as my laptop with wireless-N. Is this a hardware limitation? Just looking to have...
  29. JDMpire

    Thread [Q] Pick a favorite ICS rom

    So I am currently running stock ICS on my A500 and was thinking of putting a 3rd party rom on it. Currently the OEM rom is fine, only 1 issue and that is, its not mounting usb when connected to my computer... But thats another time, for now I would like to get some opinions on some current roms...
  30. dastimlein

    Thread [Q] official ics

    hi, my brother and me, we ve got two acer iconia a500 with 32gb. my brother rootet his iconia 1 month ago and installed an ics rom. now i bought my rom with normal firmware and no root. i updated it to 4.0.3. now my brother wants the official firmware on his iconia back. is there a release of...
  31. D

    Thread Acer A700

    As this device went up for pre-order on Amazon Germany today, I think it is time for its own thread. The Amazon Germany price is 479 Euros, link is here...
  32. F

    Thread [Bounty] Acer a100 USB Host/Mass Storage

    My pre-apologizes if this is the wrong forum to post this in. I'm calling it. It's Bounty time. I want to hook up a large external usb drive to my a100, and after reading countless posts of it being a kernel level job, and things I admiralty know nothing about, I'm ready to pony up $20 for the...
  33. G

    Thread [Q] Iconia A500 Parts?

    So... I don't really want to go into the details of the thing... long story short my college roommate karate kicked my tablet down a flight of stairs (not even a cracked screen!) Acer support is... meager, at best, and the warranty doesn't cover anything hardware related. The only part of the...
  34. S

    Thread [DEV][AOSP] ICS sources and build instruction for A501

    1. Preparing environment and building 1.1. Installing bootloader and recovery This step can be done only in Windows (can be done on Linux too, but I didn't find right version of Linux nvflash): Run MS Windows (tested even on Windows 7) on host PC Download this package (Size=12592367...
  35. dEris

    Thread [Q] Best Keyboard for your A500

    What keyboard do you use on your Iconia? And why? I'm looking for a good keyboard, so tell me what you use. I use SwiftKey X Tablet.. why? I love the split keyboard where each thumb has the ability to reach each key if you're holding the tablet on landscape; like you're holding a steering...
  36. C

    Thread MHL USB Adapter Support?

    Hello everyone. Within a month of receiving my tablet last year, I (or someone else using the tablet) somehow managed to damage one of the pins in the USB port and it no longer works. However, while researching the GNExus (I intend to purchase it soon) I began to wonder if the MHL Adapters for...
  37. V

    Thread ICS: Taboonay vs Lightspeed

    Basically just a heads up, with Taboonay, performance wise it was good despite being a stock kernel (that's how much an improvement ICS is over HC) however, the damn thing was eating through my battery. In the course of 12 hrs, my tab was dead... while on standby ???? Checked the battery usage...
  38. D

    Thread [Q] Questions about rooting.

    Hello everyone As you can probably guess, i don't know much about this topic. I recently got an app that didn't function because of no root access. So I am on HC 3.2.1. If I root, will I still get the ICS update once it's released? I do not plan on installing any ROMs (although any suggestions...
  39. W

    Thread [Q] My table is in the Acer logo

    Greetings. I commented, I have a Acer Iconia Tab A500, when turned on, this remains in the ACER logo, note that you do a format to SDCARD, SYSTEM and DATA Recovery from THOR. I can do to bring life back? Or it becomes a HardBrick?
  40. treborbula1

    Thread Acer iconia a200 forum?

    I bought a Acer Iconia Tab A200, and I noticed that the is no forum for it. I also noticed that the Android apps are short on tablet apps, I just can't believe there are products out there but no apps for them... Shameful Another thing Google music sucks :mad:, I can't get my sd card music to...
  41. Oijkn

    Thread [THEME] TMix-Thor v1.0 + Boot Animation for ROM Thor_v14.2

    Here is just a little theme for the Thor A500 ROM v14.2 :) i share it with you if someone like it ! I'm working in a new theme again ^^ it's inspired from RSoft & MamontMiks & some personal theme from my HTC Desire. It's not done yet be nearly :) i give you some features and screen shoots for...
  42. hon kin

    Thread [Q] Any drawback of A500?

    Hi folks over A500 forum, i'm thinking to get myself an A500, but i afraid that i'll regret buying this tablet, because i've read some quite hmmm.... negative feedback about it. some says that the charger wouldnt charge [i can assume that he has a faulty unit], poor mic, gps, unresponsive...
  43. D

    Thread [Q] Want to buy A100 for Son

    Looking to buy the Iconia Tab A100 for my son. I have an Asus transformer and i love it, but wanted to get him something smaller. This tab seems to be a nice one. I wanted to make sure of the following things. 1) Movies work (avi) 2) Netflix works (without root) 3) any good "kid type" case...
  44. A

    Thread Video TUTORIAL: How to flash a ROM using cwm

    Hi All, This is a video tutorial on how to install ROMS on any device having ClockWorkMod Recovery... I have demonstrated this using an Acer Iconia A500 but the same can be applied to any ROOTED android device with CWM. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vT8u8q_ygdQ Hope I helped Someone :)...
  45. M

    Thread [Q] How to get the most performance?

    I am eagerly awaiting my a500, which is being shipped right now. In the mean time, I'd like to know what kind of optimizations you would suggest to get the best performance and utility from the tablet, so that when I do get it i'm all ready to go. I have an android phone, and I know a big...
  46. A

    Thread VIDEO Tutorial on how to Root an Acer Iconia A500/501 from Stock 3.2

    THANKS TO drkalo, sc2k and mrjay. Everything I know about rooting this tablet I learnt from your posts, all credit to you!!! THANK YOU!!! I have made a video tutorial on how to Root and Install ClockWorkRecovery Mod on Acer Iconia A500/A501 running Stock Honeycomb 3.2/3.2.1 Please take a look...
  47. Matthileo

    Thread [Q] Cannot Purchase Apps In Market [Taboonay 2.2] [FIXED]

    I'm running Taboonay 2.2 and I can't purchase new apps from the market. I can download free apps, and apps I've already purchased, but when I try to buy a new app I get the following error: "An error occurred. Please try again." The problem only effects this tablet, not my phones nor the...
  48. azoller1

    Thread ICS Port ROM

    http://www.freeyourandroid.com/guide/compile-ics A guide on making an ics port to pretty much any device, like the acer iconia tab, ill try making a rom later this week and post it here, will probably need some help though
  49. I

    Thread [ROM][HC3.2][A500/A501]IcedComb 1.0 (Build 22112011) + Hotfix for USB Storage

    Decided to get back into the custom ROM scene, and here's my latest work. Please note that this is not a 1:1 copy of VillianROM, I am giving full credit to the original ROM's author. I am making my own spin off the ROM. Anyway, without futher ado, here we go: IcedComb Custom ROM featuring...
  50. A

    Thread [Q] Help! My acer A500 no longer accesses the Internet

    Guys a week ago I bought my acer a500 Iconia yesterday I updated it to version 3.1, it was fast hands, much improved, I turned on my wifi connected it more often when I was browsing it does not access the Internet more and more strange I I can even access my router. Then I saw in that topic if...