1. Q

    Thread Custom recovery flashed in boot partition

    Guys i've really messed up, I was trying to flash twrp theme to my A720f I flashed this img. file to the boot partition and now everytime i tried to boot my phone it goes straight to the twrp recovery menu and touchscreen won't work .all i can do with my phone now is stare at the twrp menu...
  2. R

    Thread Corrupt or blue light at top

    No surprise i screwed something up. If I run the msm tool boots up fine. If I flash twrp 3.2.2-0 I get corrupt msg when booting. Tried the fastboot room, it runs through fine but when rebooting I get the blue light at the top and have to use the msm tool. I used msm oreo yesterday then updated...
  3. K

    Thread Recover data and then wipe 6P with broken screen.

    Hi all, I'm an idiot. I dropped my 6P and totally destroyed the screen. Occasionally I get some small amount of display but definitely no touch response. Everything else seems to be working as far as I can tell. I'd like to recover some data and then wipe it. The phone is running rooted stock...
  4. ATGAdmin

    Thread [TOOL] 06/22/14 One Click Factory Restore 4.4.4 KTU84P (dead or alive)

    Warning this will erase your entire tablet and restore it to the way it was when you first turned it on! I'm NOT responsible if you bork your tablet because you can't follow simple instructions! INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Download and install Win 7 DRIVERS 2) Download and extract...
  5. xskydevilx

    Thread [Q] Bada?

    Is it possible to install Bada on an i9000 or i9001?
  6. 666fff

    Thread [Q] Sick of delays

    So this is actually my response to another thread, but I thought I'd see what other S2 owners think by putting it out there, I can't be the only one who feels like this. "Yep. Day 1 I'll be ordering my nexus 4. Had it with Samsung's **** support. I remember when I got my HTC Hero back in 2009...
  7. K

    Thread [Q] Backup and access storage without screen.

    Hello there. I was burning rubber at my local go-karting track last night and stupidly left my phone in my pocket. There was a little "inconsiderate" driving and now I've got a Galaxy Nexus with no display. I know the rest of the phone is still working so I'm wondering what data I'll be able...
  8. A

    Thread Found galaxy s3!

    Hi i have found galaxy S3! here are the details: CPU: Exynos 4212 1.4Ghz (my note has Exynos 4210) Memory: 1GB RAM Screen Size: 4.7inches Resolution: 1280x720 Camera: front camera 2MP and Rear camera 12MP System: Android OS 4.0 Name: (of course) Galaxy S III :) here are the details of the...
  9. J

    Thread [Q] Windows Not Recognizing Device

    Hi guys, was having a few problems with my phone and decided that I'd flash the stock ROM again. Went into ODIN as you do, and as I was flashing the stock ROM, for some reason or another I heard the disconnect/reconnect noise that Windows makes when you remove a device then FAIL came up in...
  10. asmOne

    Thread [Q] canceled

    Hi Guys my device is LG KU3700 when I try to USSD (checking my balance etc.) it shows MMI code canceled how can I solve this problem? I did Upgrade my firmware 2.2.2 into 2.3.4 but it wasn't solve. NEED YOUR HELP :(
  11. C

    Thread [Q] BBM

    hey is there any app for BBM on androiud
  12. T

    Thread Stupid iOS fan boys are inventing things to trash Android again

    Read a post today regarding why Android phones are so much bigger than the iPhone and it makes my blood boiled: If he was true, I wouldn't complain. But that guy totally made things up by himself. It's...
  13. J

    Thread [Q] Bricked HTC? After Root

    Hello After looking all over the interweb and finding nothing hopefully you guys could help. I 'attempted' to root my phone with Ace root; but after the phone rebooted it just get stuck on the boot screen (white screen with HTC) tried to clear everything delete cache etc but still failing...
  14. B

    Thread Q:

  15. M

    Thread [Q] [REQ]Synergy Themed and unthemed notification/quick settings

    looking for mod similar to what is found in the synergy updater, just would like to flash it when I put themes that don't have it on my phone. I really like the extra settings that are available with these! Probably zip file.;)
  16. S

    Thread [Q] return to stock so i can update

    Okay, i know that all the files and answers are in here somewhere, but they're strewn across dozens of posts and I can't figure out the exact process i'm supposed to use. here's the scoop: i have an a500 (obviously) running: android 3.0.1 kernel build number...
  17. ipetloudog

    Thread Please please please.

    Im holding back my profanity because im trying to be a good boy. I NEED a working av cable that is compatible with tv out. Check my posts, this is the 3rd thread ive made since december on this exact subject. Now based on your experience... Does the zune cable work? Does an iphone 3.5mm work...
  18. L

    Thread [Q] Froyo Installation and Overview for Dummies?

    Hi, I'm just switching to a Android phone coming from a Palm Pre. I'm running a Linux only system since some years and have flashed my last 5 phones ( Palm, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Siemens ), so I'm no real noob. Now with Android I just don't get the Overview and some simple Instructions...
  19. N

    Thread [Q] Did I break my root?

    So in the intrest of using ap2sd on the 3rdsense rom, (I was curious), I used rom manager to try to partition my sd card. After format I had a heck of a time trying to replace the for clockwork(because of the 3rd Sense java problem). Now after flashing to Wired Cyanogenmod I can't...
  20. T

    Thread CYANOGEN - From Box till the new ROM - ALL steps in ONE post

    Even being a Linux user for 3 years I had difficulties flashing (herer the Cyanogen) Image. I didn't find all of the steps into one post, so I aggregate them for the completely "idiot" here: 1) Have an SD-card (FAT32 or ext3) inside the phone. .ZIP or .IMG files will be put there to be...
  21. G

    Thread Help me build an Idiots Guide to a ROM update?

    I've just purchased a Diamond and its great, but before I start to install things on it I want to upgrade it to a newer ROM as I read its better and makes it run faster. I've been doing lots of reading about installing ROM's and about this Hard-SPL thingo, and I'm a bit confused. Is there an...