1. princemalikxp

    Thread How to enable/increase multiple users limit

    How to enable/increase the multiple users limit Firstly, install BuildProp editor to modify your build.prop file. Now, open the app, grant superuser access and click on edit icon then scroll to the bottom and add the following two lines after that save and reboot your device, now you have more...
  2. Crazy Seed

    Thread Module to Boost Headphones and Calls Volume

    Hello Mates. I got great news for you :) I was able to finally create a Magisk Module to Increase the Sound Volume, in this case i just increased Calls and Headphones because Speakers are already too Loud in this Phone. Notice: In mine it got stuck at the first reboot, but then when you press a...
  3. Fablos

    Thread [MODULE][Magisk 17+] Volume Steps Extender

    Updated the Module. Moved the new one to GitHub. Moved from the old Magisk-Template to the newer MMT-Ex Template and now contains 4 values for build.prop: ro.config.vc_call_vol_steps=30 ro.config.media_vol_steps=30 ro.config.alarm_vol_steps=30...
  4. hlubepet

    Thread [GUIDE] boost headphones volume

    REQUIREMENTS 1.unlocked bootloader 2.root FLASH MAGISK 16.4 ZIP VIA TWRP HOW TO: 1. INSTALL ANY ROOT EXPLORER (I've used ES FILE EXPLORER) 2. OPEN EXPLORER 3. ENABLE ROOT EXPLORING in left menu 4. NAVIGATE TO: /odm/etc/audio/hi6403/mixer_volumes_CHARLOTTE_ce.xml (My case this file, "ce" on the...
  5. Crazy Seed

    Thread About Volume Boost on J7 (2016) J710FN

    Hello mates. Here's my problem: i rooted my J7 (2016) by the method of flashing twrp recovery by Odin and then installing by that Twrp Recovery. After that, wiping data cache etc on Twrp says it for example "Failed to mount /data" (with red letters). Something wrong?. Moving on...
  6. B

    Thread how-to-microphone-gain-increase? (Mixer_paths.xml) Android 6

    I have an microphone- issue with my Note 4. It has 3 Microphones. The Mic on Top(rear mic) works fine its active when Recording Videos and phonecalls over LoudSpeaker but the two mics on the bottom (front mics) have some issue and are really quiet. I have to scream when i do normal...
  7. B

    Thread how-to-microphone-gain-increase? (Mixer_paths.xml) Android 6

    I have an microphone- issue with my Note 4. It has 3 Microphones. The Mic on To(rear mic) works fine its active when Recording Videos and phonecalls over LoudSpeaker but the two mics on the bottom (front mics) have some issue and are really quiet. I have to scream when i do normal...
  8. R

    Thread Anyone using this RAM Swap ? - ROEHSOFT RAM Expander

    Hey Guys, are any of you using The following " ROEHSOFT RAM Expander " app Or anything similar? If so, do let me know !. :)
  9. P

    Thread Why waking the device increases the sound?

    I have been using zuk z1 and i am facing this really annoying problem. While playing songs if i turn on the device screen the volume almost doubles all of a sudden. I dont know why this is happening and if this is common among all the zuk z1. I have faced this with zuk z1 running on cm12.1...
  10. pilililo2

    Thread Boost Output Volume on 6.0

    If youre like me and you like listening to your music with good headphones and want to feel that bass rumble in your head, you might have noticed that with the update to 6.0 (In my case to B565) the output volume might have gone down considerably and that now the max volume isnt just enough to...
  11. benkxda

    Thread [GUIDE] Increase fingerprint device unlock quota [29 May 2016]

    Since I stumbled over several people recently, who actually have not a good fingerprint device unlock quota (none of them used a OnePlus 2 btw.) due to very dry or also very wet or greasy fingers, I thought I have to share my solution with you as well. Maybe some use this solution already, but...
  12. D

    Thread Possible to increase video bitrate with stock camera app?

