1. tucas_

    Thread one ui 5 new notifications icons

    Is there any way to make the notifications icons more colorful? Either using the app icon color or any other chosen color?
  2. samaspotion

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Stranger Icons - Icon pack inspired by Stranger Things

    Give your smartphone's home screen a sinister vibe with Stranger Icons: a set of neon red and black icons for your apps and games inspired by Stranger Things! Stranger Icons icon pack comes with more than 3000 icons. Also, customize your experience further with Stranger Icons original wallpapers...
  3. S

    Thread Was it Nova that recolored my icons?

    I was playing with both Nova and Android 13 settings (which just installed on my new OnePlus 9). One of those messed up with the colors of some of my icons, and I can't find the setting that fixes it. What could it be that caused such changes? Nova: background was changed to a lighter color...
  4. Nx Biotic

    Thread [App][5.1+] Carpenter - Icon Pack Manager

    CARPENTER - ICON PACK MANAGER It's been awhile since I built anything new and something that wasn't entirely revolving around a luancher app, so here I am today presenting my next project that I'm ready to show off, Carpenter. Carpenter is an Icon Pack Manager app built with Google Firebase...
  5. SteepK

    Thread Dark icons oxygen 12.1

    How to fix dark icons?
  6. RKBD

    Thread [PORT] Razer Phone all themes backup

    Backup of R Λ Z Ξ R PHONE themes Theme Store no longer works but I managed to backup all 165 themes (2.3GB) They are stored in root/data/themes They can be only enabled via command to enable overlay since theme store does not list any theme since its shutdown even if it was installed before...
  7. V

    Thread Android 11 issue: shrinking homescreen icons

    My smartphone (Oppo Reno4 Pro 5G) with Android 11 has an issue - while touching icons on homescreen they get shrinked and dark. Sometimes on next touch they return to normal, sometimes not – sometimes I have to long-touch them. Has anybody experienced that? I think it's OS-related, rather than...
  8. V

    Thread Home Screen app icons appearing in app

    When I touch and led go near the multitask button, the Home Screen app icons flash for a brief moment on top of the app that is currently open. (see screen recording) I have noticed the bug since the last update, is this a already known bug? Is there a fix? Thanks in advace,
  9. A

    Thread Always on display icon size

    Anybody else think that the icons on the always on display are way too small to be useful? For my eyes at least they are way too small to see at a glance from any distance compared to any other phone with an AOD.
  10. lohigno

    Thread [ICON PACK] Minimal White Lite - Icons Pack [Android 5.0+ Devices]

    Icon Pack based on minimal white color shapeless for your smartphone homescreen Features ▸ 2.000+ High-Quality Icons Included ▸ 10.000+ Icon Apps Themed ▸ 1.500+ Wallpapers Cloud-Based ▸ Greyscale Masking Covering Not Themed Apps ▸ Circle Ring Covering Unthemed Apps ▸ Dynamic Calendar For...
  11. J

    Thread Blurry in app icons

    Hi, I have an ROG Phone II on Android 10 version 17.0240.2108.103, and a lot of my apps have blurry icons when I'm inside the apps for no apparent reason, almost like it's loading the wrong DPI for the icons. Snapchat, YouTube, Google maps, Facebook, Messenger, TikTok, and my Asus router app are...
  12. aisakate

    Thread Changing the iconset in Themes also changes the App Drawer icon - how to fix that?

