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  1. TekGadgt

    Thread Interesting Dilemma involving TWRP, CM13, ADB, and Encryption Unsuccessful

    Here we go. I have the Inspire 4G. As you know, Desire HD ROMs work on the Inspire 4G. Well, my volume rocker has fallen off, making it hard to manually reboot to hboot/recovery in the first place (I've tried Vol Down + Power from cold boot and from reboot, as well as plugging in the USB drive...
  2. TekGadgt

    Thread Interesting dilemma with Recovery, CM 13, and Encryption

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  3. P

    Thread [Q] fully functional hangouts dialer on gingerbread 2.3.5 possible?

    Hi, Is it possible to send a receive phone calls using Hangouts Dialer (now a combined Hangouts app) using an old phone running gingerbread (mine is 2.3.5) or even a custom ROM running 4.2.2 (mine is AOCP on Inspire 4G) To put things in context: I am using Inspire 4G running stock AT&T ROM...
  4. P

    Thread [Q] Enabling Hangouts Dialer and Hangouts 3.x for android 2.3.x

    Hi, I am using Inspire 4G running stock AT&T ROM with Android 2.3.5 and can successfully make voice calls using Google Hangouts v2.4.78234730. However, I do not have functionality of making calls to phone numbers that I do have on my LG G2 running stock T-Mobile ROM with Android 5.0.2 running...
  5. P

    Thread [Q] need to go back to stock ROM

    Okay so I wanted to update to lollipop on my inspire 4g because i wanted to use hangouts dialer. Turns out, the CM 12.1 nightlies are highly unstable and sometimes take forever to boot. Most importantly, hangouts keep crashing on CM 12.1 on my inspire and I am not able to make phone calls to...
  6. P

    Thread [Q] Hangouts Dialer on CM12.1

    Hello all, I flashed CM 12.1 -20150509-UNOFFICIAL-ace (android 5.1.1) with (latest?) GAPPS version Also flashed Hangouts and Hangouts dialer The...
  7. P

    Thread [ROM][Desire HD/Inspire 4g] Xperia Kitkat

    Hello to all DHD/I4G users, I've been constantly looking for developer who can make changes to Aroma Installer from chinese to english one but so far non of them has replied me back. So if anyone has a desire to make changes on this build...Please go on. I've found this ROM from chinese desire...
  8. P

    Thread Looking for HTC Inspire 4G stock rom zip

    I am having HTC inspire for last one year and got it as a gift... So cannot throw into dustbin. Now I am looking for stock rom as it was already rooted. Can someone share me stock rom rooted/non-rooted with working download links. In all old posts all download links are not working. Thanks in...
  9. leo025

    Thread [Q] HTC Inspire 4g Unexplained Brick!

    Hi people I wanted to change a rom and now the cellphone brick, htc start logo , vibrates and turn off immediately. He performed several procedures in this community but none revived. The last use was these 2 process: "You can access the HBOOT ? Then no solution. donwload PD98IMG_Ace_ this ROM...
  10. randomblame

    Thread taktiK 4.4.2 - Release 2 Available

    *no longer supported* Welcome to taktiK Rom Release 1 - Stable Release 2 - Experimental causes breakages in audio and camera Gapps Kernel source...
  11. deathscream

    Thread [TOOL]Easy S-Off Tool for DHD / Inspire 4G

    AUTOMATED S-OFF TOOL (DHD / I4G) Please donot run this . Working on a newer version. Has problems with certain devices. Use at own risk. I have created an automated , self explanatory tool for 'S-Off'ing HTC Desire HD / Inspire 4G Devices. Requirements 1. Runs only on Linux 2. Device must...
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  13. Wildcat2083

    Thread [Q] Inspire 4G Partition Table List?

    I have successfully Rooted the device and obtained superCID, S-Off, and Network Unlock using a manual instruction thread elsewhere, however I have a few questions i am unable to find, the first one is reguarding the mmcblk's and which blocks are pointed to the different mount points for this...
  14. I

    Thread [Q] 623 mb available ram??? how can i fix it?

    Why my Desire HD has available only 623 mb of RAM??? My friend's inspire 4g sees all amount of 768 mb with the same rom.. how can i fix it??
  15. CedArctic

    Thread [Bootanimation] Pear (apple) Bootanimation

    Friends trying to make you jealous with their iPhones and iPods? Showing you that big Apple logo in your face? Are you pissed of by listening to them? OK, now I had free time (a lot of it) and I made this cool bootanimation. I have tested it on an AOSP ROM, should work on Sense too... It's...
  16. CedArctic

    Thread [Bootanimation] Pear (apple) Bootanimation

    Friends trying to make you jealous with their iPhones and iPods? Showing you that big Apple logo in your face? Are you pissed of by listening to them? OK, now I had free time (a lot of it) and I made this cool bootanimation. I have tested it on an AOSP ROM, should work on Sense too... It's...
  17. C

    Thread [Q] Possible to install windows 7/8?

    So I just bought myself a brand new HTC ONE (Amazing phone by the way, highly recommended when everyone else finally upgrades their Inspire), and now I have a somewhat useless old android laying around. I was considering selling it but it's barely worth a 30$ trade in now. So I thought, what...
  18. CedArctic

    Thread [Q] Help with Rooting and other stuff...

