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  1. E

    Thread How to debug LOS hang during boot?

    I am trying to understand why a particular LG G4 is hanging during boot. Previously, LOS 14.1 (7.1.2) worked fine, with no notable problems. The phone would sometimes get warm during use (primarily when location services were active), but this seemed to be manageable. Then, the battery was...
  2. E

    Thread LG G4 fails to complete LOS 14.1 boot after battery drained to zero [Fixed]

    The battery of a rooted, UsUed LG G4 running LineageOS 14.1 was accidentally allowed to drain to zero. After re-charging above 50%, the device failed to boot. The LOS boot screen "bubble on a string" animation would continue indefinitely. The phone still booted to TWRP, download mode, and...
  3. S

    Thread V10 Bootloop Fix (lengthens life)

    Hi. After using this method to fix dozens of G4's and 5X's, I bumped on one bootlooping V10. As there's no modified kernels that would boot V10 on only 4 cores, I present to you: V10 kernel that will resurrect your bootlooping beauty! Requirements and Guide: 1: Working ADB and Fastboot 2A: If...
  4. C

    Thread [Guide] G4 series Rev8.0 MSM Ball crack Repair Guide 2015-12-24

    ILAPO how-to guide, with L and M big core disable stuffs, revision 8.0 Admin note: link removed per request of LG 1. Purpose Sometimes G4 series phone happens “Infinite loop Auto power off” issue. if phone’s symptom is “Infinite loop Auto power off”, you should Change a Main board. if...
  5. rirozizo

    Thread [ILAPO/Bootloop] The Great User vs OEM Battle Story

    ADDED "A Callback from LG Jordan" This post will be kept up to date with my story. What happened? As you may or may not know, a lot of LG G4 devices are becoming paperweights after a while due to manufacturing defects straight from LG. LG admitted that there definitely is an issue, and has...
  6. jboscan

    Thread Lg G4 after fix

    Hello all, I wanted to do this pool for general consumption. I noted lot of users asking about how long the LG G4 will live after the application of the ILAPO fix. So, please all of you that revived your phone with the fix and actually are using 4 cores, let's vote :D:good: The idea is to...