    I have emui 8.0.0. I used two themes before, one of them only for its icons, and it didn't affect the app drawer icon nor widgets. I customized the icons in the Theme app by adding a pink border, it also makes all the icons round. Recently I tried messing around a bit and editing the themes...
  13. Dbergs

    Thread Question Icons in notifications (shape & size issues)

    Hi, I recently bought a Poco F3 and something that bugs the hell out of me is the notification icons, that they are in different shapes and sizes, which also causes the text in the notifications to not align to each other (see the image below). Is there any way to make this universal, so that...
  14. E

    Thread [THEME][FONTS] All New Stylish Text and Fonts, Status, Emoji

    Stylish Text 2021 trending app to decorate your chats status and other texts with multiple type fonts, symbols and emojis. Tons of fonts to style your chats with one click, Download: https://bit.ly/3dmrJrl
  15. svandasek

    Thread [Substratum][OxygenOS] Signal & WiFi Icons

    IMPORTANT: This app needs the Substratum theme engine in order to be used. Without it, it is useless. Signal and WiFi Icons for all OnePlus devices running OxygenOS Free LITE version LINK Full version with all icons unlocked -> find on Google Play Previews: More than 25 Signal and WiFi icons...
  16. hallo dare

    Thread Oneplus 7t icons and wallpaper

    As per the title, icons and wallpaper from the OP7t are now available and can be found straight from the XDA link below. https://www.xda-developers.com/download-oneplus-7t-round-icon-pack/
  17. samymarboy

    Thread [Free] [ICON PACK ] Paper Light Icon Pack

    Paper icons are designed to be simple, modern, friendly, and sometimes quirky. Each icon is reduced to its minimal form, expressing essential characteristics. FEATURES: - Includes 600 icons - Dynamic Calendar - Tablet Layouts - Quick-apply cards for numerous launchers Please don’t forget to...
  18. Dev Jaskirat

    Thread Showcase Your Oneplus 7T Home Screen Setups!

    Created in advance ;) Make sure to mention the wallpaper, icon pack etc details so that people who like your setup can give it a shot.:D
  19. F

    Thread [ICON PACK] Star Icon Pack

    Hello to all XDA Users: I'm working on this project to make an icon pack with adaptive icons and it works just great. Right now it only works in android 8 (Oreo) since they were implemented back then. Also to get full functionality you should use one of following launchers: - Lawnchair latest...
  20. D

    Thread On Pie and rooted. Is there any way to fix the "4 status bar icons max" issue?

    On Pie and rooted. Is there any way to fix the "4 status bar icons max" issue? Hello! I've searched far and wide and have read tons of complaints about this issue, but no resolutions. Those complaining posts I found were from several months ago, so I was hoping maybe a resolution came about...
  21. M

    Thread A way to enable adaptive icon shape for all icons?

    I was wondering is there a way to make all icons in oval shape? At the moment system icons are in squares, and third party icons are circles? For example, I prefer all icons to be circles (especially those from Fairyland theme). Yes, I know I can do this with Nova launcher, but with 3rd party...
  22. iaureeel

    Thread [EMUI] Dark Emui theme 4000+ icons [Play Store] [Themed Google Chrome]

    Hy guys! This theme made for Huawei and Honor users, who want a dark UI, because the stock black is too dark, and the stock white theme is not good for battery on AMOLED devices... .. Features:* Dynamic calendar and clock icons * Themed all system apps * Dynamic weather, clock and calendar...
  23. B

    Thread Icons back to standard

    Hi, good afternoon, I'm having a problem with an icon pack, always return to the default after exiting the settings, as well as the source applied by MiCustomFont. I tried to replace the native source folder with the same rooted device I did in previous versions of MiUi and did not succeed. The...
  24. P

    Thread [ICON PACK][Material design 2.0] Pix-Pie icon pack.

    Pix-Pie Icon Pack is icon pack for launchers. Made in material design 2.0. These are round icons with rounded in new style icons inside. - Md2 icons. - Cloud Wallpapers. - Option for icon reqest. - Updating the application every week. - Fulfillment of 100% of your requests for changing icons...
  25. V

    Thread [ICON PACK] Linecons by Creative Studio 14

    Hello, I want to present to you my Linecons icon pack. So far the pack have 293 custom icons, but I am counting on your help with requests to make new ones. Please make requests through the app itself (Icon request option). I hope that you guys will like it. Stay tuned for new projects and...
  26. L