    OK guys, so I bought my HTC Inspire 4g and I am willing to mod it (I post in this forum because I was told that in fact it's the same device). So I am interested in installing this ROM ( on top of a custom kernel, please suggest one (or...
  19. CedArctic

    Thread [Q] HTC Inspire Introduction

    OK guys, so long story short, my X8 broke down and I am looking forward into bying the inspire or the desire hd for easter. As I have seen on the forums the HD has more development and has custom kernels ( I haven't found any for the inspire, correct me if I'm wrong). So I was wondering wich...
  20. A

    Thread [Q] 32-bit ADB Driver for Inspire 4G

    I cannot find 32-bit ADB drivers for this phone anywhere. I have tried several versions of HTC drivers which work for media/storage, including the latest official HTC drivers but none of them work with ADB. Can anyone help me...
  21. glevitan

    Thread [How to] ROOT without the Hack Kit

    As you probably all know, the Advanced Hack Kit (a.k.a Hack Kit) has been retired for good yesterday. Does that mean that you can not achive root privilege anymore? NO NO, YOU DON'T NEED S-OFF TO FLASH ROMS.... Getting root acces Unlock your bootloader with HTCDEV or using this tool...
  22. P

    Thread Trouble Downgrading Inspire 4g (2.3.3)

    [Wow why did I not AAHK...Sorry for wasting everyone's time]
  23. Klonopin

    Thread [Q] Trying to root a friend's Inspire 4G - could use some help

    I searched and searched but wasn't able to find clear directions on a few of the things I was looking for to make it necessary to root my friend's phone. She has Gingerbread 2.3.5 - it's a refurb phone, I run Ubuntu Precise 32bit but can run an XP VM and I understand how to use ADB Is there...
  24. torxx

    Thread [ROM][Sense 4.1][21 OCT] TrickDroid v4.0.0 | Tweaks | 4.0.4 | HQ | Fully Working

    Proudly present you TrickDroid for the HTC Desire HD YMTtDS8wydQd5hXplGwPaw Hitting the thanks button and rating 5 stars would motivate me to continue! So please do the two click's if you download. A small donation is highly appreciated!
  25. graydiggy

    Thread Inspire 4g Antenna Mod

    Ok guys. After having the Inspire off and on for the last 2 years and loving the phone but hating the signal, I decided to try to do something about it. My work has paid off and I will be attempting to make it better and more on the clean looking side of things. I decided that the stock...
  26. R

    Thread Phone Upgrade!

    hello, i currently have a HTC Inspire 4G and its time for my upgrade with At&t any suggestion on any better higher quality phone i should get? I need opinions! Thank you(:
  27. M

    Thread [Petition] HTC Give us ICS

    Hey everyone, this is a petition to get HTC to give us Ice Cream Sandwich. As people have seen, HTC released this statement Now as anyone on XDA we know this is not true. This is really getting alot of us mad, and I thought it is about time we do something as a community. Now, the HTC Desire...
  28. G

    Thread Testament to Otterbox Commuter Case - Dog Attack [PICS]

    Today my boyfriend, dad, and I were all trying to save a two day old kitten who was stuck in vinyl siding. Of course, this was a stressful (and very long) ordeal, so I wasn't really paying attention to where I left my phone. During a break from the rescue, my boyfriend found my phone on the...
  29. O

    Thread [Q] Horrible Internet Speeds, whats the deal?

    No matter what RIL+Radio combination I try, no matter what APN trick I do, I can not get my Inspire to reach satisfactory speeds. My speedtest result are ~350kbps down and ~700 up. I see other people posting much higher speeds. When tethered to my laptop, It wont even stream youtube vids. It...
  30. R

    Thread HTC Inspire 4G Screen Repair Take Apart Guide

    This written guide for the HTC Inspire will walk you through fully disassembling and replacing nearly all internal components. This guide can be used to safely and quickly replace damaged or faulty parts, such as a cracked glass touch screen digitizer, damaged LCD display, and even faulty...
  31. S

    Thread [Q] GSLEON3's visual voicemail

    Alright, a search didn't turn anything up, so I'm going to ask and risk wrath. I d/l and installed GSLEON3's VVM apk thinking that since I came from an iphone, I might be able to take advantage. So, my questions are: Has anyone checked into VVM for the Inspire? Can I swap my SIM back into the...
  32. SpoonDefy

    Thread [Q] Simple Mobile APN Settings?

    I Have A Unlocked Inspire 4g On Simple Mobile But Cant Get The Internet/MMS To Work, Wondering If Anyone Knows The Correct APN Settings TO Help Me out. Ps. I Know I Can Only Get Edge/2g Speeds On Simple Mobile
  33. WaveMaster1406

    Thread [Q] Desire HD and Inspire 4G

    Is it dangerouse to flash Inspire 4G stock rom to a Desire HD? I see on some forums that the reverse is possible but get sound issue Just a question for knowledge.
  34. M

    Thread [Q] 3G not working for Inspire 4g in india

    My Cousin sent me a HTC Inspire 4G in india. - I have not rooted it yet but would be doing ti today. - I was just looking about the Reviews for this phone and found something i was confused about - I found that Inspire 4G's 3g does not work in india because of the difference in frequencies for...
  35. D

    Thread Help needed with my inspire 4G (filesystem?)

