1. R

    Thread Question [India] Missing features SPay, Google Assistant, BP and ECG missing from Samsung Watch 4 Classic

    Hi all, After reading and searching a bunch of thread here, I have not been able to find clear answers. There are various guides for individual items. I want to collect all the information in one place, from a non-tech user perspective. (India Specific) Missing features: Samsung Wallet...
  2. C

    Thread Question Will LTE calls work in India after region change to MEA?

    Hi guys, new here. I want to make the most of the Watch 4 LTE I bought. I want to use Samsung Pay or Google Wallet on the watch by changing region to MEA however am unclear if LTE calls will work in India after doing so. Can anyone confirm or point me to a thread which clears my doubts?
  3. N

    Thread Question Manually edit CSC of S22/E (for verizon USA)

    Mostly for built in call recording. I had a S22/U1, I like the formfactor but it has no recording, so then I got a S22/E (snapdragon, india) version which works in the USA on verizon but sometimes signal just drops, and sometimes texts don't go through among other issues (recording is flawless)...
  4. P

    Thread Is there any issue on buying Pixel from other countries to India...

    is there any issue on buying Pixel from other countries to India. Since Pixel 5 is not officially released in India, the only was Indians can get Pixel 5 is getting one from other countries. Is there any issue in doing so ? Carrier lock, OTA updates, any legal issues (like Pixel 4 and it's...
  5. zaydenQ

    Thread Question [INDIA] Galaxy S22 Ultra news + discussion thread.

    Looks like India might be getting the Snapdragon this year. How many of you are going to upgrade? I've already sold my S21 Ultra in anticipation for the S22 Ultra.
  6. C

    Thread Question Oneplus 9R india - Share option not working

    I have oneplus9R 12GB/256GB India version Oxygen OS11.2.6.6.LE28DA Model LE2101 I had recently formatted the phone and am using it. The phone was working fine but after abt 2 weeks, I started facing an issue. When I try to share any file using the share option in Whatsapp or in Fiel manager etc...
  7. I

    Thread Question [CLOSED]Multitasking issues

    Just got it delivered today and while playing music on spotify using bluetooth headphones, i cannot perform any other action properly. Playstore and youtube don't load most of the time and when the playstore does load... it cannot download any app, it just says "pending" in installation for an...
  8. A

    Thread Gpay wallet quick access in Android 12

    Hello Guys, This is a region specific question, In some countries like India , Gpay Wallet quick toggle says "unavailable" . And It cannot be activated in settings page. Is there any adb command which clears that restriction and make it work? PFA Screenshots. Thank you
  9. nitinsawant

    Thread OTT Navigator IPTV v1.6 apk for Fire stick

    This is the best IPTV app I have came across till date, download and install the apk, enjoy worldwide IPTV. to view worldwide IPTV channels check the attached IPTV.txt file for configuration. --hit thanks--
  10. R

    Thread How to get VoLTE working on the Samsung S7 Edge SM-G935F?

    Hi, Aim: The aim is to get VoLTE working so that the phone can work in India on the Reliance Jio network. "Work" as in makes and receives calls through the native phone and messaging apps. A bit of context: I have a Samsung S7 Edge SM-G935F. I am want to use the phone on a network that is 4G...
  11. H

    Thread RUI 2.0 | F.14 | A11 | Easy Update from C.38 A10 | Magisk Root | Safetynet Fix | Global or India Variant |

    ~*~ Disclaimer: I'm not responsible if you destroy your device or break your warranty. Use at your own risk! ~*~ Easy way to update your Realme X2 Pro Global or India Variant from C.38 to F.14 (Android 10 to Android 11) [with Magisk root] Update your Realme X2 Pro with C.38 download the file...
  12. Vikky1157

    Thread Samsung Galaxy A70 - Received One UI 3.0 update based on Android 11 in India

  13. anupamwadhwa

    Thread Question Sounds like something is loose/moving inside the phone. Please confirm.

