1. Oliwier1990

    Thread [help] no imei and baseband

    So i broke imei while flashing stock miui 12.5 and now its blank i removed RSA Security resistor im trying to fix it with modem meta but its stuck in connecting to MD is there any other tool for repairing imei? :mad:
  2. TechySkills

    Thread Which file to flash in SN Flash Tool

    Which File to flash in SN Flash Tool, I have AP_DB File as: "APDB_MT6768_S01__W1953", and MD1_DB file as: "MDDB_InfoCustomAppSrcP_MT6768_S00_MOLY_LR12A_R3_MP_V94_4_P48_1_ulwctg_n" There are no other files in the Firmware related to this. I download AP_DB Database and for MT6768, these files...
  3. Paaris Sohail

    Thread [CLOSED][Need Help] facing error after patch IMEI

    Hello Everyone! I have patched my SM-G965f/DS from a shop but facing many bug like unable to login samsung account, fingerprint and other biomaterial options not working (as not recognised my pin), Snapchat crashing others. i want to know the process about patching.
  4. J


    I purchased my phone as "brand new" and "unlocked" in December 2021 from an Ebay store (I know, but the store was operational for a couple years and had excellent reviews numbering in the 4Ks). I registered the device IMEI with Samsung the same day. It worked perfectly for 13 months until last...
  5. T

    Thread How do i recover the imei after unlocking the bootloader?

    Hello again! I have a problem, i have the original firmware and the tool to flash it in case anything goes wrong (MTK Client), so i unlocked the bootloader, the problem is that when you unlock the bootloader, the baseband says (020null) and imei is unknown. I tried to restore my own nvcfg, nvram...
  6. Artemis008

    Thread [repair imei problem] Unlock blocked imei/replace blocked imei from all ISP Pixel 4 Flame A13

    NOTE: Previously I warned that changing IMEI is an action that is prohibited in some countries, and it is a crime if it is not your device. USE IT AT OWN RISK!!! before getting to the point I will explain how I got into trouble like this, at first I bought this pixel 4 under normal conditions...
  7. E

    Thread [MediaTek/MT8788] baseband unknown and cannot be written

    I have a tablet with MT8788(or MT6771). It supports dual-SIM, and I am sure it is worked before. But after I flashed it by SP Flash Tool, it reports the baseband is unknown and IMEIs are unknown too. I tried to drop the APDB and MDDB by MTK META Utility, but it carshed when it tried to connect...
  8. E

    Thread [CLOSED] [MediaTek/MT8788] baseband unknown and cannot be written

    I have a tablet with MT8788(or MT6771). It supports dual-SIM, and I am sure it is worked before. But after I flashed it by SP Flash Tool, it reports the baseband is unknown and IMEIs are unknown too. I tried to drop the APDB and MDDB by MTK META Utility, but it carshed when it tried to connect...
  9. OldLiu001

    Thread Huawei T8600 Rename '/system/bin/sh' to 'sh_' by accident

    Thank you for viewing this post! My English is bad. If this post have any grammer error, I apologize. Enviroment Device: HUAWEI T8600 OS: Android 2.2 CPU: Marvell PXA920 Problems '/system/bin/sh' has been rename to 'sh_' WIFI connect failed (stuck in 'get ip info' and then disconnected) IMEI...
  10. T

    Thread Question [CLOSED] A remote IMEI repair service is needed. XXX

    I need remote IMEI repair service. Who can provide remote IMEI repair support for {Mod edit} and {Mod edit} devices? I wanted to do it myself, I read so many articles, but I realized that I lacked a lot of information.
  11. triangl

    Thread IMEI only working with custom ROMs.

    I have the Galaxy J7 Prime 2 (SM-G611F, on7xreflte). I've been flashing some ROMs recently and decided to go to stock. I noticed that my signal wasn't there, so I checked my IMEI. It was unknown. The thing is, if I flash a custom one, IMEI is back. Only stock ROM says my IMEI is unknown...
  12. A

    Thread AP_DB & MD1_DB needed fro restoring my original IMEI for Galaxy A10s MT6762V P22 chipset

    Hello. I need fresh AP_DB & MD1_DB for restoring my original IMEI on my Smasung Galaxy A10s Mediatek MT 6762V P22 with SN Write Tool. I've got a used Galaxy A10s but the IMEI is for "HUAWEI TF-I60 H1" I want to change it to original one. Anyone could help will be appreciated.
  13. B

    Thread Question Guys, after repairing using this instruction my imei is back, sms is working, but during a call imei is dying again...

