1. B

    Thread Looking for assistance, UNLOCKED dev test point

    AT THE END OF THE DAY (week actually) this won't work for U.S. based phones as far as I could find. Huawei partitions etc. are all ****y and I can't update firmware beyond EMUI 8 because the sites are all down/gone so RIP me and my week of working on this dumb ****. Save yourselves, don't...
  2. Feustiminator

    Thread Small OS for my Santoni

    Hello colleagues, I have a Xiaomi Redmi 4X lying around, which I want to connect permanently to my Audi A4 (2016) without a SIM card (via micro USB cable). I want only important apps to work via Android Auto - GPS, GoogleMaps,, TuneIn-Radio. The phone gets internet from my actual...
  3. S

    Thread Firmware is unable to be flashed

    Hi I use a Realme X, while I assume the model might be not relevant to this case. I tried several methods to flash both stock Rom`s and alternative ones, I did use both adb commands and adb sideloading and the official Realme tool. To me, as a computer expert but phone noob, it seems like...
  4. T

    Thread Obsolete HTC Factory Images

    Does anyone know how to find old HTC factory images? The official HTC developer site hasn't had them for years and never archived most of them. I'm specifically looking for "" if anyone happens to have that file unmodified from 12 years ago. Thanks!
  5. A

    Thread Question Image shown in the xiaomi redmi 8a, but not shown when copied to windows

    I have shot it from my phone screen and I can open it up, but gets destroyed when I copy it from my phone to the windows. I have copied with File Transfer and have used other programs to transfer it, but no result :((
  6. DKXC

    Thread Patched Magisk v23 for Galaxy A21s (A11/OneUI 3)

    Patched Magisk v23 for A21s (A11/OneUI 3) Since I've seen and tried installing Magisk via the default instructions from the legend topjohnwu himself, I noticed it does not work at all. The phone just doesn't even boot into Android at all, and after researching I have seen that this is a very...
  7. T

    Thread Huawei Y6P Boot Image

    Hi there, I need a Huawei Y6P boot image, but I can't find it anywhere. At this rate, I never root my device Here is my phone information Thank you in advance
  8. wehramausi

    Thread New Pixel comes with Bootloader unlocked and it's unable to lock

    Hi everyone, I just bought a Google Pixel 5 with Android 11 that was declared "new" and when I got it, from the first time powering it on, I got the security alert that the bootloader is unlocked, see photo attached. For several personal reasons I cannot easily send it back, so I tried to...
  9. oddlyspaced

    Thread General Magisk Patched Boot Images for all builds

    Hello Everyone, For everyone’s convenience, I have manually downloaded and patched boot images for all the OxygenOS builds which are available for the OnePlus 9 Pro. Special thanks to @OPTeam for indexing all the download links for all OxygenOS Builds available for our device. Please visit the...
  10. E

    Thread ProgressBar With Full Screen Background Image That Keeps Its Aspect Ratio

    Newbie question, I'm trying to work out how to have a full screen background behind ProgressBar, and need background image to keep its aspect ratio. As I understand it it might not be possible to maintain aspect ratio with background image? in activity_main.xml I have <ProgressBar...
  11. Steve0007

    Thread How To Guide [GUIDE] [Magisk] [Unlock / ROOT / Keep Root] OOS 12-C.48

    Different variants of Magisk that are available for use : Magisk Variant Stable / Beta / Canary Release Official Android / OOS OOS 11 and above Maintainer topjohnwu Project Link GitHub Zygisk No DenyList No MagiskHide Yes Modules Repo...
  12. azteria2000

    Thread How to make GSI Flasher for Samsung Galaxy A51 Super Partition Image

    How to convert a gsi image so that it can be installed on a dynamic partition or super image partition. It may be work for other Android devices. This tool will help you to install gsi image on Dynamic Partition or Super Image Partition. PC/Laptop 1. Extract (or...
  13. ArtificialIntelligenceCod

    Thread How to be Flashing Android from Google Repository?

    Hello 👍 I own a tablet that is with android 4.4 and Would like to install on it android 8.0, but I would like to follow the procedure below, if anyone can help me with videos on YouTube or a Step by Step Tutorial that you know I thank you. 1 - I want to flash the original Android by...
  14. Palaryel

    Thread Nokia 8 Multiple Stock Boot Images

    Since people have trouble getting the boot images, here is my GoogleDrive folder containing stock boot images for Nokia 8 TA-1004 (NB1). Versions uploaded as follows: 2018 patches: October, November, December 2019 patches: January, February, March, April, May, Juni, July, August, September...
  15. danielmm1997

    Thread Param bin boot image not working

    Hi, i tried to flash a new param.bin in the BL in Odin. This worked on my older Devices (Note 8 etc.) But with the S10 it is now working anymore the charging Image etc changed but the original Boot Image and the Warning are still the old one. Do you have a idea why? I do the Param bin with...
  16. Laptapper

    Thread Best apps for backups (speed changing ROM)

    Hi guys I'm very active with changing ROM, but it's boring to backup all to external sd (even I've got a sandisk 256gb dual drive) everytime for a clean flash. I'm using titanium and Backup2sd but If you copy from internal to external and back then the origin file date is away.... The best would...
  17. aeroxy

    Thread Use image file as camera (Android 10)

    Instead of using the real camera, I would like to simulate the camera input as a static image file. I want it to work with any app, as if it was a camera. This question had been answered but it doesn't work with Android 10. The real world use case is that I will need to scan a QR code / tag...
  18. n0M3n

    Thread V11.0.5 boot image, please.

