1. D

    Thread [Help Request] I have a recovery mission from Contacts2.db file

    Hi Everyone, First of alI, I will try to give a brief anamnesis of my situation. I flashed my W 3 months ago with arcco68's [ROM][ICS][4.0.4][IMM76L] CyanogenMod 9 Final Release that is founded here. Everything is going "ok" within in this time. But two weeks ago, My W is decided to go into...
  2. Galaxyninja66

    Thread Tips for using CM9.1 ICS today

    I remember wanting to write a continuously updated guide like this back in 2016 When I was running CM9.1 on my old AT&T Fusion 2 (3.5" TFT, Snapdragon S1, and yes, this was 2016) I tried out kitkat on the Gnexus and it was alright, slow but alright. However, I bought this phone to run ICS on and...
  3. lo2ay

    Thread [PRO] Error while flashing system of any ICS official FTF.

    I'm trying to restore my Xperia Pro (MK16i) to stock ICS. Whenever I flash an ICS ftf file using flashtool it always fails at flashing the system partition. But GB ftf works just fine and it even boots. When searching for update from the phone after installing stock GB it says that there are no...
  4. M

    Thread Root Access Enabled but no Root Apps Respond

    I recently dusted off a 2012 pre-rooted Android TV box and am trying to attain root again after doing a factory reset. AMLOGIC Cortex A9 Neon ARMv7L Rev4 32-bit CPU Mali400 Quad Core 3D GPU Model: MBX reference board (f16ref) OS version: ICS 4.0.4 Kernel version: 2.6.34 Build number...
  5. Galaxyninja66

    Thread Downgrade to stock ICS 4.0.4 Droid RAZR M

    I saw a tutorial on how to do this for JB, but not for ICS. The process is similar but the XML file still needs to be fixed. I did this to try to fix the problem I was having on JBBL (Screen flash when booting up and waking device from sleep), and I figured I might as well link a guide and...
  6. Heitezy

    Thread [ROM][LB/UB][ICS] Exitus

    Exitus is aimed to bring all missed from custom roms and some exclusive features for stock ROM and to give it modern and fresh look. #include /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm...
  7. _AE_

    Thread S6 Features for GT-S7562

    Here I present You the S6 features for GT-S7562:D S6TO S Duos Happy New Year:good: Read Me Donate to the Developers to whom the Credits are given. Buy Them a Coffee while they Write Codes. If YOU feel Happy from thier Work, Please Donate Them. Support the developers to whom the credits are...
  8. jprimero15

    Thread [Shell] bash for Android 4.0.4

    Hi there! Do u want to get bash on your android? Well you're in the right place. Requirements *Root Explorer. Or other file manager that can browse root and can set permission. *Android 4.0.4.... not tested in other android version.. test it in other android version if u want. *The file I...
  9. N

    Thread Adding USB Keyboard support to a custom ROM

    I just got a device that does not fully work with a USB keyboard (some keys works, enter, zero, dot and a few others) mouse works fine. so my question is, does anyone know how to add support to USB keyboards? or is it a kernel feature? its running ICS 4.0.4 if that helps :) Thanks in advance!
  10. T

    Thread [Q] Any assistance on odd SU requests with CWM SU?

    Background: I broke the screen on my Samsung Captivate Glide and realized I didn't have a decent backup except via MyPhoneExplorer and Google. I did replace the screen, so lack of a backup didn't bite me this time, and also bought a cheap rough around the edges second phone. I tried to use...
  11. A

    Thread [MOD/APP] [ICS/JB] [UPDATED] Sony Media Apps + Lollipop Icon based on 2012 media apps

  12. P

    Thread [Q] Legitimate link to rooting &/or non-root trim utility for A500 ICS (4.0.3)

    Hi; I've been playing by the rules with my Acer A500 since I bought it, but since there really is no commercial support for it anymore. I'm willing to take some risks/do some hacks. The problem is the performance on my A500 seems to have just generally deteriorated over the couple of years I...
  13. steadfasterX

    Thread TWRP with Samsung decryption support

    This is a special version of TWRP to be able to decrypt Samsung STOCK ROM's. Who wants this? When you use Samsung stock ICS , a stock based ROM or sediROM AND: When you have enabled full device encryption AND: When you want to do a nandroid backup OR want to access your data from within...
  14. danjde