    Thread Status bar icons LTE

    I have trouble telling if my phone is on LTE or not. I can't see the icon very well. Does anyone know of anything that makes it larger or something else that is easily readable. The reason I ask is at my home I use my phone as a hotspot and if it's not getting LTE it's useless to even try to use
  27. N

    Thread Feature request: shuffle and loop play icons

    Would it be possible to add shuffle and loop one/all/none icons to the ui while the video is playing .. Most video players have this and it is super handy P.s. I know it's been requested a million times but another vote for even the most basic playlist management (add, remove, reorder, save, load)
  28. J

    Thread [Icons] LineageOS 15.1 icons for any device

    LineageOS 15.1 Icon Pack This icon pack is the circle and square version of LineageOS 15.1's adaptive icons. In addition, some icons are modified to be different colors. Included Icons: AudioFX Calculator Calendar Clock Contacts Email Gallery Messaging Music Phone Radio Settings Snap Terminal...
  29. Snow24

    Thread Searching best themes (icons)

    Guys, I search themes with cured icons, but I have lost too hours without obtain what I need. For the moment I use official Limitless theme, but I have noticed that Instagram icon (for example) is ugly. Icons are a little bit to small, not like old ported theme, but the proportions are not...
  30. A

    Thread Free themes 2018 (update)

  31. P

    Thread [RESOURCE][SVG][PNG] Need for PNGs/SVGs Navigation Bar Icons

    Hi. I'm actually a UX designer, and I need official navigation bars assets, to be used in my UX designs and for my assets. And also to give by to the community too, to other people or designers that may need Android navigation bar icons too in the future. It because most of the sources are only...
  32. A

    Thread All Themes by ACGroup 2017

    NEXT LAUNCHER 3D THEME: "RUBIN" GOOGLE PLAY: https://goo.gl/REezSu NEXT LAUNCHER 3D THEME: "NewTech" GOOGLE PLAY: mod edit - link removed NEXT LAUNCHER 3D THEME: "Zebra" GOOGLE PLAY: https://goo.gl/m5xq3N NEXT LAUNCHER 3D THEME: "LedShow" GOOGLE PLAY: mod edit - link removed NEXT...
  33. svandasek

    Thread [Substratum] Signal & WiFi icons

    Hello Guys! Introducing my new theme which contains more than 24 WiFi and Signal icons! It is available on XDA labs. The icons are made from quality Vectors. There are also some special ones, like the OnePlus or Audi logo. I hope you will enjoy them! There will be more icons in the near future...
  34. J

    Thread Editing shape of quick settings icon

    I just discovered that Android 7.x Nougat allows third party apps to add own icons/buttons to the list of available quick settings icons/buttons by specifying them in manifest file, but I don't know details, any idea? Tips? Links to read? Does a quick setting icon require a "complete" app to...
  35. K

    Thread Do anyone have a S8 battery icon?

    I was looking around the Internet, even in system dumps, and can't even find one. Do anyone have the battery icons of Galaxy S8? I need from 100 percent to zero. (more than one) I need this for some projects and thank you!
  36. enryea123

    Thread [Icon pack][Material][Flat][OpenSource] Ycons 1.0

    Hey everyone, I've decided to share my personal icon pack. I've personally designed each icon using Inkscape and built the apk. I've made it because I was annoyed by other icon packs always lacking some icons that I wanted. Many icons (like those of google apps) look like the originals, just...
  37. FedericoPeranzi

    Thread [HELP] Status Bar icons

    Hello guys, i have an Flat S7, and i want to custom the statusbar icons, and put the S8 icons like battery, singal, WiFi, 3G/4G/LTE, but i cant found the resources, i search in SystemUI and in framework-res.apk but nothing, any help?
  38. davej23

    Thread [ICON PACK][FREE] TU [1.2 Released]

    Welcome to Tu. One of tu. A monochrome icon pack; subtlety at its finest. Containing over 1600 icons and 20 cloud-based wallpapers. No icon request feature is included as the app is free. In order to request icons, please purchase another of my icon packs. DL Link...
  39. davej23