    I've just received my realme x7 (India variant) from Flipkart on 20-March. I noticed a weird sound (not from speakers), I just want to check if everyone gets it or it's just me. Whenever I put the phone on table/bed or any plane surface it sounds like something is clicking/tapping inside the...
  14. N

    Thread Making the most out of Jio Hybrid STB Set Top Box (Without forking)

    Jio STB Sucks. No doubt about it. This forum is for people to make the most out of the set top box. I got the Set-top box for Rs.1000 effectively mainly for Sony Liv because that's what my family mainly watches. At that price it was the cheapest to replace the Cable TV which was also only used...
  15. Ueufi9

    Thread *[Untested][woods] Moto E4 Pulse Notification LED- Alpha[Installer]

    Hi guys, I have created an installer to enable Pulse Notification LED in all Moto E4 roms, then later enable from Settings > Notification > 3dots > LED settings, its ported from the rom link below. Credits/Support is also listed below. - LED module Ported from here [darklineage-14.1-20200913]-...
  16. V

    Thread how to SIM unlock s20(SM-G981u) to use in india?

    can anyone here please tell me if i can use the model mentioned(SM-981u) which is locked to T-mobile can be used in india by flashing any firmware by odin or whatever? if so please give the link...
  17. acervenky

    Thread [GUIDE][RAPHAELIN][ROOT] Root Redmi K20 Pro Indian Version With Patched Boot Image

    Prerequisites : Running Stock MIUI Unlocked Bootloader Fastboot Download : 11.0.1 Patched Instructions : Download the patched boot image Install the latest version of Magisk Manager Reboot the phone in fastboot mode [Power + Volume Down] Use the following command via command prompt ...
  18. S

    Thread Is the Indian version of the OnePlus Warp Charge 30 Power Adapter rated at 100V-240V?

    I'm interested in this because I'm going to be on a trip to the US soon, and I'm not going to be able to use my OnePlus 3T Dash Charge charger there (rated 200V-240V). Does the new Warp Charge (India) support 100-240V? If yes, I can just buy it here in India (for cheaper) and bring it on my...
  19. V

    Thread Flash G710EAW10f HK with G710EAW10t India

    My G710EAW is HongKong version with 10f Open firmware. I flashed G710EAW10t India version with LGUP_DualMode, first time i chose upgrade mode, after finished reboot it was stuck on LG logo. Next time i chose partition DL mode, it can boot normal but only one sim unregisted SIM, boot again i...
  20. E

    Thread 3d Wallpapers App v 1.0 3d Wallpapers app is free for all android phone, high resolution images for multiple screen sizes, best fit according to your mobile. Easy to handle application, best fit on modern screen types 18.5:9, 19:9 full view...
  21. S

    Thread Does unlocked Samsung S10 from USA work in India and JIO network with VOLTE support

    Hi All I am planning to buy Samsung S10 from USA (unlocked) and I would be visiting India and I would like to know if it will work in India and will it work in Jio network on VOLTE ? I would like to know this before deciding to purchase the phone. Thanks
  22. P

    Thread Vodafone India SIM not catching any network

    I am using Vodafone India 4G SIM in USA on international roaming. I bought a OnePlus 6T and activated it with a USA sim. Post that i switched to Vodafone India sim in it but its not catching any network. It catches full network on Samsung S8 which was also bought in USA
  23. 5

    Thread Samsung pay in India?

    So, I basically got my Gear S3 Frontier from UAE and it had Samsung Pay installed in it but I never tried using it, on coming to India I realised I should change my CSC to INU for better compatibility in Samsung pay.. but doing so just made my Samsung Pay to disappear off of my watch.. on more...
  24. R

    Thread Difference between COR-AL00 and COR-AL10

    I bought Honor Play directly from Indian website within a week of it's release. Today when i checked the model number accidentally, it's mentioned COR-AL00 instead of COR-AL10 which is Indian Spec model. Their Indian specification page too mentioned COR-AL10 instead of COR-AL00 which they sent...
  25. T

    Thread We are Hiring! Build your career with MX!

