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  1. Jojo548

    Thread Question Problems with my xiaomi Redmi note 10 5g with social media apps

    I had recently purchased this phone and upon using it, i had came across some things that i personally found quite annoying. The first was not being alerted about a direct message from Instagram and WhatsApp despite making sure the required notifications for it was turned on. The phone wouldn't...
  2. F

    Thread MIUI 12.5.1 - Instagram Long Story Error

    Hi! I just would like to know if there are workarounds about MIUI 12.5.1 Instagram Long Story Issue? It seems like the new version broke the stability of the instagram long story feature.
  3. B

    Thread Auxillary Cameras on Instagram, Snapchat Apps

    Hi guys, Is there any way to switch the default camera, on an app other than the default camera app. Gcam have an option to switch between auxillary Cameras. Will it be possible to make this feature available for other app like instagram/Snapchat/or any Camera App? Or is there any app can...
  4. andres_vacal

    Thread [GUIDE] [INSTAGRAM] How to get your NON-MUTUAL FOLLOWERS in text FORMAT

    How to get non-mutual Instagram Followers in text FORMAT Ok, so you just ended in this thread, CONGRATULATIONS!, You are as TryHard as me with these kind of things. In this thread you are going to learn how to get the data we all get in those "Non followers For Instagram" mainstream apps in...
  5. Hani88

    Thread How's 3rd party apps (instagram, snapchat, video calling, broadcasting) selfie camera quality in low light?

    how's the selfie camera viewfinder in low light videos in 3rd party apps ? is it still laggy like 15 fps ? even in street light scenes it happens! live broadcasting looks like nokia GIF quality in! maybe it's a good idea to make a comparison because this year you know samsung has said that...
  6. Y

    Thread Instagram keeps stopping

    The first day I got Poco x3 I cant open Instagram and the next day suddenly can open Instagram normally. But somehow now I can't open Instagram again Can someone help me ? (I've tried restarting my phone and re-downloading the app, it's still not working)
  7. pablobhz

    Thread [QUESTION] Problems with Instagram\Whatsapp video split

    Hello everyone. Let me describe my problem. Whenever i upload an video to Instagram stories, suppose its 15 seconds (default duration). So far so good, video uploads and shows on story - no further issues. But when the video is more than 15 seconds and instagram splits it, the 2nd and...
  8. TK Studio

    Thread [APP][7+] AutoResponder for Instagram

    Hey guys, after AutoResponder for WA and AutoResponder for FB, here it is: The new AutoResponder for Instagram! I really appreciate your feedback. Happy testing! :) AutoResponder for Instagram Automatically respond to custom received Instagram messages with this chat bot. You have a lot of...
  9. S

    Thread [Advice] You Should get Astoria in your phone.

    Before beginning, let me tell you the Phone that I use, it's Lumia 1020. I saw before poeple, not recommending to get Astoria, stating "it will degrade performance" and "The apps works worst". So far, I have not found any degradation in performance instead, my phone is faster and smoother in...
  10. E

    Thread Instagram blurry texts on Stories

    Hello everyone, when I upload a photo or video from my gallery to story feature of Instagram app and add text via Instagram app, texts are blurry. Do you have this problem? How to solve this problem? Thank you!
  11. S

    Thread [APP] Instagram PWA

    Instagram's Official app for windows 10 mobile is now dead and It says to use Instagram in the browser. Thankfully, they have now added very important feature of "Direct Message" in Instgram's mobile site. Using Instagram in browser, doesn't feel that cool. So, I came up with this app ( just...
  12. hopnv.1611

    Thread [APP][+5.0] Download Story for Instagram - Repost and download photo & video

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=repost.story.saver.storysaver Story Saver for Instagram 2019 - Download story and repost helps you download and save multiple video and photo on Instagram story, also help you download, save, repost video and photo of the public or private Instagram...
  13. hopnv.1611

    Thread [APP][+5.0] Download Story for Instagram - Repost and download photo & video