    Hi, can someone post latest stock boot image? Thank you!
  19. M

    Thread [APP][4.4+] Fancy camera with filters

    Fancy camera Link download: The best and colorful of Camera app A very comprehensive photo editor and pretty much everything you could ever want to do on your phone Features: - Beauty design - Multiple beautiful filters: Epic...
  20. S

    Thread Camera App Image Processing

    Not sure if this is the right place for this or not, but the admins can always change it if it's in the wrong place. So put plainly, 90% of the camera apps I see just use the image processing on your rom/kernal. Gcam mod is the only camera app I know of that actually uses it's own image...
  21. A

    Thread [APP] [OpenSource] RxLowpoly - Opensource Android Library

    RxLowpoly An Android library to bring your ordinary photos to life with an awesome crystallized effect. Library Details RxLowpoly uses JNIwith 64 bit support to meet google specified requirement for all apps to be 64 bit enabled by August 2019. Use of JNI enables much faster execution than...
  22. M

    Thread BT Audio issue - all Xiaomi phones

    Hi there! I´m wondering about following. If I connect to my car via BT, so I start in this case DSAudio. I see the title, the artist, etc. but I don´t see the neither the album cover nor the timeline. When I connect for ecample my iphone I see cover image and alos the timline. With my Xiaomi...
  23. S

    Thread Update Sideload

    Maybe I'm missing something. Been on 9.0.0 (PPR2.180905.005, Sep 2018) Since the day it has been out. Rooted via Magisk. Uninstalled Magisk Went to side load the new 9.0.0 (PQ2A.190305.002, Mar 2019) and all I get is boot loop saying "Your device is corrupt. It can't be trusted.. blabla ...
  24. _Masked_

    Thread [ANSWERED] Vendor Image Mismatch

    Moderator Please Close This Thread So this happened after I went I switched custom ROMs, from Liquid Remix 10.0.4 to Havoc OS 2.1, the error goes like this: Android System Your vendor image does not match the system. Please flash the HUAWEICLT-L29 vendor image for your device. I don't know...
  25. prawnguevara

    Thread What on earth is going on with V30's image processing? Why can't it photograph trees?

    Here is a gallery of what I'm talking about: Whenever leaves or foliage are in the shot the camera seems to freak out and paint everything over in this impressionistic style. These images are not zoomed in, it's just what the full size image looks like. I've never...
  26. roirraW "edor" ehT

    Thread Extracted stock H3223 ROM images through XperiFirm - flash with NewFlasher

    My plan is to upload all of the H3223 extracted stock ROM image files here as a repository. Extract with the free 7-Zip from Extracted stock H3223 ROM images through XperiFirm - flash with NewFlasher One extracted stock H4213 France version ROM here, on request by...
  27. I

    Thread Can I flash Fastboot stock Oreo image on Verizon Moto Z Play

    I have a Verzion Moto Z Play XT1635-01. Can I flash this Oreo image? Will it work fine?
  28. J

    Thread Image upload issue

    I am facing some issue when uploading/sharing/importing images to apps like Instagram, picsart etc. The photo quality reduces to a great extent. The sharpness of the image is lost! Tried some tweaks but if no use. Have anyone faced similar issue?
  29. J

    Thread Flashing Factory Image - Archive Does Not Contain

    Hi everyone, I tried root on this and am trying to go back to stock, but when I flash a factory image I get the following errors. in the CMD.img. In my device manager the phone is showing as a LeMobile Android device!!!??? I've tried installing drivers to see if that would make a differance and...
  30. K

    Thread Sticker, image, my day media & contact thumbnails take long time to load in messenger

    Sticker, image, my day media & contact thumbnails take long time to load in messenger When someone sends me a sticker or an image file on facebook messenger, it takes a long time to load those. Not only these, my day media & contact thumbnails also take long time to load. It's very boring. I am...
  31. N

    Thread Bluetooth Transfer Images From Pc Not Working

    Hi Folks, I'm not able to open image files which transferred from Pc via Bluetooth. In Gallery it is visible. However when i try to send through whatsapp, its showing 'This file is not supported'. and the extension is .jpg only.
  32. F

    Thread [Wallpaper] OP Halloween Theme

    I made a Halloween wallpaper background for OnePlus devices for the Curse of the Settle Spirit – Wallpaper Design Contest. :cool: Feel free to use it as a background for your phone! Make your own and win a OnePlus backpack...
  33. D

    Thread "Patching system image unconditionally" on LG Optimus L7 II (P712)

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if you could help me to fix this problem. I rooted my device and installed TWRP 3.0.2-0. Everything was ok, I followed every single instruction from this post but now I want to install CW13 and it says "patching system image unconditionally..." and it's been like...
  34. J