    Hello everybody. I have repaired my imei by this instruction. Whats wrong? Why calls is don't working?
  14. N

    Thread [CLOSED]IMEI Change on Galaxy X (Nexus)

    Hello all! I'm using an old Samsung Galaxy X (aka Nexus aka i9250) to test and learn how android operates. I already rooted it. I'm running now LineageOS 13.0 Maguro (Android 6.0.1) with TWRP installed. This device has IMEI HV 01 (never saw this). Whats the command to be used in terminal to...
  15. DzAngel

    Thread HELP -- how to get IMEI from a locked Black hark 4S

    Help how can I get the IMEI from a locked Black Shark 4s ( in fastboot mode ) ?

    Thread Question "nv data corrupted" at Redmi Note 10S Indian Version

    A long story cut into short, earlier i did something wrong while flashing stock rom via sp tool which led to lose of IMEI so reached to a local service center but he messed up more rather solving the existing problem, so now i'm able to boot into fastboot & have been able to unlock boot loader...
  17. carlosfox17

    Thread Question LOST IMEI FILE QCN

    Hello i lost imei on my fone, i need a file qcn for solve this my asus is rog phone 5s some one can help me
  18. TecniHome

    Thread Question Help with my A32 (A325M) after root, Lost Imei, fingerprint reader is not working

    Hello, I am here to help me with a problem I have with my Galaxy A32, it turns out that I wanted to root it, I stay as a dual sim phone when in fact it is a single sim phone and the imei was lost, it also stopped working the fingerprint reader that worked fine before all this happened. Does...
  19. Mark Yngell Kate


  20. MiaBhai

    Thread Can phone makers track stolen phone?

    Hi there community <3 I invested a considerable amount of effort in searching posts/threads related to this but did not find anything even near to it so here I am. I got my android phone stolen some weeks ago. Find My Phone is not helpful at all. I know that police can help tracking using IMEI...
  21. H

    Thread Missing baseband/imei in poco f1

    hi everyone i has a poco f1 since 2020, and not o buyed another one for my girlfriend, but she poco f1 has the miui with android 10, i unlocked the bootloader, and installed the a custom rom, after some bootloopa when the device turns on the IMEI and baseband is unknown, any resolve? i tried...
  22. L

    Thread [CLOSED] Hello I want to change My redmi 7a IMEI with jio Phone Imei need(linux Solution)

    Is there a way to change IMEI of redmi 7a phone, I do not use windows, Is there a way
  23. M

    Thread [CLOSED] Can IMEI number be changed?

    I wonder if IMEI number of phone can really be changed. I've been searching in the Internet for a while, but did not find a satisfying answer, because all of them differ from each other. I am going to summarize what I've found by now: IMEI cannot be changed because it is stored in ROM memory...
  24. Xaphyra

    Thread Emergency calls only due to IMEI problem

    Hello guys, I bought a new S20 Ultra, 2 days ago, it was on Android 10, when I tried to update it via OTA, it showed a toast saying "registration failed". So not knowing this is a problem, I simply downloaded Odin and Frija, used Frija to get the same exact ROM with the same CSC (XXV...
  25. A

    Thread How To Guide [Tutorial] Recover from IMEI or GPS not working due to corruption (restoring efs and sec_efs)

    I was trying to enable the privacy wifi feature that changes the MAC address of the wifi adapter on every connection (see as an alternative to While doing this, I...
  26. A

    Thread Samsung S20 FE 5G SM-G780G IMEI repair

    I want to change IMEI in my my Samsung S20 FE 5G SM-G780G but didn't find any tool for my model, All what I've found is for SM-G780F Does anyone face the same issue ? any solutions ?
  27. P

    Thread Question Samsung Galaxy A53 root - Apps - Device Info

    Hi everyone, i finally managed to root my Galaxy A53 with magisk and odin. I was currently looking for an app that can fake the device ID, model, MAC address, IP, Imei and other device information only on specific selectable apps and not on the whole system. Anyone have a useful guide? link...
  28. I

    Thread [CLOSED] How to spoof/change IMEI that is sent to the service provider using an open source or "official" software?