    Thread [ICON PACK] HYDROX [3.0][Release]

    *THE PAST IS NOW THE FUTURE.* Hydrox 3.0 RELEASE Features: New Dashboard based on IconShowcase by Jahir Fiquitiva Icons now 192x192 Icons refreshed New cloud-based wallpapers 1600+ icons
  40. flyer_andy

    Thread (MAGISK) Status Bar Cleanup Module / Remove carrier, NFC, disabled SIM, roaming icon

    This Magisk Module is for the A2017U only. I've tested this on Magisk v13.5, 13.6, and 14.0 without issue, including no SafetyNet problems. Magisk v15 requires the files in post #8 (these files are for B32/B35 users only!!!) It does the following: Remove carrier label Remove NFC icon Remove...
  41. eurominican

    Thread Custom icons on stock launcher?

    I've been using Nova launcher for many years, but I really like the simplicity and speed of the stock launcher of this handset. Is there a way to apply icon themes to it? If not, which custom launcher resembles it the most? I like having google now one swipe to the right away, access to the app...
  42. davej23

    Thread [ICON PACK] Memora [beta 1]

    This is my new icon pack release after being out of the scene for several years. BETA 1 RELEASE: 120+ icons 8 wallpapers (more soon) Please send icon requests or notify me of broken icons so I can fix ASAP
  43. randomvector

    Thread [Android 5.0+] Outline Icons 3.29 - 9900+ icons - XDA Members Giveaway!

    Hi, This is Outline Icons. It's an icon pack with your familiar icons but in an outline style. It's highly detailed and each icon is done by hand. The icons look great on AMOLED and LCD screens and will suit those who prefer minimal and subtle designs. Check it Out! FEATURES • 9900+ hand...
  44. cyborgmanu

    Thread 10 Promo Codes for each of my Icon Packs!

    My name is Mihul Singh, I go by the name Solarium on the Google Play Store. I'm the developer of the Apollo, Cosmic, Horizon and Pixon Icon Packs. I would like to share with you guys 10 Promo Codes for each of my Icon Packs. If you're into customization, then please feel free to Redeem these...
  45. zatoshi

    Thread S8 Icon Folder Colors.

    Hi guys!, How i couldn't find the s8 icons for folders on Nova launcher, i did some icons, here you got. There are several colors. The size are 144x144 and i try Example: I hope you enjoy it.
  46. svandasek

    Thread [Substratum][Statusbar MOD] - Hide X & R

    Dear Android users! This is a simple theme, which removes the "X" that indicates the turned off mobile data above your signal icon and the "R" which stands for Roaming. Both features are optional - You can choose what you want in substratum. The "x" was introduced in Android Nougat, but many...
  47. pi4a7a

    Thread [REQUEST][ICONS/THEME] OP5's icons

    Hello guys, now that OP5 is out (or will be) can someone extract the important icons (messaging, camera etc..) in png, and make a simple .zip. Thanks it will be appretiated really much.
  48. I

    Thread Possible to change the navigation bar icons?

    I really hate that design. Looking for an option or a theme that changes the navigation icons to the stock ones from marshmallow (hollow icons). Is it possible?
  49. t-ryder

    Thread [icons][add-on][xxhdpi multidevice] MIA ex pack - app & activity icons galore!

    I made an add-on for the MIUI theming engine on XXHDPI devices running MIUI 8. If you like the standard theme of MIUI 8 (as I prefer it), you can extend and skin your app icons with this pack including thousands of app and activity icons. Read the info at the download page please. Use at...
  50. MarcTremonti

    Thread [Collection] OOS Statusbar Substratum themes

    Hey guys, i thought it would be nice to have a little overview of which substratum modules there are to change the icons in our statusbar on oxygenOS. I found a few ones. If you know some more that work, please write them in the thread and i will add them in this post. I wont add screenshots...