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  1. A

    Thread Question VoLTE not working since OneUI 4.0 Beta installation

    Hello All, I posted this in Samsung Community, but unfortunately none was able to help. I am hoping XDA members could help fix this issue. I am facing a strange problem with my S21 Ultra Unlocked which was directly bought from Samsung. I had enrolled into OneUI 4.0 beta when I was in the US. I...
  2. PhotonDispenser

    Thread Is there any way to make IMS settings permanent or stop Android from auto discovering IMS settings on boot?

    So, I've got a Galaxy S10e, with a model number G970U1, and the entire reason I bought this thing was so that I could use voice over LTE on AT&Ts network - it was one of the model numbers listed that was supported by AT&T, however, the phone itself, while being brand new, was originally a...
  3. bountyman334

    Thread [Android 10] VoLTE &{maybe}VoWiFi On GSI! Also Dolby Atmos

    #include /* * Your warranty is now void. Not really...There are options * * I am not responsible for bricked device. You shouldn't brick.. **But You Know..Humans are stupids sometimes...Not My fault... - 1st -Assuming you're on GSI Rom and its booted up & Have Root.OF any kind. {Magisk/SU}...
  4. sruba209

    Thread [Help!] Getting "IMS service has stopped" every 5 seconds

    Hi , Updated my Galaxy S8 Exynos to 1 November 2018 security update. Since then i have been getting "IMS Service has stopped " error every 5 seconds. :( :( [update] : Factory reset didn't help
  5. B

    Thread [Q] "Unfortunately, IMS Service has stopped"

    I'm having issues with my Galaxy S6. I used Odin to return to stock, and now I'm getting an "Unfortunately, IMS Service has stopped" error every 2 or 3 seconds. The phone is essentially unusable. Other Galaxy phones have had similar issues, and I've tried some of their suggestions. I wiped...