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=repost.story.saver.storysaver Story Saver for Instagram 2019 - Download story and repost helps you download and save multiple video and photo on Instagram story, also help you download, save, repost video and photo of the public or private Instagram...
  14. Araviel

    Thread [APP] [5.1+] MassivInsta - Multiple videos, pictures downloader for Instagram

    Hello everyone ! We presents you our first app avaiable on the store :) Our goal is to provide a complete tool for downloading photos, videos and albums to Instagram. "Massiv" is not there for nothing, after your search by user or hashtag you can select from the grid all the media you want...
  15. Caner092

    Thread Instagram low fps stories problem

    Hello, Me and my friend are experiencing low fps story videos with Mi 8 Lite. If we record story with enough light it is fine but when we try to record at low light, the stories are 10-15 fps and looks pretty bad. Is there any way to get rid of this?
  16. F

    Thread Is there a way to disable Instagram ads?

    So, as title says, is there a way to block ads on Instagram? I think ads are tunnelled through own Instagram app since my modified hosts file wont block anything there. I only found fishy mods that does nothing against ads anyways. So after a lot of time wondering this i thought i would just...
  17. hopnv.1611

    Thread [APP][5+]Repost and Download for Insta application | How to repost for Instagram

    Repost and Download for Insta Repost and Download for Insta is the best app that helps you can repost (retweet), download photo or video from Instagram with keeping credit (watermark, copyright). If you're a big fan of Instagram, don't hesitate and download this app right now. Key features 1...
  18. T

    Thread Instagram app - Doesn't update feed.

    Is anyone having issue with latest Instagram app here? - The issue with mine is that the Feed doesn't updates at all even though I do update it or even wait hours - I still see the same feed but the stories does get updated. I had to go back 2 versions to receive the new Feeds updates.
  19. nandakumar12

    Thread Themed INSTAGRAM (official)

    DARK THEMED INSTAGRAM (Not modded) This is a dark themed version of official Instagram (no modded). here are some screenshots: How to INSTALL: 1. Unintsall any...
  20. K

    Thread [APP][4.1+] MediaGrub v1.0 | Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr photo downloader

    MediaGrub is a completely redesigned continuation of PhotoGram. Added a convenient background download manager, names and sizes of photos, Vk authorization, user search, fixed many bugs and much more. The application is under testing and is available for download in Google Play. The...
  21. D

    Thread Instagram Stories Camera Black Screen

    Hello everyone, I am on stock... and for about a week now (and i think after an instagram update) my camera in instagram stories is completely black!!! if i press to take a picture it does take the picture or the video and displays correctly... but this is very annoying! anyone else...
  22. Paget96

    Thread [APP][4.0.3+] Hashtag maker (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc)

    App with most popular hashtags for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Get more likes, shares and followers with those hashtags and become popular. This app helps you add hashtags to your social medias post fast. By adding relevant and popular tags to your posts to get more...
  23. A

    Thread Get likes and followers *Instagram*

    Likepro helps you get more likes on your Instagram photos and videos for free. We like and get likes on instagram! Step 1. Like photos to earn coins. Step 2. Use coins to get more real likes! (2 coins = 1 like) Likepro is an super easy-to-use app. You can search Likepro on Google Play and get...
  24. MS420

    Thread Instagram laggy

    So I have G935F S7 Edge,I don't usually update apps on my phone, but today I updated instagram last time it was updated in july,I opened it and it's just horrible.The story open/close transition is ultra laggy,scrolling is laggy and everything else,so what I'm asking does anyone else has lags on...
  25. MS420

    Thread Instagram laggy

    I am not sure if this is the right place to ask,so I have G935F S7 Edge,I don't usually update apps on my phone, but today I updated instagram last time it was updated in july,I opened it and it's just horrible.The story open/close transition is ultra laggy,scrolling is laggy and everything...
  26. P