    I bought my phone (Pixel 2 XL) abroad and hence, my IMEI is not present my country's IMEI registry. Hence, I'm not allowed to use any service providers. Hence, I want to spoof/change my IMEI so that the service provider will receive a different IMEI and hence, I will be able to use my phone...
  29. Mattinthahack

    Thread SM-J737V EFS Needed

    Hi. I'm in need of a backup of the EFS for the J7 V on Verizon. If anybody still uses this phone or know where to download the EFS file please link me or take a backup for me please. Very much appreciated. My phone won't boot past Verizon logo
  30. 4

    Thread [CLOSED][HELP] Quest of IMEI repair on Sony Xperia models

    Since IMEI is a sensitive subject with xda, I'll preface by specifying that this topic concerns only the repair/restoration of original IMEI number, not its change or replacement for another one with nefarious purposes. I'll get right to it: the IMEI of my Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact has become...
  31. A

    Thread [CLOSED] How to restore IMEI and baseband?!

    Hi I have 2 PCs OnePlus 8 pro both are IN2020 One of them have OOS(android 10) and other have coloros (android 12) I put the phone repairman to change their IMEI number.(Because it was imported as a used phone and was not registered in the network and did not receive services.) Repair man...
  32. kcscott6329

    Thread [CLOSED] Phone Unlocking PC Software, ESN\IMEID software

    hey guys, Ive been in the tech repair\refurbish industry for around 20 years. Rooting phones is no problem, Ive managed to break a couple apple id locked phones free also, but I cant find the legit software to carrier unlock phones, bypass frp locks and I need software for changing imei\esn...
  33. lottafetti

    Thread Question Can't write my IMEI numbers

    Trying to write my IMEI numbers but it requires preloader and not brom mode so I need to connect my USB while my phone is off and not holding any button, the problem is my phone keeps powering on when I plugged in the USB
  34. lottafetti

    Thread How To Guide A tip to find your lost IMEI numbers

    1. Go to Google Find My Device 2. Login to all of your Gmail accounts from any devices. try to find both of your IMEI numbers thanks for reading
  35. S

    Thread Question [CLOSED] Will flashing Official ROM change IMEI?

    The phone sold to me got locked by Knox Enrollment Service because it says "This phone is configured by <company name>". So I installed a GSI using TWRP and I can now use the phone, however, I wanna go back to original ROM of Samsung because the GSI functionality is terrible; even the camera...
  36. 1thomas

    Thread General Problems with IMEI after exiting CN rom

    Guys, first I want to make it clear that I'm not opening this topic looking for methods to change the IMEI, my problem is something that really intrigues me. I imported the op9p from China because it doesn't have an official store in my country, and it turns out that his version is Chinese...
  37. D

    Thread IMEI gone in Custom ROM, still in fastboot

    Hello there, I hope I am posting this properly. I have bben using my device with verious ROMs over the last year or so, but when I tried to get rid of GApps, it soft-bricked and I restored using Lenovo Rescue and Smart assist the stock ROM. Then, trying to reflash, it started reprting that...
  38. applesucksLmao

    Thread General A WARNING TO ALL A32 4G/5G USERS (very important)

    As you have seen in the title, this is a warning. DON'T root your galaxy a32, as it can take some time but the phone will lose fingerprint unlock and sim card/internet functionality because of UNKNOWN BASEBAND and IMEI error. You can't get it to work even reflashing stock firmware, and you...
  39. G


    i tried everything to little or no avail... "USA HERE" i bought the phone brand new and i finally thought to check the imei and this is what i got: Brand: Realme Model: RMX3151 Model Name: 8i Blacklist Status: Clean. but t mobile and metro's website said it is not compatible when it has a...
  40. S