    I find the video to be a little too compressed (artifacts visible) depending on framerate and resolution. 1080p 60fps just gives me 17mbit/s wich is really low. So what do you think, is it possible to adjust the bitrate somehow? Maybe someone can decompile the app and find the line for that...
  13. swukjay

    Thread Increase Touchwiz home sceen from 7 to 9

    Does anybody know of a mod to increase the amount of home screens on touchwiz past 7 , I could use another launcher but am wondering if this is possible
  14. C

    Thread [Q] Increase volume

    Hi. I have installed 7HD V8.0 ROM and sound is much better than stock Lollipop and stock MM. But the volume is a bit low. I have tried editing mixer_paths.xml and there was no difference. Then I tried LuPuS kernel with Faux Sound v3.x support and Faux Sound app. Tried some configurations, but...
  15. HDxDaniel

    Thread Increase Resolution and Quality of photos sent by WhatsApp (ROOT)

    This is the tutorial: 0 - Download a file explorer and grant superuser permission (I personally use ES FILE EXPLORER). 1 - Locate this folder: /data/data/com.whatsapp/shared_prefs/ 2 - Open the file "com.whatsapp_preferences.xml". + Mod image quality (jpg compression level ?) Look for this...
  16. HDxDaniel

    Thread [Tutorial] Increase Resolution and Quality of photos sent by WhatsApp (ROOT)

    This is the tutorial: 0 - Download a file explorer and grant superuser permission (I personally use ES FILE EXPLORER). 1 - Locate this folder: /data/data/com.whatsapp/shared_prefs/ 2 - Open the file "com.whatsapp_preferences.xml". + Mod image quality (jpg compression level ?) Look for this...
  17. F

    Thread [Q] Space for Apps

    Hi, I have two Nook Color tablets that are running CM11 on SD. The SanDisk microSDs are 16GB each. I have a constant problem that the space for Apps runs out. So I can't update apps or download any new. The only thing these NCs are used for are Apps. & web browsing. So I don't need alot of...
  18. S

    Thread enabling more LTE bands on Desire Eye

    Hi all, I've been a very happy user of the Desire Eye, and believe it to be a great all round performer. For me, there does seem to be 2 omissions on the phone that stop it from being the total package. One is 802.11ac wifi (which, to be honest, isn't really required on a phone, right?) and the...
  19. aalakib07

    Thread [Guide] How to increase internal memory by CWM/TWRP recovery

    Preparation of increase the internal memory: 1. Your mobile must be charged at least up to 80%. 2. You must take a backup of memory card on your computer. 3. Your mobile/tablet must be rooted. 4. Clockworkmod/TWRP recovery must be installed on your mobile/tablet. 5. Install Link2SD app on the...
  20. TopDroid

    Thread [MOD][ALL ROM'S] Battery Booster ►Increase Your Battery◄[29.06.2014][V1.0]

    [MOD][ALL ROM'S] Battery Booster ►Increase Your Battery◄[29.06.2014][V1.0] Battery Booster Disclaimer Your warranty is now void. I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research if you...
  21. MasterManson_Gunstorm

    Thread [Q]Chrome Cache by site

    Hello Guys I dont know if is was correct but i see the google chrome on android only can cache about 20MB on cache per site why? im trying study to develope a app on cloud to store a offline cahe on Android to use aplication when go offline but when the android reaches 20MB on storage cache the...
  22. Hazem442

    Thread [Guide] Increase Galaxy Y Duos Internal Memory

    Hi All I'm Gonna show you How to increase galaxy y duos internal memory couz it's only 170 mb and that's annoying thanks To SAMSUNG in this TuT You Will Be able To Put the Size That You Want for my I made it 1GB OK let's start what we need is Deodexed rom with init.d support i'm using XDuosV3...
  23. apex_predator619

    Thread [GUIDE] Increase Touch Responsiveness

    Greetings. I dont know if anybody else has encountered this problem but on my Xperia U, after using it for about a year, certain areas of the touchscreen have become unresponsive, namely the area corresponding to d,e,x keys in portrait mode. I looked around for quite sometime for a solution...
  24. bunty786

    Thread [GUIDE](nokia x) How to Swap EXTERNAL SD CARD TO INTERNAL on NOKIA X

    U MUST BE ROOTED First you need an explorer (like Root explorer, Nokia File Explorer, ...) Then come to this folder: \system\etc\ or root\system\etc\ Then at the bottom you will see one file: "vold.fstab", plus uh need a file called ""vold.emmc.fstab"" it is not present in nokia X so download...
  25. D