    ABOUT US: MX Player is the largest local video platform in the world with an installed base of 500+ million worldwide, with 350+ million in India and has consistently ranked amongst the top 10 Android apps since 2012. We are currently looking for the Customer Support Executives based in India...
  26. A

    Thread [MOD] [Magisk Module] Enable Double Click Camera in India and Wifi auto turn on

    Hi Everyone ! This Magisk Module enables the Quick capture when the devices connected to an Indian network ( Double click power button to launch camera) and turn on Wifi automatically feature from Pixel Devices. Download...
  27. A

    Thread Flashing zip files from firmware finder

    I'm using the indian variant of Honor 8, haven't yet recieved oreo but i wanted to install whatever the latest emui version is available through firmware finder. When downloading from firmware finder around 2-3 months ago i had to download two zips mainly and region zip. I installed...
  28. nishantmnit

    Thread SM-G955FD Oreo Firmware on SM-G955N

    Hello amazing XDA devs, I need a bit of advise and help with flashing oreo firmware on my device. I have already done a lot of research already but have failed to find any satisfactory answer. So here is my story, I purchased my galaxy s8+ from korea. Model number is G955N. I wasn't able to...
  29. achyut

    Thread [INDIA] OnePlus 6 India thread

    Now that we have the OnePlus 6 flowing in, let's have our own Indian thread up. I have a Mirror Black 6 GB variant. Delivered on 23rd May. Quite good a phone, I'd say. Switched from an LG V30+ Now am awaiting mods for dual speaker and some custom kernels like Franco kernel to tweak and save...
  30. itsnotmeatall

    Thread [Q] Will Honor 9 lite bought in Germany work in India?

    Had to buy a phone in an emergency while on a trip in Germany when my previous phone got water damaged. Now the questions are: 1. Will this device work when I return to India? 2. What about service? Will warranty be valid? 3. Will I be able to get OTA updates? Can I change the firmware from...
  31. T

    Thread [REQUEST] Android Go ?

    Sooo Android Go is made for low-end devices with 1 gig or less of RAM right ? Could/Would someone please port it when possible ? It would be really cool if our beloved 2009 phone could run new software.
  32. MGREX

    Thread Where to buy outside of India?

    Simple as that, can't see the phone anywhere in the China and HK sites. Any mail forward services from India that you would recommend? or India sites that will ship this thing internationally I rather avoid resellers
  33. S

    Thread [App] [4.0+] Live Cricket Score & News

    Hello, I create that thread to present you Live Cricket Scores & New an application letting your to follow all the main Cricket matches in live. Live Cricket Scores & News covers the main Cricket competitions in the World and is available in two version on the Google Play Store : - Free...
  34. R

    Thread LG V30+ India Thread

    Hi, As per invites Lg is going to release newest V30+ in India this 13th December 2017. Who's excited? There are still few things unknown like will we get unlocked device with boot loader unlock available officially in future (too optimistic?), price of the phone and coming with pre installed...
  35. demongokul

    Thread Samsung pay in India on imported Note 8 from UAE.

    Guys my cousin lives in Muscat and I'm planning to get me a Note 8 from there since its cheaper there. My question is whether all the features on the device if I use it in India. If it won't are there any working work outs.
  36. R

    Thread [D2302] Latest India Generic Stock Rom {Fresh} [18.6.A.0.182]

    HELLO GUYs, This Rom is for only Xperia M2 Dual (D2302) Model Phone.:o Android Version - lollipop 5.1.1 Rom Version - 18.6.A.0.182 Customize - India Generic This Rom is Full Fresh Download Link MEGA - IF YOU HELPED PLEASE PREASS THANK :cowboy::cowboy::cowboy:
  37. V

    Thread India Pixel 2 XL Discussion Thread - PreOrders, Delivery Date,Offers & Discounts

    Finally caved and in ordered Pixel 2 Xl 64 Black from flipkart on HDFC Credit Card. Offers Availed 8000Rs Cashback No EMI Discount Sennheiser Headset Delivery says 17th Nov 2017. Can't wait to get my hands on the device Ordered Spigen Rugged Armor Case for Google Pixel 2 XL Who else has...
  38. jos_031

    Thread [Question]> BesOnePlus 5 edge to edge tempered glass and case available in India