    Thread Audio dsp manager for stock xperia sola rom ICS

    Hi friends, I have a Xperia Sola Android with 4.0.4 Original ICS Sony. I performed the procedure of unlocking the bootloader and install ClockworkMod recovery and superuser; Happens to me that the default application for music, Walkman not download info music, and through the forum Sony I was...
  15. Anupam_Dey

    Thread [GUIDE][ICS][Tune your TIPO for the Best Gaming Experience]

    For bloatware removal guide go to post no. 24 After a lot of research on xda I came across some mods which improve gaming performance. Prerequisites : 1. A rooted phone 2. An unlocked bootloader (for installing custom kernels) 3. Basic knowledge about taking cwm/twrp backups,flashing...
  16. FedericoPeranzi

    Thread [MOD/PORT] [ICS] [Tipo] XGO XPERIAnce

    TRUE XPERIA GO ICS XPERIENCE This [MOD/PORT] Includes: Requirements: Instructions: Credits: I've been tested only on Xperia Tipo ICS 11.0.A.4.27 and Deodexed ROM (Gimlo) and works at 100% with no bugs, install and report. Download and Screenshots: XPERIAnce Libs XPERIAnce For a...
  17. xkvegans

    Thread [Q] [HELP] Unfortunately, Xposed Installer has stopped.

    Hi everyone... I need some help/solution, I was trying many times for "Install/Update" Framework on Xposed, but always "Unfortunately, Xposed Installer has stopped." I was trying to uninstall Xposed and wipe cache and wipe dalvik and reinstall Xposed, but still the same. Anyone can give me a...
  18. Erhany

    Thread [MOD][ICS][Retheme] Xperia Z2 Style Themed SystemUI ! v1.0 [24.10.14]

    Hey guys! You know I'm not a porter but some ICS users asked for Z2 themed SystemUI.. So here we go.. tested on stock .587! CREDITS *Sony for apk * serajr for v6 tabbed systemui..
  19. jccultima

    Thread [MOD] [GB/ICS/JB] [Low-end Only] ULTIMA Speed-up Pack

    Is your low-end device sluggish? Many tweak packages may not be effective in other devices. That's why, I've created the package for ALL LOWER ANDROID DEVICES. Presenting, my.... ULTIMA SPEED-UP PACK A Tweak Package for all Low-end Devices ================ Features: ================+ ALL NEW...
  20. AmanNawaz

    Thread [MOD] [THEME] [FOR ANY XPERIA™] [1080p]

    Hello Xperia Users Yup m back.. Now i am going to share an cool theme for our Xperia phone :) I am going to share an Modded green theme.apk by me.. I have modded it .. Features :-- 1. The background (semc_bg.png) is Full hd 2. Lookz awesome ;) 3. Works perfect So here we go for Downloads :-...
  21. C

    Thread [Xoom2/XYBoard] Downgrade JB to ICS?

    So I updated my MZ607 to JB using the guide here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2591388 To be honest JB runs horribly on it; it's slow, laggy, unresponsive to touch input and I wish I hadn't bothered. In short I wish I could go back to ICS, which sort of worked. Some people...
  22. C

    Thread [Q] Bluetooth Tether Issue

    So, I have two Glides. I flashed them both using (I think) an identical 4.0.4 firmware since neither seemed to want to be upgraded via Kies for some reason. I'm a sucker for sliders and this still seems like the best full keyboard phone available to AT&T users, hence why I grabbed two. The...
  23. Invincible29

    Thread [Q] GTI9300 ICS 4.0.4 Stock ROM (ICS)

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone still has a copy of ICS 4.0.4 Stock Rom for Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300) that I can download from? I have tried most of the web links here and on google but they all redirect to hotfile which obviously does not exist anymore. Many thanks I
  24. noobpremium

    Thread [ROM][MIUIV4][ICS] MIUI for Micromax A89

    MIUI V4 For Micromax A89 NOTE: I haven't ported the whole rom to a89 from scratch. This ROM is originally ported by theboleslaw to Micromax A91/Cherry mobile Thunder S220/Coolpad 7290 (all are clones of micromax a91 or vise versa). As A91 and A89 differ in only screen size and camera, I...
  25. bether