    Thread Better optimize camera for social media apps. Camera problematic

    I'm sure some of y'all used a iPhone before. When you use the camera app, Snapchat, Instagram, whatsapp, Facebook camera. The quality is the same. But if you do the same with SOME Android phone. Especially if it has dual cameras than you get mix results. With a dual camera like the v30 you...
  27. P

    Thread instagram Live help

    hi guys if u look manotoofficial it's steaming live a video 24/7 i wanna know how to stream a video on live :) any idea?
  28. D

    Thread Record Video from Front Camera then switch to rear Camera for videos / Instagram

    I am very confused why the Note 8 cannot do this. My note 4 and other android devices could shoot videos in Instagram with the front camera then you could double tap the screen to shoot the rear. I spent the last 2 days trying to figure out how to do this and there seems to be no solution. Odd...
  29. dokuz

    Thread [App] Bienks: Instagram Viewer, Downloader

    Bienks What is Bienks is a new Instagram viewer app that has several nice features. Main features • You don't need to sign in to follow someone and make your own feed. • Bienks compresses images and views them as half size. It has no video or image ads so it uses less data. • Bienks...
  30. Brainlab

    Thread [APP] STORYGRAM - Instagram Story Saver (Video & Photo) - Anonym Mode - (PROMO CODES)

    [APP] STORYGRAM - Instagram Story Saver (Video & Photo) - Anonym Mode - (PROMO CODES) Hi, I'm developed now Instagram basic downloader for story mode. Quickly download all stories and videos instantly. Never using API, I'M using HTTP Skeleton on Instagram WEB*** Features: 1- Select anyone...
  31. C

    Thread Android O (8.0) issues with Instagram Stories

    I have a Pixel XL and ever since I loaded the final build of Android 8.0, I have been experiencing issues with Instagram Stories. When I record a new story, everything works fine but when it plays back the story, it is very choppy. Other people's stories play fine. Anyone else experiencing this...
  32. C

    Thread Camera / Instagram / Zoom ??

    Hey all! I tried Googling a little but couldn't find any results. Q: When I take a photo with my S8+ on Instagram, in particular the selfie camera, the photo is zoomed in compared to the preview photo. So I have to hold the phone further away to get the full frame that I want. What's causing...
  33. N

    Thread Apps Slowing Down?

    Okay so in simple. I have a 20mbps (40mbps for torrent)internet connection. Like 2-3 days back, any videos that i played on Instagram or Facebook were running smoothly i.e.without any buffering. Now from the past 2 days, Instagram and Facebook videos are taking an eternity to load, they play for...
  34. MartinDimchev

    Thread Snapchat and Instagram on Android sucks.. Let's do something to change this!

    Hey geeky people. I was an iOS user a month ago. I was using Snapchat very often. Worked great. No problems at all. Recently I switched to Android (Huawei P9 - btw amazing phone) and this is another world. There are so many problems here on both apps. Slows down the phone when closing the...
  35. p4ra

    Thread S7 Edge - Instagram crashing

    I am not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I'll give it a try. Basically I am running Stock ROM (rooted) and my Instagram started crashing when the video is present on the feed. Out of nowhere. I don't remember installing anything specific, or changing anything. I have tried to...
  36. OptimusRs

    Thread [App][4.0+]FlySo Social Networks

    FlySo - Social Network App One App For Your Favorite Social Networks Open Your: Facebook , Instagram , Twitter and even Google+ All In One , Swipe To Change Between Them Easily All Is That In One Little app Only And More * Add / Remove Any Tab You Want With Simple Click in...
  37. KotTHECat

    Thread No way to remove facebook, messanger or instagram from HTC 10

    Found a question that's interesting for me as well, but no answer... Is there any way to remove those apps being stock without root? (If not, how to remove them with root?) Also unneeded apps: *Google [Slides] [Sheets] [Docs] [Exchange Services] [Play Movies] [Play Music] [Hangouts] [Keep]...
  38. SecretPlayer

    Thread [App]{FREE} InstaEm Best Photo Editor You Will Find!