    Thread Used Pixel 4a have a strange IMEI

    I want to buy Google Pixel 4a from the secondary market, found a nice one, but IMEI for this phone marked as "DEMO, Pixel 4a, Just Black, 128G, US / CA / TW / gSTORE" Is there any issues with IMEI like this, considering that im not from US and will be using my phone in different country?
  41. Sckor

    Thread Oukitel WP6

    hi guys sorry in the future for my text that i will be typing because i think my english will be bad...but guys ... i have a problem... i bought an oukitel wp6 6gb ram + 120 gb in that it came with an unofficial rom being on android 10... i wanted to root it... it bootlooped i then psyched the...
  42. P

    Thread Lenovo tbx304l. Lost baseband version, imei number.

    So I flashed Havoc os by @Akash23q2, But when I go into settings, I see that the baseband version is unknown(see attachments). Dialing *#06# just shows title MEID but no number. Lost...
  43. applesucksLmao

    Thread Question [SOLVED] suddenly unknown imei

    ok so, i was using my phone normally yesterday, but out of nowhere, my SIM card stopped working and i couldn't use mobile internet/calls anymore. So i checked my settings and i saw my IMEI was marked as unknown, the same with baseband. The A32 version: Samsung Galaxy A32 4G SM-A325M (4gb ram)...
  44. Outli3r

    Thread IMEI2 Cert Install Huawei Y9 (STK-LX3)

    Hello, good evening I wouldnt be starting this contact form, but honestly im out of ideas :'(. I currently have a Huawei Y9 (Model STK-LX3 using Hilisilicom 710F) sold by phone carrier as Single SIM, as well it only shows 1 IMEI number after dialing *#06#. Heres my problem, the phone does have...
  45. waqas zafar

    Thread [CLOSED]Need help changing IMEI number

    ***before you judge or warn me it is legal to change IMEI numbers in my country*** Hey guys. I am stuck at changing IMEI number of my rooted note 10 plus. I have got ut rooted but I am unable to change IMEI number. I tried xposed framework but it only changes them for 3rd party apps. I need...
  46. BennoMP

    Thread [GUIDE] Restore IMEI number after an NVRAM clear

    This thread will go over restoring the IMEI number if you cleared the NVRAM (or fully formatted your phone). The official tool to use is the SN Writer tool from Mediatek but as the P60 processor is not compatible with that, I had to search for alternative ways. First the legal blerb: IT IS...
  47. K

    Thread [CLOSED]HTC U11 back to stock ROM

    hello guys, i am currently on Pixel experience ROM and want to get back to stock rom but i didnt make a backup. im on htc_ocndugl, os version - 3.35.400.1 dual sim htc (HTC_060) and also I am stuck on FRP screen coz i am unable to use Wifi or Sim data.. HELP ASAP(bootloader unlocked + TWRP)
  48. K

    Thread HTC U11 back to stock Rom

    hello guys, i am currently on Pixel experience ROM and want to get back to stock rom but i didnt make a backup. im on htc_ocndugl, os version - 3.35.400.1 dual sim htc (HTC_060) and also I am stuck on FRP screen coz i am unable to use Wifi or Sim data.. HELP ASAP(bootloader unlocked + TWRP...
  49. E

    Thread Huawei p8 lite IMEI is gone (Please help I need this device working while my new phone arrives)

    Hello, this is my phone story: I had a Samsung S9 which screen died, I was thinking on getting another phone, so I bought a new phone which is going to take a while to arrive and I had no phone so i found this Huawei p8 lite laying around and I tried to get it working, but its all screwed up...
  50. cbwwaski

    Thread [9.0]-PIE-Stock rom [payton]- moto x4 - ERRO DE MAC, WIFI AND MOBILE DATA - FLASH NO ERASE MODEM

    MOD EDIT: ENGLISH TRANSLATION ADDED This is the last update of the x4 bike they're making available because when I needed it I realized that no one had it, so how I got it here, this is for those with hard-bricks. soft-brick, among other errors that the device has no wi-fi, no known signal the...