    Thread [APP] [MOD] VideoPlayer.apk of Optimus 3D Max ICS v20F

    Hi, In ported SU870 ICS to P720/725 is bug because 3D videos recorded by stock ArcCamera which as we know records 3D R/L instead L/R and not lets enabling 3D formatter menu, because these videos are automaticaly recognized as 3D :( Lately with help of troopii I did mod VideoPlayer.apk to force...
  26. G

    Thread Help me fix Internet Sharing feature

    Hi folks, I need to know what the "correct" values for the Internet Sharing registry keys look like, so I can write an app that fixes them for those of us who don't have it working. To do this, I'm asking if people can do some simple steps for me: 1) Install Webserver Native Access v0.5.3 on a...
  27. danutzgtx480

    Thread NEW ICS .587 OTA UPDATE 14 Mb

    I flashed ST15i_4.1.B.0.587_Unbranded.ftf and after that i got a new OTA :confused: Unfortunaly i have unlocked bootloader so i can't update. Is there a way to extract this file? (I tried a lot of extracting programs + flashtool but with no luck :( )
  28. fozinahwi

    Thread [Q] Xperia U ICS Lock screen

    hey all ! can anyone tell me how can i port ics lock screen to xperia jb ?? with slide and pattern support ?? Thx in advance!! :laugh:
  29. Akshay Kumar Raheja

    Thread [guide][how to get kitkat/jb/ics title bar on gb devices]

  30. A

    Thread [MOD][JB] Honami Lockscreen look-a-like

    this mod is originally by Saqib Nazm :) i just edit it to make it look just like in xperia z1 link attached :D just rename it to UxpNxtLockScreen.apk and push it to system/app ICS USERS ALSO CAN HAVE A TRY (JUST READY FOR BACKUP) credits to : Saqib Nazm me for edit it
  31. S

    Thread [Q] Upgraded Glide to ICS - now pretty much everything won't work

    My Captivate Glide has to last me 6 more months, but hardly any apps work in ICS. To be fair, it would hardly make phone calls on Gingerbread. In fact, I'd press call, and from 5 to 60 seconds later, it would make the call. Occasionally longer! Well, I was sick of that so I decided to try ICS...
  32. shevchovski

    Thread [GUIDE][4.0/ICS/CM9][HDPI] Re-Layout Recents Apps UI+Animation Text

    Hey I'm Come Again First, Thanks to Senior Member Adi Aisiteru Reborn , Senior Member evilisto and wong_Anyar Because i'm make this from modifying Guide three people on above :laugh: And Never forget it to X-TREME TEAM INDONESIAN DEVELOPMENT :fingers-crossed: :highfive: 1.Decompile...
  33. A

    Thread [SHARE][ICS][JB] Modded Honami Keyboard

    hey guys !! :D today im gonna share an apk that i get from my neighbour im not sure where he found it but he said the keyboard is working for all jelly bean devices :laugh: ice cream sandwich users also can give a try :) the keyboard is really smooth (in my XE) it just used around 9-10MB of RAM...
  34. steadfasterX

    Thread [ROM][ICS] sediROM - current inside - stable - smooth - rooted or not-rooted

    | | | sediROM - or why I created a new ROM based on good old (ancient) ICS | | | Read the background and the whole story and all the discussions about sediROM here: | http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2789119 |...
  35. A

    Thread [SHARE][APK] Compressed JB Lockscreen with Transparent Background

    HERE'S SOME OF THE SCREENSHOTS INSTALLATION just push the system/app and give right permission DOWNLOAD https://www.dropbox.com/s/q5g1kzlfxnlodwm/unlhint_UxpNxtLockScreen_remod.apk WORKING in Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich ORIGINAL THREAD...
  36. M

    Thread [Q] Panasonic PRX120 Root?

