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  1. Faryaab

    Thread [ROM][AOSP][4.0.4][IMM76I][03-06-12] F1 GalaxyNexus | Pure Google Experience + More!

    F1 GalaxyNexus is a ROM built entirely from Google's ICS source code. The main idea behind this was to give users the experience of pure ICS as it is on the Galaxy Nexus with no visual changes and ZERO bloatware or any 3rd party app. F1 GalaxyNexus is just plain AOSP ICS with under the hood...
  2. Faryaab

    Thread [ValuePack Firmware] I9000XXJW4 (2.3.6) [More Info|Feature List|Screenshots]

    Official ValuePack Firmwares I9000XXJW4 Download | Mirror (Thanks To SamMobile!) Base Firmware: I9000XXJW4 (2.3.6) Region: Europe (XEU) Country: United Kingdom Build Date:19th March 2012 Modem: XXJW4 CSC: OXAJW4 Change List: 1043937 Kernel Version: Separate Kernel: Download (.TAR)...