    Thread [Q] more internal memory?

    how to increase the p500's internal memory? I am facing a problem with an app, that it refuses to download the data package, saying that there isn't enough internal memory(it says it need around 270mb)(it's a game :) ), so I am wondering how to increase the internal memory. I know there are...
  26. pakistanish

    Thread Qmobile A30 - Increase internal memory

    Here is a guide for all of those people who are sick of the extremely low internal memory of A30. So, cheer up! 1. First of all root your phone by following the steps from this page. 2. After successfully rooting your phone download this software and install it on your PC. 3. Now insert your...
  27. N

    Thread [Q][HD+]Is there a way to increase storage capacity via SD swap or Kernel?

    My 16 GB Nook HD+ has about run out of memory, and I notice that it doesn't use the SD Card for anything...which means there's about 30 gbs available for use on whatever. I was wondering if, outside of a CM 10.1 SD install, there's a way to increase storage capacity via a storage swap (like the...
  28. J

    Thread Low Camera Brightness

    Hello. So Im having troubles on my MTK6589 phone. The camera is very dark, even with the flash, its also very dark. Is there anyway to increase the camera Brightness? Can't seem to find an answer for it. Thanks
  29. barberboy420

    Thread [Q] easy volume increase

    I'm trying to help a friend with a stock rooted note 2 increase the overall volume on his device. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance because I already know you guys here on xda kick ass man!
  30. K

    Thread [Q] How to increase partition size in BMM

    I created a system with a data partition of only 300 MB, not thinking that I will use it so much, and now I want to increase the size to at least 1 GB. Is there any way of doing that without losing the ROM installed and the data on it ?
  31. NamNamNom

    Thread [Q] Increasing louc speaker volume?

    Hi, Nexus 4's loud speaker volume isn't so high compared to other phones, as you guys already know. I know that there are apps that can increase the volume. But how far can i push it? I don't want to ruin my speaker. And yes, there is a mod that increases the volume of the nexus 4 , but...
  32. L

    Thread [Q] [Question]the way to increase available memory

    With the software updating , it takes more and more memory than before. Our phone has 359MB available memory (DZO's kernel update 20) . It seems not so enough now. As far as i know , GPU(Adreno 205) takes up 128MB as graphical memory. I think it uses too much because i don't play games in my...
  33. nayser

    Thread [Trick] Save internal memory without link2sd or Rooting method

    without wasting time, heres the trick Just dial *#9900# select copy to sd wait until done.. and tada!! :D Recommended on non-rooted stock devices & non partitioned SD Card..
  34. Sam Solomon

    Thread [MOD][LOCKSCREEN RE-DESIGNED] Increase App Compatiblity from PlayStore[PATCH][CWM]

    Many Applications on Play Store shows Incompatible by Default on Canvas 2. So InOrder to Over-Come that,Just Flash this Patch over your ROM... DOWNLOAD LINK : HERE Forgot to say that this patch reprograms the JB Lockscreen to ICS Style..Like Unlock Screen to Right,Google Search to Top,and...
  35. S

    Thread [Q] Increase font size in messages WP 7.8 in Lumia 510

    Hi, I bought for my mom this phone, because it`s simple and easy to use. Screen is big enough, but I never thought that will be a problem with font size, especially in messages where font is tiny. I just found old threads without solution and new about WP 8 where is menu Easy of access to...
  36. 3

    Thread [Q] Increase gtablet internal memory using micro sd card ?

    Hello everyone, I just reed this two post about increasing the internal memory of an android device using micro sd card. 1. 2. Did anybody...
  37. androidindian

    Thread HTC Revenues INCREASE - Things are looking up for HTC thanks to strong demand !!