    Hey all =) I didn't put the [Q] sign because this isn't (i think) a specific question. This is my mothers Inspire 4G unlocked, rooted and all that can be done normally with the Ace Kit. It had been working just fine with Leedroid HD rom... until a few days. It began freezing when put to...
  36. D

    Thread [Q] Inspire Live Chat?

    Was wondering if anyone over here at XDA would like to get a live chat going? I have software on my website already, but i'm wondering if anyone's interested. It wouldn't be like XDA, because well, every time you log out, the chat history is cleared. But it'd be a great place to ask questions...
  37. E

    Thread ClockworkMod Recovery Touch on Inspire 4G?

    Has anyone tried the touch recovery on an Inspire? There's only a DHD version and my understanding from the ICS development threads is that DHD and Inspire have different touch screen drivers?
  38. gvsukids

    Thread [Q] Boot Manager work for you?

    I'm trying to use Boot Manager and after trying to boot into an ICS Rom, my phone freezes on the splash screen. Has anyone had Boot Manager work on their Inspire?
  39. LorD ClockaN

    Thread [ROM]19-10-2012 | IceColdSandwich - 8.8 - AOKP | OMG, IT'S ALIVE EDITION

    Video reviews by Flow-Wolf Resurrected edition 8.7: kKFfXRWdyfY Tablet mod:5NRWwcaUWck All credits goes to dh.harald, twistedumbrella, existz, CM crew, Evervolv, synergye, AOKP team and all other that have contributed... and me of course :) This is not MY product, it's a combination of team...
  40. wangtang2k

    Thread Beyond the 32gb limit: 64gb SanDisk microSDXC Card

    A few weeks ago I took the plunge on a deal for a 64gb microSDXC card from BBuy thanks to Slickdeals for $100. Some users had reported the card worked on their android devices so I went forth and purchased it. I finally got my card yesterday and though my Inspired warned me of a "Damaged Card"...
  41. cire216

    Thread [Q] Error Code

    Getting "Error 0x80070057: The parameter is incorrect." When trying to transfer files from comp to SD card. Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  42. mydogyuma

    Thread [Q] Why should I root?

    You've been asked this and seen this how many times? I've read and read and read......and I see people who have problems after problems after WHY should I root? What are my benefits? HONESTLY I have an AT&T HTC Inspire 4G with 2.3.3 Gingerbread I previously had an HTC Tilt...
  43. O

    Thread [Q] Haptic feedback problem

    Hey everyone, so I just flashed Cyanogen 260 nightly and got everything running when something odd happened. I tried opening Astro, but it force closed. Since then, my haptic feedback hasn't been working. I've rebooted and checked all the settings for it to no anvil. The only time my phone...
  44. B

    Thread [Q] Htc inspire 4g not connect to 4g network what is the problem??

    Hi i have an HTC Inspire 4g and i use the Digicel network in barbados which has recently upgraded from edge to 4g but for some reason 4g is not comming up n my phone i am still on EDGE i compared the settings in my phone to my sisters motorol atrix and my old my touch 3g slide and i realize the...
  45. D

    Thread [Q] Please Help..issues with HTC Inspire 4g

    hi guys...i have a rooted HTC inspire 4g with the CoreDroid Desire HD 8.1 GB 2.3.4 rom on it...the rom it's outstanding but it seems to have an issue....unless it's a hardware problem....:mad: The phone crashes from once in a while and it keeps showing me the android bootlogo ..and the only...
  46. eqmiami

    Thread [Q] New Inspire 4G in Arabia

    Sup guys? I'm an American in Saudi Arabia and I recently got an Inspire 4G. I've unlocked it and then rooted it using Ace Hack Kit. I want to make the right choices when it comes to modifying the phone, but it seems many resources out there are out dated. I want to be able to read Arabic...
  47. Noz85

    Thread ICS Keyboard

    Found this thought Id share. Works great on CM7. I included it into a flashable zip Let me know if it works
  48. sbryan12144

    Thread HTC Evo 3D and Sensation Battery Working in Desire HD!

    I've been looking for a extended battery for my HTC Inspire 4G (Desire HD) and I just got my HTC Sensation with an Anker 1900mAh battery. Turns out if you remove the battery door for the Desire HD, YOU CAN USE HTC SENSATION AND EVO 3D BATTERIES IN YOU DESIRE HD! The only problem is that the...
  49. SpoonDefy

    Thread [Q] motorola application platform

    Can The motorola application platform Be Ported To The Inspire 4g? I'm A Noob So Excuse me if it's a dumb question
  50. K

    Thread [Q] Bricked Inspire 4G

    So I hope its in the correct thread... I was helping my friend bring his phone back to life cause he decided to root his phone and flash a rom and it wouldn't work for him... so i tried flashing it back to stock rom and for some reason or other it went into a black screen and it stayed stuck...