    Thread System image/dump needed

    As all you may know, many people wish to have something to play with :> The dump/image I/we need is the newest American/European/International/non-non-Google official one :> To fetch the dump, you may use Solid Explorer, any different file manager or adb commands. Here's the China TA-1000...
  35. K

    Thread Accidentally flashed SATV 2017 boot,system,vendor images to 2015 model

    I accidentally downloaded the wrong image file and flashed the 2017 boot, system, and vendor images to my 2015 SATV. The system still boots Android but throws constant errors. ADB shows no devices connected so adb reboot bootloader won't work. I've also tried to boot fastboot using both the...
  36. G

    Thread How to image/“nandroid” an unrooted nexus? (dd? adb? something else?)

    I've been trying to find information on how to make some sort of restorable image of my stock phone (nexus 5x) before I do anything to it. I don't want to root it so that seems to really limit my options as most of the imaging options seem to involve rooting. I was hoping to be able to use...
  37. THEthatdude

    Thread How to replace the Honor 5x powered by android logo/splash screen?

    I want to change the logo that appears when the phone first boots, it displays Honor For the Brave, with powered by android at the bottom. I would like to change this screen to be something custom (idk what, but something different :)) I found this thread...
  38. H

    Thread System image dump/OTA link? Want to pull watch faces

    Has anyone got a dump of system.img. Or able to pull their /system/priv-app and /system/app? Want to pull the latest Huawei watch faces. I've managed to do so with the Fossil and Nixon OTA updates to grab their watchfaces. You can find them here, the parent post explains how to install them...
  39. Z

    Thread Unlocked Factory Image for Carrier locked STV100-1

    Hello all, Attached are modified factory roms that will flash an at&t or t-mobile phone to an unlocked phone. This means no more bloatware and in my case much better handoff between the lte bands. These images reuse the carrier bootloader (I'm working on it) but everything else from the radio...
  40. H

    Thread Document scanning app as camera app?

    HI Does anyone know of a document (or receipt) scanning app that also shows up as a "camera" app? I am looking for a document scanner app (because they can correct images) that can show up in the available cameras window, the one that shows up when you want to import a pictire via a camera in...
  41. TheGhost1951

    Thread LG G5 RS988 and H830 software differences

    Ok, I'm a rookie when it comes to understanding phone differences and if a mistake is made, you will brick your phone. I compared the hardware differences between the LG G5 RS988 unbranded and the T-Mobile H830. From what I can tell, they are essentially the same phone. Differences would be in...
  42. northmendo

    Thread Vendor Images - Nexus 6P angler

    After never being able to find the latest vendor images when I need them. I decided to put them all in one place, starting today. Download - NBD91K Here is another post with previous versions.
  43. C

    Thread Port System Image from Pixel (Problem)

    Hey dudes,:o I have startetd to unpack the System image of the Pixel to Port it for Nexus. But the rom of the Pixel is completely different from the normal Roms. (I have downloaded the latest from Googel Dev) In normal system images are a lot of folders like App, bin, etc, fonts... But in the...
  44. C

    Thread Pixel XL System Image Problems

    Hey dudes,:o I have startetd to unpack the System image of the Pixel. But the rom of the Pixel is completely different from the normal Roms. (I have downloaded the latest from Googel Dev) In normal system images are a lot of folders like App, bin, etc, fonts... But in the Pixel's System Image...
  45. C

    Thread Pixel System Image Problems

    Hey dudes,:o I have startetd to unpack the System image of the Pixel. But the rom of the Pixel is completely different from the normal Roms. (I have downloaded the latest from Googel Dev) In normal system images are a lot of folders like App, bin, etc, fonts... But in the Pixel's System Image...
  46. kr428

    Thread Create a monthly image folder on external SD card?

    Folks, in order to have a better handling of images on my devices, I want to have a semi-automated process that ... - ... runs triggered manually (or automated once at the end of each month), - ... creates a YEAR_MONTH folder in a backup folder on the devices external sd card (if it doesn't...
  47. H

    Thread [Photo Copyright] easy to Create watermark on Image/ Photo (no limit size of Photo)

    Watermark Image/ Photo Free is the most effective App for creating photo watermark. It can help you protect copyright on the images quickly and easily . It supports a lot of features: + No limit size of the exported photo + No limit user text fonts + Change the Text Watermark: -...
  48. E

    Thread Invalid boot image header - boots but not

    Hi, I have a very strange problem: I have a XT1032 now is all stock (Android 5.1) but when I wanna boot the phone normal just restarting I get "invalid boot image header" from bootloader. If I reboot to system via TWRP it boots without a problem. The strange thing is the bootloader output...
  49. kirito9

    Thread [Recovery][LP] CTR v5.7 for Pop C2/C3

    Introduction Features Installation instructions You must be on AOSP ROM or any ROM with LP kernel!!! After downloading aosprecovery5.1.1.img, rename to recovery.img. Install Flashify or Rashr and flash the recovery.img Downloads
  50. xpmule

    Thread Moto E 2015 - Mockup Images