    Hi Friends, After a lot of hard work and lots of Coffee. I have finally published my app InstaEm on Google Play It allows you to post full Sized Images on Instagram and also customize your photos in the best way Possible. InstaEm allows you to Create amazing high quality pictures stickers...
  39. M

    Thread Open Instagram Pictures in Full Size; How?

    Hello, I apologize now for my bad english but I have a Problem. Many People tried already to find a way to open the Profile Pictures on Instagram on a Smartphone. But I only found bad ways to get it. But now, my friend showed me this (Screenshot). He has an iPhone 5s and not Jailbreaked or...
  40. ssrij

    Thread [Xposed] XposedEnableNewIGUI - Enable the new Material Design UI in Instagram

    Delete thread
  41. MurinXDA

    Thread [APP][4.1+] Universal Copy - Copy any text from any app (Facebook, YouTube etc)

    Hello XDA, Ever wanted to copy some text in an app on Android but you could not because the copy function was deactivated by the app's developer ? This situation happens quite often actually, as the standard Android long press copy function does not work in some of the biggest Android...
  42. AspedM

    Thread [APP][4.1+] Instatag 4.0

    Collection of tags sorted by category. Tags will help you to get more like for your photos. Allows to copy tags from category and paste in Instagram. Support 2 language: English Russian Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.wyeg.instatag Screenshots:
  43. chibichuba

    Thread Anybody else getting resizing problems with Instagram and Snapchat on the XT1575?

    There are 2 scenarios where I've noticed this problem, they seem related: 1) After drawing on Snapchat snaps, the sent image has the drawing reduced and moved to the top left as shown here: http://i.imgur.com/rJXVGRz.jpg 2) After uploading a photo to Instagram's editor, the crop is extremely...
  44. mfmuam

    Thread Download Dual or Multi Instagram

    Someone who needs more Instagram account must be difficult if they always logout then login then logout again and then login again and continiously. Now, a man named "yos4ever" who a member of xda developers has find the solution. He made 5 Instagram can be installed in one device and he say he...
  45. H

    Thread how to get Instagram followers?

    Mod Edit: XDA isn't here to promote products, services or peoples social network accounts. Thread closed by Darth
  46. R

    Thread Instagram not saving pictures

    Hi, it's been a week now that instagram doesn't save pictures to the instagram folder anymore. Normally after the processing is done the picture is saved, but now even after posting it nothing gets saved. It only saves a pic when I take a snap with instagram and then post it. I'm on cm12...
  47. Ivan93tm

    Thread [help][win][contest] instagram like nexus 5 photos at EXPO2015

    Hi all, i know this isn't a forum for stuff like this, but i really love my GF and i'm really proud about this picture taken with a nexus 5 :P if you have instagram please hit the heart on those 3 instagram photo Mod edit: Links removed forgive me for the little spam and huge off topic
  48. itayg

    Thread [APP] Smart Screenshot - Great tool for saving ★ instagram ★ photo

    This app gives you a smart tool for cropping , drawing and sharing any screenshot capture in a few sec. ★ The app will be opened automatically after any screen capture ★ Great tool to save photo from Instagram Features: -------------------------------------------------------- * Sharing the...
  49. amirhh

    Thread Instagram's Problem

    Hello everyone.my instagram account has been disabled for violating our terms (instagram terms) and i sent many emails but they couldn't fix my problem. i want do factory reset and create a new google account ,i can't sign in into my instagram account,do you know a way to fix this ?
  50. Nokia7Vista

    Thread [Android 4.1+] InstaPanorama - you won't need to crop your panoramas anymore

    InstaPanorama will allow you to easily produce videos that will smoothly scroll through your panoramas ! Your panorama posts will be much cooler with InstaPanorama ! Features: ✓ Ability to choose scrolling speed ✓ Ability to choose scrolling direction (Right to Left or Left to Right) ✓...