    Had to share this one: Boosted by One, HTC grows its sales by 26% in April. Up 71% since February, with more growth ahead HTC bet big on its new smartphone called the HTC One. In fact, HTC was so confident in its new smartphone that it promised a turnaround for Q2 of 2013 once the device...
  38. OJ

    Thread [UPDATE][ALL ROMS][HOW-TO]Speed Up & Maintain - [CM-7/9/10/10.1][NEW CONCEPTS]

    I know, many people here want to have Android 4.x.x on their phones, but unfortunately, because of low-end processor as well as less RAM, these CM10/CM10.1 ROMs are laggy and slow. I am also one of them, but, after using these type of roms since 4 months, I have now got a perfect idea of using...
  39. SocialNetis

    Thread [APP] Optimus Battery Saver - Beautifully Designed

    Optimus is the best battery saver, very easy to set up, that with a intelligent use of Internet connections, you will increase your battery life! With its 5-saving modes, you can set up your routine and optimize your battery life, reaching to the end of the day without problems. General...
  40. W

    Thread [Q] Expand Storage

    I had the HD7 and you could easily expand the storage by unscrewing one screw and popping out the smaller sized "internal" storage, complete a hard reset and it would automatically format the SD card and you could have more storage. Has anyone experimented with the "internal storage" with the...
  41. bamsbamx

    Thread [MOD] Increase RAM memory size(without swapper!) (good for gaming)

    Hi, here is a good mod specially for gaming and ICS roms which consumes big memory amount!!! It is basically an .sh script that enables swapping. This makes device use part of sdcard to use it as RAM memory, so it can be increased a lot... The only requirement is have root, use relatively...
  42. A

    Thread [Q] Increasing Mic Gain, /system/etc/audio files

    Hi All, Been playing around with my SGSII and noticed all the files in the /system/audio, i was hoping that you could increase the gain of the MIC in various states by tweaking the files, though i thought i may as well ask if anyone else has had any joy in tweaking these files or even attempted...
  43. tk161900

    Thread [MOD] Modifying System Wide Haptic Feedback Intensity

    My brother just bought a new Photon 4G from Sprint today and I was helping him set it up. I noticed that the virtual key's haptic vibration was much more "Sharp" than my 5 month old photon. It made me kind of mad that my haptic feedback was so pathetic. So I changed the duration and was so happy...
  44. H

    Thread [Q] How can I increase the maximun brightness in Hybrom v16?

    Hello, I switched from "FXP114 CM9" rom to "Hybrom v16" because CM9 was to buggy, but I noticed that the maximum brightness in Hybrom is much lower than in CM9. My question: Is it posibble to change the maximun brighness in Hybrom v16? Thanks in advance. Yours sincerly, halilgoecer.
  45. dheeraj (dhlalit11)

    Thread [Q] how to increase ram by partitioning

    Hi guys m running fusion cm9 beta and want to increase the size of ram with the help of swap size I want to know how to partition my sdcard and want to create 2nd partition as swap partition and which app to use to set the swapiness without moving apps to external
  46. Z

    Thread [Q] any way to increase volume?

    Anyone know a way to increase system volume? It's too low even at full volume. I can't hear calls or text messages.
  47. R

    Thread [GUIDE][TIP] Increase Max earpiece volume.

    Sometimes in a noisy environment I have trouble hearing people while in a call. So I researched and found an easy solution. **Usual disclaimer applies**. 1- open dialer 2- type *#*#197328640#*#* 3- Browse to Audio/handset/Volume/SRS speech RX vol. 4- Change the fifth level to something...
  48. B

    Thread [Q] How to increase ear piece volume

    I am having trouble hearing anything on the ear piece of the phone. I am finding myself pressing the phone into my ear to answer calls. Is there a way to adjust the ear piece speaker volume ?
  49. okmijnlp

    Thread 2.3.4 Anyone noticing very good battery life?

    Ever since I upgraded to 2.3.4 (2.3.5 lost 10%+ battery per 40 mins of music) I've got amazing battery life, has anyone else noticed this? I've had my phone on now for 23h 18m with 2h of display time at it's at 50%. Bare in mind that i've been listening to a LOT of music, downloaded over 3gb of...
  50. N

    Thread [Q] Is there a possibility to increase the SGS2 resolution to qHD?

    Is there a possibility to increase the SGS2 resolution to qHD? I think is a stupid action by samsung to put such a little resolution on a powerfull device like a SGS2? Is there a method to increase resolution without touching lcd density? Or maybe the resolution is a hardware parameter?