    Any suggestions for oneplus 5, tempered glass that covers edge to edge. With full adhesive.. no microdots. No space feeling between glassess.. and suitable cover that does not pops the glass and have full cover on sides and camera protection... And most importantly available in Amazon India or...
  39. A

    Thread Any suggestion for note 8 tempered glass screen protector available in Indian ?

    closed - duplicate find original here
  40. S

    Thread Is "Huawei Honor 8 Smart"( VEN-L22) is the Indian version of "Huawei P9 Lite"

    Is "Huawei Honor 8 Smart"( VEN-L22) is the Indian version of "Huawei P9 Lite" Hi, I planned to buy Huawei Honor 8 Smart (Model No: VEN-L22). Is Huawei P9 Lite and Huawei Honor 8 Smart are same ? Can i root & install Huawei P9 Lite ROMs ? Huawei Honor 8 Smart Spec:-...
  41. N

    Thread [HOW TO] VoLTE on Jio India - USA Snapdragon S7 S7edge

    New instructions dated Sept 15th 2018 No root needed. Should work on all Snapdragon USA/Canada etc models (ATT , verizon, sprint, tmobile tc) S7 or S7edge (though the file is from S7edge India model). Leave a message in this thread if you encounter any issues. Am not responsible for any...
  42. M

    Thread Best Non-Huawei service center to replace cracked Nexus 6P screen in Bangalore?

    My Nexus 6p screen and glass cracked. Official Huawei center in bangalore is charging Rs 11,000 for 20 months old phone which is out of warranty. Fellow Bangaloreans please share details of good shop in Bangalore (India) where I can get replace it with used but original OEM display. I know that...
  43. A

    Thread Charging Problem

    So I Purchased a New USB Cable Yesterday for My Zenfone 2 Ze551ml phone and it was working pretty good. 1- Its a Flat Cable 2- With 6 Months Warranty 3- Was working fine with no charging issues or anything and was Fast Charging my Phone Properly Then it suddenly stopped Working And now my Phone...
  44. M

    Thread RETASIA vs RETIN

    Hi, the firmwares available for download on lolinet is RETASIA whereas the current software channel on my phone is showing as RETIN. Are they both the same, i.e. applicable for India Dual Sim Moto Z Play ?
  45. G

    Thread Galaxy S8/S8+ Telegram Group (Indian Users)

    For discussing about the S8 and S8+. All discussions should be related to the phone, release date and development only. Join here
  46. D

    Thread Samsung Pay for Galaxy S7 UAE model SM-G930FD in India

    Hi, I am using a Galaxy S7 which I got from UAE here in India. Model - SM-G930FD Recently I got the Samsung Pay icon and in India it has just been unveiled. But when I open it, the App checks availability and says Samsung pay coming soon to the UAE. Will I be able to use Samsung pay or this...
  47. A

    Thread Changing csc on SM-G935W8

    I was looking forward to change csc on my s7 edge from canada, but odin has not let me to do so. I have a question regarding this. Can i install files(AP-BL-CP) of 935w8 variant and CSC from other firmware for the model G935FD? Will it work? I have both the firmwares downloaded and was looking...
  48. T

    Thread Need link for the Moto X pure Indian version - Xt1572 Stock Rom

    Hello, can anyone send me the Twrp flashable stock ROM latest version link? I need to flash the stock ROM so please give me the working link which can be flashed using twrp recovery, and I also need the root access. ;) thanks! Model number is: Xt1572
  49. x017in

    Thread PSA: VOLTE working on Pixel (INDIA) (JIO Sim)

    After updating to the recent canada build (NPF26J) via ADB Sideload, I'm getting a new "HD" icon on the top left corner of the notification bar. Also there is a permanent notification saying "Device is HD capable" in the notification tray. In settings, under mobile networks i find "Enhanced 4G...
  50. radirajjj

    Thread India Jio volte not working

    Im using Jio Sim india in H811 tmobile unlocked.. i cant call (volte).. volte enabled in call settings.. but can call by only jio4gvoice app. Data working perfectly ..not showing volte logo... ...only shows LTE....