    Hello, I picked up a Panasonic KX-PRX120 home phone. It comes with Android 4.0. Anyone aware of a generic root for it? I'd like to install "private caller" identification apps.
  37. A

    Thread [SHARE][APK] Compressed JB Lockscreen with Transparent Background

    HERE'S SOME OF THE SCREENSHOTS INSTALLATION just push the system/app and give right permission DOWNLOAD https://www.dropbox.com/s/q5g1kzlfxnlodwm/unlhint_UxpNxtLockScreen_remod.apk WORKING in Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich ORIGINAL THREAD...
  38. shevchovski

    Thread [APP][ONLY][4.0] Launcher Xtrememotion.apk

    Hey Overyone :D I Just want to share my Modded launcher for ICS ROMS Feature 1.More stable 2.Fast 3.Minimalist on RAM Consumtion :laugh: 4.Semi Transparent Drawer ScreenShot On Attachments Files :o Download over HERE 791.59.kb HOW TO INSTALL Just Install manual like apk normally :good: Oke...
  39. L

    Thread [Q] ICS White Status Bar Icons

    Hey guys, does anyone know how to get white status bar icons on ics? I want complete stock ics status bar icons but white. I browsed trough several threads but they just had UOT icons. I have stock ics rom so i can't download themes for it.
  40. shevchovski

    Thread [ROM]Official XT_15

    ========= INITIAL REALEASE ======= Build id = Official XT @15 Build Version = V1.00 Device = Cross A26 OS = ICS Features : 1. Dual 3G Switch 2. Busybox Installed 3. Lastest Gapps 4. Free Memory System = 185 MB 5. XtremEmotion Launcher 6. Deodexed ROM 7. Zipaligned ROM 8. More...
  41. B

    Thread [TWEAK][ICS] Increase your RAM efficiency

    I've recompiled Bionic libc with using modern routines(memcpy(),memcmp(),strlen(),strcmp(), etc.) for our arch. That libs raise memory and floating performance. I think, it could be useful for someone,so sharing it now. How to install:flash via CWM. This libs compatible with ICS,theoretically...
  42. D

    Thread [ROM][4.0.4] DarkRom

    DarkRom Is The First Rom I Have Compiled I Will Be Updating This Regularly DOWNLOAD LATEST!
  43. cyborgmanu

    Thread [Q] JB Transistions for CM9.1 ?

    Is there any way I can get Jelly Bean transition animations in CM9.1, the effects that you see when you open an app and when you go from one app to another, I only want the animations as I want to keep the CM9.1 ICS looks as they are. Thanks in Advance !
  44. Marília de Oliveira

    Thread [ROM][ICS][MDPI] Xperia Performance Max™

    First of all, excuse my bad english kk Brief Introduction: Xperia Performance Max™ is a ROM for Xperia 2011 HDPI pngs with fully resized for our xperias, I had the help of several friends here in xda, each somehow be helped with tutorials, guides etc. Thanks in particular serajr, sandy7...
  45. G

    Thread Delete This

    I want to delete this thread
  46. D

    Thread [ROM][PORT][CM9] Unofficial Nightly 10.05.2014 [End Of Life]

    ROM ported from Samsung Ace - Original Thread - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2554430 CyanogenMod 9 is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 4.0.4 (ICS), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your...
  47. CenterTurkHD

    Thread Galaxy Player 4.2 Developent - Need Help!

    Hello fellow users of the SAMSUNG Galaxy Player 4.2! I just recently received a Galaxy Player 4.2 for free from my brother SerkTheTurk since he got a Moto G, and I am planning to use it as an experimental device for development, since it's not my main device. I've gotten a device tree from...
  48. FantasticalX

    Thread [APK][4.0+][UPDATE] New Facebook UI v9.

    This text for lengthing this post because of Forum XDA rules then i turn this text into white text
  49. Mohitash

    Thread [GUIDE][MOD][4.0.4] Add Hide time and am/pm toggle Samsung ICS Devices

    ***Here is a guide for Adding Hide time and am/pm toggle in Samsung ICS Devices*** This guide is specially for GT-S7562. But should work for other Samsung ICS devices also. Values may differ. Here, we will edit two files: SecSettings.apk SystemUI.apk Here we start- Decompile...
  50. Mohitash

    Thread [GUIDE][MOD][4.0.4] Add 0-100% Battery mod for Samsung ICS Devices

    ***Here is a guide for adding 0-100% Battery mod on Samsung ICS devices *** Here we start... Decompile SystemUI.apk Go in res/drawable Open stat_sys_battery.xml and replace all with this Save it Now open stat_sys_battery_charge.xml and replace all with this Save it Now put your all...